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K0E ,. J.ckjon met him and asked him to go with k m t<> the Holborn Viaduct and now hit chambers. Kr. llamburgtr conmnted to do but had mo
.«,! hi. easaiUut some alarm, (or he made off. W-
„/ minda. ft. nje that in , rcligioua „„t.
ev ymm Agfoted M&-dWhMIwa^Wemed W&& m;
tfftt restoration to hearing by tho imposition of
of the Almighty to *pwe Sodom If ten
^ Ihit thowing rein wot invoked. The nun of Way lad * devoutly attribntad to thi* *upplica. ya by our correspondent."
tiuxge DEArajFiioM STiuioTriiATiosr.
<"C death of Alexander James Bridge.

r. I'ool, for whom the di J* ^,bfpU*p,i%.k*, eallod to *c* dcc«a#dl Mnoantwor ww ottmmod the door !rU foMd, : w: m of hit arms it wat tntpeckd by Dr. Ftnton j: decea^d had Inkeh poiaoo, and had afterwaHe L :,oRAILWAY SERVANTGT GRIEVANCES. ^"%^";of"a**y"minttandthe pubHh
U on Tnetday evening, at the LamWh Latht, ^ upon the government the duty of giving legi*. rdect to the moaturc* recommended by the RoV&I ion on Railway A cri/knts, with the object of ug the number of prevahtible accident* to rhU-f hyw. A reprrecntative of the Amalgamated . *ho *at one el the pnnoipal tpeokere, taid great point for which they were ttriving : make the companlet civilly re*pon*iblo for :s to thair servants arising from neglect of
- i-rccoution* in the working of the traffic. The
: d Trade return* showed that during three '; j few#r than 3.2&0 reilway tcrvanta had lot* eves on the lino of the United Kingdom, •t ivor 10,000 more had sustained, injuries . :So same time, and In the judgment of those i .l examined the statistic*, the vast majority. : accidents were ornninucd by fault due .wnagement. Mk, Helen Taylor mid the •'" farther, and fix a criminal responsibility upon magnates for thoir systematic and cruel ft "f the lives of their tervanU. Ghemoveda denlonng the number of deothtand injuria* w; t. reilwtv servants and the pu^io ly accident* ■ailvays, and recording the opinion of th<
wLMr.8.Mwn,innke. M n orcnmtfoab
i the kwer scale, should
is. isrs.
64,-.Friday-street. To. Crocker erected street, which
5iS?si *
" m* cov«#d ly uwuranc*. At
particulars h
iges with tie. Wbstuighouee brake apparatus.
daxnton appeared for the prosecution, and from his opening speech it appeared that on Thursday morning, the 10th inst., on the 1.10 p.m. fast coal train arriving at Welwyn Railway Station, the defendant 7** ***%."? ^ Tberdly, on th# trald
coming through the tunnel, on the bum* of the hind' break. A littlo further on tho train was stopped, in Mitmneoo* of m telegram received from the aignal-manof a ,station . through which tho train had pre-
port his mother and her two other children. The Chairman said that the defendant had been guilty of a most foolish net, and he might hare been killed. He jmuUW*topaf mSneof4*and*a. co*ta»or.lnd#.
or thwenkut* a military primmer at Ipswich Coenty Gaol, and he appeared to have formed a *trong dislike to one of the wmnlcm, Southgtte, whom he accimed ^anmkntionto^ommhlm. OntheWhDecemB boutbgate wat (along down pntoner W tkw other* for the purport of ezerdte, and whiltt In the act of oubcking m door, the other fnwome being kf ad-^ho had armed himself with* fomudablc-luoking wtmpon made wi*h a:door wedg*.
A: TRAIN TBROm^poWN AN EMBANK-Mtnsordinary eharacUr,. and
on steam, and pausing over the "trap'" point hi,
wgm^ temkr, and two waggon, wt*. oenWdowa
the embankment, which it at thi* point somo 18 or 20 feet high. The mgin* rolled over once, ##d then ""\«k*P"the wft earth; th* tende^wm* turned upside down, and the two waggons lay uppermost. The engine driver and stoker were partially embedded beneath th* engine, and it was aome time bafore thwy could be extricated. When they were released they wore both found to be fearfully scalded and injured. The stoker had his left leg broken in three places, an his left arm was taken oil and has not been recover**. Thie "driver, David Walker, had his jaw broken ao Several of his ribs smashed. The driver and stoki wtw taken to the HuddcnileH InArmary in a tpecial train. The former ,haa died there, and Very faint hepet are entertainod of William Goodm ttuker'*, recovery.
