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OCTOBEB 1?. 1878.
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upon, the Queen's,big^trey, and with menace* demand-
refused^ JaboSet, was charged attempting to reecue Adama from custody, and with aaaaolting tha police and damaging the uniform of one constable to the amount of "a. 6d. On Sunday, Mr. Honfleid, who ; lesidee to Mafryleboue, dtovs hlswife and ohQdren in * to Chingford, and art returning in the
who demanded money, fhe occupants of the carriage were much alarmed, but Mr. II on Held refused to giro money, and making an unexpected movement was erfabkd tSdrirdoB- TheyRsoeSre yarn subsequently
Ipprehanded ifl npuBlic-bOuse. Eridenw having been
owing to the fnght the stoppage occa Bench regretted tho offenoe against the legally proved. There was not the alightest moral doubt cf-tbeirguilt, audit waa monstrous a gentleman cotild not totom from a Sunday drive in the country - wjthoutheiog molested in^hedisgrnreful manner that bed been described. However, in'the absence of positive identity, tho charge of stopping mutt be dismissed. Adams, however, must pay £1 10s. and 12a. cost* for .the: assault, and Walker, -who had been
mr.a !— . 1 '

^ PRiti)ULEAT Z^gfMENTS. ^
The following regulations in reference t^ Awards for the deteotion of.'deeeitiohe'and of fraudulent
or b(h<* person w#o m^^etognisa a^d apprehend, or cause to be apprehended, a deserter from the army or army reecrVe presenting himself for enlistment in the army Or in tho militia; a jleeerter f«-tn the army or army reserve . fraudulently serving in the militia when not out for trninirfg. The reward in those cases will be given under the conditions laid down in tho' Mutiny Act, but will be limited to 20s. Tho order for payment pf the reward will be paid by the War Office pn the recommendation of the magistrate before whom tho deserter is charged. In the case of a deserter from the army or army reserve fraudulently ■crying in the army of in the, militia when cut for training, the reward vrill be paid by the naynyster of the corps to which tho deserter is attached when tried by court-martial on tho certificate of: the officer commanding tho said corps that tho deserter has been convicted by court-martial. Fraudulent Enlistments.— A reward of 30s. will be paid to any person who shall recognise and apprehend, 01 C4u»e tobd Apprehended, a man who having been diichaiged from tiie.aimy, militia, Royal navy,,.or Royal marinea as a bad character, or for physical unfitness, attempts fraudulently to enlist in the amy. Tha regard' in these cases will be paid by tho paymaster of the recruting party to whom the man may oiler himself for enlistment, on the certificate of the officer commanding the ,regiment or brigade sub-district to which the recruiting party belongs, that tho man has been convicted by the civil power of fraudulent enlistment or of making a false answer on attestation. In the case of a man who, having been discharged from tho army, militia, Royal navy, or Royal marines as a bad character or for physical unfitness, is fraudulently serving in the army—i.e., ws denied his former'service on enlistment—the rsv.irc "will bo'paid by the paymaster of the corps in wh!*h ihe'roin is fraudulently serving on the certificate of,the officer commanding that tho man has been convicted bVcourt-martial'or by the civil power of making a false attention on attestation.
A youth named William Mo&re, in the service of Mr, Wright, hbtol keeper, of 23 and.M.Chartog-at#, has bo#n charged at Row-street with stealing jesfclley, money, Ao., to th# vmlua o! dpwaada of £10. Caroline Ellon Rqid, a waitress at the hotel, deposed that prisoner was employed iA th* kitchen.
On Monday ho
Post Office order, but r le servants found their I d things extracted, she -wer
H, m r PQ
^ s ,T?1
. fcjimm
St . 01'
itors extrAct .
i also unlocked,- ___ -----
from a small cash bos inside a gold watch, one silver and one gilt Chain, a ring, nearly £3 in money, and sundry small articles. She gave Information to the police. The watch-chains and ring produced wclo hor property. Police - constable Richard lieuney, 11 168, deposed that he took prisoner into custody «t the Pavilion Theatre on Monday night, and charged him with the theft. He acknowledged the charge, and gave information as to where tho things could be found. When taken into custody, the-articles identified by tho last witness wore found with other things on him, also £2 in gold and some odd silver. In reply, to Mr. flowers, prisoner made a statement acknowledging tho theft. With rospect to tfio charge of I laving alto appropriated a sovereign given to him by a fellow -servant, he said tho Post Office
to be for 10s.. find she
tor WaT
for posting it. Mr. plo«

