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rtft\ ,r.r hoham y/ (Miiyrj.y.-ci/:r/: >irri>ai^11/J. ;:'IYr;rr n fflB SOUTH AMP fpyi OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS—S ATURDJL T. MARCS 23, 1878.
IGH-STREET CHAMBERS, near the ■ Qrny. Vartea* 8IHOL* OFFICES TO LET. from IS te £20.-A>ply on the ptwlw
6LATK8, M jjjjj RED BE.0K8. _ hm* Jrn C«i^ o(??Mr'' U10 U KY
Chapel. ■ ••-» ■••"■' '? ■' ; •■" •' ■
JM Medical Work Ibowing sufferers bowttt'v m»> _ BkSnghsm.' *° / ?J, , |
OIjA83K8 for Ladies and Gentleman are now fc
hundred word*—which nan easily be commuted to memory—no one need be afraid to venture abioad.— Term*, moderate.—Apply. to, Dr. DELCKjiE, Profeamr Of Languages, Outlay,Institution. , . ,
?|d. BQTTL& 7*d.
* B LB 8 8 THE B A B Y.
TJ10R Thirty lam NITRSR BROWS X Mtxruaa 7« .cbiLmuw, k« t~"
with th. ir»»U.t»ooo.p^IorU«^a«rl. tb»t i>
U the safest and moat effectual medicine that can poaaibly
iba little aufferer to health and enjoyment. There If no Laudanum whatever in News tBaowa'a Mixtcm.
relieve, and in moat ca*es cure, any c*ld ortffogha ebUd may have, moreover It doe* not do so by merely
passage* j>f the cheat, and assisting the lung* to recover
"SCSp'.VwS'oopli.i C.o«b Nciu» BaWl Mil-TUBS 1* very effectual, whilst in Common Coughs and Oolda, It may be depended upon sot only io the way of giving Belief but aa a Cure.
When Infanta are Cutting ttelr Teeth Ifcass Baown's. Mixtch* will be found of *p*cins*rvioe, u it thoroughly cool* tbe system, allaying the irritation of the gum*, giving natural rest to the Child, and a quiet night to the parents. A* we a*Id before It does not contain any Laudanum, bat i* a aiiapla preparation of valuable drug*., A deee givefat night, If the little one la raatlee*, feveri»h. or In anyway oet-of-eorts, will oao*e the Child to wake In the morning aa cheerful aa a cricket, with a cool comfortable skin, and the procee* of teething greatly assisted.;
Noma* Baowa's Mitxobs I* only made by Fabdou and So*, ChemliU, Maldstooe, but may be had of the following Chemists, who have bean appointed Agents In thia District:—
Southampton x Mr. H. Hunt,8L Mary-street. Liat>-*oat : Mr. 0. M. Brown, 219, Lake road: , Mr. Stoniwood. Commercial-road; and Mr. VT. Hay lea, 21, Arandle-streeL Hold in Settle* T*d, 1* l*d, aud 2* 9d
RESPECTFULLY solicit orders in the
With aeveral IxroaTaxr iKPaovaHSNTS. Th# "CLIMAX," "AMULO-AMKBICAK."
Ma 16 M* 18 z 18 45a 20a2#W* MaM66*
Mm 1* M* 20x18 W* Mm*) 70a 24a23 Ws
IMPROVED WIRE NETTING REDUCED PRICES.—Price* per lineal yard, 24 inches wide1!—
1 after mad*. Mi

Proof "against'Kabblts,' i "I II are*, Ac. ......J —
llade and Sold in Roll* of 60 y*r
Light, Medium Strong
No. If. No. 1*. * ••
J ,3
* 1 to 6 feet, at price
For large quantlt the fdllow e* a further reduction s offered at Ing SPECIAL EAT%8:-
Msal yard*. tsee yards
Light Mo. IS Eih Ir'h ■f ill!
NOTICI—The lew, we mnst reap* nuted on the baa deduction whateve above Special Prices being extremely ctfully intimate that they are cem. of prompt payment, without any 100 yard* delivered carnage free.
"^ssaviriSA. asaassa^
_ Public Hoiloea.
PHILHt,?THi2ra»P • HXLL-
Pablie Notice*.
A D D BB S 8
Above Bar, ' : 1
Bulldera' Ironmongery WARBHOUB
Wbwa-maj b« bad' MiXBLB A E.^auxllid CHIMNEY PIECES, n T O gXN f BS,
Elaplio and other Store*, HALF-FRAMED
0.0. GUTTERS, Rain Water Pipeak Head*,
BASH WJUQHTi, Am Bnjcxs, Wall Tim, Cut Nulla, Screw*, Aa.