In the Ml.„ » .»P ««••) Miuruiure,
y bright and
lhe"%gne*.' Twl»x4ain,*wmb the mate, came up on deck to tee that the light* were burning, and then returned to the after cabin. -------auuwmwwve there but* very few moments before
fparently cut cloan In two. Two
It thould be maqtioped, alto; that th* Ion Company ha%a, for toqm time patt had t number of thmr engine* Btted im wfth a. rake detkned hy th*ii
mjuiouo oraao in their trains b< , and other parts of thoir lino.
.ended in tfio report of the in should be adopftd by Farli
• Uoyil Com ^ ___
]*t delay, tending at they would to redode Urn »cr of preventable accident* and: ofhet a great ? d bum*" life. Mr. Morgan Howard, 0,0., oaW the retbluhon, which wmt adopted by ac&t-submitted to
mpAntatlon be
< of life orcationed in tho perfon
t*h accident* eccnrUirougholEcli
1 he Chairman having been emp lion to Parliament embodying Ui
" I .Lour into this
by Mr. Aldiu. Mr. Kenny moved the first ion, as follows" That, in the opinion of this C. th* unpatriotic oooduct of *ome of tb#. builders of London, supported by the fu u Nitural Federation of Employers, bu they have never contributed, dtterve* the • Tpfubatlpn, Inatmuch at thy are importing. ■ workmen Into thit country for tho purposo of I'ting British mechanics and labourers, thereby ly injuring the native working-classes, but also icral tag.payers, whoso money is disbursed f< r workmanship. Further, wa mo*t *mpbati. ' ndemn the policy of the Government which - —.tional building, like'the Law. Courts, die dining saloon and ooi resolution having boci f-- v«.ricd with acclamation, a he following Fewlving a* w* do th* am^Vort, and th* unWr
op th* estabWimant wa#; engaged tfR after the premi**t hadcloted for the supply of cnt-torn art, *ad that whan he was coming away h* re-mombered he had forgotten hi* coat, and Immediately went :s*o«*h (^41 and whikt he wat eb engaged in the dark he feu down the thaftof the ttcani Lft, a
descend, and when It reached the 8r*t platfonn it drovo the unfortunate man's hood and legs with vio-bnw *gauwt th* dooHng. Aaai»hmce was at ooee rendseed, end the *ugerer taken to Charing-cret* Hospital, where he wa* attended by th* houto *ur. gaon. It it ttated by the ogcialt at the ttore* that had the *team been fully on, the Injured man would
tho other. His name it John Walsh, & resident of
-n turned into
l"tal retktod to,far the purpote cf crushing tb* w]101 aro not only fighting their own battle, • . it of the working-classes generally, wa>hoartily
■ beat thanks, and proi
rROFITABLE PAUPER LABOUR. preWam l»ow to prodtably utlli** pauper ** ,h^r0 botfn 'airlr well solved at the iowever, witn making.profit---------
tie above-named period a ###

to the ship Hampton, which _
Bombay in Jun. lad with a cargo of cealt. When the Hampton had reached the neighbourhood of the kychellea Itlanda, in Hie India Ocean, tmoke wat
tho hatches off it cam* up in such volumes, and the r ?? fo*=d to be to hot, that the men could not batchc* were them jiut on again, and, all being closed up, water was pumped on th* burning coal, until the vessel had about four feet of
fatermUiehold. Thithadnoe*act,andfourdayt
Jter the discovery of thefirethe fiamet burtt out fiwn Wchways. The four boat*, having been already monad, were *t once low*r*d,"and th* crew of 38
--by th* vessel for about three
the Hampton wa* enveloped in masts had fallen over the side, tame night the boats separated,
*°~I Vth°m' onebc^nta'n'nR the