.R Bathwo.—On Tuesday momi .'clock, a number of lads wtro Ni 'hatnes, near Smith's Timber Wh
shortly after t tog totho RIs at Blackwall,
Morgan, a god 12 years, got out of his depth,

•ned beforennyoni emlokatiom to qcbevsland.—tilo Ship frit Router, of 1,476 tons, Captain Walters, sailod froo Hamburg on tho 6th '' '
lowing number of <
Sixty married men,
men, 13 single women, 92 children between the a; of twelve and one, and 12 infants, making a total Is, equal to 448 stab '
id had. on hoard the fol-for Brisbane, viz.
in? 239 single

, , LhMIundrod of Bin Colonel Itaynsford Jackson for the dcstri tho furniture and eficcts of Clayton Gtango in May last has just been concluded before Sir. W. IL Higgin, Q.C., at the Prince of Wales Hotel, South-port. A largo part of the indemnity claimed was for the burning of some vocy valuable paintings, books, and Manuscripts. Colonel Jackson detailed tho value of tho (articles, and was cross-examined by Mr. I-e-rceche; Other witnesses were examined, and Mr. Leresche, who. along with Mr. Hubton, appeared for the Hundred, instructed by tho Deputy Clerks of the Peace, addressed Mr. Higgin at length. At the conclusion of the inquiry, Mr. Higgin stated that he would announce his decision in a few days. Th* indemnity of Jacobs, the coachman, was £160.
Scicidi rno* WATERLOO-BitiDom.— On Monday morning the Thames police stationed at the Waterloo floating pier forwarded information to the coroner of ig of the body of Mr. Alfred Willerson, aged
ibont tho bridge. He afterward* sat down on the Middlesex stone recess of the bridge when he divested himself of his coat and hat and climbed on to thi it/born which he'leaped into; the Thami
get,' from which he'leaped into; the Thames antf^Jas
EacAf* rao* a Buimnio Hocsa.—Shortly before twelve on Saturday night last a fire broke but on " premises of Mrs. Martha Mallano, who, with her
carriea on the business of artist and photograph:___
180, Commercial-road, £. The flames soon had fins hold of the lower portion of the promisee, thus cutting off all chances of escape. Face* were new seen at the upper windows, and soon after Mrs. Mallano, her son, and the servant got out, and crept cautiously along the parapet to the adjoining house, which they reached in safely amidst loud expressions of satisfaction from tha large crowd below. The flre was not subdued before the whole of the place was gutted, the damage being estimated at over £1,000.
-: llssxavaD Coxtaxtkkxts or Railway Tbaiks.—a
custom exists in eoqie railway, companies of allowing
laSJK aw
not set apart, for that purpose, lir. Bucklfy being mgageia oompartnuot at the Vktoria SUtieo,

