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d the thought-diving power to the brain. All narrow

I >Hes|qsf>fillboard li rapidly aupplantlnf India rubber and tb<« other Jointing* hitherto in u*e for tteatn jointa. "The same-treat-refining properUt* whteh have-aiven Alb**toe a foreraoet name a* a gland packing, render it
Glasgow, and 10, Maxsdbs Btrsst, MiHcnasrsa.

- ra_rrrrm i q-rrq- Tn
CO'BDKN"S Qtrmnra Liiro,JT:atM-l:
PHORU8 PILLS bare been Invented to accom pliab this end, and there are now many tbouaanda who can teetify to the aacceaa that ha* attended thl* uiode of treatment In Neuralgia, Ague. P^oatrdtkn, 8L
Titu*' Dance, Nervous Debility, Tmpotehce, Skin Piaaaaea, and all di«e#*ci arUing from lmpurelbleod, and having a* lymplotn* weakneee and debility.
Produce appetits and a healthy digestion
Renew the atren*th._--
Renovate the failing power.
Remove itnaati a« of fatigue.
Produce isnaatlona of exhilaration.
Ckuie no after dtpraaaion. [ (ml ■ i:i-
Increase the capacity for a*d(al and. physical
Produce cheerfulness.
Give a ooolness and dexterity to the mind.
Confer freshneaa, originality, and energy on the
Produce aanaatlona df Increaied muacular power.
. / ..... ,uili nOBDEN'S QUININE AND THOS.
irich the blood.

general tonic.
e the whole ayates
Are the beet tonic. . -
Afford a reedy mode of gaining strength.: , : : Are pre-eminent a* a mean, of Raining appetite. Particularly uieful to delicate female*.
Powerfully a**l« the digestive organ*.
Throw off germ* of all diseat'e* ; and Thoroughly recruit th* goaeral bodily health.
POBDSN'S QtiSiniifB l«b'. . PHOS/
^ PBORUSPII^LS,3s9ddnd4sM,.
There are two fqrca,.always at. work In the body. t}jo. nstvous and the vsgstlve; wben tka former overcome*, the latter, from over brain work, mental suxitty, low of rest. violent shocks, fut.llving overtaxing .the Dowjr,._ or from any ef the o,u*ee oombtned-under thehaad of "exoessea or indiscretions of youth," lben the aubjeol loie* (trength and energy, become* thin and pallid, the least thing I* wierlioo, he .befcomee .nervous and Irritable, and. without the disease is cheeked, conrumptioo or a lunatic aeylum i* frequently the end. 7 .
In all itagv*: of these'affections, the JffeJommsnt character is deficiency. orwastinaof Phosphorus from the nerve tissues, and thl* will be shewn by the Increased excretion Of Phosphorus compoand*, alway* to bo detected in the urine of those 10 suffering. The want >1 luppllad by the use of ;
ruoBpa PILLS.

Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixturo."
XT Punflss and enriehe* the Blood.
ClMtaUt. 160. Hlfh-iUMt. _
Taraxacum and podophyllin.
_J-Sald(WBUiaS»;Br chest after eating, unplrtsant Ust»: In - the mouth, and
av ......................
fcfJ°Ch'ein>lu!—A*enl in 80uth»®pi
Q K t N" EUSSA SfiSf EntpiroTWp-Bioteltwti Ol Vk.nUi Spr.
uiiessei.wui aerive great eonani iplniion.; and maintains tb<
--------- by using Sob
powerful conserving snd »'
effect of eon*tant perspli ^ . . .
eutlcle in a free, healthy, condition. Bottle*, SsOdeach. Bold by all ChemUta.— Agent in Southampton—G. Dowman, Chemist. 160, HlgbrStfet. .. ..
a I
I Heads. Sore Eye*, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurf*, Dia-coloratlo* of tW Skin,' Hotnoai* and Di»e»sc« of the Skin of whatover »*m«>Or tmUtbp ate literally carried out ef..tb* *y*hq,hl -a *&b*t, time by the use of (hi* world-f*med'M«dicim2>0 .C VTHOUBANDS ofTESTIMQaW^ hMi mil park.
A Cleanie the viUaW.bloodyou find it* Impuritle* bur*t'ui(t though tho lkln. In pimpl**. eruption*, or *ore* ; clew»« U, wbencyou find it
A» thh' toixturt f* ;ptei«nf,tti the' taste, an, warranted free from' injuriffu* to tb
mo*t delicate cons<»dtion- o? either *ex, th Proprietor eoliciu *aff«rer* to'jrlve it a trial t t .**# /mb*.., ■" »>% 1 • I
MIXTURE lm,Rottk*g* W #ach, and In
& Ce*e*, containing six.timoa tb»i iqusntity, 11* each, sufficient to effect* parmwrnt evalp,
throughout the United. Kippdom and ihe Wdnd, 1 or senl' to any addrew on receipt of' 80 or 182
-' a...
Wholesale: All Paien't.Medicjpejliyses. Low**, OlfOB%> 8%pEET.
Barclay and S06*, Louden; aad all WbofuaJe Houses.
SODTHAMl*r6k^"A 1
80W by Chinperfield. Johns, G; Dowman, Wbole*ali Chimist, 160, High ttreet,. Austen, Randall ' ~
itfi*t, C. Troake, Cher
Vij PASTE.—By niing this dell clou* AroriiiHc Dentifrice, the enamel "of the,teeth.beobmee white, sound, •and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and
2« 6d eacii^ XOet:Cracroft*i)i—Agent la 6outb*mpu»A —-G, Dowinan, Chemist, 180, High itroet. ■
Deafness, noises in the ears,
I &&, Aa, -Dellar*s Essence for Deafness has proved it extraordin. ' remedy. It always relieves, generally cire*, and Is strongly, recommended. Sold in Bottles, .1* 1 -Jd and 2s 9d each, Lj *ITObemists^— Agent in South-attpton—O- Dowmap, ^ejcift, 160j ^rghrstrootv r
Lodtibb's sulphur hair.
SESTOEERj>n Onj bUt.'***•' '
daj 1 restore completely the natural colour. The
e the akin. Sold
ef which attends on^he n Ills known by axperimsnt that a'co renovate the falling power, confer fi lenUl procei
and energy on the restores the general b
.f-their capacity for ompounds, the want idltloQ they remedy., )urse Of theie 1 Pilla
1 and thoroughly
D E N=' 8 Q U I N 2
Tb* digestive processes, the absorbent power may all be in a bealtby.condition, yet, fxom extra mental or bodily exertion, the patient suffers from a temporary exhaustion of mind itad tody. In these Case* a stimulant is required, and that generally resorted to is alchollc, but very unwisely, for whsn its effects have gone off, th« patient Is generally left wo^se off than before. It is in these cases that
THOBU8 PILL* rnM lnvmlombW, U as a stimulant only, but as a substitute, to some extent, for rest. A couple taken an hour or so before tba cessation of the day s work Is founff'to remove sensation*,of fatigue, to giro clearness and dexterity to the mind, to produce appetite and a healthy digestion, and to copduca, subeeqacntlv, to the quiet sle.ep of which overwork SO constantly deprives those wboe* occupation Is maotal.
About the second hour after iaoeption of the doao, sensations of exhilaration "begin to make themselves felt. The capacity for exertion, both mental and vbyilcal, is inr - • If the patient has the dosa while
large bottles, r Is 6d jc%cb, by Cheipisu and E _ -ssers.—Agent Id Southampton—01 Dowman,Cher l&LHljh^tWL: (!X/.

ir, is useful for
leping the Bair its props
luthamptoo—G, Dowmap, Chemist, 160,
B^bwe of " Th, Whmlmg Vek.," DBL BMITH^ Celebrated work, of which 600,000 copi<
Revissd Edition.
Kojr ready, 132 pages, by post to all parts of the world, in envelope, --------
tingand Nersous Diteasas: The Causes. SympU Consequence, and Treatment of. . certain forms Debility, mulling from Loss of Nerve Power. HENRY SMITH, Dector of Medicine, of the Unive;
This is a New Medical Work on the Nature. Treatir and Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lownessof Spirits, Indigestion, Dimness of night. Want
Deafness. Epilepsy, Plies,_ Prematura Di remits of fntem;
f BnMpr, I leadache, h
Worry, Br&inTW, * ;d Debility
a he feels his si