thoir births, and unfortunately
ithepomtloninwhlcheoeof toe men would be lyiAg he must have been out in two, and momentarily, as the Annie Venwn atnmk the echooncr a most unearthly *crtam proceeded from the fore cabm, and then all wa**tilL Thodeccaawd men were ganger* to th* captain and mate; one was ahipncd at LWon, amd, th* oth*K #ho bclongid to Sunderland, at Milton-next-Sittinghdunw. The captain and mat* were taved W the crew of the torew, hich apjparontly was very little injured, and ware
*. The Ague* wa* built at Milton-
e, and waa a comparatively new *I#d at about f 1,800, and wm* not ito lost everything.
vessel. She wat insured. The captain and n
An Inquctt wat held at Plumttoad, on Satmday last, relative to the death of an illegitimate child, named George Curtis, agod five month'. The child died at the cottageof a widow named Armstrong, who has been a registered l*by farmer for about 18 month*, during
which period she has had charge of seven infants, aU
......, ^

ick and fowd him ttHking tho .warder with thfa capon, tbe"Wter having WIcn to the ground un-mtmoua and bleeding. They toized Uie pdtoner td the warder'* lif*. Aetittano* coming . woe wa* lockd up, but told the chiSf f ^ coowdared he thould only have one hit doty -if ho had killed Southgste, who suffered mn concussion of the bmln and had two sever* bgbter, and wa* still under surgical e pnsoucr crost-eaamlned the wit-net**, and ^dremcd the lury with great threwjnem.
I'oiboa him, and he dij try. Ho put laudanum in hi.
At another t„no ho put aft in hi. pud. H„ »„ canpletolj-mid.kntd by thi. treatment when he did
charge, and hit lordthip, remarking upon the pri-toner a former bad character, tontenced him to 10 yeara penal tervilude.
It it nearly thrt* mouth* *lnee the foreign 7^! intreduped tt th* neW^Aw Court*, and there have been on the dvqrago nearly 800 matons at work ever tmc*.. BAwwn 60,000 and 80,000 bWk*
no more hands are now required, the total number of masons now employed thsee being 280. The time mtdo dunng the present week i* 85) horns wch, kmgNsh'and fonngn. Mr. Stanley Bird had dming th* first four dayt of htt wesk applications from 78 men for vorK gt the old *ate, and this In addition to number* of men, who have gone to work fdr the dlf. krent mastera irrespective of the assoctalkn. Mr. Bram, who la bmldin. the new Manchester Hotel, ia ^Oty, has had appBcations foe work from no faww, than 800 men of di&erenterafta. a i* mid that thur* are at present 800 masons In Glasgow out of work, and about 800 at Bradford. The following I ' rmdutloa of the mafem in respect to the applic

"That the carpenters bo infor^«. the building trade does not warrant a

led that the a tat t increase on
present rate of wages, nor are the committee prepi to rscemmend any reduction in the boors, snd, Un for* they can see no advantage in the proposed c
Am^ig th*^ausss tUt con-f ^i ^ * kngwity. * potent on* mast b* the
tnple-hatfuls of money which pilgrims are continually giving him. •
"**=* junior of .h. m
L Axon a D'—Oh—er—pardong, Jlossoo
the Ecole Militaire.
A-X TUB MrrHorf ~ don, but I think

A WiMLio.-" No man shbuld marry," says a
toblo but also a walnut-wood piano.' ____
proper wnUmmt; but even then the mM^ctl*
whan^, foe many
and ends with pine.