AHBE5TI3TG A CORPSE FOR DEBT. . disgraceful scene has just been wit#e#sed a* Preston. A cotton spinner, named Alexander Patter* son, 36 years of age, reaiAlng in Lady-street, who bad wife and three ehildrSF became, through causes rer which he had no control; involved in debt to his landlord to the extent of £J 10s. for rent. A fe^ days ago he came home iU from his work, and h# .
scantily clothed, .and the man's employer (Colonel Good air) was Communicated with. He at once gcae-wdy.offered, to.p*y far the hearse and mourning->nchcs, for the grave, and DECAY OP AGRICULTURE Cf BCSSIA.
Th*. Ofhffv GauUt publishes a letter which it hat deceived from a correspondent in Russia, and in. which it is.said that, whatever course events may taVo, Russia will not be able for some time to come to devote iny attention to foreign affairs. Things have dome to luch a passfn the interior that the Government will lave no choice hut to address itself to the introduction )f reforms, for the simple reason that the reserve of paying power has been squeeiod dry. It Is chsrac1-teristio of tha decay bto which Bmslam agncmltw baa fallen, says the writer, that wham revenue officer/ "now visit farmhouses to s'eo what articles there arA to take by way of distress in satisfaction for arrears of taxes, they frequently find now those most necessary implements wanting which they are forbidden to Uka because they are considered absolutely iodhpenaahl& They have beam sold for Uie naceaasrioa of life, and peasants in Ruaaia lead a Ufa which workmen in the West of Europe would consider toe bad for beggars. The question which concerns them is not if thf y are to work 12 hours u day or 10, nor how much meat they are to eat, but how thap are to procure bread, and bread, too, whkh woold be thought tndaaorvtog of that nama in tha West, being mada of bran, soma vsry icrtl. and chaff Even of that atreogthlcas food
At Marylebona Police-court on Monday, Charles Waffer, 37, of 3, Ann-street. Stepney, Findisy Went-worth. Bart, 23, of the Red House, Lower. Eeale-H~t-lfialda, John Shean, 2^ of 28, Castle-•er-square, and Agnes italph, 27, of the . lower Keato-atreet, Spitalfldds, were In the dock before Mr. De Rotten on the charge ofbdhg concerned together in burglariously entering tH» dweHing-hou* of Mr. Philip Henry Wlckstcad, No. 7, 'Regsct's Park-villas, Oval-road, Regent's Park, and stealing therefrom a (ilk puree containing 30 foreign coins, a silver fork and spoon, an overcoat, and a dagger, value £6 10a. They were further-charged with feloniously cutting and wounding Mr. iWicksteed. Emily R. Wiekstead, wife of the prosecutor, stated that about 10 minutes past twelve on Saturday morning last Ae heard a noise as of a window being opened. She rot out of bed and went on to the lauding, and saw that there wta a light in the study. Directly afterwards some men cams out into the passage, and she believed two of the prisoners were the men. She woke her husband, and he ran downstairs, whereupon the men extinguished tho light They had missed from the . house the articles now produced. The police asked for a remand, as tho prosecutor was too lU to attend, he having been stabbed in the abdomen. Several , other charge of burglary in different parts 6f London would be pre ferred against the prisoners. Mr. De Rutren reseaniej the prisoners till the 15th inst.
At the Thames Police-court or. Tuesday, Annie Merton, 20. a well-dressed woman, was charged with assaulting her husband. Mr. Alfred XL May, who appeared for the complainant, said the case was a very sad one. His client, who waa a licensed victualler In High-street, Wapping, has only been married to the prisoner for a little under two years. For. the first part of their married life everything went on happily, but latterly the defendant has been frequently under the influence of liquor. When she is in this state she behaves like a read woman. On MotAiajr she came into the bar drunk, and after abuMdg her husband before his customers in a scandalous war, interfered with the progress of tho business. On her throwing glasses and other things at him he gave her into custody. Mr May added that his client had no wish to send bis wife to prison, to be punished with hard labour! but ho felt he must do something to protect. himself. - He intended to institute proceedings as soon aa possible
False friendship is like the parasitic moss that feeds on the life of the tree it pretends to adorn.
- We would often have reason to be ashamed of our most brilliant actions if the world could sea the motives from which they spring.
, 1Hiu*t?AV^*,£QWJr# 0* thoss who have
I fallen on UleVflald. .Help them a p. not heap scon* 1 upon them. We did not are the We do not
, know the stare: ^ .
It was among the nobler customs of the ancients to • htiry the young at'dawn, for they strove to give tha softest interpretation to death, and imagined th&t Aurora, who loved the young, had stolen them to her
i . Daemon, or Ckatuctx*.—There la nothing mere to he esteemed than a manly flrmaeas and decision of > character. We like a. person who know, his own
i mind and sticks to it; who sees at once what is to be I done in given circumstances and doee it. He.does not | beet about the bush for difficulties or escusea, bet goes the shortest and most effectual way to obtain his own ends, or to accomplish a useful object. If ha can serve you, he will; if he cannot, he will say so. i coxtmirlatio* ajcd Actio*.—John Paul Richter I thus beautifully contrasts these two qualities of the aool: "Who is the greater i aje—he who lifts kimydf above the stormy time and contemplates it without i action, or he who, from the high region of calmness, j throws himself into the battling tumult of the timee ? ( Sublime is it, when ths eagle soara upwards through the atorm into the clear hnivea ; bet sublimsr when, floating in the serene blue above, he darts down through the thick storm-chad to the reck-hnnjr eyry, where his unfeathered young live and tremble."
(From AmsA.)
Uxxxricrxo Gnxirrrt. — Waiter :—Beg pardon, sir, bpt r think you've made a nnstake. This is a halfpenny!—Old Gent (grandly): O dear no—not at 'all, not at aQ! I sever give less! . . A MisTaaa.—Old Lady -{emerging wrath fully from cabmen's shelter): I eay, conductor! if you don't send this 'ate train on directly, I'll repeat you! 'Art a hour I've bean settin* a-wntin a'roady. Aim t you ashamed of yourself!
judicial separation. His worship Eemarked . was a vary sad ease indeed. Ho thought tho he could do would be to call upon
lureties in £20 each and hei . recognisance^Li a like stflount for her good behavic

