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April 24, 1912.
HIIIII11I8 ®©®©!
Local Amusements.
Monday night.
1' k k hi! tcremtm, lo no'e U,at 25 per rem. or the crow (akiw, w,H be handed over to I he Mayor'. Fund for the muHererm by the Titanic disaster.
Thanks arc due to Mr. Arthur Hardy and the management of I he theatre for their v. and it im honed the public of Southampton will cro«rd the theatre during the remainder of the
Who plays a principal part in "Dad,' which visits Southampton next week.
The story of "The Chalk Line" deals, in the main, with an elderly scientist who has made a discovery which would make war impossible by rendering the possessor of the secret invincible; a foreign counters who poses as a Socialist and pacificist leader, but is really the emissary of an unfriendly power; and a young British officer who outwits the countess and saves his country from the dangers which threaten.
Lady Beerbohm Tree cave an artistic portrayal of Countess Derada, and was ably supported by Mr. Knnno'th Douglas as Captain Peter Greitr; Mr. Alfred Brvdone's character study as Andy Ro'tdicV was*a distinct triumph, and he walks "The Chalk Line" with ease; Miss Eleanor Redwood was bo'h charmine and graceful as Kathleen Stunrt; and Messrs Norman MacOwan, T.eon M. Lion. Prank Esmond \V. Croniu Wi'son St rat ton Rodnev and A S. Home wood with the-Misses Helen Brown. Marjorie Dane, Eileen Ester, Mary Mackenzie, and H. E. Aitiger all do good work. The scenery it magnificent.
"The Great Game," a trifle by W. Cronin Wilson, who also appears as Bill Hamblin, proves mn entertaining curim* raiser, and warn most orthuslast*r*Hy' f&ciftvcd.
■Next week'we have / the Playhouse comedy "Dad." by arrangement with Mr. Cyril Maude.
nf conjuring tricks. He ns from nowhere with
leave nothing to be
"Mortimer Magnus, M.P." a sketch presented by Messrs. Dellcw and Stock's Company, has a charm it thai is decidedly refreshing. It M full of sensible humour.
Master Edward Garratt, who appears in the title role, was splendid. So small is this quaint comedian, that he appears on the stage in. a travelling kit bag. With his happy retorts he made a big hit.
The Five Original Cliftons presented a marvellous gymnastic equilibristic performance. Many of their feats were sensational in character. Miss Clifton* gave a step dance while holding a man in a hand balance.
• John Weil, who is described on the bill as the only Continental talking prestidigitator, scored with his mixture of talk can produce eggs and <
a baffling simplicity.
The six Lancashire La desired in their 'turn of vocalism and clog danc-In*. They give a good account of themselves in both departments.
Rose Elliott is a singer of sensible songs, and is well received. J. H. Scotland is a bass vocalist, who siifgs old dialect songs with fine expression; while Huloy and Bent have a good comedy act.
Music lovers should not fail to visit the Piei Pavilion to-morrow (Thursday), when afternoon and evening concerts will bo given by 11.M Coldstream Guards' Band under the direction of Lieut. Dr. J. Mackenzie Rogan, M.V.O.
Dr. Rogan has consented to play Chopin's Funeral March as the opening number at each performance, in memory of the Titanic disaster, in addition to the magnificent • programmes ml ready arranged:
There is a glut of good tilings at the Hippo-drome this week, where chief attraction is the dramatic episode, in three scrnes. " Her Luck In London," presented by Miss Mary Neil and £om-
Thn o'd story of the simple, confiding, country girl, who is inveigled into the vortex of fast life in London, is rnvosVd with new life by Miss Noil, who. as Nell Harbome. the much-tr ed heroine, is responsible for a rr&UaUc and impressive piece of acting. And in 4hia oase all ends buppify, whk* is 08 it should be.
Oho of the brightest turns of tlio evening is that given hy Haley's Juveniles, a score of highly trained children, who aro aeon in a charming car-nivaJ acaoa. in wh ch song and dan* are blended.
The familiar "Soldier's Chorus" from "Faust" loads into a dainty Maypole song and dance, " Tbere'a a H'Ue g'rl I know," and o h r strikng oumb?rj oto the duels of " Doa ' and "Spot"— surely the smallest durt lists on the vaudeville stage—<1 haunting s'umber »>>ng " Baby town," and The Ga'coi3M)fs are a c.up'c of comply jugglers, who introduce some .novel business; and Fcro»t Tell ma o coon comtdian and danc f, who makes an in-s'-ant'.ineous ^ttrcc.» with " There's a b g b ack baby in the rncon."
