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mrur.lin; ot tbe lotnl prises has just taken plane, R. C I^I.e, Esq, kindly acting as judge. Stey Were^wurded. n< follows;—I he Hon. K. Ashler's priio to P-K^iler, for a head in chnlk. from aonstj tlieex-MnydtV (II. Abraham. Ksq ) priM to Miss A. Oolson, for n pJnling of a 6gure. subject from • cast, A Brad-lev's priwi to Miss E. C. Fowler, for a painting ofv n group of flowery from a oopy; Mr. Alex's (the late) pritoto I Kelly, for a water colour parting of still life; Mr T. Kalreys prize to Fred. Short, for a painting of flower* from nature,, Mr; 0. J. Phillipe's prita to Mis* It llickerly, for a chalk drawing from a cut of ornara. pts; Mr. Alderman P«»senge?e (hon. too ) prize to Miw E Hellyer, for a *at*f colour painting from a ca»t. FiOy-thrr* aeti of drawing*, pml#Umg% Ao , were eont in for the above oompetition.
Explosion or Oa*.—On Sunday evening, an explosion of gas, fortunately unattended with very serious consequences, took nlaoe at Mr J. W. Gordon,s Theatre of \ arieUee. We learn that Mr. Gordon having entered the hall with a light, an explosion immediately followed Mr Gordon was rather se«eiely burnt about the hinds and fane and eome of the windows end fittings in the hall were damaged, but not seriously. It is behoved the explosion arose through the neglect of night*"™* '° tQr® "E the burners on Saturday
Tut Southampton Fine BatOAnE.—The following communications have beau addressed to the Press witti Up l*W Sf 1m Ba^.stmeL-Slr.—After the specimen offered to us at the late Are In 1.!.V1*^1 M 10 cBclcncy of the fire Brigade, I think m10 "" "* "•
.. at a quarter to la. and at play In very good lima. The Southampton " eoulne arrived at two minutes to It, tvtnly minutu coming from Orchard-street, i It wss then taken to Kast sneak but neither police nor firemen knew t\* Arrpluf VOM. At lest ooo was found at the comer of 1 oik-bulldlnge. and. the ho«e being Joined. It wse then u,ef® w" **& sufflclent length, and bark, to Orchanl-itm-c (lie fireman had to go to get more. Too Ml lSner- P?rh*P»- tn" "0" •>» »"• Mady, but not so. fortbe firemen Ka&fir often lAe kraach. which being obtained
-I■Z-Vfnw mTwuotnr nvs/.. mvwrto kotow ahtuok
arnr^y lAe «****,
that a more disgraceful exhibition of en-
,ome ,t,e*°f the requelte efficiency, and.
Yours »«|r-E>|AH0Ct 11. High-street. Southampton. January 13th, m*DtU -i. I L.,?I,0^M" With any suppoalttons. nor wit what might have happened had there been any wind or li house burnt attached to others.
«msldermM# aim, before tlm gre-plag could b. found. Ti »t ^mo" emP,lW,cally to contradict, aa the fire plug|waai open and tUe stand.rd fixed btfor* lU tnjin, had
'unmn^r esolaid $m*P Kwcm 8O«KT* .- %#e MO »nd anniversary kt Proemmi'le of a branch of J she Owanhnt England Temperance S .cle'y wul..l>.» ed ad Tue'dsy bv a tea at the scb.nlrootuv, wl.icl™was followed by a Urgely attended public meeting prey tho Rev. J. D Arty Praston, wlio'ivat supported lyibaBae. A._p.Blmm,,tha Kav. J Haltm.. Ur.
tarn, Mr. T. W. Glover, and others.—The Cliaijman baring opened the piocaedlngs with prayer. Dr. Orb..rn. or Bitteme, addressed the tneotlng, cong^alulating them (n the establishment of the branch of the Society, and said be hoped that from the nutubcr present, they might auger for it a pro,perou* career. He quoted the opinion of judges Md s io the evil eOtcls of drink, and warmd them thai l.. treating bn thU subject they should deal with facW, (or awggarallo* would never help them (hear, bear). He urged there wm abundance of evidence that to argue tlie use of intoxicating lirfuor k*#a^ OM". KrwgU: ww a f.H^. It wa, kn-cluslvely proved by the experiment, of Dr. Parkes, at Netley, that.stimulants decreased rather than increased strength. He preferred the term irritant to stimulant;
yj' Mdv y a atrine to a bona, and if men could but be pe'suaded that the money they ipent in Anmk wmld be baWar W e«* hi siholdewt* and eubetan; Ual food, a gre-t good would be effected. His own Mnmgaa* cwwkm. afiar an aaperienca of many ^ars. personal and otherwise, was that alcohof did ne good whatever to people in health, though ha-was not pre-
«r^ "V"^r^:-u ZLZtr,:.