Mr. Payne held an inquest at Guy's Hospital on Saturday last touching, the death of a man named Thomas Riches, of Lee, Kent, who was admitted ipto the hospital suffering from hydrophobia, alleged to have been caused by tha bite of a dog, received two years previously. It was stated that the deceased had fallen down a fortnight ago, injuring his right arm, J '* * " ind also that the dog ii
tion had not been «

Dr.CblUcndfp.oflae, ---
after the man bad been ill one day, and he pronounced
swaaessam i
rabid animal. The coroner, reviewing tho above facta, aaid he waa afraid dogs had to answer for a griUt ileal' more tha* they had anything to do withy humble opinion ths man eras suffering from lockjaw, rather than from hydrophobia; but they could not put sside tho opinion of a physician'of such a large hospital as the above. After a short consul ta. &W* *ka i**y found a vardirt that Hydrophobia wa: the cause of death.
SERIOUS COLLISION IN THE Om licnday meaning: the Norwegian tarqae Aaga* (Captain Neilsep), of Sveedostrand, from H&Qikswall, for San tender, was towed into Portland Harbour by the screw steamer Peer of the Realm, of Newcastle, the having met with a most serious collisioo, at three o'clock on Sunday morning, with a banjue, the name of whiph is unknown. Tho Norwegian is almost a soeupkte wiath, and, hat for the heeiranoy of her cargo (Umbtr)must have sank la a few minutre after tho collisioh; as it was) in'23 minutei afterwards, she bocame completely water-logged. It appears, at the timo named, the Norwegian barque was about 20 miles distant from St. Catherine's l'oiut, the wind at the time being S.S.W., ahe being close hauled and hoiiding wart on the port tack. The unknown ship, supposed to be#n iron one, maamnntog, and, coming Xnte colOskm, struck the Norwaglkm barque cm the startward bow, cutllhg bar doe* to the water's edge, the few Of tK* blow carrying away (be fore and miacn mists- En fart; almost every bit of gear. The new of tho cbflidlogveasel must hare boen aware of :tent of the. collision, those on board of ihip to render them . iriiigaft, but nil their nmegarded, and the stranger pr*. reeded on htr way, pwlthrely refueimg to pre help. In M minutes after the eonisioh the Aagat became completely watei^-loggsd and ehmaaagraWo, and In fhat condition waa ^icecd up by the Peer of the Realm, and luWed Into Portland.
Mem of lov ___________
gathered Upon Midsummer Eve, and kept in sheet of pnper until Christmas-day, will be fresh enough for a maiden to wear to her boeom when he who is to be her husband will corns and take it out. In l Tburingia the roee holds a similar position as a love* j charm; a maid who has several lovers will name s rose-leaf after each, and then scatter them upon the I water, that which sinks the last representing her I future husband. In some parts of Germanyjt is cus-j '/wary to throw roee-leave upon a ooal-fire, as s L means of tore ring good lock. In Gsnmsny, ad wall as well as in Franco and Italy, it is believed that if a drop of one's blood be buried under a rose-tree it Will insure rosy cheeks.
I SH4XKR Dnmmcs.—Their diet is always simple, i but noxk is never eaten, and only a part of the Shaker peofie will eat any meai at all. Many use no food produced by animals, denying themselves even butter, milk, and aggk. AtMoantL#benon,anainsomsof the other societies, two tablee are set, one with, the ether without, meat. They consume' much fruit, estfng it at every meal; and they have always fine and extensive vegetable gardens and orchards. Father Evans, now about seventy years old and at the head of one branch of the Shaker community at Lebanon, has not eaten flesh for nearly forty years, and he is hale and hearty; much more mo than most men Of his age. Vet when he commenced his vegetable diet he was in a declining state of health, and, as he tells his hearers.


