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Before tJio Msyor (A. I. McOalmnnt. Hi Lamb. J. M. Odtsey, J^T Tnek^lLJ. ^
tad thai M Hadloutv g»ln2te duty and valt
William Carlisle.
m «
Uotwrbrt l.»t«w, refuted to go away, aed wrrj locked np -Promising to leave the town at ouoe they wen


thaw* with robWegher furnished lodging*. No.s. rhester-terrace. —Prosecutrix *sld 'he did not wish to r.--, tbe eharg* II she tould tret her goods.—Catherine Townsend •aid *he resided «l », Wlnclie»ier-terr«ce. Prisoner had
KKTUaA iff.
Alonxo Winter. pawnbroker, of Uemard street. provmd prl-daat *as apprehended at Winchester on Friday. and ad-
not succeed. She meat a l#tt#r to the pro*oentrlx. and left
to Jail tor 31 day* with har«l labour.
llMAXliB lfl>dowa. — Jnlla Wwkey a gW, of Retrent-jdacr. for breaking four window*. valued at J*sd. the pro-
eevoadara. MOXDAY.
W. a. Rogere, aud O. P. 1'wrktn*. K*qrs. Daowxaansss.—Stephen Bungey waa eh^rgcd by P.C film* with being drunk and disorderly Id St. George a-plavw.
of'Ht. Andre w*s-roa,l. was summoned by Mr. G. II. Colli*, the Inipectur of Weights and Messures. for selltaj r' adulterated with water, on ibe nth kVbrusry.—W*— pleaded gnlltT. and wa* flood 10. and easts. ot I George Knight, Jaines-ttrtet j lleury Turner. I et-eet; and John Canrlll, Uevols-.treat. wore.
offences. (imllarly dealt with.—The article wa* ' w ''to tba exent of It per cent »
charted with stesllng a quantity of meat, rained a-a% 10* 4d. the property ef hi* matter. Ur Ueorgo Appl ton, butcher, Abova-bar.-I*roseeator depoaed to prlsone* baring been In 111* employ between 6 and 7 year*. On the JUrd fob,n*rr defendant gare the order for a a I,.wider o jnatt n. for lira. Meredith, of 2». East-park terrSee. and h" took It a war for that purpose, but o it the bill belmg *«at t« Mr* II ere-1 lift. *he dlapnted the Item. saylngehe iwrer had It, and *ald eo In preacnee ef the prleoaer. but be a*««rte<} that alio bad. and every older he. had taken he had tfe-llrered at tba right placo.—lloslna Knowlton. servant to Mr. Meredith, *ald they bad not had a ihmulder of mutton to the house *lne* Chrfatraa*. nor bad priaooer dellrared
/ . " %c
the priaonerf—Prosecutor replied, no. and said on fbe l»th of January. prisoner -
welgfilrtg&JIb*, which
Ilk* those predaeed on Feb M at prisoner* hen«e. ShUlog. Tney were paid for. and the book pmdue-l waa signed. -Char K-»o.l. printer. •< Albion-place, aald prisoner rented promises of them In A'.Moa-plsee. a portion of the ground
new landlord wottld be mar* leak ut to ward* hfin than thi
: i uu'Ate^aj^aasjaBoacp
.tttUerd won Id be tnorA lettli otto ward*
■an Data. Tbsy-dtatraUMd: tf aeeeatd time <
they would gat notMag. < PMaoacr did dot frOMt afaloat
daughter agreed with "him to giro up po»ae»«Voo. and thMf tollritor wrota to'8mltb,'aird taat had tho elleet of caaala* -
rr*ld>»noe. Spring liouae. Sbollnz. by order of the landlord. Mr. Prrmaln, tbe rent being £16 J* «d. A man wa* Jn potaeaalao four day* and then be remold tba two cheek Ull* w>d other gooda for th® Mat to Mr. Lamby * aal*
as hxss:
8hoilag. where prisoner nnldedl waa a prirato boaea. a
oplnloo that' tbarv waa.liBaleat Wl prtaoneroa thla ebarga.—U« waa.t Quarter Se*»ion» on tb|* charge al*o.
a committed to tbe ▲ third ebarg* waa t'hra 'preftmd agalnat the prl to tier.
. —r. Tbom&a* Ua»*. of HaUns-
. London.—Mr Cfiarte* Blake, manager to the pro-•, aalCoa th* 8U of Jiaaary ha roaMirwl a Utter from
meat of.the Invoice to Albtn^plaae; baa it waa ratarned la
(Uem through Iha daad-Jettar offlra. He forwarded the invoice to Mr. Dart*, of Stinting. Imllctlng thai prlaoncr waaadoffor Taay l-IIerod that J. DMi wa. an hotel keeper fi SWIiig. and that pawnor waa a cuatotner of hi*. -Crnaa^aaml#*d k|*Mr. gbmtta: He lho#ght%o*e be* keeper wodld require
abont-alx lionra (laoeburl. Frbm what t - ' ' not comproalaa theoffcnce.
