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April 24, 191Z.
Seotland beats
With *H the greet -wonderi brought about by Mr. Morri*on'« Re medio*, mono ere, perhaps, of g «»h & miraculous nature a* s that which come* a Edinburgh.
M "Matter Louim Cam berg, of 38, B*nkei!k>r-strect, Edinburgh, when he wu tiro years old had th German meaalea, and then inflammation in hi = ' Kidneya, and, aa a oonaequonoo, waa laid up #H thoae years in the Soottbh Hospital,' and had ^ tojlw on milk only. Lately the mother bad to take him home, aa there wu no cure for him Ob the 25th of Majoh Mrs. Camber* communicated .with Mr. Morrison, and to-day she writes:—
"His swelling started to leave him after the third dose. The boy is now running about in the street playing quite happy of your cure. He and all of us thank you for your wonderful cur
I shall pay the sum of £25 if the foregoing esse is not bona fide. You are invited to write to Mrs. Csmberg, enclosing Id. stamp for reply
Warnings to the Workers.
"Take your Case in Time."
The sixty-six different ailments and diseases for which Mr. J. D. Morrison hss discovered a remedy are not oonfincd to any particular class of the community. No one is immune. The policeman and the postman, the clerk snd the shop-assiatant. the soldier snd the sailor, tho labourer and the artisan, tho mistress and the maid—all, though • in varying degrees, are liable to the same complaints. But Mr. Morrison's wonderful "66"' is a syre £od speedy euro for them all.
Even if you sro enjoying the blessing of good health, Mr. Morrison can still be of great service to you. Send for a packet of his "Antcdyeting Powder' (registered Patent Office 341,202), end
not only will it aMtst you to enjoy good heslth, but it is guaranteed to positively prevent sll after-meal attacks, auch as biliourness. indigestion, retching, etc., etc.. and more important still you will never be laid low by the dreaded diaease of appendicitis.
Workers, take warning! Mr. Morrison appeals
suit. That won't do for you. Did you read of Lis postman >n Portswood who suffered from tciatica and backache for many yeai*? Ho used to a land on the top of the cars bending against the rail, and went about his duties in most halfhearted fashion, but to-day, thanks to my treatment, he is quitA well.
TO THE POLICEMAN.—You cannot sHord to be low-epirited, and less keen and alert on your beat. I have done many a man in the Police Force good, and I can toon put you to rights.
TO THE POGTMAK.-Your dutis* tsks you out in all kinds of weather, and backache", sciatica, and other complaints are often the re-
TO THE CLERGYSIAN.—Sp.ritually you *nav bo all right, and need no correction, but phym cally you are "subject to the same ailments as other men, and I can be of great service to you.
TO THE PUBLICAN.—Your surroundings arc in many instances the cause of sciatica, lumbago, gout, swollen knees. eto», etc. Send for my treat-' meet, and you will feel a different being.
TO THE CLERK AND SHOP-ASSISTANT.— It is all very wAl to tell you la have plenty of fmah air and eierciee. but I know your oocupar two doss not give you the chance. You can, however, enjoy the beet of health, sod never suffer that miserably weak feeling or put up wittk these sharp, shooting pains again under my treat-mcnt. Many indoor workers, of both sexes, have been thankful fo^my advice.
TO SAILOBS AND FIREMEN.—Have yom heard of the sensational incident on the ta. Amazon? On the moving of March 6th, Mr-Good, the chief Bremen, was suddenly ssued with a very severe attack of backache whilst at his dutie*. The chief lighterman. Mr. Wm. Harding, happened to come on tho scene, and he lost no time in mending one of the Bremen to Mr. Morrison's house, which is s few minutes away from the Docks, for a packet of his 68 treatment. Ten minutes afterwards Mr. Good was quite * new man. Explaining later, Mr. Harding maid, "I knew tho good Mr. Morrhoi/a 66 treatment had done for me; that's *by I wma so sure that It would be the surest tiling as a Brat aid to the sick, and therefore lost no time in wearing it, and. thank God, I was not disappointed."
TO THE COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER.—Your calling seta for your health many pitfalls; many of you suffer from piles, sciatica, or gout. My treatment b*s replaced many a commercial travel-ler on hia round, full of. life and energy. Th*r* is no need for vou to continue your work in half hearted faahlon, and to be content with swallowing boxes of pills night after night.
TO THE DOMESTIC SERVANT.—Why *dhr from swollen knees, chopped hands, cold feet, or bad circulation any longer. Many a girl haa blemmcd the day she started my treatment.
TO CARETAKERS AND OTHERS.-Carrying coals and scrubbing floors is a fruitful cause of backache and lumbago. After taking my "66" remedy you will be able to go about your work with tho cheerfulness born of perfect health* and the hard morning's task will no longer fill you with fear.
TO ONE AND ALL. MAN QR WOMAN, RICH OR POOR.—I am absolutely convinced that my. treatment will be of invaluable help to you, and I therefore ask you to take advantage of my offer.—Advt.
On and after Monday, 29th April, ths Consulting Rooms will be at 49 HIQH STREET, four doors from G.P.O., SOUTHAMPTON. Hours of Consultation, 5 to 8 daily. - Present address6 BRIDGE ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON.
Telegrams "RELIANCE."
£ Tel. 491.
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Regd. Trade Mark.

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