«ww, therefere, whilst act from all other stimulants at tressiog after effects.
PHORU8 PILLS may be considered spedflo In N KUBALOIA.
The remarkably rapid and lasting effects of the Pills in this complaint is perhaps tbslr most striking therapeutical power. In this, u in that of seme other diseases, they exert a double power; In soma instances
merely regul-1'— ---* - - - -
—in others,
Patients suffering from any disease, 00 matter under what name, having for Its symptoms weakness mod debility, or arising from impure blood, will be bensfiUd by a course 0? Cobden'e Quinine and Phosphorus Pills, and the general direction for Uking the Pills la ona daily after the principal meal. Care should be taken to keep^the^bowels regular. Tkey ore akoayi bat taken #* a
PRICB-2s 9d and it 6d.
resulting frtm L
&c., wnicn. « neglected, end in Confii and Premature Decline. Glvts'the edflce and instrui lions, the result of 80 years' practlcs, By which thouaand havs been restored to health. Illustrated by cases an testimoniali from grateful patients, with means of em
Dr. HENRY SMITH, 8,Burton-crescent, London, W.
Free by post. In envelope, six stamps.
Gives the Causa, Svmploms, and Cure. This book is published for the special ue>» 6f Percales, aad is a Private Guide to the Treatment of % class of ailments peculiar to the Pamela ConaUtution..
D/. HHNRY SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, London,W.C.
Now ready, tb* Thirtieth Thousand, Price One Shilling,
v v AND MOTHER. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood. Cloth gilt. This is a Book of great Importance to Women.
Dr. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton-ereecent, London, W.C.
., J «a allowed by upward* of 600 Medical
L-a~^to^/U'^""**1 lo'entflXi id the enrattv- traaf-
'tttel of HfralC Tkb'nse #f a steal-*#rtng so often hurtfol i ■#*»?" effect*, is here avetW. a s -ft baa dap being worn
iWBiicNhe body, whll the r« qutsiten-tistincnower U iupplIe-J " ......
IT t*o loehea below the Lies Wag sent to the mana-
ie. TBey are poroat. li?ht in t rture. and IheYpeoslVV,
, bath'^Mg. For Gentlemen they act as a ssbUi-ntte fOr the ordlu^rr bnoss. Tor children they are la vain* ble i \hey preSsal Uooplug and preserve she symmetry of tie
cheat. ■>l*r;ej . , ..
Fr ees Cor children 5a 6J a»d 7« 6d 1 Adults, 10s 6d. 15s «4
H N W H I.I B,
SECKITT AND, SON'S REGISTERED Wfltt#ASHISO • BOOK-for M. ^fbr bma Yaar, prl^aW—Caa b* BAXi&ER'S Wholesale and Retail Newspaper mt- M, BBIDQB BTBEBT,

OlanloTen Malt. EBUbllahod IOO Years. TWO 0ALLOW of this FIKS OLD WHI8KT (Caae add 'Bottled Included) sent free to any station on receipt of 40a. "Traae supplied.' AjpUtfwanbdl
Without steel • springs, is the most eflectire / \ •/ Haraia yet lnventod. The
,*adKin^-a#d ama wblah 1 CehtraTAMearwlth the great
- aketapvudaw ,...
rhen I administer
it l enstblo an oom«< upon the^miod a

n' had oot died
A Good Family Medicine Chest
with a prudent uaa, baa aaved many a life ; and
jSt we think ths id.
ov&l upeo, and reduced
' myatarkua oappa*t#aa«u or
Others might be
*cha£t«'d boltltrs, with crjsi
. , %__________
i|.andwp&vale—with whit wbaa travaUiag In oWuf-ind Cockle a 1'iUs. the Ut
« tWit in/fame as a * nredicini
May ha had thro
T\R. HENRY SMITH (Dj Diploma of
of the Narvoua tiyatam, reaulting from Exluuation of Narve Power. Local Weakmaaa, he., will, for the benefit of Country Invalids, on receiving a statement of case, send his opinion, with Advice and Instruotisns, which, if followed, will insure a Cure: a Personal Interview and expensive Consultation-fses are thus avoided.
A " Confidential" form of Correspondence to assist the Invalids in describing their case ssnt Post Free. Dr. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton crescent, London, W.C.