A most brutal murder was perpetrated at Borsletn,
to tha Staffordshire Potteries, at midnight on Saturday last. A potter named Joseph Pointon, a man of dissolute habits, had been out with a widow woman named Eliza Bloor, with whom he had been keeping company, and whan last seen they seemed to have been in good spirits. The woman, it appears, was etabbed in the side, drugged along a footpath across a field to tho direction of Henley fin a distance of nearly half a mile, and when near a farmhouse Pointon sat down, and put his arm round the murdered woman, in which position he waa surprised by the occnpanta of the lano, who were going into the town. No notice .was taken of the pair, but when the farmer returned Pointon asked for assistance to shift the woman, whom ho described as dead drunk, off the footpath. . This he consentod to do, bcl^on touching the woman found ^pressed sUrprise, and
L seriooa Hot hrtwrea Irish and EngMsh nawica & place Sadder night at Eeydweod^ Hinaa-rth. A large number-of nayvtca are engmgyd ia 'I the Swiot"n and Knutlingby

k a light on his pipe. The fai i to appriee the inmafee of the oroumstaace, an rhen they returned the mmdardr had shifted hi n into the stackyard. Pointon himself went fo iceman, and was immediately apprehended.
Railway, toe Irish bdug separated In the huta^ which they live as mmh ss possible from the Eo*lieh. On Sunday night the Irish mustered in strong force, end determined to make an assault on the Engliah. Bludgeome, pokers (soma red hat), and all kinds of heavy weapona were freely used, amd many nawica were injured, some very seriously. Word was sent to Pcntefract; end Superintendent Whincdp and Chplaln Knewles; one of the eontrertore. arrived with m fofca. of men and took 11 nhvrlea la custody, chain-tog thato toRethar^and cooveynd them to PooWreot to care. While they were being apprebendud sho*a were hred by the Irish. Kocanseiemssignudforthe
that the Saltan earnestly exerted him prevent war, but finding himself obliged to choose between revolution with almost certain loss of power, and measures which were sure to make Russia declare war, he choose the latter reluctantly and with serious forebodings. The ckararte* of thla man mar be eati-mated from tho following IncidentHe suffers from a decayed tooth, sod having been advised to consult a dentist, summoned one. The dentist advised the «x-trqetion of the tooth, and, at the request of the Sultan, explained the mssfas operandi. The Sultan summoned a slave, and directed the dentist to show him how it was dona. The slave lost his tooth, but the Sultan was unnerved by the right of blood, and deferred the tporatioQ un himself. It is stated on the best authority that the dentist has already been summoned eight times, and that eight slaves have lost one or more teeth each, but that the Sultan still suffers from toothache. This incident might well servo as a
The patron saint foe Messrs. Coolb should be SL Martin ofTqurs. . , • \ .
Ax AwKWann Nak*.—'Arry, bn a jnarine exenr-mon, hearing mention made of the two sea-birds, the great auk and ths little auk, inquired if the little auk was a spatrow-'awk.
Morro rem " Rn» kxtoxd SkaV"—**A little more than kin, .end loss than kind."
Where is the man who *0I, write a history of the Ixmdon statue*, with, portraits and original designs f Guide to the Statoea of London, by one of themselves, ®gesd SUU4 (fee.
Lass Shaxt tsajt 8rxam.—Mr.. Punch has re-
Ah. They all agree in tho common property of being
(From Ftm.)
axd mi SriaiT.—Mr. Gnshington: Hy tied poposed to me by means of a little flower. —Mrs. Grim : That la very odd; he told my George it waa by means of some whisky and water.
Lnnanunamu Band.—A whist club in Calcutta.
Bicrcusn.—An incentive to perfecting oneself in the above art, aa a means of securing health, is contained in the-very name of the proficient, " good V, ss** W.
Kiiwm-"- n-......
hounds."—Answer ; In one caae dead horses a ferred to; In the other, living ones.
LtmuUT Evtrkkisx.—"I merely turned over the page, sir," said the Butler, when rebuked for knocking down the Buttons.
An vies ro AsTuaorotooirrs.—The Agricultural Hall and Lillie Bridge are the most convenient places for studying the races of men.
Renin* for Disomvraxr w tub Aamr.— Let its head stoop to listen to its .tale.
(PVom Jndg.)
•Somstuixo ix Thax.—Poor little Tom Harduppe says he has always JHven Mrs. H. her own way, because it is the only thin? he Km* to give her.
SntANOB!—Miss Flirtington says she has one ardent admirer who is so awfully hard up that he
snnot eVen pay his addresses to her.
Or Cor&s*.—Is a men considered to be polite whes he !' bows to a decision r"
A* Ixtaluiilx " IUadt Rxcxonxb."—Tho Bank, reptcy Court.
(From Funny JhUit.)
In tub Paras.—" Forms of Apology for Absurd Decisions." By an Assistant-J udge of the Middlesex
"Hvon" B*t.—There are some tolerably high in England and'Scotland, but
A "^sHArr " Posmox.—If they intend to oontii camping-out all the winter, the followers of M Girlmg wiU not be adequately described as " Shatter They will have to be called " Shinrirt."
" Joxuio AriKT."—A comedian performing in
f Tun Wobst Placb to Put vr ax Umbkblla.—
:rope has dealt with the fabric knowi