If you want to aatlit Digea.
iats "a— -Po""tb<
If you want Strengthening. TAKE BENNETT'S
Upper Proapect Place, Southamptoi
Under the Di*tlngui*hed Patronage of The Wonbtpful the Mayor (ArL. McCalmont, E*q., J.P.) The Sheriff (0. T Harper, Eea.)
Alderman Kdwln Jonaa, Eaq , J.P.
Capt. Banco. Copmandapt lat Hanta Artillery Voluntaera Capt. Ja*. Pearce, l*t Hanta Artillery Volunteer* T. P. Payne, E*q. C. Crew. E*q. And other Influential Gentlemen of ,the Town.
Will have the honor of making their Firat Public
Sooga, Ballad*, Quartettea, Comi 'Hump Oration*. Kccnnf ' ""
Prloei of Admiition Front Saata, 2a. Second ditto and Balcony, la. Back Saata and Promenade, fid.
Tleketa may be obtained at Moaart. • Hammond and Bona, Mono Saloon Above Bar: and of Mr. Doddridge. 6», North frent; Mr. Mather, Con*umer*'Tea Company, S7.EMt-«treet; Mr. Hill, 120, Bl Mary'a. road; Mr. Mllaom, Confectioner, Onalow road ; or of any member of the Troupe.
Doon open at 7.S0, Entertainment to commence at 8 o'clock. Carriagea may be ordered at 10.16.