properties medicine o
•• s-.tajwHvalled ic. in oiseasoa of debility, lb weakened digeition, ilpeps, !<*$ pf appetite, rheumatism, tooth^clm, eux. kc., Ac. . IRON — Its strengthening well'known, and probably we hate no a kind so generally useful and applicable flushings, of" beat, scurvy, blotches of the skin, nervous debility;loss Qf blood, Ac., Ac." QUI2UKB and IRON oombined ara beyond a doubt, as shown by Dr. Thompson, to bo the very beat medicine we possess for the young,
or bg gat
md 8, Uppai

Just Published, a gratuitous Edition of a Now aad Valuable Work, entitled,
or, tba OOSnDMTUL nU**Df Sent poet free to any addreae on reoeipt of one peany top, U pr.t-7

. _ Social fkdani Being a" treatise oa the Laws Governing Life—'The Lifriage-


Alao, a deacriptive pamphlet on the f and ions and diaort peeoUa* to the feoalaaex, by tte sam,Author, entitled,

K) el V . v us
icb 0
5, OXFORD STREET, SOTJTIIAilPTON. Who de-otes bis entire attentien to all casss of Ns Debility arising from early errors, whioh militate a; the happiness of life.
in from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Sundays, 0 till 2;
• nere ahooU W a totter re
W h'tto^e ££
the LOMBARD BAJTK (Limited),
part*. flte«aailyand aura wKh_ nloaly regnlatcl rwj, and oaa b* worn dnriag any axetctaa be. at night. deacMpttva pamphlet and
with a abort
the Spine, Chest, Lfmba. Abdominal Kelts, rtic Stockings, and every lion of Burjjloal Appli-erperioncod FmmaWAto
lLuidiVblaise a CO.
fWs Swigwy aad Ce.j.
aoaa ssn Bern*rear. Isktxcxxxt Ma*maw. »r. JAMES" 8TREET. PALL .MALL.

Universal Patronage.
Let an auger eta from genera] or local disease take fallow In the wake of thousands who ascribe th«tr r
awpJoyment of t&as,