to drink the wine ps, and have your
_ . ---,--, tote smaU plsqee.
iid to be presented with a couple of sticks, instead of knife and fork, to eat it with; to have, instead of spkins, a provision of little bits of silk paper by the ide of your plate, which, as you use, the attendants to leave your' place between the courses, to to amuse yourself, and to raise your chop-your forehead and then place them heri. :pon your cun, to signify that yon have jut dinner. On the other hand, the Chinese er get over their surprise at our way of dining. »k how we can like to drink cold fluids.
finished y

Tho Revising Barrister for North Lancashire, Mr. Edmund Maerory, established a precedent at the annual rerWon court for the borough of Danow, which l# bf Interest to political parties In genstoL He ruled
I t' I > ratino nnulifiratinn — -__> ,1 _____
net claimed to have his n
2!„ ......
pe^ week rent, him rcte was disallowed, on the ground that he did not pay sufficient rent. On the other hand, persons claimed to vote who wore not rated at more than £11, but who paid 6a. and upwards per week in rent, and the Revising Barrister allowed every vote of thia character. This precedent will enable several hundreds of ratepayers in Barrow to claim a vote, in-emuuch as rents, generally speaking, are high, and there are a large number of the skilled artisan clam who are paying 6s. and even more per week as rent. In one instance the Revising Barrister objected to allow a freeholder a vote on the ground that his lease contained a clause reserving certain rights for tho lord of
. Sin Bnmrtwm Pmmnju.—The fbneml of the late Sir T. A. Biddulph took place at Qewer oq Mon-day. The processiop consisted of a hearse and several Royal carnages, which left Windsor Castle soon after twelve o'clock. The mourners included tho relatives and friends of the deceased, the Duke of Con naught, tho Duke of Cambridge, tho Marquis of Lome, Lord Bndport, end Mr. Cross. The service, which was choral, waa performed by tho Dean of Windsor. The Qmccb and Princess Beatrice sent wreaths to be placed on tho coffin. During the interment the shops to Windsor were partly dosed.
Rqbbbby.—It. has been rumoured
some £3,000 of the money has boon recovered, but how far this information is correct we have no means of judging. The police authorities profas to know nothing about the matter, and w# beliefs no arrests have yet been rnsde. If the robbery has really been effected—and there is no reaaonahls doubt that it haa —the affair has been kept remarkably quiet, and the detectives ere as mysterious as aver. From another quarter it is whispered that one of the officials of the bank has managed to decamp with the stolen cash, and th£he has taken ship for a foreign port.—
Tub Fawns m Casrkebb. — A correspondent, writing from Brinugger, thinks that people Tri the
pwrtiaaHy depopulated. If. this account be net

Pau. o? a OnJhro Srano.—At the Hough ten-le-" ntog jkc^s, on Mohdsy, a grand stand, Crowded ith spectators, gave way. Twmuty of ths nerupenls -sre injured.
Pbwcbss. Alice—The preparations for break-rriV-kp the remains of the Princess Alice, now on the Woolwich, wore commenced on Monday, tkage haa been repnrebased by the Steamboat