BUNDAY, MAECH SIgr. IB7J, BERMONS will be preached and COLLECTIONS made In ALL PLACES OF WORSHIP in Southampton and ita neighbourhood
State man tm ahowing the beueflU which theae Cbaritlea have already conferred, and the good which It la hoped to accompllah by their exten*ion, have bath printed for gratuitoua elrtulatlon; and Mlniatera of Religion, Secre-tarlea of Benefit Societiaa and thote emploted in con-naction with Public Compaalea, or in the Faotoriee and Workahope, are reapectfuUy Informed that they will greatly aa*iat the object In view by obtaining oopiea, which will be furoiahed on application to Mr. Dyer, at tb* Ilampiktra Independent Office, 42. Above Bar.
H. AfpEREIBA? J 8.™:
(St. Laurenct) J ALFMD J. DIRE, BeereWy.
▼eetmenta In marketable attuatlona. i. TUCK EH ia inatracted to offer for
Lo4 I.—A valuable Freehold Dwalling-hooaa, being No. 18. Briton-etreet, Southampton, let to Mr. Lockyer;
" ~ *-----powratea.
Chapel-*treat, 8outbampton,*let & MrfcR^pS, at*£11
SOUTHERN DISTRICT, ■t. ChHatrhureh - - —
Public Notices.
TiTy CONTRA 0 T 8.
TENDERS will be received at the undermentioned Office, until 12 o'clock noon, on the 2nd April next, for
TBEAOE AND STRAW FOR PAILLASSES, for the ma* of Her MaJeetVe Troope aUtlonad at the MI..,., «U.Nr, 1878,
a soar.
Rowner. BrackhuraU f*
maa«f Tender, and 0« ------
obtained on appHoation at iMrOOflr,' by fetter addreeeed to the Senior CommiaaariatoOoerv or in pereon between the bnnra of 10 and 4 o'nlotk, and ed'Tender will be entertained unleea mad* upon the form M obtained.
Tender* on the printed forme rami be properly filled up, *igned, and dated, and no Tfndtr #NI be noticed nnleee delivered at the undermentioned Oflce. under oloaed envelope, marked " Tender tot Forage, Ao.." on the outaide, before 12 o'clock noon on the2ad'AprH next.
HENEY C. LEWIS, Dtatriet Corarol*»ary General.
' Tha Corporation ar* prepared to recelte TENDERS
add other public eetebliahm nta of tbe'.CorporaUon, In »Scaled Tender*, endorsed '• Tender*fb# Ooa!,*' mutt be left at my offio% by 2 o'clock in the afternoon of Thortday, the28th InitanL
N> pledge la given to accept the Inweit or any" other Tender. T
• — B 8^ PEARCE, To-a'Clnk .
Audit Houae. Southampton.
LOAN Of fd.OM.
Pareone willing to ADVANCE the CORPORATION of SOUTHAMPTON th, ,um of f#.00& mmd*e th* of the Public Health Act, 1873, upon the credit
ia true that all, or nearly all, of these gentlemen are anxioua t* deny that they wuh Protection reintroduced aa a general principle. They pro-few only to deaire iu use aa a lever to conatrain our neighboure to be more liberal in their deal-tnga with ua. None o( them eeem able to aee that either Protection all round ia deairable, or dee *e are beuer without m hint of Pbealbly, if they could, or would. *|,e eome Uule etudy to the condition of England," queatton aa it ex. iated between 1815 and 184^, they would ahudder at the notion of attempting to reatore a elate of 'hinge so pregnant with misery.
Thb Ruaaiani—who think it the most natural thing in the world that they ahould command, Gom *he Bin* Sea «kb, the Strmltm whkb lead into that troubled eea—are aaid to be extremely irritated that rumour alleges that England deeircs to acquire lome very indefinite Wand in the ^>gean. Possibly the possession by this country of the command of the Straits would be the beat possible guarantee the world could have for their absolute and ocrfect freedom. Yet any action of the English government to secure in our own in-terests, and the Interests of Europe, such a po-aiUpn aa will give ua a powerful voice in the matter will be received with a choruaof Radical abuse. Theae gentlemen regarding with fanatic perveraeneee any action on our part as absolutely wrong, and the moat impudent preteoaiona of Rusaja as absolutely right. %
Thb Radical Two Hosnaai> —This body—or rather the 176, who are to aelect the 24 to complete the magic tale—was duly elected on Mon. day evening. Although many namea are cer-taiuly to the front that one might reasonably expcct IQ ace heading the Radical van—yet there are • nth era conapicuoui by , their absence,\ who certainly would ha*e been thought to command their capricious auffragea. Whether the election of the 24 will smooth over the irritation tbeae rejeciiona may have cauaed. remains to be seen. The greater possibility is that this ingenious notion of settling matters, like previous,operations, will make.the brrtcb, or breaches, in the Radical camp greater than ever.
Jfiujatine, for th* first * 0ULinT,*j sldelighta^
y printed pagea.
if the terrible decade that cloaed the 18th een. turv. It waa the fifth year ol th* French. Republic, and the fifth ef our and Europe'a war with France an PoiunnU. Debt and taxea had hi«r*a*ed and **r* dng here in England, but the nation bore ita «nd supported Its leader* bravely. ' •* iblea were heavy, Fr
The comfort waa that if— „T_—T_, ------
had a still more cruel burden to bear. A French State pap*r (quoted in lb* E-U) d<
pathetically what the soldiers a '
Republic had to endure. Hungry
------------ ----_jd shoeless and In
re these brave citizen*, atlfl her armiea marched to victory Her fuoctienariea were months—fndeeu yeara—behind in their receipt of pay, but French courage earned them on. and a certain General Buonaparte waa giving their affair* quit* a new aipeet in Italy. Consols were down in June, *97, to "471.'" ,nd "NT la the hlgbe*tpoint they appear to have reached during thehalf.year. A million, acd-a-half of fr»*h taxe* were lmpoaed (mostly, by way of additiona to existing imposts). Th* fleet ab Spithead waa in open mdtiny on account of vevy enbstantial grievances Our one Important success that^ear *as Sir John Jer»is't a*sl»ti off Cap* St. Vincent, where he fought a Spankh geet of twice his strength, and Kelaon\ daring made the day one of the most gloriods In our naval annals. The navy, however, did Ita work at all pointa well—num* rona - and suecesiAil " frigate aetloas" are recorded, - ir which both Fien'eh and S^inlarda were very hand-iolv b*at*n. Many prlvatee/a,too, were:tak«
it is carious to
iaU i

