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September 11, 1912.
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Outdoor Recreations. (wAJ!')
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Every team in tho three big Txague*
gaged on Saturday, and with The severity of the Saints' defmat at Millwall rwal have 00me am a shock to their supporters after tho interval soore. After holding llillwull all tho first half, and fur nearly twenty-five minutes of the seoomd half, the Gontbamptea de. fence broke down, and had to admit defeat by 4 goals to nil when the end oamc.
Tho match warn played at the Den, end a crowd of 19,000 apoctiaitora awe lied the Millwall exchequer by £470. The homo aide included the now goal keeper, Spendiff, and two new forwards in Moody and Brown, the old Luton players, and Southampton ako Added a good side, a good deal being expected of the amateur, L. S. Dawc.
At firs* sight the loas of four goal* would suggest some glaring weakness, but the heavy defeat does not moan that Southampton have m poor side, or that Millwall have a really great one. Pour good goal-scoring opportunities foil to one side, and all were taken advantage of.
It must be admitted, however, that the MiUwall attack waa much superior to that of the visitors. Brown and Lipabam were two vary fine wing men. The latter, by the way, 'slipped tho cartilage of ths nghft knee just hefore the end and was surgically treated. It will be some time before bo plays agafh.
Notwithstanding the moors, the Southampton books and balf-baoka compared favourably with those of Mill wall. Coatee and Ireland worked splendidly together, and the half back: were splendid tacklore, Lee and M'Alpine repeatedly distinguishing themselves in (his phase of the
Tho real weak ore* lay m tho forward lino. Occasionally the right wsng pair were seen to ad-vantage, but the hft wing waa rarely in evidence, but the inside trio were very weak.
Southampton Reserves opened the season in disappointing style, and wore beaten by Bournemouth by two goals to oil, and on the day's play the visitors wwre a smarter and better balanced aide, and deserved their win.
Of the home forwards, the extreme wingers, Blackmoro and Hybart, wore the b(«t, but tho inside men did not work in unison at all. Sal way played a good game at half, while Murphy, in tho centre of the middle line, proved himself to be very useful.
Wools ton made a creditable show in opposition to Portsmouth Reserves at the Veracity Grounds, • and the crowd were well satisfied with the form of the newly-named team. Porlamouth had a ' strong eleven out, which included Sid Mounoher, a brother of the old Saints' player.
Very few it is safe to aseume. But there k now the chance for thorn to do so at Southsoa, which has th:s soy on been visited by a number of these voracious fish.
Anglers off tho Horse Sand Fort in the quest of bass hava hooked some very large tope, but. of oourae, the Rah eaaPy broke away by means of ite tail and big fin.
In one onse an angler was fishing for big baas with a piece of bloater when his reel "gave a wild screech," and on striking he was astonished to see a 401b. tope leap out of tho water.
Needless to may he did not see his tackle or the fish again.
But a few daye-Wer the angler brought some wire traces, and specially strong hook:. Armed with (his tackle, he soon hooked a big tope, and after a most exciting time a fish of 38fb. waa •brought to gaff and token aboard the boat.
Fish of that size are certainly worth catching, and doubtless there are many anglers in this neighbourhood who will endeavour to obtain similar sport.
Thoy will do well to remember that the tope has a very powerful tail with which it will break anything but the strongest wire traces.
Also a very strong hook is required, or it will not stand the strain.
A letter recently appealed 'o a contemporary commenting on the fact that pike have been caught by means of a worm.
There is nothing extraordinary in this, as the writer has often landed pike on night lines #at for »Other anglers have met with similar experience* while fishing..for perch in quiet pools.
No doubt a heron does like a fish at times, but it does not do nearly so much harm as some people would have us believe.
SomK nice bass have been oaugh: by local anglers during the past week off th> Dock extension, and some big mullet hare a bo been
The athletic meeting of the Phoenix Harriers at High Wyogmbe, on Saturday, was a great success.
The programme comprised 59 heats and finals, and in several of the races some of the champions were seen to advantage.
W. R. Applegarth, Polytechnic Harriers, won the 220 yards in ZZsecs.. F. M. Giongo, the champion sprinter of Italy, being a good second, while R. 0. Rice (champion of Berkshire) was third.
A ten-miles Marathon, over very difficult country, was won by J. W. Tucker. R.A.C. (the cross country International), who finished fresh in the fast time of 55rnins. 38 2-5**cs. T. Humphreys (Heme Hill) being second, and II. T. Keilaway (Heme Hill) third.
After a capital start, in which Postle gained a slight advantage, the three raced almost level until thirty yards from the tape, where Donaldson and Walker caught and parsed Postle, and the first-named won a good race by a yard from Walker, in
This time is equivalent to 2) yards inside evens; wonderfully fast, considering The conditions, a heavy driasle prevailing at the time.
