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September 25, 1912.
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Editorial Chat.
TELEPHONE No. 107 (2 Lines).
One Year - 6/8 Six Months - 3/4 One Quarter - 1/8
Advertising Terms on application to
Southampton & District Pictorial, 45, Above Bar,
photographic Competition
Best Photograph of Local Interest.
The Pictures should be Topical in Character, and bear on the back the Name and Address of the Sender, and a Description of their subject.
(Photographs should reach us by SATURDAY MORNING).
It is a Condition of the Competition that we shall be permitted to reproduce mny of the picture* sent in ; but in the event of publication a payment of half-a-crown per photo will be made.
All photos sept for Approval will be carefully considered by the Kditor, but no responsibility what-ever can be accepted in respect thereof, although, if unsuitable, every effort will be made to return them, provided that a stamped addressed envelope of suit-able size is enclosed for that purpose.
Readers of the"'Pictorial" can obtain "photographic prints, mounted or unmounted, op any picture taken by our »taff in which ihey are specially interested.
In addition to supplying these prints, the Proprietors are prepared to sell the negatives and blocks Full particulars as to price may be obtained on appli-cation at the Office, Abate War. Southampton.
Wo hope our readers will like the new [features introduced to the " Pictorial" this j week, and will Hake them a* an earnest of the I proprietors' intention to keep • the journal J thoroughly alive Ad up-to-date. Now that the ! evening* are getting lenger^therr will be mote time to devote to reading, and the " Pictorial" ' will §11 in jpafiy a plixuunt—and we hope pro-: titable—hour in that direction. At the same time we do not intend to lose sight of the fact j that the "Pictorial" was primarily meant to mirror local life and portraiture. In this respect our readers can materially help us. ' Stowed away, it may by, in long forgotten . 1 all Hints and odd oornero, they must have hundreds of pictures. If they frill kindly lend them to us We si Kill be pleased to reproduce any ! of sufficient interest. Tvspcoially do. wo appeal to the many " Pictorial " readers actxvw the ! seas. Just as they are interested in event* at I home, so those in old England would like to see phases of life in the distant corners of Empire
and far away foreign clime*.
® ® ®
The reduction in cable rates between this | country and America and Canada is likely t'> I cause an enormous increase in the business of 1 cabling. It is suggested that birthday and
ing it. though we rati tor suspect that ladies would refuse to wear tlie cocked hat of high civic office. Like the chapeau of the car-
jinalate, it only suite some people.
® ® ©
Why, by the way, do not the City Fathers wear th,%r official purple and lino linen oftener? It is. perhaps. Uo much to ask them to "dress"- for ordinary meetings (though it is usual in some towns), but it would lend a note of importance to the historic ceremohial of Mavor-choasing on November 9th. It has become fashionable in a certain section of the IhhIv corporate to regard tlie hai>it of dressing the part'with a litth- contempt, which is rather
a pity.
® ® @
There is money evidently in municipal housekeeping. for Ve read in the report of the Housing Committee to be presented to the Council that the canteen account at St. Michael's House
yields a weekly profit of £1 Is. 3d.
© © ®
The Enchantress, once tlie yacht of My Isirds Commissioners of the Admiralty, and now tlie
■ ■■
The above interesting study of animal life was sent in by* Mr. Hugh Newman, of llighclere, Wei beck Avenue, Southampton, to whom our weekly prize of half-a-guinca has been awarded As can well be imagined, the photographer must have exerciscd much patience to get his " subjects " in position. w
Christmas greetings might be sent by cable. Hitherto people who wanted to send their good wishes to friends abr*md have had to rely on the post, which, as everybody of experience knows, means that their greetings arrived about three days before or three days after tlie joyful day. The compliments of the scaAon can be
cabled tliis Christmas for three shillings. ^ © ® ®
It is a little surprising that in Southampton, a town in whioli women bear a fair share of public life, no member of the sex lias yet come forward with any desire to hold a seat upon the Borough Council. The other public bodies count ladies among their members, and there is not one of their colleagues of the " sterner" se/c who is not willing to admit tliuir value. Ladies occasionally attend meetings of the OorjOration, and occupy humble seat*, in the "gallery," and it may be, of course, tliat they have designs some day ujon a more dignified position. Tht Gnincillor's g-jwn presents difficulties, it must be confessed, but there is no compulsion abr.ut wear-
«ngiik-leas 'but uncommonly comfortable clubhouse of the Royal Motor Y.C., is about to move to winter quarters in the shelter of the Hatnble river, below Dursledon. Beftte doing so sliu is going into dry dock, in order that the crustation of Soutliampton water may be removed, and the occasion is interesting in that this week this will l„ the first time of her dry-docking since she was commissioned in her new capacity.