infe*ted_ the Channel . were. LitU* bigger than big

Thb Pobtswood 8bwbi that the Council meeting
- It will be seen Weduesday was n of thia much-
attention of the ratepayers, for (important aa was the matter under discuasion) other and greater intereata are also involved The hint the Sheriff
» the 10th day of April j t0 v
R. 8. FEAROE, Tos i^e, ffeutbampton.
The Southampton Observer
Tub right of public meeting is, no doubt, a very precioua one, and cloaely allied to our Engliah habit of free apeech. But there are limita to everything. Even the most ardent votary of freedom—that is rational freedom—must, we think, admit that inviting the hlackguarda of London to hold high holiday in Hyde Park ia a mistake, iking a proceeding as little creditable to the self-appointed maintainera of the right ol public meeting, aa it waa unlikely to advance any cauae whatever. In those times, when governments and pcoplea thought they bad intereata apart, when rulers rcga, tied even a proteat agalnat rale-doing, aa a wrong on the part of the proteaters, public meeting;, in which men by mutual aup-port, could ahow a bold front, and make their complainta heard were a necessity, and bad i real importance and aignificance. But now-a-daye, Wnen the ministers (from whicheverxide they are, selected), are the bumble servants of the people—and are sometimes a little too much so^-sucti aaaemblagts aa those recently convoked In Hyde Park, are aa much an anachroniatr, aa. it would be for men to go armed as they d>«s when robbers were many, and policemen few. > Very probably, the troublesome persons who called the roughs together in the first place, know this perfectly well, and are thoroughly conscious,that nothing but mischief can come—if anything does come—of such demonstrations. Their business, however, is to make miacbief and gltr* trouble, and the present excited atpte of the public mind on the Eaatern question, gives them just, the opportunity they desire lor advertieing themselves and their " cause." ' "
Turn question of capital punishment haa been again debated in the Houae of Commona; and the •oft-bcartcd gentlemen who advocate ita abolition auatained a very complete defeat. To read the speeches of (he murderers' lriende, #no would imagine that England waa a perfect Elyaium, and that violence waa never perpetrated—except by the law. The fact acetna to be, not that anybody ia hanged whose life ia worth preserving, but that a great many people escape with very inadequate punishment, who might, io the interesta of society, be sent out of the world with all convenient dispatch. Stopping abort, however, of those criminals who (as the Scotch judge said.) would be none the worse for s little hanging, we have constant examples of criminate leaving the courta to endure sentences that astonish the recipients by their gross leniency. Thia makes the law de-apiaed, rather than dreaded, and encourage* evil-docra, rather than represses crime. Two classes ol criminals seem especial favourites of magistrate and judges: brutes who are "run in " for cruelty either to women or animals, or the confidence men who have robbed their friends by an abuse of trust. Both these classes, as a rule, get off cheap, and yet, to the outside world, they stand out among criminals aa better deserving ol severe punishment than the mere thief—often a halfwitted " wastrel,," on whom the law seldom fails to fall heavily.
Ta.,_U .bUlwJ fl
A. H. 8KBLTON, Clerk.
Tub Spectator lately took occasion to remind its r.eaders what national adversity can mean. The croakers of to-day should remember the state of things that existed in both the manufacturing and agricultural districts in the memory of men f ho are still some years short of being aep-tugenariana. Many, whose years do not carry their memories eveu so far back us thia, have etill a very ehsrp recollection of the gloom and depression that existed on every hand just before Peel grappled with the evil, and, by freeing trade, gave a new life to the country. Then > too (aa they say in the SpectatorJ, we had a people who, if more Ignorant, were certainly mdeh more patent,'and much more obedient. Then, too, the people of this country were not so numerous, mod were much more scattered. The towns have enormously increased their populs-tions during the last five and twenty years, and now contain a proletariat ripe for mfsohkf, and impatient of restraint. Add to this the fact that the Liberal party has been doing Its best all the time to map . the foundations of respect for law j and . it eaay to see how terrible a contest an English government might have to faoe were the StatjS of uings to return that culminated in the
at present.' It is singular (andTvery unplW* to note bow many advocates that mischievous a exploded system of commerce can command.
should be
simple snd ready way of obti 'urination on the subject In justice to all e think Mr. Harper'a suggestion

