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at that period, and until recently, of the Heathcote family. From the Sir William Heathcote of that time Henry Portal received great kindness and consideration. At his suggestion the young Refugee obtained a lease of Bare mill near Whitchurch in the North of Hampshire, and, in 1718, of Laverstoke mill in the immediate neighbourhood. He carried on the business of Papermaking at both of these mills and was joined by John de Vaux, son of Gerard de Yaux and by others from South Stoneham.
His energy and enterprise were attended with success, and in 1724 he obtained that privilege of manufacturing the Notes of the Bank of England, which is still continued at Laverstoke Mills by his lineal descendants of the fourth generation.
Henry Portal died in 1747, and was buried in the Parish Church of Whitchurch, near Laverstoke. His Will, dated April 16th, 1744, commences as follows :—'' In the name of God, Amen. I, Henry Portal, of ffreefolk pryors, in the Parish of Whitchurch, in the County of Southampton, papermaker, being well of Body and sound Mind and understanding (blessed be God, therefore), well knowing the certainty of Death, but the uncertainty of the time When, and being desirous of so setting my worldly affairs as that no Dispute or Inconvenience may arise or happen in my ffamily after my decease, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in writing in manner following."
It is the descendant of this Refugee who has had the privilege of addressing you to-day, and who thanks you heartily for the patient attention with which you have listened to him.
He ventures to express an earnest hope that the Hospital of St. Julian will long continue to occupy a prominent place in the hearts and in the memories of all in this place, and in this County, who value the traditions of the past.
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