man. Ha detailed aome experiences he bad gained aa chaplain of the Northampton gaol as to tbl advantsgee
come a total sbstalner. He maintained that the Church wEngkml abemW I* to the front In tba.proasotlan of everything that conduced to the moral and spiritual wet-1^2*. u p**p*«f**4**peeeeed hie regret that It had not Uken up U.e temperance movement years ago. He condemned the way in which the teachings of experience
pecti^of the temperance agita-ion—Other speakers fot-----' - very successful
In-ititdtion. .— On - — -----f of the present lecture
wdwnc#.pWaidadns^ ty Mr.T Falwy. Tbnnhmi,. man. in *yma,ano:nK *b# prooaadlnga, said ha d#. aired by the president (Alderman J ones) to exprese his rogrtt at net being able to be with them that evening,
ing one—it was to congratulate the members on tlie oootwu^l aueoaaa and popmlariu; of thw inmtituUpe— a smeewa and popularity which he truste<| would long continue. In every point of view the institution had been succeaaful. The finance committee, which met ast week, decidod upon devoting £10 towards repairing the booke in the library. £10 iu purchasing newb ioka, tod ^10 upon improving and repairing their premises In
Hanover-buildings, and aflir doing this he---
to say there remained a balance in favour of tba insti. tulion of upwards of £20. a statement which he felt sure would be received with much satiafaction by the whole of the members. The selection of lectures and entertainments that had been made by the committee was well calculated to give pleasure to all rupporters of , the institution. The committee had bean to some trou-hie and loss of time in order to procure a fresh class ot entertainments, and ho was pleased to say-they had bean enoc—afmL Ha vtevrad lo the maatlnga of tbe de-biting clasa, and Said he considered that class deaerving of all the support the members could extend to it. The chairman then introduced the concert party, which was oompomd of Ihe Mlowing mrti»taa:-Mr. &. Blagrove, concertina; Mrs. R. Blagrove, solo pianoforte; Miss Conitance Lavton, aoprano: Miss Helen Heath, con-traltoj and Mr. Charles Tinney, kaas. The concert friramsnccl with a trio, " Queen of the night" (Henry Smart), which waa given in a very creditable manner Vr Him L.jlcn, Mm II»lh. u I Mr. T.»n.Alkf this Mr. and Mrs. Blagrove favoured the audience with a dnat. " Pau^" (Goonod), on the oooeertinm and pianoforte, and which well deserved the hearty applause bestowed on it. A song. " .Marcuerile" (Ann.n Fewk—1
Local Lwoidatiobs.—J. f^tmbf atapton and Lymlngton, auctioneers; and J. Cdlbort.e, Lym ngor, b»ctlonecr.
Tmm TmulM M* ME Csfe—TierUnkq r*n. pany o steamer D^nnlie, having bn boar I seven jo'Ro a and 28Jnon commUaioned ofheers and ms*i of t|e iW'h Hegiment. arrived at Madeira oi I'ua&day kvenlng, after a very fast passage of bar dfya four hours, and after embarking telegrams, Ac., proceeded for Algoa Bay
Gas Expuwoi in Hocscs —It is a gooJ sign of the times when lecturos »re delivered to juveniles upon such ooal, aud i( is to be hoped that the I,
■10. 1X78..
.aws% HO SKOTi ia
i._ ,..k ,f.lm' ''r- J"""" obinlicut aervant.
Jan. lJtb. uts. Leo. t*. Knr, Aaalataut Turncock. naMiwimm U*:o* op WomKugw": Cwma awn l^ J'TUTES.— rhe council of tba above held a meeting 9? Iwt. whanaWven eloba war.
affiliated to Ihe Union, including the Froemautle Club and Institute, the Rouisey Social Club, and the Basing, stale Mechanic s Institute. The Union (of which the ltight Hon- Vf. Cow par Temple is president), is in connection with the London Working Men's Club and Institute Union.
