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July 3, 19,2.
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Our Weekly Illustrated Feature.
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On Bcaulieu Heath.

Young Oaks in the Noads.
From the Town Quay, Southampton, the little ferry steamer conveys rider and machine to the tree'-e'mlmwered village i»f llvthe. Here we tike to the road Ixaring to the left by the Ccffee Tavern. A pleasant ride up an easy tiee shaded hill brings us to where the road divides. Keeping to the right we pursue our way through an undulating avenue of towering and graceful trees until we reach the somewhat raw thpugh quaintly named residential settlement of Dibdeti-Purlicu. At this point and witht'i two miltv, of Hythe Pier we enter the Forest, which here is known as B,%iulieu Heath. A Weak heather carpeted level, swept by salt sea breezes aid U^nic moorland ails, sprinkl-d with self-sown Rrs. and browsed over by sturdy New Forest ponies.
A short distance i n the right will "be seen some well grown woods of oak and beech, with holly and young bitches, known #s the Noads. The cyclist being one of the lei sun ly type, who does nut object to wheeling his machine over a short length of rough moorland path, which leads into the woods, is well rewarded, not only by the succession of pretty woodland vistas, and the almost cloistral loneliness of the older woods, but by tho exteiaive view which is revealed on their further sid«*, o* miles of moors and l»ogs and words, rich in every tint of green, with deep purple shadows, producing a sense of distance and mystery. which only the skilful wator-crlour artist could hope 4o do justice to
Returning to the n*ad we in the distance the swelling uplands of the Isle of W ight, which lie like a great stranded whale on the horizon—while nearer at hind are mysterious barrows or tumuli. relics of prehistoric timet, which remind us that near here were great settlements of the first inhabitants of Britain. The wind is fresh and westerly, -as it so often
s on this exposed m, <*, and we reach the jate of Hill Top, and glowing. Here ' A rn'ered the famous Manor of Beuulieu. Passing down an easy slipe. on tlio. right is soen lis fragment of the famous AWiev, whuh now . v-;--. :s parisli cluMch for the bright little vil-
By BcnulieU Tidal Mill.
I i|fe. Tin- r.*»id<'iice of I>ond' Montagu of Beau li«-u, pioiKvr cf motoring and Lord of Out Manor of this idyllic domain, is close by. Op-
posit * is 1h crM-k, now br«.-.vii with seawi
and rrdol.Mit ol 1 zone. A wiling barge is no p,„ulieu below, and in a few minutes we enter • loading by the old tidal mill. *de rvmiuder of (he Forest again at Hatchet Uate; near by the fact that m the past Beaulieu was a |x»rt w Hatchet of Ure very Tew wheel* of of some importance. water to bv found in the Forest, of curioua .
Our busim-ss to day, however, is with the »bape, but no particular beauty, well stocked i Forest, hi turning to the left by tlw. hostelry with morre fish, aid at one time the source v ' from which «v mill near derived iU power.
Mewl not detain us. Taking the Hrockonhunt|*-Vv r" d. in a rtiiple of mile* so we enter tho wihxIl.ind» of Isidy Unws Walk, and a delight- ' lul ride through woods, largely made up ol veil grown iaks, with a carpet of tender | at d laxur ni t brarken, brings os tn Lady Gross Ixdge. CW by, we i^re told, William Kufua br'akf.isUd on his way to meet his doom 1 Slwiy Gn#s Tlie roiwl from hero to B rock an-h'list is a charming one, and |wi**oa between en-eh end as well as if en woods. Tim enclosure* may l*e wandered through quite freely, and though riding on the rough gross ride* U l Iulo hardly pnu-tioable, delightful ' glimpses of wild nature amply compensate for the trouble of pushing one's machine over tlie bumpy surface*. My own practice as a foreet lover U to •lasumi on tlw handle of my machine a lunah . valise, large enough to hold a vacuum flu iird plenty of solid food as well. There then no need to leave a resting place of sylri charm, to hunt along n dusty high road for an mn or tea house. The special Ordnance of the New Foie#t (scale one inch to the mile") boobies tlie way to bo found without difficulty through th«- intricate rwesst* of this beautiful hundred square mike of wild land.
0 en pas* gives tlie wanderer additional confidence, for it is easy otherwise to completely
1 **' all sense of direction, after wandering for^ a lime tlirmigh wi«*ls and enclosures and over
ai d Ix-tps with rides and patlis^ croasiug
e ride up the village street bearing to tho
ight, where the road forks. A little hill,
ith a rough surface, brings us to a fairly
•vol upland, from which we get a view of
(To b - concluded.)
Hatchet Pond.
In the woods near Ladycross. " A resting place of sylvan changi.'
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