gines alon
BT an Ostleh.—Acting under thi juipicaMuu tuu, uo hsul .lett .his trap at an hotel at i Henley, whereas be had really com* by train, a i farmer named Rushten, in a state of drunkenness, 1 went to the ostler, and told him to put in his horse, j On arriving home he missed a flfty-pound note, which wet traced to the pnmessku of the eatlsr, who has been |
carry food to our mouths, s* thi____
prisklng qnr llpe or poktog onr eyes 6uL They think t it fl«y droll to see nuts put on the table in their shells, and ask why our servants csnnot take the trouble to peel the fruit, and take the bones out of the I meat. They are themselves certainly not very ditEcult j to the nature of their food, and like such "things as fried silkworms and proeerved larv®. Bat they cannot (• understand the predilection of our epicures for high | game, nbr for cheees that sppeart to belong to the clsse of animated being*. So there is something to be said | on both sides of tho question.
. DonssTicATBn Snjtwoux.,—The magnificent ! silk-farms of North Italy obow the domesticatod silk-i worm at his best,. In these great nurseries the worm I is watched over with unremitting care, from the' ! moment when, a tiny black thread, he chips the shell, | ; until, a corpulent mass of waddling whiteness, he, leaves off eating) and clothes himself in the golden sheathing of the many-threaded mnAn t,y the many thousand worm.. — ____
." Black Bess," would he be transformed into Weston-super-Mere? y ..
"What man • carries every thin

When is water most liable to escape f—When it is only half-fwk.
What parts of the body are most useful to carpenters ?—Tho nails.
A hard bargain is ever a bad bargain for the eppn-
"doing out with ths Tied."—Accompanying the bridal party out of church.
An unpleasant sort of arithmetic.—Divisions among
A countryman admiring the stately fabric of St. Paul's, asked .whether it was made in England, or brought from beyond sea ?
If it takes two hogsheads to make a pipe and three pipes to make a cigar, how many cigars will it take to make a meerschaum ?
A Yankee editoss says, " Its march of civilisation is onward—onward, like the slow but intrepid tread of a jackass towards a peek of oats! "
It is nearly as impossible to get money ou* of a miser as it would be for a butcher to get mutton chops out of a battering ram.
A merchant, knowtog little of geogmphy, on hear-tog that one of his vessels was in jeopardy, exclaimed, " Jeopafdy, Jeopardy: where'* the* ? "
" Wall, my boy, do yen know what 'syntax' means ? " said a scnobl master to the child of a tec to-taller. "; the duty upon spirits."
A young lady, en being asked whsre was her native place, replied, " I have noneI am tho daughter of a Methodist minister."
Many a girl thinks she can do nothing without a husband, and when she gets one finds she can do no-

" Ku." said Josh; ** I beBeve to their and have witnessed a groat deal of iL'
A negro preytog, after the sgsa Lincoln, said. " No*, Lord, joe' tph,

—At Denbigh on
ss attacked by a ferret which______
its ear, roee, and check, and inflicted such terrible injury that it died almost immediately. The jury keeping the ferret about ~ the house by
tho^houso, ana locking the child up
Tub Teisitt IIocsb.—Owing to the death of Csp-tain Redman, one of the senior members of the Trinity House, the Elder Brethren of that Corporation hare, to a body, requeeted the Lord Mayor to forego this year the banquet in their honour, which had been fixed for the 31st ulL _ _ .
A Vassal Brmt orr Poktlaxd.—The Greek barque AnUpl, Cantoin Callloasllas. hum Dunkirk to New-port in ballast, has put into Weet Co tree with damage to stem and Iocs of jibboom, and landed Captain llesketh and the crew of the three-masted schooner Dritisb Seaman, of Preston, from Hull to Gibraltar, laden with coal, with which vessel she was to collision at 4.30 a.m., when about 12 miles off Portland. The British Seaman sank immediately. Nothing but a small boat was saved. Tho foundered vessel was built at Preston in 1870, and classed AA1, and belonged to the firm of Alauff and Co. . ■
Poachimo ArraAT. — Serjeant Gnvell, of the Gloucestershire Constabulary, stationed at Wotton-under-Edge, while on duty at Oxleworth On the 3rd tost.; was attacked by three poachers. Having received a, blow on his head, GriveH closed with his assailants, but receiving^ «*!ul blows on his temple, and growing week fromVae of blood, he waa com-'peQen to relinquish his hold. Having knocked the Serjeant down and jumped on him, tho ruffians de-csitrped, leaving a number of rabbits, and a quantity ef letting behind. After partially recovering, GriveU obtained sesistance, and waa taken to Wotton, where hie wounds, which are of a very serious character, were dressed. The men are known to the police.
Tub Caxtox Cblbbbatiox.—The executive committee have published, their final balance-sheet, and express their gratification that the anticipations contained to the rtport laid before the committee In November last have, so tor as the ultimate pecuniary result Is eonoeinsd, been more, than realised- In. that report it was stated "that a sum not fay.short ol £1,000 will be handed over to the Printers' Pension Corporation for charitable purposes;" the amount so banded over (including £210 17s. *d_ spociallyapuro- t 5"3rS
balance-sheet needs to be_ speciaUy menttonsd,^ the
iterate their hearty coegzatolations to the general ""ee- upon the saocassful. termination of the .<«.■ .hid.
,a-vv5j-.'i_oi ,!»vua till
ido by the many thousand worms, as they bii the fresh-picked leaves, has been not inaptly co to that censed by graatog shsep, whBs so spindles ere ever busy in reeling off the yellow film that is the future gnst for ths silk-mills of Lyons, Genoa, and Lombardy. Unfortunately, for some quarter of a century past, the eilkwotm farms of France and Italy have been scourged by a malady, akin to the oidium in vines and to potato disss under the influence of which the worms sicken a perish by millions. Ifo domartlo snimsl fattens rapidly as the silk-worm. Give him his choice, and j he will prefer tho lettuce to even tho white mulberry, I as he likos the white leaves better than the rod, and;
s better than our common English black.
wly-ac^uired wealth a