» hydrometer^ a
article* for a cnitomer of Irter-Vr. Da via—Mr T. Hoakin*. autloo-maater at Shollag,- proved Uiat on the 13th January laat he reared a araJll box. addrar*ed to J. Darl*. Spring llou*e.8hollng. Wltnee* went uSSat ad,Ire*a. and * ^
;lit«r .aid •• !*>." deleft the box. and got hi*
being Da via—By the Mayor
' Hon,I proved tbe letter to ----------
prlaorfer.—Detective Davldgo depeaed t
i handwriting
the priaooer ort jth of Mbrnary, andjfeund the h.remoter Sapt. lireary
en t|*e account.wo old any charge have
-----* -----------"-d. jjo.a.
' *of*mottS**^'
* of Kobruary another lag of .; 81b Uoi I OU 3nd Of February a place of beef, 101b
a delivered to him la tlia ahop for
end op the 13tb, a piece c which were given to tbe prltoner to b
ehould have been delivered by the priaoner.
All Uie*e joiuta
made up monthly, a Mr. CfAwy: Tl" a,
double Mr*. Ilawklu*
coveretl It on making up the m
paid quarterly —Wy
for the pruiccutlon, h
bceu allduced by Mr. Leigh
ef SUulleg Coin toon.
fcjnce*, wine* and apirlta t
He knew the ; rl.-mrr. »
------------J proeeeutlen, in the
r. Shutte for the priaooer. and Mr. Ir. Henry Wilcox *atd he wa* one ix, Saundera, and Co.. ahlpping agent*.
i. and wltnea* knew nothing further about It.
. a
favour of the pri*ourr. There are alx cheque*-I
Their practice lu the olBce »
■Igned by both partlea. \V ltnei* •Igned a blank cheque In
J which had paa**d through their banker* In Hie usual Tbe two bill* produewl are dated October llth. and payablo fourteen day* after date, and the -----. *.---------drawn by their firm
second for £lti. payablo
—Mr. Cookaey : Tbeae are prural«*ory not**. «
n nothing of the affair
produced. — The Mayor :
reeelvod^the money. XIl.^U wm w kuaw nothing about any other wloe .
____________________________- ... ,-uatlon to be put.
—Robert Charlc* Saunder*. aceoumautand auctioneer, and
became acquainted with the priaouir I
llo aald lie had paid for the good a. *
In London, aud produced
cheque, and the odd £S In caah. There waa other aecurlty, tbe two pronil»*ory pote* produced by the laat wltnea*.
priaoner that the bill* w
du*. and pre*oiited tbein when tbe Manager laughed at him (laughter). Tltey « T,nt n.lil- Aftnr thla lui a.,Id a portion ot the wine at
" • tbu **le realltlug

' hydrometer produced.
■plrlt* to a p^r*on name,I .
ihprltonrrat Shollng.-Thl* being the caw. prl. ia committed to the Quarter Sea*lon* on tbl* charge refuacd.— Mr. aupt. Hreary * "
WincUtsttr ft t«t.
. ; d* zLtiinl pmmltle^ofjhe.
pr*po»ed Winchester Middle CUm School held at the Guildhall, the alayoi in the chair, tho report of >the eub-conimiioee.'k^potutcd'to* Atii up e echeibejue received and adopted. j
wa# held *n Thnreday at thw Rdjfal Iletel, nnd*r the prweldency ef the Mayor »itl» mfehdama of
£30 each, end one girl, leltb e,pr*m'Kua ef £21, were apprenticed out of the fnnda collected at,thi laat feast. A letter from the School of Art ceromiitee, offered the benellu ef the Institution to five1 "boy* In return for "i grant of £6, but the Secretary waa directed to reply that the pre*eat rulerwllt not admit ot much a grant being made. Mr. Clifton gave^notice of a meeting te
wqk. ... '
Daaognoc: Acciom—A. narrow escape frea serioa* Injury lately ocearrsd to Mr S. Salter, batcher, *MieHI*h.«lrM#l He&mdj^*k*tb#a*ek(*We office, which ieone story high and lighted from the top, and waa entering his frent ehbp, when th* ehimaey of of the honae adjoining fell, and came through with a destructive crash on l*e yery ipet were he waa engaged h&If a minute before. Some alterations td thk front of tlie next be^iie are in progfesei'aad (fit sd^poxed that though the chlraaey itself waa nst iatecdH te be touched, the removal ef other «r»U» caused a ainking in one ducction, heqce {he disaster, j;,
The contfnuatien. of our report' ef the can*s and eriniinal ea4ea wilfhe found below. * The judge* attended divine atrvieein state on Sunday morning at the Cathedral, accompanied by the High .Sheriff and the County officials. They were received at the door by the Dean and capitular clergy, and by the Mayor and oof. poration ia their robe*, the proeeaaion ,mating down the knave into the *h«mr. the lay vi*ar* and thoriO»r* (singing a proceo-iimal hymn. The aaeiae serava Waa preached by the ttev. K. R Bereard. vicar of SelbdNfc, who scted for the Sheriffs chaplain (Rev. Mr. Falwasaer) called away Ly tllnes* in his family.