A-1! mu iotl inst ruments c^me alike to Orplicuj as mediums of melody; and Brett and Dix are a couple of bright comedians, with a wealth of
Kitry Dole, the po<«2»or of a rich voice, worea with "My boar; is with you always," and Frank 8eeley, a popular comedian, hi'a popular fancy with "I 4ook 4hem homo to Maria" and "I'll cover forget the day."
Who-will sing on the Royal Pier, Southampton on Thursday.
Miss Edith SorpelJ, the vocalist engaged for the | nooaaion. w no stranger to Southampton, and j her reception should be extremely cordial. She posses** a bright soprano voice, perfectly trained,; combined with clear enunciation.
On Sunday evening next the Police Band will 1 open the promenade season with a specially | selected programme of music, including Chopin's Funeral March and other appropr.ate aacred
On Wednesday, May 1st, there will be a fancy dress ball in the Pavilion. Dancing from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. M.C., Mr. W. Wheeler. Prizes for b«*t fancy costumes.
A pretty subject at this house during the first half of the week was "Kittens." It illustrated the growth and development of the little things from the day they are born till they well able to take care of themselves.
"Tricked into happiness" was a drama of two. sisters of different temperiuuent. one light and inconsistent, the other truo^Sind steadfast. Fate intervenes, at first apparently unkindly, but eventually with happy results.
"Captain Jenks' dilemma" was a very real one. Ho was captured by a widow, who had a small army of children, and was determined to obtain some one to assist in their support. The captain, having failed in his appeals, resorted to strategy, and by making % demonstration in force o( a pretended family, the widow it at length prevailed upon to give up her project.
Representatives" of the Workmen's Hall, Chandos-strect, the champions of the first division of the Southampton and District Whist League this year, invited two members of each of the other clubs in thu division to a friendly .natch at their premises on Thursday evening, •Into not permitting of the event being postponed consequent on the terrible catastrophe to Ute Titanic, on board which ill-fated vessel were four or five members of the Hall.
All the clubs were represented except the Kvans Liberals and the first team of the Gladstone Liberal Club, and the hosts won by 21-19.
The homo representatives obtained "a slam" against Oxford, defeated Park and Glebe by four to one, and Antelope by three to two.
On the other hand the representatives of the second team of the Gladstone Liberal Club obtained "a slam." Kingslatid, the holders of the shield for the last two seasons, won by four to one, while Avenue and the Southampton Labour Club each won by three to two.
It will thus' be seen, though the Workmen's Hall won by 21-19, (hoy and the rest of the Leigue each won at four tables.
The annual wtiat drive in aid of the funds of tho Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital, on which occasion tho presentation of shields w*U takn place, will bo held on Wednesday iu next
Arrangements are being made to prov'de chain ami tables in five moot ions of one hundred each/ the shields and other prizes will be displayed on a stage, and with the display of shrubs and bunting tho hall will present a very pleating appearance.
Owing to the terrible calamity of the wreck of the Titanic a partners' whist drive arranged to take place at tho Northam Conservative Club last week was cancelled.
A whist drive at Hants Liberal Club w cause, while other engagements of a social character were abandoned on account of the tragic
Consequent on the terrible disaster to the Titanic the whist drive arranged under the auspices of the Southampton Maritime Whist League to be held on Saturday evening, at the Royal Victoria Rooms, on which occasion «h»
packet Company's representatives, the champii of tho pa;t season, by Mr. P. E. Curry (president of tho League), the event was cancelled.
Mr. Curry, the local head of the American and White Star Lines, has experienced a very trying time following tho catastrophe, and the cancellation of tho match was only to be expected, seeing that tho American and White Star Lines had a • cam engaged in tho season's fixtures ' of the League.
Although the 350 persons who had obtained tickets will, no doubt, have been greatly disappointed at the decision, yet they will-thoroughly agree with "the action of tho Committee in postponing the event, which will take place before the commencement of next season in all proba-
The excellence of tho entertainment at the Palace this week is certain to draw crowded houses. The bill is a very strong and attractive
A bright and varied bill is provided at the Picture Palace in tho first part of this week. Prominent in it is "A.Red Cross martyr,*' a wonderfully engineered picture of the war in Tripoli.