ujutred. Tlis reputation
induce everr afflicts person to glre them a (air trial Macs despairing of rsKaf or abandoning bop
Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Sore Throats, Coughs, and Colds. .
Bad Legs, Bad Breasts. — Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
It is sarprising bowqulcklra sore, nicer, or wound, deprives
* —----"> and an fits ft for the duties of life, and it
r,r Uollowav's Healiag s printed diracUaca,
and ssslited by approptiata doses a
Gout and Rheumatism.
Km be cured with the p
This treatment must be pcrseveringlv followed f, and duly assisted by powerful doses of HotJoway's
pnrtfytng aad soothio^ remedies J
Piles, Figtnlas, and Dropsical Swellings.
This Incomparable Ototment is earnestly Maomaaaaded to aad rsgalate ite dnkiaOeo.
folltrnxn^ eomjtataii
rar*t at rrofsaaor Hoix««ira
ti Mgrylebone Polio*.court John —l^nunmbod-street, H&mpetflad-road, laboum, wai charged with being disorderly and throwing etones in HarEay-street, also with assaulting Police-ccnatable* Miatjr, 162 D, Peters, 154 D, and Weaver, 277 D, whilst in the execution of their duty. rQeoreq Weaver, 277 D, deposed that he was on duty in liariey-itk-et at half-past four on Sunday He aw #Ke prfaoaer amongst a number of roughs who werf'shftutlilg^nd throwing stones. Prisoner throw a stone which struck Mr. Gladstone's window. When told that he would be taken into custody prisoner
other constables' were also a&aaullett dV the prisoner. Sir. Superintendent Draper Here sald"that the charge "hodld have been ,f^r wk-
dowp, but by some inadvmtaao*that4iad bsch o«nitt« fron» the sheet. Mr. Gladstone's butler was present afld would prove the amount of damage don&.JDii ijutler having stated the value of the broken "wAkk* ta be £3 #o^ov»rJw^e^ar*#.a|M|
Hylm deposed that ho was butler to Mr. W. E. Glad-•tone. A large pandro*!pM*f&%# tho'IliUrarf window warn broken, and done* were pickpd un In the mfea. JI* did not *oe who broke &o wWdwf.4Ki AntkA&UilycWtE&dM*. TrWWWpfWWtmkea* glass was £3-10s. Joseph Minty, 162 D, said at half.
With the assistafto^ A fcthlcfi to the station. William Pet6s, 164 WW standing, opposito Mr. Gladatonefk door, and!tekr.the stone stnko the window and fall into the area. At the same momdit'he- saw "thi''ft?rmfcr'Witnes«» wfiib prisoner, and +«n* (o thfk isd^ancp. Wheq aB6*f MB jkA" from"thAoaad,'pnsorter1 ialled 'oVthb 'mob for nelp, 1 and kicked both Mintv and witness. The constables o difficulty in' keeping off the mob. InspwtbK
the ernwd, wd ooold pe» y#*mwaj)
throw stones at all. The magistrate said that for the damage committed he should inflict a fine of 40s., and order him to pay £3 10s., the ralud.of the window, o« in default be imprisoned for twd m'onths,' The othm
creating.a distArbanco, and when apprehended ai
eaulted the oonatablea ln a manner that might ha' injured them for lift. For this offence the scntoiii "Would be a month's imprisonment for each assault, making in all threo months' with hard labour."
--wrwnipm ear, and stnl
Jguort the wUlof tho KolU Court to the left Uoc
Bwntloruen, for ycMrlfad crprteiioas of'sympathy, f indqd/fed ddv^m^w thankful (oi Pwndeoos fo, ddivtnng from imminent, danger.. % am glad to MP that J hgve nadonW.w&atavw thaLlhe merwa who bred the pwtol at mo M*wim#. %%#i cwcnm. ataneee red badly in conx*,And.I tpld'hiar that if ho did have him ra.
* " ............— ... Sinc# ,.#hw ^t.mnpeam ha .hae smiled outside A,
chart dferf moomrday, wth the tntdntion of attempt, ing my life. I think, gentlemen, that it id d dream.
A general charitjr jras held
netting of the gdvAmon of thig Monday under tnd"*Wddhdy #f ih (Mmth, dt thd City Tdrmkrnd HoM, cannon-itreeL After thd :***|*. of a noli for tho election of 15 bpyd and 10 girig,- whicn opened at eleven o'clock and cloeod at t#o U A* afternoon, had been dedared, the meeting wmd opened %ith a
remarks from the chairman. Tho Secretary than____
the report of the committee of management, whioh gtated that lad year at the public foetival of the institution nearly £8,000 had been npdally'add*! 46 thd fnndm, and that without interfdnBg With (&* amount of the current support as nsnally aootmlodi It'niad pleasant to be able to state that the ordinary eoureee of income kept m to the umual level, while the item of beqmesta. added & father indalment of jGl,600 to the yedr"m inoomd. During the past ycaMKthildren had been admitted to the institution, whilet W had passed through, thm leaving the number in the asylum at 236, which would be increased'to JMO % "those: elected on Tuesday. The rece^pts fof'tEe twelva months ending 31st of December Iddt, lees 4*34 cdrried from the previous dbconnt. mdounted to £10,146 and the expenditure to 114,003, bavin* a balance of £1,453 to be carried forward to the account for tho' current year. Mr. Oeorg* Ward moved the adoption of the report, which was seconded by Mr. Hoskln, and carried unanimously. Mr. G. Ward movdd. and Mr. A. J. Frost eecopded, the addition of the following to ths existing ruled of the institution:—"That In tho event of any child dying whilst in the asylum, or being removed therefrom, from any cause stated

