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Court William Shakespeare, No. 5008—King's Arras, High Street, January 0, and alternate Thursdays. Sec., Mr. S. P. Greenway. 51 members ; capital, .£509.
Court Rose oj Bitteme, No. 5009—Red Lion Inn, Bitterne, January 4, and
alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. J. Dove. 178 members ; capital, £2540. Court Sir George Hewitt, No. 5069—Foresters' Hall, Mansion Road, Kreemantle, January 4, and alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. S. Cullum. 283 members; capital, £1,654.
Court St. Denys, No. 6027—Portswood Hotel, January 11, _and alternate
Mondays. Sec., Mr. D. Davis. 295 members; capital, £1,371.
Court King John, No. 6107—Exeter Hotel, Manchester Street, January 4, and
alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. B. C. Bacon. 51 members; capital, ±'344. Court Canute, 6112—Bridge Tavern, New Road, January 12, and alternate
Tuesdays. Sec., Mr. G. Davis. 120 members ; capital, £171.
Court Fidelity, No. 6227—Swan Inn, Totton, January 4, and alternate Mondays.
Sec., Mr. John Player. 176 members; capital, £1,375.
Court Florence Nightingale, No. 6694—Woolston Inn, Woolston, January 4. and alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. A. E. S. Johnston. 55 members; capital, £146,
Court Loyal Cambridge, No. 8158—Cambridge Hotel, Brinton's Road, January 6, and alternate Wednesdays. Sec., Mr. J. Freeman tie. 130 members: capital, £1,258.
A Society of Juvenile Foresters, in connection with Court 1886, called "Albion's Hope," is held every fourth Thursday; about 100 members; Secretary, Mr. C, Rose ; one in connection with Court 1858, called " Windsor Castle,"'is held every alternate Tuesday ; Secretary, Mr. Denness. Juvenile Branches are held in connection with Courts 1,646, 1,920, 2,210, 5,069, 2,280, 2,733, 2,038, 2,039, 5,00.), 6,694, 6,027, 6,112, and 8,158.
The Committee of the South-Western District of the Ancient Order of Foresters meet at 10, Bernard Street, on Thursday, January 14, and every fourth Thursday, at 8.15 p.m.
Chairman—Mr. J. Shearer, Southampton.
Vice-Chairman—Mr. W. Bottomley, Wimboume.
District Treasurer—Mr. Henry R. Hale, 14, Andover Road, Freeman tie, Southampton.
P.D.C.R.—Mr. E. J. Morgan, Bournemouth,
District Trustees—Messrs. Rohss, Reed, Senior, and Jenvey.
District Secretary—Mr. A. J. Dyer, J.P., 34, St. Andrew's Road, and 10, Bernard Street, Southampton.
District Solicitors—Messrs. Paris, Smith, and Randall.
Committee of Management—Mr. H. Kimber (Stockbridge), Mr. J. Lockyer, (Christchurch), Mr. J. Bridle, (Wareham), Mr. B. C. Bacon, (Southampton), Mr II. W. Sandford, (Gosportj, Mr. H. Charles, (Dorchester), Mr. A. Musselwhite, (Wilton), Mr. W. Faulkner (Midhurst), Mr. F. Baker(Salisbury), Mr. C. Ball, jun., (Southampton), Mr. G. Davis (Southampton), Mr. T. Hitchcock (Poole).
(3K.»ctenf (Drber of
On the 31st December, 1895, there were 22,777 members, and comprised 21 Districts, and 409 Sanctuaries ; District Funds, £8,941; Sanctuary Funds, £80,701, Sanctuaries in Southampton and the Southampton and South-Western
Sanctuary No. 1980—St. Helier's, Jersey. Mr. 1. M. Leat,
59 members.
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