William lvelsey, farmer, wa* charge with ahooting at
So old i« jbe.bnem-M of-heuip tnanafac: ,r<
dagger" was a humourous eray of deecribih*-the final tuouue* ef the lew. Ve h*ve after th'u *om* mtyeet-Ing particulars of the invention of the net-loom. ?»#ieg.on. we have fell details of the culture and preparation of hemp, the wild plantain (which yielda the fibre knows in eommeroe ae " Manilla" hemp) the Agave, New Zealand Plax (which the colony now worke op, aad exports in large qoanUtiee), Celr, or the fibrous rind of the cocoa nut, a material very largely used foe door mate, Ac. The Rhea plant of India ie also de-■eribed, a product of the soil which has very probably a usafni future before iL Next comae a very initmctive ..........i Portsmouth Dockyard-of peculiar
grievous bodily harm. Mr. Col,ins, Q C.. and Mr. O. Mathews proiecuted ; and Mr: Bullen defended. After a plan had been put In and proved, the fact* Were *poktit to by several witoeesee. I hey may he enmma. need as foliawsMr. lvei»e> rented a farm under the Hon. R 11. button, Mich«l|a»«, consisting of 450 acres let at a low rent, £330, beciui* of certain game rights
n ill-feeling existing-between A ______. .
aud Relaey, and the latter bad said he would rather be gibbeted or anything than go on as he was going. They had in other way* had personal exhibition*^ Relsey wanting tbfighvMsek, and threatening to give him a - topper," alsodetirimt to see Mr. Dutton aad have s Ih him. About-a month be*
---------which this charge aros%» priao
loned by Mac*, aad fined for ehooting a licence, the fihe being £1. He uttered threats after
a a shooting party, c
* be (Mr. Bro*ry) bad a quantity of t
» the copse, called. Si
Cooksey. E*q. (chairman). .
i tho previous oveiilog
. and locked him minute* p*at 7 o'clock . .. wax directed to Pafn. who enld he Row»ell. and had eerioudy injured oim.—» Jo®. AI>onj-b»r, depoaed to wing Page (lowu. and severely puaisb him. Uowaell
wero flued It «d and oo*t|—S* 6id discharged on prtmUlng t I l'ocso VAQnanT.—William Downing, a tall youn low. 2e years ot sge. was charged wp.h ».C. tt'»ee found pri*oucr f ' "
us night, and locked him
:t by a young fellow like-----------------
ed. and sent him to hard labour for seven dsys.
i Monday, a labourer at
with aaiaulUn.- I
off prisoner's wsist. t
____. —Prltouer saiil tlie children'* <
aud they could not be *ent to school

____________________________________ Shu had beuor
go home with her husband, and live happily together. They oeuld not puulah Ihd man. aud diachargod him.
been married, o
r on Monday—be only pulled her
it rnOM a Shop.—John Mills was charged wltn quantity of beef. tea. and coffee, from the barque t tlie Iklvldere Wharf. Chapel — tteiyeanl Attrlll
______ i moetlng prisoner In Chapel-ro
Sou,lay night, carrjlug a bag. Ho aske,
contained, and be replied mtst, and that homo cloie by. Not believing li*— *" "
I prisoner w hat It
. aald prltoner w
rd. and had charge of
aboard that was not good^jmd he bad powerjo sell e what tea and ccffie hoiked, 11c gave prisoner s
if was sold lying In bond at Soutliampto
a the prisoner.
coodeharectey. nod promise,!----------- -- .
camuout of JUL—He was therefore only sent to jail for 1 dsys with hard labour. ,
School Board PROSECirnoxa.-The following pareuta toued by the School Board fur nut sending their
Jamea Barney. 7. Spring-court, Rookery.