Northern Railway in tlio way, where the accident, it through the negligence of the danta, and from the Injuria* husband had died, 1< '
BUInmoncd hyj Inspector Holo for crucllir'^.'reatinit a hnrao by confining itaad neglecting to ill, ply it witii .iilhciuut foodand wrator. Con.tabloTidbury mid that
apparently* a atffnng condition; he gave thi
a feed o* "*»*' -«----- « -
ronously; it v

illcgifimato, and all of who wot taken away, and Curtis, liko several others, house, and the mother wa hild would die if dep
aotbetmced. Thediild ) born in Mrs. Armstrong"s amed by Dr. Atkins that :d of its natural nourish-ner went to service, and Mrs. Arm-mdensod milk and patent food, con-' Dr. Atkini.....
the hatch'
left. They hours, by which flames, and her thr During a squall thi but four days after
Seychelles Islands, from whence they w« to Mauritius. Tho other two boats aftei at the island in safety.

annuated pollce-emcer from the 8 division. William Wnite, 14, Amor-placo, Limehouse, said that ho last *w Uie dooemaed, his father, at home on Thursday morning, the 10th inst. Since the lorn of his wlf& twrive mooWit fmm tmaB.pox, he had been detpondmg, kit nov&r threatened to take his life, but
G^de whRst in a *wi A Unsound Mind. Through the exertions of Mr. Olivers the corontv't officer, two of th* youngmt boy* of the deceased have been admitted to Mr. Elliott s homo, East India-road.
ment, but thi
elating of cooked Hi
*aid that thee* were quite Insufficient to support lift and that the want of pvoper food wa* evident in th* pwf'Marfre, examination, though the direct can** of death was bronchitis and convulsions. The jury returned a verdict of Death from natural causes, aocele-rited by the want of proper food, and strongly censured tho mother of the child and the baby farmer.
win Suicipb.—An inquest
Tub Attsmptbd Mi-re ^*d th* hf* of hi* *weetheart EUmbeth Bemtoo,
on Wednesday, tho 9th inst. a few days previously the mann been ttrenge. The inquett '

stated that for r of tho deceased had u adjourned for a
iNDiB.-At the ^ReighJoy Petty Set-
but ho expired before ____
Tub Baitroi. Dock IUtwo Cisa—The Recorder Of Bristol gave judgment on Saturday last in this case, in which the Bristol Corporation appealed •gainst the City docks being rated by the board of guardians ia the relief of the poor. His Honour decided against the guardians on all points, and, when asked for a case, said his power to state a case had been taken away, and (hat the proceeding* at quarter sessions w*ra (loaf ' '
Tk* llsLBiaaq Fsmians 1W Ibblawd.—On the arrival on Sund*y ov*ningat 8.80 of the four released Fenian prisoners at Kingston pier ther were met by a large cro*4 and b&pds. TT}« fp%^g members of parliament were preaent :--hft*tw. FameU, O'Connor
•bars a prooeasieo was formal torches, and baan^rt, - ifhich