Tub A*arnica* Mail Sbbvicb.—We note that in the discuasion on thia subject in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening, the admirable manner in which the North German Lloyd'a have performed their portion of the service, received due recognition from both sides of the House. We have not room for the whole debate, which occupied some time. We will, however, quote the following remarks, which fell from Sir F. Perkins and the Post-Master-General on the
cJ_ o n -«-• .—.--t «_ tbe injustice
inpany, whose ships interested by th* iciani r*aaon, of th* confi-had reposed in them. I ho •ere as wall manned and i speed were aa good aa on whom the favour of intra ted. They
done to the North"German Lloyd wiled from a port in which he »
tela of that Com
captaina thought, themaelvee —,th*ae piivateera were picked up. however, frs*h out of port, and before they bad made a alogl* .capture. That year an adventuroua French force landed in Wale*, but surrendered imrae. dlately without doing much mora damage than a train-ful of excursionists would. Th* -very get-up of ou odd volunta telle it* own eignifieant atory of " har timea." The paper it la printed on i* of th* moi dubluul quality, audnf *o bad a eolonr that th* In (n*t atali a firat rate article) ahaw* dim on iu uii coloured pagea. Th* binding ia poor and pinched, th edge* of the volutn* ■ r* guiltless of th* tidy opcratlor of th* cutting machine. It haa, however, the useless luxury of an engraved titl* page. If our so*rnory serv* OS w*U the European Magruin* enjoyed a reputation ii its dmj. but expired when this century was past it firat quarter.
The absoluU identity of the savage mind at all agei and in all quartere of tW globe ia one of the axiom of modern science. It le a proposition that has both i physical and a pyecholhglcal value, for It Is one of th< bases of the ereed of thoee philosophers who suppor the evolution theory, they argaing that under aimilar
in whatever part of the globe his destiny msy Oertsinly the discoveries of most explorers these views very remarkably, for man's b d stone weapons seem Identical under the ar r between the troplce. More than this, t, •pons strangely "

umull and

i wita which pii ^ie at the mo*t r
hich is a aort of tram and is English in no and subsisting on English s enough not to b< "
of the Russian officiil presi but the fact of appearing be pence. For we are genen
In the " Rouble" theory, tl_____________
too shrewd to pay for it* harmleaa bleatinga. this echo of the Golos lately had the imperii: olemnly inform us he •e with ua, and what ci f ahowing their apite.
angry the Ri foolish ways English, how
f incurred the
officered, and thei those of the tbr the Post,,Bice s had carried the

iy had, moreover, been th< down a system of monopoly. It wai sir suddenly to tike away from then-re it to other*, without any legitimate le aame time, by that arbitrary oro I expense wi

ceeding, additi,
Lor/john- Manners aaid he appreciated moat fully the eervioee which the German Lloyd's, th* Gnion lin*. and th* Ano .or lin* ball rendered. They had all rendered most effiaat^l-jtr-ices. If he had bad te consider his own feoiin*i,/jr the feelinge of the Government, h* should hav* continued to avail himself of the services of those companies, and let everything take it* chance j but be had to consider not what might have been agreeable to the Government or to the Poetmaster-General for the time being, bat what was for the general convenience, and the utility of the publio of the three king, doms (hear).-
Tub famine in China, and the bard times in the States, have brought the question of Chinese emigration to America very prominently before the public there. The miseries endured at home is cauajng numbers of Chinese to aeek to better their fortune beyond the Pacific. The white men, whom rhe slackness of trade bai thrown out ol work in California (and who feel the pinch of poverty all the more, because the comforts of lif« have hitherto been gained there on much easier terms than in Europe) are very angry at the labour market being supplied on easier terms for employers by these yellow-skinned Orientals. The capitalists (who are supposed to have grown rich at the public expense) and the Mongol are equally subjects of iheir dislike. That dislike has taken the form, in San Francisco, of open air meetings, at which both Chinese and rich men were denounced in the most unmeasured terms, and the authorities have had some trouble to prevent the idle ruffians of that city from proceeding from words to acts. Of course, this trouble comes only in a small degree from honest men, who are really sufferers. San Francisco has something more than its share of that idle and depraved residuum from whom the criminal class is recruited here and elsewhere, and who

of these people in Britain, but in California, and the other Western States, from the license their political system affords, and the promise of wealth their gold and silver mines offer, these gentry, if not in a majority, form a very strong and dangerous minority. Probably they never did work (in any honest sense of the term) and the only way that hard times affect them is that they find less to steal. However little good they may ever have been to the commonwealth in their prosperous days, now that timea grow bad with them, they are certainly a source of dahger. Socialist preachera who have, perhaps, made Europe too hot for them by carrying out their theories on a narrow ind limited scale, find ready convert*, both unong these gentry and the really Buffering labourers. We must remember, too, that the prosperous man in the " States" generally spends his money mors or less discreditably, and has gained it, more or less, by sharp practice. Add to these elements of trouble, the fact that the United States abounds in political charlatsns, who make an easy living by denouncing their bettera, and to whom all law and order ii alike, hateful, and we may easily understand that it will need statesmen of • firmer fibre than the ordinary politicians to guide tfae Great Republis through the near future.
Rutftia adding her Mu«covitii the general stock ia of the lei It would be odd if ahe didn'
rnal hatred of all and om the Iiish to the vorie for it, th; fact of morsel of malignity to t possible consequence.
hough Turkey Is at her fee
i keeps her fingers from picking and
Theideaofi lost
since Plato fabled of the lost Atlar
rth-lere was held ti