If th, ene** were guilty of much an atrocity as formed tht theme of this picture firing on the red cross then it is not surprising if, for a I time, tho Italians forgot they belonged to a
civilised nation.
I The bombardment of a town from an aeroplane was most realistically shown, and afterwards the fall of the aeroplane, crippled by an enemy's bullot, was most thrilling.
An actual aeroplane was used, and it was badly damaged by the,accident.
Other splendid dramatic subjects were "The squaw's bravery" and "The last kiss."
During the latter part of the week subjects in-
swimming party."
return fixture, will be shot this season. Arrange mcnts were apparently made to fire next Satur day, and it now appears that permission to use i the ranges at the Connaught Drill Hall, Ports-| mouth, has been cancelled .owing to the authorities lotting the hull for exhibition purposes. The dale i now suggested by the secretary of the Ports-t mouth Leagug is May 11th. Unfortunately, it ap-poars that the only available range for an Inter-Loaj\ucf match is at the Drill Hall. In a town where facilities for "full charge" shooting is alwve iKirmal every opportunity is taken to get in the open, and no doubt the favourable weather of late has hastened tho closing down of the indoor miniature for the preferential 303.
The Sub-Committce of the Southampton League have decided that tho match Bitterne II. v. Chandler's Ford shall be rc-fired. It will be remembered that the teams were bracket led at the top of the table (second division), and met on Wednesday week at Nursling. There were three disputed shot values, and the outcome of the Committee's deliberations is that the match shall -fired on the Frecmantle Club's range this
evening (Wednesday).
Eastleigh Rifle Club ____
hearty congratulations from all riflemen
the recipients of
practically the "blue riband" of the winter shoot ~ ing session, and clubs drawn from all quarters of tho United Kingdom compete for the trophy. Eastlcigh's winning score was 1,757, out of a possible l.BlX). Ilminstcr were second, and Thet-tord and District third, only one point dividing the first and second teams.
It is by far the greatest honour over attained by a Hampshire team in 22 calibre shooting, but this season's champions of tho Southampton IA photo of the winning team is reproduced on another page.
The final match in tho County Trophy competition was played, on Saturday last, at Farcham, between Gosport and Southampton ' D," the respective winners of the. B E. and N.W. division*, when only three games wore finished, leaving two for adjudication.
Bo h sides wero strongly represented, and, aa expected, the keen struggle for victory was fully realised.

At Board No. 1, black (Mr. Targett) played P K B. 4 on the 3rd move to tho Ruy Lopes, and obtained a a rong game. By v gorous play in tho mid game he won a pioce and a pawn, and at tho call of timo this advantage wan a till ; maintained.
At No. 2 a Ruy Lope* on tho usual lirfea. Black (Mr.'Draycott), however, gsvo.up a pawn for a strong attack, whiohf was held to tho end of the play.
At No. 3 white (Mr. Gribblo) played a Qiuooo
At No. 4 the French Defence was tho opening played. In the early stages white (Mr. Grath) lost a piece for a pawn, but by clover play recovered his position, and mated in about kO
tained a strong posit good account that he .with a R. and a Kt. resigned.
Tho wore whicli is ' D," is aa follow*: —
GOKPiiHT. .Mr. II. 11. O-slwirn ,, K. Drnymtt „ 0. J. Gribbls
Lopes again was favoured.
by correct play, isoon ob-. 1, which ho turned to such won two pieces, finishing up, at which point white
in favour of Southampton .
Southampton " D." • M'' 'v. li'Til'lnk •
I ,. II II. \orthover 0
" „ K. II. McOnrth 1 " IL T. lawreuee X
• To he Adjudicated. The Southampton loam with the two (mint* In hand and he following position for adjudication
possibly lose the match, hut should, we think, *ln.
In " Dad," which will he played at .the Grand Theatre next week.
lij»rd LoagUe at Messrs. Burrouehes snd Wstts" Saloon, St. Michael s street, on Thursdsy evening, •pace prohibit in ( the other two in the League, Workmen's Hall and the Norlham Conservatives, participating.
On I he same occasion the League shield will be presented to I he winners, the Harcourt Liberal Club, who finished with I he samo number of games won as Workmen's Hell, but a better average in regard to scores.
—L K__i._L • _______

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