. ition of its period of----
dmce, the child of the same sea standing highest on the list of unsuccessful cmqdidatf* at the election im-madlataly preceding removal,.ihdD, if still remaining eligible, be thereupon admitted to the beneflta of the charitf." This temolotlon was also carried, and the proceedings tormina tod with thd customary compliment to the chairman.
Michael QniHigan, a labourer, was charged on remand on Monday at the Lambeth Polico-court before Mr. Chance with felonloudly cutting and wounding Constable James McBricn, 47 L, by striking him on the head with a ha? of iron. lie wad further charged with assaulting Constable 170 L. According to tho slatemeot of Constable 170 L, It appeared that on thd night of the 9lh he sdw prisoner and another man fighting in Black's Dock, High-street, Vauzhall. Me parted them, and tried to persuade them to go away oulety. Instead of doing so, however, they took off their waist-belta, and struck the constable over the heed and other pari* of him bddv with the buckle-end. Some companion*of the prisoner then set upon him, and knocked him down in a meet brutal manner. Prisoner and another man, not in custody, then ran away, and entered 0, White-Lion-court. Here it was that prisoner attacked McQrien in a most cowardly manner with a he#yy **r of iron, add in-flicted such injuries as to prevent his attending the court until Monday. Constable MoBrien now stated that h# followed the prisoner to 6, White Lion-court; the door was shut; but opened in a few monfents. He entered the pamsage, but had no sooner done do than piamer dealt him a heavy blow on tho h&id with a bar of iron; he remembered no more until he found himself at the station under the eare of Dr. Bladtd. Pridonor declined to ask any questions, but desired that the ease might be settled at once. Mr. Chance fully committed the prisoner to take his trial at the meat sessions of the Central Criminal Court, upon tha chwne of wounding with Intent to do bodily harm. Chief Inspector Sherlock applied to his worship for a certificate, so that legal aia could be I obtained at the sessions against the prisoner, and an answer to Mr. Chsnoo stated Uiat the Instructions from the chief ofhee were that In all sWous sssaults upon the police committed for trial legal aid should be applied for and sanctioned by the magistrate. Mr. at
onoe gmmted the necessary certificate.
Mr Carter has held an investigation into the cir-cumstancee attending the death of'William Norton, aged 70 years, of 6, Doris-street, West lambeth. I# appeared from the evidence of Mr. William Norton, jun., that the deceased waa formerly la the employ of the Lambeth Waterworks Company, snd was io receipt of a pension of £62 per annum prior to hid death. Whilst proceeding down the Vauxhall-walk a horse and cart came dashing along, and the deceased was knocked through ths window of ah ironmonger's shop. He was removed to 8L Thomsis's Hospital, when it was found that nearly the whole of his ribs were fractured, and he died shortly after his udmia-sion. It .further transpired that a carter in the employ of Mr. George Cookaon, a contractor, had charge of the horse, and, during his temporary absence, the animal was frightened by some boys. Tho jury, after a long consultation, returned a verdict of Accidental Death, appending a rider that greet blame was attached to thd carter, Frederick James Lewis, for leaving the horse unattended.
through the Crays, in Kent, captured m two hours 4} brace of pike. The large* weighed lllbd., and the smaller 3jibs. The mne pike weighed in thd Aggregate OTCr 401be., and which for amateur anglers is considered a fair two hours' work. .
Kubmstbix, tux Courosaa. — The well-known Russian composer Rubinstein a short tims ago under-
prtiatcd at tro o'clock *---------- ,
hre^th.^gnmng ^ his lordship's — '
upon which we may congratulate _________
l UyidGenittd iptn th* Uvea' of.her^ Majesty's judge, awsorara. I thank you again, gentlemen, for your kmdnass." ?:!
At the Clerkenwslt Police-court, before Mr. Barntow, "Frederick WUUaquon, 4% *onema*m, ha. bem: eharged on a warrkbt far that he did on the 5th use violence toward^ a mason named George C. Walten,.at pfd#nt/working for Mr. Brass. Mr. BlanehardWontnef, doBdtor, instructed by the Haste: "gulldW Association, i*)d6cdtod, and lb. Ricketrs, dolMtdr* dofended by orddr of tho strike coeunittee. Theprosecntor, alleged that on the previous dav, as ho left his md*ers yard' m Old-street, ke met a crowd of foWy or fifty men whom he knew to be on strike. They hooted him and his folio*, workmen down the street. Ho toot no notice of that, but tho next day

the t
to be a blackguard.
Took hold" of him,, k tndThreatened (6 ledge of the . priaci He knew the prist reply to Mr. Bxket by that tho prisoner wad apt,,a_gppd .workman, and that he thought he had once eedn hit put his d man^s face who had disagreed with him. A witness, nmned Smith, in the same employ, said the ^risonev'$d ne%^stmct ths prosecutor in any way. "He"saw him put himself into a fighting petition, but could not say whether his fists were closed. Mr. Rkkcttd dsid that, acting under his aJ. vice, thd prisoner woohl ask that the cuso«!ght bo scot for trial. Mr. Barstow said he thought that was a very wiee'eouree to pumde. 7 Ultimately the ease waa demanded, the prisoawr being required to obtain kail in two sureties of £25 cach, with 24 hours' notice of such bail. ___
red by Mr. Carl tar,