>aks of a mighty
id depreisions-

the fable rath the wide-pretty tale of mysterious isle now and again seen floating on >som of oojne mysterious lake. Curiously enough, f the latest theories of " advanced thinkers" re-this oil legend under a new aspect and anew "" ' between Africa and
Australia is now supposed to cover the land where nan was developed from those curious creaturea the •Lemira." Madagascar Is we presume the last relic if this lost land above water, for there only ia the
locality. The

hlbh giv_________ ______ ______
inished continent. Judging from the excellent Ings In Cassrir* " Katuinl History," the Lemur ding on Its hind legs and walking In the moonlight, a strangely human look. The naturalists, how.
"ho propose the Lemur as man's nearest kin ng the beasts judge from other and clos
a? "d0'3b™—
0 by Mr Tur-

Ac., wa* provided, and gave much satisfla it The 8wm Tyrol*}* Minstr*ls proceeding*, to th* great **ti*foc.
tion to thoae pr***nt Th* 8<
also took part in"
tion ol th* audio:
FaanwoHi*, tb* well known writer in
next Wo®,n of To-day," on Thursday eveniaj Thb TBM saa os Mxmtsbu will mak* their fir.t
ment, consisting of n*w songs, quartettes, dances, stump, Ac , particulars of which will b* found in our adverting columna.
_ Br. Lawbbxcb sChusch osEBOLakoTm, maamca
pledges were taken.
Southampton Polttxch Wednesday evening M:
the close fire
attwdaaoK ^ SouTMaMnd* amn Turn PaBis BiMimiTio*.-0=r respocted townsman, Mr. John Potstone. gun manufac-*|U b#an exhibitor at th* FansZsbibiaon, whwhopsnsemtbe IstofMsy^sal. Mr. Pats tone ha* manufactured half.a-dosen spirting guns f r this purpow, and ws venture to say that for workmsnship-and durability they cannot be snrpa***J. The larger one, for wild fowl shooting, is number eight guage, with back action locks, is a double lever, with a st*el projection on top of th* rib, between the barrels, and nickle-plated so a* to preserve it from the damaging a&ct, of salt matar, an dastnwtifs to ordinary guns. 1 his gun, of course *om*what heavy, is a splendi J specimen of the gunmsker's art, and a duck or goose at 120 yard* will stand a poor chance of escaping from iu cartndg*. Th* other prize gons are sll made for ordi. nary ywtiag pnrposss, their gnages bving mosUyNo.
Each gnu is mad* di&mnt from th# others, with the latest improvements known in breech-loaders, basing re bounding looks. Anolhsrls adonblagrip omatral-fire, with re-bounding locks, and indicating solid strikers. An extra barrel is Isft in its filed state, to show its mod*
usbed in

hich is suroto cot _ ________________
going sportsmen. Neither of these six guns weigh ossr «*'bs, wdss staled above, they are finished in a style that cannot fail to add to the reputation of Mr. P-taione as a gun manufacturer. The guas are placed in a tsry handaom* glass cas*, at th* bottom of which is a secoad
Vith its contents, will be despatched to Paris next week, ind we heartily wish Mr Patstone e»ery success in his mterprise, he being the only exhibitor at the exhibition rom Southampton.
Br. Joy's FaBB OmoBcm oy E*oLa*n.-On Bon. day last the children of the Sunday School in connection with the abov* bad their prite* di*tributed to thsm for good conduct and regular attendance. There wars
Hon Sec., and the Rev. E. J. Boon, the Pastor of the
ad selected liyi
deliveied in th* intervale which o
banded to pars

ded in Ibe Church in Isrg.