farm-house and building*. The
artC wa* sfcootiag *t one part u the front ef it adjoining. bit
ick at he stood at the edge.of the
e from the gun and at the
stsndiog. Mack then got behind a the prisoner move his rifle to another part, and the bullet struck the ground end underwood within sixteen yards of where the Ls*p»r as standing. II* then open, and the rifle was fired a third
. It was shown that Kelsey not keeping the terms of t* the game, whieh seriously
ii much looked up to, and had been a ten. ant of Mr. Dutton for twelve yearn Hi* brother Thorn** was a man of independent means In the end the prisoner wa* acquitted, and tbe jury expre,**d a etrong opinion agsiiut the careless manner of using
Jame* Sillence, farmer. &o , jraa indicted for perjury and' a multitude of offences under the Fraudulent Debtors' Act 1S69. 'We may mention that the indie-ment was over 20 yard* long and thl* will eugg**t the fact that a aummiry of the ease alone is requisite. Mr. Bullen, and Mr. TickeU instructed by the Treasury prosecuted ; Mr. C. Matthews and Mr. Sawllnson defended. Afier a lengthy trial, the jury retired and returned with a verdict of" Guilty," but recommended prisoner to mercy because he had b»en badly advised
Judge, Mr. Bullen said after lee i
» Judge sentenced the accused 1 nine months' imprisonment, saying before doing so that
it of hie high.eharacUr, and . 1 to eee be had in many Way*
beep a misguided mau. and also that he had been ill-edvfted. lie (the Judge) gladly gave efiect to the re. commendation of the jury and to mitigate in iobi measure the disgrace and suffering it wa* hi* duty to inflict on him. Having eaid thu* muoh, h* cokld not help feeling that many of the circun»»ianoee of the ca*e
TTh frMl ImlmMritl if ''-ml Britain. Part 2. , B.I.. ., ft trn*
T ._empllli'lefbT at? ^ I Me few iUiaer u*u in Baglend than South-
'aclur*. oT^fiihing net*—a,branch of industry for amp*n, and when Ita ' commeretal end* shipping JMrtpiflp la Dortet. ba* l" "smmasgBBe
demebly attracUve. Bat fee.ill that Sodthainjtoh ft' net a aesirable place ef Btaidenoe. There are many
6f paper* on " Foreign Rivalriee,"----- _ _ .
of great importanc*. And productive of much derate, and her* Meesr*. Casmll will be able to do good service by patting the true state of the case before their name-Mae reader*. Under the heading *• TTooIand Worsted, we have a very amnsfhg account of the riee and progree* bf the trade in " Alpaca," in which tbe animal*—Idamas— their wool,and the dlffionltleeof the early manufacture are weft deeoribed. The " Blast-furnace and what • feeds if come* next, and al the doee we learn the blerees-ing fact that iron ore dredged up from the kea off the ooaet of the Isle of .Wight wa* cold in Cardiff at 10* per ton, and used in the Ebbew Vale Work*. The concluding paper on " Model Establishment*" give* a good aoconnt $f the work* of Mesara. John Penn and Son*, the fet&oa* marine engineer* of Greenwich. The whole mtmber b full of .capital reading, and the work euppli"
a want In oar literature. " rt—' T-*~*---
Great Britain" will eertal of our national progress.
CautlTt Hbrarf qf Literature. Part 35.—
Tki* gives as a vary complete analysi* of, with copious quotation* from, two of the dramee familiar to, London *widi«oece jual before Shakspeare's masterpieces appeared. The seciatd of thee* (Th.miaa Lodge's " tor London and England") reads very effectively, and has considerable poetic force. At a picture of antique i and morals it well d**e ve* # perusal. We are tbe works of Shakspear/ in a care-
CatnU't Xatural ffiitorp for March—In thw pari we are Introduced to our good friend*, the Dogs, and the subiect is well illustrated, both by ■
tifdl ana Characteristic engravings and s<
CautlVt Illustrated Hilary of (Ae Rut to- Turkitk intereeting account of tbe i very useful epltonw s history of the pre-,brought down to the moment when the
of the early history of Kustia. The history of t
i preparing to force their Danube. The work Is Illustrated with effsetire engravings, and useful sketch m the present part of the European and t of the struggle.
CattelTt Popular Educator (part 1«) and | Cattelrt Household Guide (part 14) we have only space to acknowledge. We learn, however...........~
hand" in the P. E.
students of thi* moat
Th*India* (■amine minions, and may affect the future of the entire empire. But, as Lord Lytton says in his speech, " Destiny is a a fair player, and never checkmates a nation, a government, or a class, without first crying oheck. Wo hope England will hear her—and attend.
s well printed on handsome paper,.
e admirably written, and
" Could Turkey
» its place In tbe fr^i-rvnk of our periodical literature. It* literary oonteV* "bat we may call the political-statistical kind)
are fall of information. We able a; ticlee, that on the " Diplo®
another on that very delicate question,
pay a Cargo war indemnity ?" woicb shows she xould -ny tbe ruin ef her people. Tbe " Trouble 1n Egyptian finance" speaks much more hopefully of the resource* of the country than it expresses confidence In the honesty of it, ruler. The supplement contains an epitome bJ Mr. Robert Gifl5n of the rsuiarkable papsr lately read by him before the Statistical Society, on " Reoent aceumulat on* of capital in the United Kingdom." Mr. Giffin's figuree bewilder the reader by their magnitude, and remind ns of those
—eight thousand five hundred i
th* then National Debt. Now t
j about one-tenth o conclusion from t
tend thought* remind us I
i figures i*—"Avoid '
bard for a mau to say t
I know, especially I
matter which bo profe»»t», orwUlch ho Is expected tokhow.
