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To and from all parts of the United Kingdom the prepaid rates are
Not exceeding 1 oz........... Id.
Excdg.loz.butnotexcdg.2oz. l&d. „ 2pz. „ 4 0Z. 2d. „ 4 0Z. M Goz-
„ 8oz. „ 8oz. 8d. M Boz. „ 10OZ.8&d^ „ 10 OZ. „ 12 OZ. 4d. and so on at the rate of &d. for every additional 2 oz.. A letter imsted unpaid will he charged on delivery with double postage, and a letter posted Insufllcicntly prepaid will be charged with dbuulo the deficiency.—An Inland Letter must not exceed one foot six Inches in length, nine inches in width, or six Inches in depth, unless it should happen to be sent to or from6 Government ofUce.
The charge for the re-direction of Mfers has been abolished.
The Foreign and Colonial Postage rate Is 2&d. per & oz.
Prepafd Bofsa—For each Registered Newspaper, whether posted singly or in A packetr—One Halfpenny ; but a packet containiug two or more lleglstered Newspapers Is not chargeable with a higher rate of postage than would be chargeable on a Bqok Packet nf the same weight, viz., One Halfpenny for every a oz., or fraction of 2 oz.
No Newspaper, whether podted singly or in a packet,may contain any enclosure except the.supplement or supplement* belonging to iu
A Packet of Newspapers must not weigh above 14 lbs: or exceed two feet in length or one foot in width or depth.
By the prepayment of a fee of twopence any postal packet (parcels includedjmay be registered to any place in the United Kingdom. Every packet to be registered must be given to an agent of the Post-OfUce and a receipt obtained for it. The Postmaster-General will give compensation up to a maximum.limit of 450 fur the loss and damage of Inland Postal Packets of all kinds. The ordinary registration fee of 2d. secures 45: 8d., 410; id., 415; 5d., 420; ud.,425; 7d., 430; 8d., 485; Dd., 440; 10d., WO; lid., 450.
are sold at all.Post-Ofhces, and by Rural Messengers, according to site, from 2&d. to 8d. each.
These registered letter envelopes are available for forwarding Foreign registered letters as well as Inland letters.
This post is absolutely restricted (o bond/Ida trade Pa#ems and gampbs. 4 oz. are charged id.; 4 to 6 oz. l&d.; 8 to 8 oz. 2d.
Post Cards for use In the United. Kingdom only sfe sold at 10 for 5#d., or of Cher quality 10 for 6d. They can be had in smaller numbers or singly. Foreign Post Cards, 1Stout Heply Post Cards are sold at l%d. each, or ten for la. Thib Reply Post Cards are charged l*d, each, or ten for lid.
Letter Cards are sold at 8 for 9d.; smaller numbers in proportion!
fur aw ZiUowd Poataf farcef the rate of postAgc, to be prepaid in ordinary postage stamps, is—
Not exceeding in weight 1 lb. 0 8 Excdg.llb.¬excug.21hs. 0 4) ,, 2lbs. „ „ 81hs.O G „ 8 lbs. * „ 4lbs.O « 4lhs. „ „ Blbs.0 0 „ Gibs. „ « ^Ihs.0 10& „ 8 lbs. . „ 7lhs. 1 0 „ Tibs. ,, 8lbs. 1 1&
„ 8lhs. . „ Glhs.1 8 „ Olbs. , „ 10lhs. l 4& „ 10 lbs. » „ 11 lbs. 1 0
Maximum length allowed for a postal parcel is 8 feet 6 inches; maximum length and girth com-blncd/6 feet. Examples >—A parcel measuring 8 feet 8 inches in Its longest dimension may measure as much as 2 feet 8 inches in girth, around its thickest part; or—a shorter parcel may be thicker, &(7.,if measuring no more than 8 feet in length, it may measure as much as 3 feet in girth, i.4., around its thickest part.
The Regulations under which certain Articles are prohibited from transmission by the Letter Post — with a few exceptions —apply equally to the Parcel Post. For instances-Gunpowder, Lucifer Matches, anything liable to sudden combustion, bladders containing liquid, and Live Animals, are excluded from the Parcel Post.
Certificates of posting of parcels can be obtained gratis.
A Parcel Post service has been established between the Unitdd Kingdom and many Foreign countries and the British Colonies and Foreign Possessions generally. For niteb and other conditions, see the Post OlEce Guide, published quarterly.
The Book-Post rate is One Halfpenny for every 2 oz. or fraction of 2 oz.
If a Book-Packet is posted unpaid, the charge is double that amount: If partly paid, double the deficiency.
Every Book-Packet mast be posted cither without a covcror in an unfastened envelope, or in a cover which can bo easily removed for the purposes of examination.
No Book-Packet may exceed 5 lbs. in weight, 1 foot 8 Inches in length, 9 inches In width, and 8 inches in depth.
Money Orders are granted in the United Kingdom as follows:—
For suhis not exceeding 41,2d; 41 to 42, 8d.; 42 to 44,4d.; 44 to 47, 5d.; 47 to 410, 6d.
Money may now be sent by Telegraph Money Order at the fol lowing rates :—
For sums not exceeding 41,4d.; 41 to42, 8d.; 42 to JE4,8d.; 44 to 47,.10d.; 47 to 410, Is.
In addltidh to the commission a charge is made at the ordinary inland rate for the ofhdal telegram of advice and its repetition, the minimum being Od.
Postal Orders are now issued nt all Money Order OOlces in the United Kingdom at the following llxed sums:—
la. and Is. Sd., &d.; 2s., 2s. Od., 8s, 8s. Od., da.. 4s. 8d., 5s., 78. 6d., 10a., and 10s. 8d., 1&; 15s. and 20a* l&d.
Foreign Orders are Issued at the following rates
If payable In Belgium, Denmark, Danish West Indies, Dutch East India Possessions, Egypt, France,German Empire, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, &c., or the British Possessions and Colonics: On sums not exceeding
42.....Os. Od. I 8d. Od. I 410..;.. 2s. Od.
The charge for telegrams throughout the United Kingdom Is 8d.for the first 12 words, and id. for every additional word. Addresses are charged for. Areceipt for the charges can be obtained at a cost of 2d.
Deposits of onophilllng upwards will he received from any depositor at the Post-OfHce Savings Banks, provided the deposits made by such depositor in any year ending the 81st December do not exceed 450, and provided the total amount does notexceed 4200 Inclusive of Interest. Separate accounts may be opened in the names of wife and children.
At every Post-OfUce in the United Kingdom fonbs can be oli-talned, free of chargc, on which twelve penny postage stamps can be flxea ; and when the form has been thus ailed up with twelve penny stamps, it will bo received at any Post-0 Bice Savings Bank as a savings bank deposit for is.
at any Post-OIBco Qavlngs Bank. Any depositor who wishes cah invest in Government Stock at the current price of the day. The amount of stock which can be purchased or sold at one time Is now reduced to the nominal sum of Is. A small sum Is charged by way of commission on investment and sale.
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