London and South-wcstrkn Railwat—The next half-yearly general meeting of the Company will be held on/Thnredny. the IBlb of Febmary, when the dlreetore will submit the uaual report, a dividend will be declared and the general bueineaa of the Compae, tranaacted. At this meeUng there will bean election of three directors * Cantnln Jamee Gilbert Jobnaton, Cbarlee bmith Mortimer, £eq , and William Philip Knell, who ratre bf rolaUon, aud o@er tbemeelm kr re eleetlon. Ibe following special matter will be submitted to the meeting, viaThe croatioi. and disposal of the ahare MpiW or stock aulboriwd by "il,„ Suutl, W,„.rn Railway (Various Powers) Act, 1 77," to bo created. Afterwarda the meeting will be special fer the pnrpoee of oonaiderlag and deciding with reference te the same.
BKgLTnw'a OaTOPTaic LaMM.—Gar altentmn baa been called to a very conaidemble improvement which baa been introduced in the construction of the reflectors MP 'b* natoptrk pHample, pnteewd by
Mr. Skelt. n. Heretofore the reflectors were made with silvered glsse, the metallic backs being protected by 3 be eertaimty. bowewr, of tbe ailver OxdiawKirexpoaadlofbealramdlbe neoertalo naiere of all preeervaUw ooallnga, rendered thwe otberwsw excellent reflectors liable to deterioration and decay. Mr. Skelton appears now to have secured the most per-lect dnrebilHy by the ueeof a noa-oziduable melanieed gloaa having a r.flective power, little, if at all inferior rrqu^ring no prot Ctioe whatever, and not liable to be affected by expansion or contraction from variations of tcmepralure. This improvement uocessarially diminishes the expense of repairs very materially, and should reoder the use of theae reflectors in the tops of all street lamps a matter of ordinsry practice.— Cat Journal.
Fl"T.. Hants ABTic.i.rar Volvntrkbs.—This corps drill year commenced on Monday evening, when, to the nomber of between 110 and 140. they aaaembled at their Diillball, PL Mark's-rond, and headed by their band, under the leadership of Mr. W. Can'jlo, the bandmaster, bad a march out They prooe*'#d through Newtown, Bevois-Valley, aud Porlswood, various movements being executed en ro,Ue, and from Old Portswood to the turnpike-gate at Swathing they went at the double When the band waa not playing the corps marched tothe tune of various popular songa, great prominence being giyen to " We don't want' ht, but hy jingo if we do," io which the large nuro rsona
who accompanied them joined heartly, eu istrict
through which they passed was enlivened wu« .„e sing, ing and the band, which played some capital murchas in admirable style. A baft was made at the Fleming Arms, where refreshments were obtained, and a little
lowed, and the meeting, which......
a*dosen strokea bad ^ayer^^' "ilkl ll,e u,lul ut thanks and
Abot« Bar Yovxa M«k> Christtas afsociatiox^-
About ISO of tho members and friend, aat down to tea, which was provided by Mr. Kite, of E*st street. There 7** j attendance at (he entertainment which fol-
an inangural mddraee, in tha coo-., of which be refeved to the fao* th.1 meny/of tboee who originally wtaWiahed
haying aid the members under a debt of gratitude for
t^at Aaaoclailon without great and incalculable good boing dono-the taate being refined, the mind expanded,
on/er lh. AiuosSr^r.'otaJuTVralll* 5iu. 'pZitt
bemg Ihe acympanieL Mr. & !1. Bo&.er followed with a prologue of hia own composition in .Iiich he glanted
The el,or, . »ai.«p«r. oeWneloompoWtlM, by one of the member*. After Ihe part swg " Tbe lark" (Mendelsohn), Mr. P. J. Trlppe secured the amused attention of his listeners by tho reading "Tom d.wyer " (Mark Twain), wbleh proved one of tho most interesting eolectione of the evening. Another part song. " Haymaker.'aong." «u folio wad t.y a well-en stained debate upon tho right of women to the franchise and to occupy some of the ststlons now cx-oliaively allotted to men. In which the mmrmallva side u*u;U^Cn j ^CMr'- "HI. W. Hawkegwurth. and Mc » blniiio, and the negative by Mesere- H. Aahdown, J. Roberta, and A. Qough. The theme being one of exceptional Interest to a mixed audience, the debate formed ' attractive portion of the evening's programme.