le to general beMsr pleeeed," seys Dr. Johnson, " when he has a good "dinner than when hie wife talks Greek."
Conundrum by an ." Arkansas Traveller."—Why to
th. M l».t. WW, uWrfbSf0 i!

vegetable fibre :
praised the mut-husband always
Wo hear people spoken of as '• sponges—tremendous sponges'." Ha, ha! it isn't water they absorb,though; , earthing but that!
A young men on the street, bemg chsrged with being lazy, was asked if he took It from his father. ... "I tomk noL" said the disrepetfulson; -faUmr'm
crawling alchemists that
sheeny silk. But such a (,___________________
to protect the toothsome white tidbits from ths beak; of birds; while it is difficult to collect the cocoons, anc a single thunder-shower or dust-storm means ruin t<
., persist in looking npoi
ido of things, and see a bad end to every rood beginning? There msy be natural reasons for ther despondency. Perhaps a man becomes a prophet of evil from tho influence of some early hardship, from defects in his education, or per hap* he-has Lad his funereal instincts developed by being wrapped up in a black shawl when Ifo was a baby. . However this may be, it is certain that for croakers of this elaae the light of life, as other men eee it, has gone out, and they behold all things though n mental gauxe which reduces all oblsets however bright and sunny to a dull neutrality of Sadness. The croaker is the sort of man who scowls on sB festive; occasions, and intimates to his family that they bi& better enjoy themselves while they can, as there may be many rainy days coming. Than we have, the female prophet of evil, who, perhaps, may not be morose in appearance, but is an eager little woman who flits about among her friends gathering msterisls tor scandal and assiduously re-eowtog them. "A little bird" has kid her that Smith and his wife are not. on good terms, and that Just before dinner last Sunday he threw the leg of mutton in the seal-hole, and beat her with the poker.
who is. particularly undeserving of it,
ber malignancy

ig for Adam to live hen there was not a woman on earth, how guilty are old bachelors, with the world full of pretty
•' Have you ever broken a horee?" inquired n horse-jockey of a reekleee-toeking young man. 44 No, not exactly," replied the young man, "but I have broken three or four waggone."
The drum-major who ran away from Chbkmmanga. when reproached with cowardice, replied-I d rather be called a coward all my life than be a con*e fifteen minutes 1" •
A contented mind lea continual feast Tee, perhaps; but there are men—gastrophilistio parties—who read it that ajanbnual feast Is the best way of getting u
A young lady said a pretty good thin? the other evening. She has many admirers among tho lunbs of the'law, and on being asked how she escaped huirt-wbole, supposed it was owing to the fact that "in a multitude of ssunsri&re there is safety.
A fast asked one of her brother s friends, a
stylish clerk, at (he breakfast-table, "Why is your
Imd totter go into the* vriB eo^le him to oocupv & high position to society. Let him try the roofing • • aa—in that trade a smart man will soon get to
P s lately depicting before a deeply
b the alarming increase of totem-LAtoniahod his hearers by exclaim-ng: "A young woman to toy neighbourhood died very suddenly last Sabbath while I was preaching the gospel to a state of intoxication."
Apeper to Maine has four million subscribers in one
wprtry.; This otr*orflniary stat«n«it is explained when it ta knewa that tho papcj; haa four subecrii- —
i namsd-lElBeSt. '--Irj • ' :
pew art-ct.t rtLmWs toe/rwi^euhtat
the ten of the let

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