Iteputatlom forbids h',n *
llonee the great
physlcUunot,perhaps.atoucodlacernlng Unreal crobarraasment Hi ascribing It to heart <
oot be understood to *sy, that there an ca»ea of organic dlaease of this tho chief organ of.
e firmly believe that rhany case,
disease, are nothing but the re*ultof Imperfect of the bloodcaaaed by Impaired digestion. *"
A letter dated November It. was about to bo put t waa objected to as not bcarloy o '"
Margaret Moody, of the same court, against tho father to commit him for <
The original caah advanced t ' * security of f
dock warrant* for wines and spirits for XtoO. Tbo.-o wines and spirits consisted of It caik* altogether that they received from the prisoner. 4Tbe3wg*l*ad of isro port realised f 15 t, 8d. and prisoner valued It at £10. A quarter raak of brown eherry rra« Invoiced at XI6 10s and fcteh*d
quoted the value of the d«kwarrants.lrom I.eetand Cojs tlon. lie could not »ay he examined the Invoices before he made tho advene* The promissory notes were payable hg Smith, bnt^at no particular place. W hen^h* presented laughed —Mr. Cooksov : A significant hint that they no good.—Witness : Ye* (laughter,.—Mr. Swaynr aal' was his ease —Nr. Shutte, for the prisoner, said It was ouo , of the most weak and bauiy-oonduccvd canis he had ever . heard of. aud was procoedlug, when the Mayor announced tha». the Heneh had made up their mlnda to eend th* ease for trial.—Mr. Shatter Very well, then 1 will say no more, and prl.ooer will reserve his defence. Ho asked that th* money found on prlaonur might be glv-n np.-Mr. 8upt. ! Dreary *ald he ha-t reamom to believe that the money found *a the prl*ow r were the proceed* of these iraruaetloae.—
•esilona for trial—The Court then adjourned tin J
o test till*, valued at 431. by faW prsteure*. In January
ferred th* charge agalnit prtsonet ttat mortfcg, having heard that he had Wn^chsrged^ wlth^
■ sailed by the Beech, and

_______-Although hi* third appearance be-
he wssonly fined 2, Gd In each case condition-
aecood appcarsnce.-
. . _____-street. Rookery. In respcct to her
Third ippcarauce.—Adjourned for a month.
a put In. showing Uiat me contagious disease.
_ for not sending his si he was Cued 3* *d conditionally.
•This was defendant s
child should attend school for a month she «
- Promising that the
a Alderman Lamb (Chalrroaul. J
Act. charged i
►. said h* should be prepared »
l'erkins. and A.J'egler, Ksqrs.
Thousand* of cure* made, aud Uvea preserved,
builncs* *y*tem (with
I* one of the commercial wonder* of the world. N*ne but a master mlod coeW have conceived the plan; nothing
a port of any note, on tbe shore* of any ocpan. *ea, or bay to which his medicines are mot regularly consigned. They are the curative* of civilised origin which haveenllrted the
eoefldeace < "
------ «. the-Burmese, Chinese and Hindoo*, the Indians of
both Americas, and in fsct, all tho coloured races that are in communication with Christian conn trio*, have more or less experienced their healing and Invigorating Infiu ence. Not long before tbe recent native outbreak In India, a
bed everbeatewed upoo the eaatom world. Me
s"brought up nuder tb« frandulent bankrupt.—Loul*
arrest of the prisoner re*pectln% this caae In a week.—De-mded fur a week.I , i
or.—Fr»_____and wa* sharply reprimanded by the Benth, for ***b:
eenduet toward* her child, aud tbe ease was remanded for
* DarictmtT Wxtaiira AMD Scalm. — James Whit*, a baker, of 8l Michael'*-square, wa^ summoned; for haying
t'toRiLteel—Fee ma Terra i dame a pl^aaA lather, -which thoreeghly clmnses tho Teeth
to BaxsTU.—A few 4rep* ou a wet tooth bra*h pre-
" ' deoayed tr^^or tobi
t^VrattUaTVollVt*DlW^pryoftheeg*. 2*8?"*
A sitting of thla Court waa held on Tuesday, at tl. Court house, Castle-square, before Mr. George Harris Lea. deputy-Judge, In the temporsry absence, thro ' of P. M. Leonard, Esq . there being forty-eigh t , two atlja^rned. two judgment, and two default luminous**
originally engaged In the case, when tho lte^i*trar Inti-------a neeesssry that notice of a change tn so
- —----- " wt.—Mr. Bell thereupoc
) Court, but the Deputy-
judge aald tbe caae having been already
B*U contended that a person had a per-.uld not see why" the Begl*-Meglttrar replied that th< ' had reqa**te<
r. after consideration, admitted the notice^! change
.—The Registrar t:
right of a litigant to change I
, therefore why
------------— deprived ef their costs.
...r. that was th* practice of th* judge be was ready forego his fee*; but hoped the first solicitor engaged wot have hi, allowed.—TheEDeputy-judge said he must f, low the practice ot the Tndge In these cases, and dlsall, both solicitors' fees, as notice of the change had only tx giv*n that momleg.