The Diver (Loder), by Mr. Tinney, and then the .mna, "Bob#lotnoheadofo"(Myeebeer), wee given io an excellent manner by Miss Lay ton, with concertina obhgato by Mr Blagrove. Mrs Blagrove then gave a eolo on Ihe piaeoforte, " Moee In Kgitto" (Thalberg), which was well sustained, and was followed with tie preWj belled, "Jenny of the Mill" (Ledoo), efficiently rendered by Miss Heath. A solo o eoeoeMinn, "Ln Sonnembaln" (Regondl). by Mr. Blagrove, having been given, the duet, " I know a Maiden (Balfe), was given mott creditably by Miss
Layton end Miss Heath. A song. " 0 warr......
(Adams;, by Mr. Tinney. followed, and this >» «uo-coeded by Miss Lavton'a song, "Oh, had I Jnbel'e lyre ' fHandel), which waa warmly and deservedly applauded Mr. and Mrs. Blagrove again favoured the audience with a concertina and pianoforte duet, and a vocal trio, " 1 he Troubadour," by Miss Layion, Miss Heath, and.Mr. Tinner, brought the programme to a oloae. .Several of the pieoeis were enimMid. and the whole programme waa oerried oot In n moat able manner,
theyjearry away will be vulusblo to them in after life At tbe Society of Arte the other evening Professor Barff produced before his audience a miniature explosion
lug alight into contact with it mixW with air. One would have thought that this caution would be observed by everyone, and yet we know such is far from being the f a«*her accident oomnred
with fatal results. Mischief mostly occurs
none Ik. nt«f%A —_____-__i _____
following words _ _______t ............. _.p w
eacape of gas, immediately turn olTnt l'ie metre, open all doors and windows, end call me."— The Sanitary
J annnrylSIh. -Concert-Lecture—M~r«. 'si'-Tcf .rren^ U'3." *ebrmary«h.-Lectnre." Ariel Mangatlon." Ulastrated
7T BreaM\&^f A.g
by tbe flight of balloons—K. V
The National Anthem concluded an entertainment which in point of variety and execution compared well many other such perforuianoaa in the peat hiatory of the Association, and reflected creditably upon all.
Thi Fihb in East-stubbt.— Nothing is knoan of the origin of the Are, which resulted in about £600 dwnago, but Mr. Carter Is covered by Insurance! We learn that when the men left work at 7 o'clock in the evening, the foreman went over the premises in the d*rk, and when Mr. Carter went io bed he looked out of the back window and saw nothing to arouse his suspicions, although it is believed that at thie lime the premises muet have been on Ore. hut the omission to di.cover it it. ay be accounted for by tho fact that it broke out in the rear of the factory, which being divided by a party wall would prevent a person at the other end seeing ,ny-thiag lesa than an actual outbreak of flame. As to the hurating nf the hoee. if it he true that it bai been in 20 years, and Is full of putche*, it ia much to has not been reported to the In charge refu.e
Kebrnary aith.-Conrert. -Two Honrs with and
tho loete. —J. Ubeililre. harp; Mrs. J >--
Pianoforte; Mdllo. llolcn Arnlm. vocallil
V^broanr Mb.-Leetere, "The Kua.o-TurkUh War." Illuatratwl w|tn splendid dlasolvlng views.—a J. Maiden. Kaq.. KR.O.S.
March 6th.—Leeture, " Tho Luxuries of Llfn-a-claaa nf wine, a cup of tea. a pipe of totarro, and the cruets." with experiments.—J. * "
March 13tli.—U________
March 20th.-Lecture, ......
an d moral la t."—>>nnk Curxon. Kan.
Mareh Mth—Itnadlnga from Kt
a from a Lccturcr'a Log "
Record --------— ,
Soma Stmn.x OooRst™ Own-Om „K .radm will rtgret to he.rramo-jr. of a probibilit. of
fusing to grant the uro of hia ground, for continuing the sport. The meeting has been raised from a mere £l dog stake to a gathering of a hundred and fifty dogs, attracting 4 large number of horsemen and others in-teU* country .port, fj'tr -
The St. Andrb#'s" Mctpal Improvkmbnt A'swku-nON opened tbsseaaloii on Pritliy evening by a debate Can the BHtlih nation be identified with the Lost E.Affir^nat,iTl' Mr> Pn,t '• n**»tive. Caotam Bltole.B.R; ; Dr. '-ake and Mr. Moee ley supported the negative, end Mr. Adams the affirmative, but owing to Uie emient of the enlgeet. It w., Imroeslble to Mmsb tbe deb.te tb.t evening, .nd it was adjmirned.