The South nr England fortunately did not suffer from fli>ods during the letter part of August, for which we must be thankful.
(But in those parts of the country thr-.t were inundated, the bicycle again proved its sterling Value in the case of "mergetwies.
(\ annul ment ion bad It be opened un by rotd when the railway ecrr&e was stopped, a: d ai the main roods were under water motor driven vehicles were useless as they were unable to gel through the water, which reached their engines Th'iw it was that the bicycle and the bores-drawn vehicles could alone face the floods.
Match Saturday Next, and
Match following Wednesday.
S. AKNFltlD, Sk.
The Hytne built 6-metre boats Jonquil (vliptain It. T. Dixon) and Ohatro (Mr. 8enoo Pun ley) have gone from the westward to Bom-ham. and commenced racing there on Saturday, when Jonquil won, beating Chaero by 65 seooooi. The latter had the second prime. Mr. A. Maad-*Vay's Smmo the third Jonquil won sgsdo on
The above groups were taken on the occasion of the match between the Shirley and Bargate Divisions of the Southampton Borough Police. The gaWic ended favour of Shirley by 06 to 52, and the Shield thus passes, into their possession. The names of those seated in the frofitrow of the top picture arc: Sergt. Brown, PC. V. Smith, PC. II. Smith, Inspector Tribe, Capt. Mantcll (umpire), P C. Tubbs (immediately behind whom Inspector McCormick is standing), P C. Ilorstead. P.fc. Iiutler,. and PC. Reeves. Those in the front row of the lower group are: Sergt. Whale, PC. Foster, A. N. Other, PC. Tubbs, Inspector Peet, Sergt. Jackson, Sergt. Reeves, Sergt. Brown, and Acting Sergt. Mc. Laughlin.
the heron really dooe destroy vales.
There is an idea, which is all too prevalent among anglers and others, that the heron eats nothing but fish, mw is therefore regarded as a nuisance. But this is not the case by any
If' anyone takes the trouble to keep 1 herno under observation, while it is standing motionless by the side of a stream, be will nctace that any vole or water abrpw that comes within range of that terrible beak is quickly despatched.
It is not often that the best of tho back markers in a sprint handicap get placed in the final, but it happened at this meeting, when a splendid race resulted as fellows:—V. H A. D'Arcy (Polytechnic H.), 1J yards start 1; R. G. Rice (Reading A C ), 14 yards, 2; W. A. Stewart (of tho ' Australasian Olympic team), J yard, 3. Time, 10 l-5secs.
H. Green (the first Englishman home in the Marathoo race at Stockholm) won the Wood Green Town Football Club's open amateur fifteen miles race in the vicinity of the Alexandra Palace, on Saturday, in lh. 32mins. Msec*.
At Croydon, the ten-miles time trial walk was won by E. C. Horton in lb. 31mins. 44 3-5secs., T. E. Hammond, the well-known Stock Exchange athlete, and holder of the London to and^back record, being second, and Wf Collins
Eight thousand spectators .witnessed the triangular contest for the world's 100 yards championship at the Balford Football Ground, on Saturday, between A. B. Postle (Australia), J. Donaldson (Australia), and R. E. Walker (South
£500 was at stake, and there is no doubt that on the issue depended the question as to who was the speediest sprinter in the world.
The form«r must necessarily be bght in such cases as at times the owner would be bound t>> carry it over difficult p4aces and dismount where j the road become dangtrous.
The current issue of the "C.T.C. Gazette" contains an interesting article by M. Adefcn? Cooke on the dubgbtiul litUd spot on thp IIamp Shire coast, Milford-on-Sen.
It is written in most picturesque language and will app«ol tonsil local evehsts, to many of whom Milfora-oo «Sea is we* known.
There are also some most interesting motor cycling notes, ard a number of most readable articles dealing with cycling l/aw* in various parts of Burope.
An excellent portrait of the late Mr. WUlio/n Kendall Burnett, who was at one time chief oonsut* and chairman of the Council of the C.T.C. is given with this number.
Reference was made in those notes some weeks ago concerning Mr. Burnett's death.
Tyres mustvbe kept as hard as possible now that the roads hav^ become loose, or punctus s
MoikIxiv. (JImhto taking the second prise, Soma the third. On Saturday ths Whim, which formerly belonged to Mr C." ltivrtt-Gsmac, was fourth, beating Uypastos and two otliers, but on Monday she was filth, Cypaotoe fkxiabing' ahead of her.
The Minima . Yacht Club (Solent Division) bring their season to a close £1,000,000 LOST
In Great Britain yearly by not looking in your old chest of drawers for your old Gold and Silver. Odds and Ends of Jewellery, False Teeth, War Medals, etc.—Send or call, and you will get the highest market price at 8. BERMEY, 201, Commercial Road, Portsmouth.
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