@ ® ®
How soon wo forgot! Scarcely a montii ago we were yearning for sunshine We didn't write t<» tile papers alcut it, because an all-^oweyful press was quite impotent. Now we arc appealing in letters to the Fdibf for water-carts as a convenient substitute for rain.
waves of electaieity. and an atmosphere so im-pregnatcd, he asserts, is conducive to a quicken* ing of the nui.tal faculties. Twenty years ago a Uvt on the «ws was the method employed to stimulate the brain, and the oano was invariably used Ui give the sluggard a wholesome wakening up The us: of electricity as an improved sub- . stitute is quite logical. We may soon look for a new version of the "spare the rod" dictum, via., "Spare the shock and retard the child."
During the recent chilly weather a lady poultry keeper was confronted with the problem of caring for two hundred little chickens which had arrived at that stage wliere their feathers were few an I far between. She bought many-yards of baby flannel and designed suits for the shivering chicks. The clothing was sewed firmly upon the chickens and no more of them died. When the hot wave struck the country, Mrs. Fecrill "undressed" her big brood, but ^ saved the garments for omorgancies. 8am# j>eoplo complain that this is a drab world. When tin vivid imagination of some of our caricaturist** becomes an a«i omplislied fact in tlie poultry world the landscape will be gay indeed.
® ® ®
The skipper of the Kaiserin Augusts Victoria, which colls at Soutliampton. has entered this thrilling chapter ill his. log: "The serpent was about amidships, and was observed by the cap--tain, first officer, and several sailors. The colour was a blue grey on the back, lighter underneath; the diameter'was from twelve to eighteen inches. All question confusion between sea sie-peut and dolphins must be disihissed-as iinjHiasiblo; the animal was visible from tip to tail." Doe pi to tile ridicule of prcfe*oors and scientists, our old friend continues to make a l«old light for existence.
A lost property sale-room is hardly the place to study the modes, but a fashion note has boon found there. Soineonu was looking for a cheap walking stick. There were exactly nineteen in stock, and the nineteen were all of the same material-light yellow cane—end all tulornod with cheap silver-mounts. The youth who was once a "dude" or a "masher" ai,d is now a "nut" S4cins to ho faithful to this type of handwsarj for if all the sticks in a ksLproperty uHlce am canes of this pattern, the number of young third ehuis commuters who carry any other kind must bo very limited.
Most people will be glad tltft they will not I Mi living somewhere about 3900. Here is his for.-cost of Uie EnglirJimeu of the future according to Dr. Forbes llosi: "Tho face of the average KngWimeu #11 bs Utat of ths^typloal criminal, with prognathous jaws, prognathous fa*-*', receding forehead, brood, flat uyse, well-marked- canine teeth, small eyes, short neck, head set well back between the shoulders, ami a depraved gorilla countenance." 'lliat will bo 2.000 years hence As the nation, be says, is l„;iiiK pro|iagated mainly (*y those who retain their primordial qualities and primitive instincts we must-go hack. Bringing that state-me«kt to its colluni.cour tails lack at thji beginning so to speak. ® ® @
Method is alf important in the big American ||« tel. . Here is au example, "as nanaied by a trawl lur just r»-turned to &>utluunpton. It wais in Philadelphia. He asked to bo called at 8.15 a.m. A minute before that time there ftaited a knockuig tliat continued until he Opened the hrdnsan door. Then this card was thrust into his hand: The Dellevue-Strat-ford. I We 9th. Mourn 419. You were called at EL 15 a.m., and answered.—P
d—Per Bu^.
® ® 0
One of the greatest electricians and math, inaticiaiih of the day, has devised- sn electrical equipment for use Yn eonnfetion with school ftudit*. It jjha^gos tlie air of a nora with
Jul* we should not like.—Personally wo hare not the slightest feeling „f envy for the man who undertook this week, with such admirable sang froid," to repair sJtaky brickwork on the atop of an 80-foot shaft in the Docks. '• Notion' in it." he said, contemptuously, as he pulled out a brick, " though it would have been awkward if Pd put my weight on that." Though we know nothing about the fine points of the steeplejack's art, we quite agreed with
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