Bar, a presentation of a handsome silver bujO box was
Cammittee—Brs. Soots, Dunford, Boulton, "
Watera. A aenond . _ j .

second pressnution of a viable album made to the treaeurer, Br. S. T. Bmilicm. The
of tho Court, Br. Dunford, who pointed out that to the efforts of ibeao officer, were mainly due the rapid ex-
to the manifestation of that good feeling which w., a chnrnctywtio of the Conn. The preeenlntlen, were acknowledged in appropriate tetms, and kindly congratulations were exchanged.
Enoinkkr Voluntbbrs.—This popular corps, of which Captain H. P. Bucban ii tho commamd-Ing oUcer. hadeoliurohpera'leon Sunday la«t. They
master, nwclied to Millbrook old church, where they
•n. At the conclusion of the ssrmon and o«ioro in. congregation left the church the hand of the corpe played U,e " Olorl. ,n EacelA." which bed n ve^ fine-fleet within the walls of the ancient fabric. The Kngmaen marched back lo the town, and were dhmlaeed opposite Ihe Royal dolel. the bend playing Uie Nntkeal m »— ^ There waa a numerous muster of the corps II attendance of tbe bund, and the officers pre-e Captain Bucban and Lieut Barton-Browne.
SH22SS2: JJa
to my Govern menu an,11 at once agreed to make au Inqolry of Urn kmperor of Rnaale whether his Imperial M Jeaty would entertain overture; for peace.
The Kmperor expreaaed. In reply, his earnest desltn foi ponee. and suted at the same time bis opinion aa to tW cojirae which should be pursued for It* attainment.,
Upon tills sebfect eommunlraflona have taken place between the Governments of Rueata and Turkey through my good oflleea i and I aarncatly troat that they may lead to a paclfle eolation of the point, at Issue, and to a termination ot the war. ho efforts on my part will be wanting to promote that result.
Hitherto, ee far as the war fias proceeded, neither of tht bel gerenta haa Infringed the eondltloue on which my neu. trallty la founled. and I willingly believe that both partlei ara desirous to respect them *o far as It may be In their
UMnpeeted eeenrrenoe mav rind* It Inenmbent on me lo adopt measure: of preenntlon
Papers on theae affairs wtll shortly laid before you. ' frlendl" ■*' forel^a Powers couUnue to be
N! .xwtWn. ke" by my Wenl Gnvernmdnt lo sullerlnga of the population, .nd In that duty

my colonies.
Inquiry should be made Into the > dlmlnlab the danger of anch
he regretted that its
Town Council, am that if tbe______________n„
to secure an efficient hose, public opinion may be brought to bear on the question.
HaMrsRiBB amd North Wilts Banking Company. —The directors of ibis company state In their half yearly rep9rt to the Slat of December Uat that the net profit was £42.061,- including £J.0O3 brought forward. The ordinary expenses of the company came to £25,773. It propoeed In pay a dividend at the rale of 30 per cent, d % piece 410*00 In re^e. After adding to
the Loneole held, lo brlhg thetotaluptofWOW). a balance of £1,251, Will be left to be carried forward. "*L~ ' ' " T'Ubt due on djopoal J
later on the corps began to march back to Southampton where they arrived about 11 o'clock Captain J. 8. 1 earce waa in oommand, the other officcr present being Lieotensnt W. J. Keuvin.
