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2nd Month,! 1897. J
FEBRUARY—28 days.
New Moon........ 1st, .... 13 min. past 8 afternoon.
Qaarkr...... 9th, .... 25 min. past 7 afternoon.
Full Moon........ 17st, .... 11 min. past 10 morning.
lad Qaarkr ......24th.....44 min. past 3 morning.
1 M
2 Tu
3 W
4 Tli
5 F
6 S
7 3
8 M
9 Tu
10 W
11 Th
12 F
13 S
14 Sb
15 M
16 Tu
17 W
18 Th
19 P
20 S
21 S
22 M
23 Tu
24 W
25 Th
26 F
28 £
Parfrfdgg and pAgosam* sAoofia^ ends. OaacZZemas; 5cokA Qaarfer-day. ^amadda(Mbn(A ^ AWfTwacg obaerwd
Me ranks) coainioacos. 3. Marquis of Salisbury born, 1830. Order of 8L Patrick instituted. 1788. 7. Charles Dickens, novelist, b. 1812.
5tlj j$nn. after (Bptpljaitjr.
Jules Verne, French author, b., 1828.
" A great fortune is a great slavery^' Queen Victoria married, 1840. 10. Charles Lamb born, 1775.
Lady Jane Grey beheaded, 1555. Catharine Howard beheaded, 1543.
^cptitagesinta j^intirajr.
Louis XV. of France bom, 1710. Dr. Kane, Arctic explorer, died,1857.
14. PaZgaMae'* Day.
" Aa Aoar *Aa morafng worfA two
in Me owmiNg."
Richard Cumberland, dramatist, b.,1733. Duchess of Fife bom, 1807.
^tearajjasima Jstotttrajr.
George Washington bom, 1732.
"January mate* bridge* (q/fca), aad fetruary brsa&s them."
Earl of Essex beheaded, 1600. Victor Hugo, novelist, bom 1802. 28. Hare AwnMng eada.
| SON Rises 68eta
7 41r. 4 49s 7 38r 4 52s 7 35r
4 56s 7 32r
5 0s 7 28i 5 3s 7 25r 5 7s 7 21r 5 lis 717r 5 14s 713r 5 18s 7 9r
5 22s 7 5r
6 25s
7 lr
5 29s
6 57r
5 32e
6 52r
6 36:
Mooy Rises &Sets
f.jf. 5 50
7 6
8 20
9 31
10 42
11 53
1 5
2 16
3 24
4 25
5 10 655
6 24 645
Rises P.M.
7 10
8 37
10 4
11 33
Morn. 1 2 2 27 3 38 434 5 14 5 42
THERE is hops for a man as long as he can blush.
TALK is cheap, hut a good example costs something.
COMPLIMENTS are often nor thing more than gilt-edged falsehoods.
THE boy whose highest ambition Is to equal his father seldom amounts to anything.
A MAN'S heirs are sometimes his most impatient creditors.
FAULTS are the things that make us all brothers and sisters.
THERE is no charity in helping a man who will not help himself.
He who has filled the measure of his days has only learned how to begin to live.
A Aandred year* ago poopb tooniod ofwat Mo same W»ga Win* are dfa-frosafag yoa, and May are dead %o*o, (Mid (Aofr worry d(d ao good.
7. — Borne Interesting recollections were published some time since in an Australian paper of the famous novelist, Oharles Dickens. The writer was an old member of the Birmingham and Midland Institute, of which Dickens was at one time president.
"Well,"he says,"do I remember Charles Dickens's appearance and speech at the beginning of his year of ofBce.
" I was disappointed in his ap« pcarance. It was not pleasant to see one of the gods of literature with a big gold chain hung from each side of his waisccoat, and n general get-up suggestive more of the commercial-room in an hotel than a seat on Olympus. But when once the wonderful man began to talk I forgave him the chain and even the velvet collar, and hung entranced on his words more even than I had previously done on his works.
" Re gave away the prizes gained by the students of the Institute that year. The names were called out by the secretary as each winner mounted the platform.
"Great was tho laughter when a Miss'Winkle'advanced to rccelve her prize. Dickens shook hands with the young lady, and whispered something into her ear ; then, turning to the audience, ho said,' 1 have been advising Miss Winkle lo change her name.'"
8.—Jules Verne was a broker before hd was an author of any note. After spending all day in buying and selling stocks, and figuring up reports, he would return home with aching head, and l>egln to write for the sako of diversion. After he bad published several works which obtained wonderful popularity, he perceived that ho could earn his livelihood with his pen, and he gave up brokerage.
10.—Charles Lamb has been thus briefly described by himself
Oharles Lamb, born in the Inner Temple, 10th of February, 1775, educated in Christ's Hospital; afterwards a clerk In the Accountant's Oltlce, East India House ; pensioned og from that service 18M, after 83 years' service ; Is now a gentleman at large ; can remember few specialities In his life worth noting, except thathe once caughta swallow fiying (ksfo sad aiaaa) ; below the middle stature; cast of face slightly Jewish, with no Judaic tinge in his complexional religion ; stammers abominably, and Is therefore more apt to discharge his occasional conversation in a quaint aphorism or a iwor quibble, than in set and edifying speeches; has consequently been b belled as a person always aiming at wit, which, as he told a dull fellow that charged him with it, is at least as good as aiming at dulness. A small eater, but not drinker ; confesses a partiality for the production of the juniper berry;
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