A Question or JuaiSDicnox. •
for Nothing *uppil«qto defeadant at
and h* believed from the railwav staUon. but whathe paid the carriage or not. he could not tell.—Mr. Boll sldered the matter of great Importance to buslne** men.
Heading. The debt
Beading a note to the plaintiff at Southampton, which wa*
would not be very «ppnre*t to an ohUfcftrJ We woe Id saturally iaeglae that the social advantage* of Southampton correspond with it* entward and vbible *ign*. He would infer from it* jrroximlty to Winchester, the New For**t, and Netley, and freti the auaeron* conn
Cxy-hoo*** in it It* immediate vLfnlty, that there eeald be no lack of pleaaant and refined society. Bpt. .1.. « thl* i* not #e The county folk tarn np their
pretentions of the town, and atowly. but •urely, ha* been eatahlUhsd the reign of Oenteel Vulgarity ; and if on on a fine afternoon th* outaiJer afore, •aid perambulate th* High-etreet for an honf and mix with tho** who throng th* pavement, he will nneon. •cioutly become alive «o th* fact that the very lend, aad tbe ladie*' dre**eelfer the mo*t part I* match. So. too. the garb of the Southampton youth i» fearfully and wonderfully made, and te has a way $f looking around him which aeema te say " See here—what a dog I am f" Hie greeting is boisterous and hearty, to correspond with him boiaterous and. hearty epWite, as he •wagg*re along, cigarin mottlh. or drop'* into Dart, halla to ogle the " girle," eating bun* er conaumfcag There ia nothing obnoxious about the yoang
spoke to j net now are areMT girle, and their dree* b laahieaablc—ultraCaehieo able peT hap* —bat what Strikes, the o'ttsider is their eompleta iweoocimso*, their entire
It ha* become part of thsir lif*
is not fnstaatly "spotted," far each young rassi and each
of every d*nl*ea in the town.
maiden know, tB* ,
from the youthful Mayor down te Shasland's errand hey. Aimeybeiuppos ' - -
In Southampton, and pis ..
afloat about Mr. As " going* on" with Miss
leek ef fiirtetien plenty of little storiee
X (eap'sine are'idway^
1'a reputation is damaged thereby, for these
i taken a* matters of c---- c—J" —J-
Scandal and a
---- a staple oemmedity in South a#pten, and
tonally the meeting* of th* Town Council are net altogether Parliamentary in either procedure or lsngn-A Coneervative will assail 4 Liberal, in ho me»-
-----language, or a dentist impute the srorst motive*
to the publid conduct of an auctioneer. Bat like th* "'-itions. these amenities would be forgotten a* soon tchauged were it net for th* fact thit the reporter* te local n*wsoaper* seem to take a •oaficious delight* reporting verbally what Alderman Thi* laid to Council* lor That, or th* remarks addressed to the Mayer by th* ex-Mayor on the discussion of the Above Bar poor rete. Henc* there is keen excitement In all classes of society whenever the municipal election* arsrheld, and party epirit pia* even higher than It does when tee s is n Parliamentary, oontast. Perhaps, how*vsr, th* beat proof of th* worth of Sou'hampton politics is the fact that at th* last general •lewlom so old and tried a representative and ee distinguished a statesman aa Mr. BuaseU Gar Ley was second on the poll to Sir Frederick P.-rkiA*, ex-Sheriff of London. Again, there are two •tatues in Southampton of modern execution and perhaps general interest. The one represents Dr. Watts, of "Busy Bee" fame, the other Lord Palmer *t*n whom th* Sonthamptoniani regarded with particularly warm feelings, not only as a suceestfisl state*, man but also ss dwelling on bis adjacent estate of broad land a. Nevertheless it is whiVpered that while Dr. Watt's ntmwtil was duly paid for, the subscriptions fog . the other eftgy did net cover the pense, and that finally Mr. Cowper-Ti make good a considerable defisiency. All

t from time to time
honour our shorss hav* met with receptions for which enthusiastic would be but * Jber epithet - - resent moment wo aid be heart!
bunting and Corporation fei rr, Southampton la not la goad odour, and it is noteworthy that Her M*j*sty, tbtnuh an opportunity baa often been afforded her by the proximity of
• held at the Victoria Assembly
Rooms, ef whlnh the untiring votary »
But the county people j failed more and more in their attendance.
institution, despite it* long list of lsd ics, beeam* a pretentious sham. The rralgai the indefatigable gentleman aforesaid I *
admitted within l
i no longer so eonstantly exhibit'
a the old boy yet.' From time ti
nd far between.
b gay world of Southampton
' at Winchester deplore
" pills" from Neiley, the officers ?f the Solent, and the garrison at V that not even the presence of the Ordornce Department
more activity under the preaent management of Mr, Davenport, but it U oolj^on special
everywhere, not what it used to b* i
i Skating llink is,
data of Plimpton.