--.inaction with the dually growing in strength, g 274 children on the

course, is the authi
cover* its resemblances and its facts where ordinary observers would never dream of finding thrm
Some of the most curi*us things in the London pres. are certainly found in their adveitiaing columna. The following, for Inrance, has appeared in the Standard several times lately:—
Daring_ Robbery.—A van-load of eggs, about ten thousand, belonging to Nurdln sn«l I'escock, was taken from outsldo a shop In Old-street. St. Luke's, on Monday cven-Ing at : o'clock. Tbe horse and empty van were found In Dalston-lane. a liberal reward will be given to any person given Information to. Ae.. ic.
— Not far from the above we found the following:—
Prae* Meeting. Hyde t'ark—The gentleman who on Sunday afternoon in II vde Park was separated In a sudden rush of the crowd from a gentleman lately from Hereford-
was not attended by any unpleasant
k London ix
which hi* farther do doubt rece
ry friend can co t found the folio
kous advertiier. to imunicate. A little ing, which will no i many volunteers: lake preliminary ar
rvico. Address. Ae.
CHOBcn Mimiosaet Socisrr.-Th* quarterly devo-
lip Ml*c* Out or thb Ahtiubbt votoxTxras.— Th* members of th* Firat Hints Artillsry C*r*s had a mareh-ont on Tuasday *v*nlng. There was a full maater. Including with th* band 185' men, th* otHeers, present being Captain Commandant Baa**, Captain C ^ft #M**.**dWmwnantChapman. The men marshsd .ftom hsad-qnartec*. th* Drill Hall, up th*; Avenue, round by Bo***t, thrawiag out advance and;
nissod oppoalt* th* Rayal Hotel, Abov* Bar. Th* under Mr. Cantelo, played marching tune*,
'day school, which is
ixtractfrom th* repoi ______
books. 25 teachers, superintend,
ALL Saints' Cloc* can now be heard id near, striking the hours. The deep rous tones of tb*. new bell. to Westminster of th * *
we suppose " Little B>
sobriquet for tliii
the far-famed " Big Ben," so len " ia likely to beootne a local

>ur people, to whom ita long silence has I ixtremely inconvenient.
Suicide.-On Thursday Mr. Willi!, mma [-ra ago waa a laadlna chemiat io md who held the poeition of Town Counci
it hi* residenc., ---------. u.
decMaed got up early in the morning and went fer a walk. He returned in a short time, and retired to his bedwrn, bmng Mlowed by a littlo girl. Mr. Dison re-quested the child to go down stairs again, as he intended getting into bed. The girl did as she was bade, but pPjir "I™"*? (ohls bedroom, soon afirswords, she found the deceased lying upon the bed, foaming at Ike "••nth. The ohild ran and told her mother, and a phy-swam (Dr. Pigeon; waa saat for, hot Mr. Dison d*d b*for* hi* arrival. Th* doctor discovered beeide Jo-eeased s bed. a bottle containing prosaic acid, and a glass, which he took possession of. Tb* circumstances of the cose are very distressing. It seems that in con. sequence of business difficulties Mr. Dixon was com-polled to leave Southampton. By the
noble lord, who took a

Hospital o ____________________________
psnsing department of the Bristol Infirmary, the deceased applied for it, and being again ban ed up by the same influence, obtained the poeition. He again became involved in pecuniary difficoltiee. and a short lime ago he was summoned befc
hisomct Thiass,_______
and caused him to commit the rash -v.
A- Bbavb Bor.—Dr. Csossr informs the Press that the following sulacriptions have boea received for tits boy Masters, whose bravery in saving life was recently called attention to by that geutIeman:-T—t, the Warren, Sfl ,B.Mr, %irlay. Is; Hay, Miss, tha Park. 5,;
Messas. Bauce and Vsunb —These very alaver impersonators appeared here at the Philbi on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday laal were favoured with very good " ~
theee gentlemen are well known ana macn apprecis here, and they hardly need any recommendation fi the Press—so numerous are their friends, and so h does their reputation stand in Southampton. We ou reels** tbe pleasure of attending on Tuesday e
and were agreeably *----:—' —* —"" " '
saw and heard, seldom evening than the one »
mplished gentlemen
ai when tbey Th* merits of
v*otriloqui*t a il, and hi* business with his is a marvellous piece of decep-y.oas. lit. Bruce as ths " Peep
certainly without a ri " Handsome litte lady" i tion and extrem '
preeent. Indeed th* singing and playing of the*

Bmatta- Ctoa-The
MUN'«r%b dob have flxed their W*dn««l»7, the 7lh or August, being the s.iue we.k 1 Royal Southampton Yacht Club hoJd "Qtt*. and. with In* waajhir, eanaet

1 to afford a g**d week's agnaiis *p**t.
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