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10 work, bat InttMd df doing »o In-Cot
, wul to labour for htm day*.
011 J. T. Tocker. Kaq ghaUxwm). and 0. P. Pcrkloa, CB*K a»D IWDKCKXTLT AMACLTIWO A LlTTLB OlIL. im« lalmer. caNrarr. of Q uc*n a-terrace. \Moch«*. - 'h.rved wllli bMng dniok and Indecently aaaault-
~ . of Btll«DMt'illOMll>
her and Indeeenriy aaatlfllrff lier(
. . " ' another girl. I
A meeting of thia Doerf*!* held at the rgkea K«»Jin«-foum, P»*r TinOften. on Monday alt» r> w.heu. their wyre yieaent tfle lUv. T. L. 0. Dv"a, (el,airman). hleaara. \*. 8. Lull*,- W. II. Chapnun.,aad TYK. Oawald.—The rninuwa of the previous meeting were read by Mr C; 8 Sutton, (the eleik), and atoned.
lap Kina Payne. ac«t la veara. of I walk, on Sunday night.-The compla
Baton referring to be, d be iilad to learn mort rnor board ftw aopplylnj
---------------,--------the whole of yoor dlatriet.
My lord* uaderetand that there are Uire* principal centre of population—«t Pear Tree Green. Woolaion..aiid Weaioc Comuon. Zbeexlatlns aehoola al Ih.w cauurea •ecara modate about soo children In .11 aud ItapwjAra ibat you,
enquire how much additional accommodation In all your
-----*------movlde, and In what part or parta of the
inquire alao to what .yo«r board propoae
The way la dark, my father I Cloud on clou la gathering thickly o'er my headend loud The thunder roar* above me. See, lWand Like one bewildered I Father takRy ban And through the gloom
The -ear la loo*, my Father 1 and my aoal
Long* for the rret and quiet of XM goal -. While yet I journey through thla weary laud Keep me from wandering, father take my h Quickly and atralght
Th«". aafe and bleat.
. .nriub:The croaa la lieavr. Father I I hare borne It long and allfl do bear IL Let my worn And dectlnr tnlrit rlae to that bleat land
A meeting of the Hartley Council «
_ _ ,a held 00 Monday
..........Mayeg &. ^
F=r Phlppatd, and Senior-bailiff J. D. Barfori, and fy.
The Brat boaineaa on ibe paper »»" the elaction of a Co-optatire member of the Council, ia the room of Mr. 0. Baaaett, wha retired by rotation, bet waa eligible for re-election.—Alderman McCalmont, in propcetng Mr. Baaaett'a reflection, aald that gentleman had carried out the dntiee of the offlee with much credit to htmeelf. and the Council elan.—Alderman Paaeenger bad much pleasure in avconding the re-election of Mr. Baaeett,
Tlia eecnnd anneal rafiatt Saturday afternoon in the It «rety reaped, a eery god

light and paltry at timee ...
e waler waa all that coeld be deetred f«.
xtchea, which we'a eloeely oonteated, la the claee for iling IwW »( W feet and andar, the rirale May and Truonia mat in in. aa they did at W eat-quay laat week,
tbia time, howeeer. May winning. Kara, moat aacceeeful boa la of her claaa. won tha

•nk Louiaa at the diaroaat of the committee aa a atation , off Eanaom a Wharf. A large otuntity of booting liaplayed in every direction. Mr. 0. Dewey, the

a Paaeenger next proceed the re alec —(A. L. McCalmont, Keq ) aa chairman tley Council.—Mr. Phipperd had moch flea mding the re-election of the Mayor, who w

. eecretary. oMciaied
. and. aaelited by
Nee*. 1» feet .....
Mrt. Joroma, gad laabam Efln Ctoopar, her ihtar. the divorced wii» of Qumge Slobba, tnannfactarer, of llridgewatar-eqoarts haa attended Wan Mr. Aldee-atan Figgina at the Ooildhall Police-coart, to know ■what they were to do under th« trrlaf djOTfUtteflag In which they were placcd. 3Ijv Jerome aaid that on the preriooa day, beforo Mr. Alderman Ltak, bar aiater waa brought up for eanoying Mr. Stnbha in hie buainoaa, and he than protaiaed that ha would make m allowance and would aetUe the amount with When the want to him he aaid he woo Id apt » her anything, lira. Stubba aaid that whan her huahand commenced tha divorce auit againat her ha only went ft* damagw againat the ?o-raapondent Ha claimed £ 1,000, and in damages and coata he got be-, tween fa00 and £400. During the whole of the proceeding, he waa living with her aa her hoaband, and * "nd aha had had two child ran aim* tha
# nover received any document ot aoti» except the ci^tion, and while the prooetdinga *ero Rotng on he tdd her it waa only for a aeparation, and
i aoon aa he got the damage* they would *---
v.# He kept her indoor*, for ra
ppointed, Dr.

wmmi = MS

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