" Boetshop," from of a vendor of *h
vulgarly knenn as th*
Tb* Counir Jorooer (R." Harflold. Eao.) hsld an in-qaast. at onday laet^ on
aSsosi ti.
tot pro*ceded ea beard the Geotwee, aqd irfnicted the ,ep«* "bare tb* oaforluaau man wss k'-W. the broken meet aad othee neoeeeary portions of the fowal. and on
Jame* Blake, an engine tender, said on Friday morning last the Genoeee wa* lying In the Itcbta River, off Meeera. O*weld's shipyard, and they were g*U»ec a boiler on board. Re had charge of a stcrm fta2e on Ih* > tfy, and decease J »a* employed oaalking bn'the veseel, eithng amid*hlp*. There wee tackle attached to the boiler, and also to the foremast and malomaiv All at
waa about eight feet from deceased, but witness bad no*
ttmetooall out. He immediately wen* on board the
Md apparently dead. The engine wwgoing^authe Ume. and be oould notaooount be the accident so far a* the engine waa concerned, pe was. easing it and heaving on tbe foremast tackle al the tlmr. itey ware gatung plumb with the bold to lower it down, while tbey w«r* *a*ing the after tackle, which had been die-
equal on both maeta
David Campbell, foreman rigger, la Memvar Oswald's employ, said he superintended the lowering of lb* boiler.
The tackl* of the mainmast was afterward* disconnected
hatch, and. three of them had th sir hands tju U to gnide H down the hold, when It came away on top" ot them, pushing them t to one side. At th* same moment the
appeared to be quite dead, an J blood OCXedTrma * wound at the back of hi* head. Beeoasad waeear*Wto a store on the premlees, where three doctors attended him. The weight of th* boiler wai about Si ton*, That wa* the neual mode of getting such boiler* on board veseels, and be would not have been afraid tfimy iime* the
weight en mvt* of that deocnptloti, F»rf the top of the maa^which gat* way to the |tea of Ihfc vessel wa* a 3i mon wire suy or rope, which wa* ft»ad« fast to a chain with a ring in it, fixed to th* it*m, and th* stay was sewed to the ring by a piece of samtoo: tin*, and a piece of Manilla rope with a stopper. "wAich went round tbe stem, ami w** mad* met to tbe sgny. This, in his opinion, we* all that warn necessary. snfl*ufflci*ntly atrong o keep (he mast in Its place. Tbe'Mknille rope, sr. broke, from what cau*d he war unable to say, t have given too great Weight to Ih* lin* in
^trong o keep the mail m Its place
tbe ring, and this also gave'
broke off about map feet above the deck.
consequently th* mast
: Witness had had 38 years' sx-
psrienc* altogether. Six year* i gained that experience on *om*
work* on th* Clyd*. He had lifted weights
that adopted
_ j the Horroz
*r, which wa* a greater weight. He always ordered every man to keep clear ftwn the front of the mast during the h>W*rihg ot the boiler, but as a rule men •Will keep oot of the way without.being told, as that was nee of the strict roles on the. worka Had he seen the d*c«assd there ha would hava ordered him Away. Th* breaking strmirl of the NanlUa rope, a thtee^ncb rope, was SJ tons, but only on* part was the stay. He had mors eonSdsnc*. however, in the recking and in the strength of the taokls, as otherwise he woul* have been in a very daegerous position, being close to the boiler. Since beingal Messra Oswalds be had the lifting of the who!* of th* weights, and had never had a similar acci-
the forsmaat on tba Genoese to the s<
Around tbs stsru was a shatn with a ring to it, and be
secured the stay to the ring with a piece of three-Inch Manilla rope, knd putting a small sau>*oo lies round it
By the j«ry t Thai was the "toad temporary w securing the stay, and the stay was made as ev,
By dsceaeed's son: Tbs rope must have broke, did not believe the stay could ha»e slipped o "
was a hook to IL He mad* about twelve the stay with tb* asmeon line, which he thought quite sufficient, and he had bad twelve years' experience.
A jurymen said It seemed to him thb| It. must bava been thoughtlee* for deceased to stay where be did while
The Coroner then summed op. pointing out that this appeared to be ueual wcy of putting boilers on bo»rd. The mast not being quite perpendicular, bqt having a little *urg*. It wa* noceaeiry to strengthen it with a stay, and the question was whether tbe etay was properly secured, and from the evidence he did not see that so far
as human foresight •
secured properly, while to make a person .culpable it must be shown t at there *
pableness uo his part.