6ions, Albert Jl________, ________
the effects of the landlord, the house being required & r ^ *%tcntion, ran up a contidar-
able hilL He received on* month*' fmpritonmenL . G"cn,, or Sr. PaoL'a CaTMnmaJ-On tho 8th
" ........u.k°n to St. Bartholomew', Uojpiul,
.OS idrintifiod ■■ »h.f -I »f""rn ■
eouninff Urn • twmm.. -*e mgLw a and wrote
saras aSSS:
^blo*aidatth*timehewatnotawarethatthod*ftm. «^t had wld the horeeWa knacker; h* had dnco heard thathe*oldittwohour*prevmu*ly. Th*mar*appcared not to have been fed for several days. Mr. Francis Ridler.avetaHnarytargoon, tald thathewatcaBedto tho shod on Sunday and saw the mare, which was in an
enmemted and debilitated condition-It wa* a skeleton, *kin*hd home, and the eye* eunken in the head; it could Karcely *tmnd, and, in fact, when the animal wat moved "reeled from one side to the other. The appeal anccs of tho animal indicated starvation. Ho examined
chaff. The bonstablo wi _ _
did notttop to chew the oat* and chaff, but *wallow«d Hie plecre tt they were taken into the month. Mr.
=****- He ordered the defendant to be impruoncd for one month with hard labour.
an action ,n the Exchequer of the Uigb Court to recover oou,pen&,tion for a .prions accident
lulled. The ,l.i.a°£^to EL°e"7.,SdCi a" ministratnx of her late husband on behalf of hcreelf and two children. The defendant*, contractors at n5ar L<.e
  • wer_e the owners of an iron x station of tho Great a Sisters*.road, Hollo-*** alleged, occurred servsnts of the defen-eceived tho plaintiff's
    Comit for th* assessment of damagea. Mr. Serjeant
    the pwtie*, ami .the Coqrt wa* informed that, ly content, a verdict would b* taken for f600—#50 for th* widow and JG50 for th, children. A vcrdict wa, owordmgly recordtd for th* amount.
    th* mu**uu department, Dr. Forbe* Watmn, hod been
    kwe^y of State, Lord Baliebury. 3%, hmk* had chW, and In one wte th* enure front of a dmw had been brekdn away.
    wat evidently not the object of the
    i Onb Tocch of ^NiTt RB-Lodging-houso
    i!SJ^.rt* v S8"'.,"d him " bi» incom-moded through the nun a-dnpping into hi. mouth of a night and a-apilin' the good iporreta ho tu&B of a
    .> (From the Hornet.)
    wco of revenue it neglected by .not.taaing the
    thief or thieve*, and, in foct, there w*ra no money *
    watchmen patrol the office during the night, and the room* *re left onm for thtir insperfino. Detectivw ""mediately sent for, and are engaged in the
    lb* P*ri*I*n* eat up aU their horeet that are pa^ ^ ^hnt an attack of plethora
    (From FUnny Folks.)
    Tit tor TAi.-Coqnotte (to .horn Eligible Party ha. ju«t unsuccepsfully propoeed): Oh, I dare «iy th,,
    time*** have had a chance of refuting. v\.R* Amuri>uj<.—We cannet adpire
    hbimhty nf patent medicme vendmit. Who can take pills wholesale to s
    ' doe* your (loor tpeakr ex-
    claimed the sttoniahed qnaSocnT A traveler recently "topped at a waytide Inn

    rnko, and without any proroction .truck the plain-
    111. eye had to be doctored for two or three week., and called him to bo away from buaine... Ho tranracted htuune.. for hi. father at Rotterdam and Belfast, and by commiwion earned from £3 to £10 per' week I he defenco waa that the plaintiff had put
    -ry returned a vmdict of f 1& for th* plaintig, and j t - the higher scale.
    wn* nng^ wlected one woAh fl :o&, which he plawd upon hi* finger, *aymg h* intended to keep It,
    into custody, at he had no friends, and could get no employment. Notwithttanding nrotecufor't jwreua-tionk Rwt refuted to partake of anv food or accept of Mr*. Bonner * offer to j*y for h6 lodging*. H* w*a qmfo *ob*r.w A couttabl* waa *cnt for, who took him to th* Hall, wh*re he ttated he had been out of employment three month*, *nd tried In vain to pro-euro work. Mr. Bigg* admonished tho accuaed aa tc hi* foobah conduct, and, a* *rea*culor did not with to press tho case, discharged him.

    certified for costs o

    OWtfTloji or a Club Maaaoaa.—The Eirming. ham Recorder • ha. allinned the conriction of the
    tended to extend to eating and drinking.
    Cvhiovu Po.cnixo Caai.—A remarkable poaching
    a a fellow is too buy to work in thi. section," correspondent, from a Cuiada East,
    "Now, Aunt Chloe, if I waa to buy you a new 2..
    (.Te°giCM )" "* k"° " "°°I'i U
    The young married man who found himself at tho 'Oning, with feet in «tecl-
    a liberelappKcatiouof black.Iea«l
    to know-how fong fhithoute.
    e, the othi coloured boots, froi in the dark, want

    ip of a k-—< •*—• -.1*7
    he ■ waa fined £1 and ooata. y .,,
    iliSiiSI __ __ "«£■£
    lt.fremtheton(^al^ooiyd*^HV«d*hi; __
    eaoumat for half an hour. At toon at ha recover* he will improve th* machine.
    edocatwn. Addre**,"Ac. mean* an*
    " ~ picture* ii^inded. for
    thould bsadopUd before parlia-
    ft. don't make any ••-•y. Dad is fearful l-the clerk.—" Dunno,"
    3%?^ P»oture of the genuine feature*
    t as*
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