of Woodland-
ted the Orv
Smith, aged &4,
hrothcr-in-law, Mr. Edwam Smith Southgate, traveller *o snd Co., ivory merchants, Fleur do Lb The deceased, it appears, had been a employ, and a day or two since he v hound Hotel, Stockwell>strcet, Gree gaged a bed. The landlord had spoken to him respecting the settlement of his account, and shortly afterwards the deceased wad missed. The door of the room he had occupied being found locked on the inside. Police oonstable Oliver, M R, doing duty in the neighbourhood, was tailed in, and forced the door in, when deceased was discovered lying In a pool of blood, a white-handled knife lying by his side. He wad then still alive, and Mr. Pink, surgeon, was sent for and attended, but ss the windpipe was almost completely severed, it was attempted to get him to the Seamen's HoepitaL Before a cab oould be procured life became extinct. At the inquest the jury found a verdict of Suicide whilst labouring under Temporary Insanity._
The Judietal Committee of the Privy Council hav* given judgment in a colonial salt, ft was an appoa* by the widow and the executors of Char led HJ Arinytage" a settler near Melbourne, who died possessed of £121,000, yid tho respondent the Master m Equity of tha Supreme Court refused Wissua probate by the will unless 10 per cenL duty wad paid, claiming the sanw un^er thoDutiedof Edtdted Amendment Act, 1870, on abqut £73,000 wh^ch wad left to thd children end others on certain contlngmciee. The widow was entitled to bout £47,000, dnd ft was admitted that the 5 per cent, terest was the prtper duty. Ad the Mastsr refused
is the prtper duty. Ad irobate, an application Supreme Court of Victoria for a ewwdleeiw on the Master to issue probate, and that rule was djsch on which the preasnt appeal arose. Mr. Benjdmi Q.C., (Mr. James Stirling with him), contended th the Master was bound toissue probate, and ths que Won of duty oould afterwards be derided. TheAttom<; Genisnd, bir Jamee Stevens, and Mr. C. Bowcn for the Qpown, and insisted that 10 per cent, duty w payable on the £121,000, and not 6 per cent." > James Colvillo said their lordships' thought that pn bate dhould have been granted. He tfowd advise h Majesty that the half duty was the proper amount per cent.), and that nrobate be grantdd on tha mm The derision of the Supremo Court would bd reverse each party to pay the costs in that court, but U respondqpt to pay thecosta of the appeal Thssppe will therefore be allowed with costs.
made to tho
Roaaaar raow a Boaan Benoou.—At Clerkenw II Police-court, Elisabeth Davis, aged 31, a needlewoman, of 3, Lock's-gardena, Northampton-row, pleaded gnUty to stealing from the Infanta' cloakroom, BcwUng'grqen-lane, a number of articles, the prop6ty of the parents of some of the scholars there, and was sentenced to be imprisoned end kept to hard labour for three months.
Public Expenditure.—A return has been issued showing the public expenditure charged on taxes from 1857*3 to 1876-7. During that period the army and navy and dxpendltum, Including cedaln specified voted of credit, gradually increased from 430,830,000 to £49,632,000. Tho total charge, on taxed, including votes of credit, waa lowest in 1865-6,'whaait amount*! to 4*3,1*3,300, dnd highest In 1300-1, it reached €67,435,000. ladt year it wad £06^50,000.
T"» Taxrr or Ma. AiMvutut Sinuara's Plats. —At Tottenham, George Garrod, afias Percy Villicra, dt 13, KingHenry'a-wslk, Ball's-pond-road, Islington, butler, has been charged with stealing from Howes Manor, Southgate, plato valued at £150, the property of hid master, Mr, Aldennfa Sidney, and other ;
be preferred against him. The prisoner, who admitud the truth of the charges, was remanded.
KCxttawb' CsarirtcxTxa ScdPaanxD.—Tho Board of Trade inquiry at South Shields respecting the collision between thestedm tug Tabor, of Sunderland, and ths Ann, o< Beaham, off the Swan Lightship, whereby ths
months, for dtunkeneas and misoodduet when on a
i, chW ojinecr ol tto >^«
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