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Department of Fine Art (Page
Michael Harrison, Head of De Alexander Thomson, Senior Le Julia Bearcroft, Photographl
Department of Textlles/Fashl
Sue Jenkyn-Jones, Principal Constructed Text 1les/Fas
Department of History of Art
Susan Veck, Departmental Sec
Department of Foundation & C
Patrick Colclough, Technlcli Judith Taylor, Departmental
The Library (Page 24)
Debra Crooke, Library Assist Rebecca Ball. Slide Llbrarlz
The Winchester Gallery (Page
Sara Roberts, Southern Arts
Board of Governors (Inside c
Peter Pilgrim, Teaching Stat Andrea Dassow, Student Unlor.
Administrative Staff (Inside
Wendy O'Shea, Finance Assist Arthur Duke, Asslstant Caret Carol Barnard, Hostel Warder. Barbara Castlemaine, Hostel
Refec torv
Sutfliffe Catering
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