» gross negligence *r gross cul-
Tbe room was then cleared to enable the jury to consider their verdict, and on re-assemblmg Ihsy returned a
and family of tbe unfortunate decesssd, and that already •bo had succeeded in collecting a triie over £14 on their
g.voarvd beverage which n—----------— .
b 11*. It Is by the judicious use of taoh articles of , a o>a»tltution may no gradual y built ny e- ' ——
il strong aiongh
io* ar, Unatiag around u* ready to »tUok where eg 1* a weak point. We may eee ape luiJtjr a fatal shalt by
r white, or mldag *
_ . r. without leaving
tho disagreeable smell of moat "Rcstoror,." It make, tho hair charmingly beautiful as well as promoting the growth of the hair on bald seats, where the pleads are not decayed. *sk your Chemist for "Tu* Mexica* H*ta Itssswss, pvsmnred hr Mmmar C. Qatter, 4M. Oxkrd.street, Leedee, a»l sold by Chemists aad Perfumers everywhere, at 3s Cd per
. To Cosscarrtvxs.—Coxstrarrro, is Ccaists.—k certala ,1 cure has beea dlMOvered (or thla d(*tre*,lng com-
Otherwise the establishment ie net remarkable a
however, occasionally by th* pre«enee of the jokr loving member for Winchester, and by the mrUifimos tones of the talented barrister who recently played s eld woman in an amateur pantomime. The Souther Yacht Club Is distinguished by its antiqaity.
which call for no comment here.
Southampton is richly provided with spiritual com-fsrts. Setting eside Dissenting and Roman Catholic pieces of worship there are sixteet, churches, of which the chief and foremoit is St. Merr'*, ministered to by Canon Wilberforee, son of the late Bishop of Winchester, and an ardent teacher of Teetotalism. His curates are thsrefore. in common with their ruler, bound by the
*n scknowledgmsn~of rthe"dsbu-"Kvsntaally the case was
wttth. - Th. pw.ut. '»•* °»!J ?" » .th" '
KUlby sppeared. ior £t0 7s Id. for materials. Southampton that spirit which is not the peace of
- "-----by"defendant, who also -.....* -->-- ---- •*- »-•-— "-J1—1
alleged non-compliance
pleaded*pet-off. whilst
.Ceisant°o§our arising.from +«
i9"J. Qxtord-strept Leaden., , -j-)- *
at once to a chemist and gat a .b«*Ua of Mxa. • WiatWir *
by defendant, who also >d non-compliance part of defendant.
amlned for plalatrfT.: for whom, alter hearing the caae Honour gave judgment for the amount claimed.
re always te be had In ev,
flavour of their'tees; it is well known that muoh ef t -tea seat te England la painted or f**d with mineral powd*
lou**Savour. and reel dihpmi
Christianity, and l------ - .-
,rater of the borough,can gainsay this statement j indeed, he ie welcome.ta use if for strengthening his next tirade on behaW of Diseetahliihment. • '
The country round Southampton is. particularly charming; It would require mere apace than is at oar command to tell the beautlea of Bitterne, of Baaaett, of Stoneham (where dwells the centenarian vicar. Canon Beddbn),1 af'Highfield," of KeUey, and ofCailaed, the Drummend's esat.oa the other sids of the water. Rather weald we stand fer a moment under, the .shade oftbe old'town wefi end, surveying the fieet of yeahta mantled and dismantled, with Mr. -Wynan's eostly plaything.' tM Cigkr-boat. ia the distance, wonder whether it1 B fated #er Sdithampton.t* become what aature yridentfT intended It tp be—the- great southern port of England." 9out medldo*. inoonvanleaoe. *
■Lti—lmeiL See leatuaocUla. Held la Shilling

xe„ BnOge-sUaet i Dewman, i«ai. u.


Hrr *ma*»dl l ots el Islnu.-ot

r-. 11 jjttfOfl lo iionad

iloll Ian .!<
*, MyWe Park Lteiea
an I so*.—It is not generally kstfwn that the destroying the dUeaowgsrm* ex I • ting in
bluing It with e suitable preparation of Iroa. ,
' i weak and ailiag persons should or
By taking a few do«e# regularly before meals, t 'he least exertion i*a trial, w II find their *tre»*»w •ulter desaagemeats
having a Pottle of Qolniae and from in hand. Bad appetite, want of splat. Indigestion, heaiiooaa. loss of sleep. n»uyalgio and rheumatic paias ere the result ofdenOlty. which Quinine and Iron will overcome. The graver form* ef disease givisg rise to ooasuaption, docllas. aid even paralysis, msy always be mitigated, frequently entirely, cured. For the Blood 8pitting and Night Sweats la Consumption It is very effectives* The beat method of taking this valuable oombiaatlon is vJ get Pepper's Quinine and Iron Toalo, each battle of which Is carefulir prepared with Chemically,, pan* is gradients, and certified to c«ntain 32 doses of Qulslno and Ire*. By obtain-

gtoac ^ Jars, a»» syt^^lampe m P.OjO.. by 1. Pepper, Cocoas axe Colds should be got rid of at once or they
•troag oae. 'ifaOohJ i?a
It wiU fra;neatly peas into the Co sampUre *ta*r#. ana
,----S----*»'■- 1------Seprtwsurn. x
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