Tbinitt Parish.—Tbp Holy Trinity branch of the Church of England Temporanoo Society spent another most enjoyable evening on Tbeeday last in tl Infant's schoolraom, New-road. An excellent onte tiinmcnt consisting chiefly of recitations and songs, wi given by tbe members of the 8L Lanrenoe Temperance Society. The Rev, Creeswell Strange occupied the chair euppgMed 1^ the llev. J. Bpenoer BUI, of 8t Lnhels, Mr. Buddeo, and others, fhe Rev. H. H. Pereira and O. M. Owen ware unavoidably absent much to the regret of those aaaembled. Earnest addresses and words encouragement were spoken during the evening, i tbe meeting wss brought to a tloee by a hearty vote thanke to the members of the St. Laurence Tempera, Hodctf, who had contributed so largely lo the euct .. of the evening. It may be mentioned that the Holy Trinity Temperanoc Society is in a flourishing condition, and eioce fthe last meeting. 18 adults have beoomt members; making a total (exolnsive of thoee who belong to the Band of Hope) of 233 on tbe books sad of these all with Ihe exception of 9 are total abstainers. Thh French Ilcmbnt ik New Oblians.—The 'Crescent City," a# tbe inhebitante love to etyle it, atill retains much of ite old Prenob character—in its manners and cu.tome, in the vivacity of ite inhabitant*. . . . Here you paes s caf*. with theawning down, and peering in cani diatingnieh half a doteri bald, rotund nlq boys, dnnkmg their evening absiofhe, and playing picqeet ana rtnyt-el-un exactly aa in France. Here, perbepe. is a touch of Americanism: n la ay negro recumbent in aoart, witb his eres languidly closed, and one dirty foot sprawled on the side walk. No! even beresponde to your question p Fr«Da group of Franch negroes, tbe buxom girls dreeeed with ,nd with railr-noloured bandkerchi-fs wind aboatan unpardonable luxorianoe of wool. Their
his tailing tim iKat V.... ____wuwvpi
bills, he., £2.676 850; in hand, Ac., £551,519 ; and Stocka Of various descriptions. £734,372. i
coustt Couet Pf.B8.-A Parliamentary return gives the following details of ealarlee and fees of registrars of tie County CoUrU In Hampeblro. doulh.mptus:. ml.ry, £516; fees. £151; ditto under Admiralty jurisdiction, £47; remunerallon, under Ibnkninto, Am, OCd; fe.a ss district registrar of Jflgh Court, ou which clerk hire is provided, £110. Newport _... Ryde, salary, AM; few, 4*1; remuneration under Bankruptcy Act, £115; total remuneration, jt'501 fees as district registrar of High Court, out o. T.i'^5, °J ,'®r® '• Provided. £51. Portsmouth, Salary, £692; fees, £83 ; fees under Admiralty jurisdiction, £7 ; remuneration under Bankruptcy Ac, £2*0; total remuneration, £1.022; fete « district regiitrar of High Court, f*. Wincheeter, salary, £243; feee. £*#; re-twnTaaO* UU(lc' u*nkruPtc/ Act,£31; total remen^ra-

renlngGeorge Rogers. ames,w u' ' ' '
Marland Terrace, when the vehicle cap.ixed" Throwing Ite occup«nta out Into the read, and Rogere and James were rather seriously hurt. They were attended by Dr. Aldrtdge.
Tub Aimy Mbdioal Dbpartmbnt.—Surgeone-Mejor
Mcl.ean.Colton. Ongleton, Harvey,Quintan, and Preston, of the Arm, Medical Dep rtmeni, left Pwtemoulh on Huaday in the Indian troopship for Bombay.
Mim Worm's Ooucbrt.—The pianoforte recital announced to be given by Mias TVurm, at the Royal Victoria Rooms, tskes place on Thursday evening, the 31st insL, Instead of Wednesday, as previously announced.
Atdbrlbt v. Habtrt.— This trial was set down for the 11th, but wit poetponed. It Is another of the feuds
left ae a legacy by the convict Be"Son, who contrive 1 to ,b" "™
a rolled-up Hcdobhoo.—When disturbed in ite excuraiona tbe Hedgehog has the habit of rolling itaelf up into a ball, with tbe heed end lege tucked carefully away under the belly, at.d tho whole exposed surface complete!/ encloeed by tbe spiny skin of the back. Thie u effected by the contraction of a most oom plicated system of cutaneous mufcles. the most important of which called tbe orbicularis ponnicvli. forming a broad band eacircling tbe body, draws together the edgee of the spiny part of tbe skin towards the centre of the ventral side of the body thus forming e eort of prickly bag with-in which the whole body and limba of tho animal are inoloaed. When thue arranged, by the action of the cutaneous muscles, the wbele of tbe sptnea of the upper aurfeoe areetroogly and firmly erected, making a fence whiob suffices toproleot the Hedgehog from the attacks of nearly all his eoemiee. Scarcely any doge cen be found with pluck enough to meke a auonoeeful attack up. on a rolled-up Hedgehog,although it is said that some dogs and foxes have a trick by which to, get at him, founded on the fact that a jet of water poured .into the email eperture within which the head of tba animal ia oooewaled will caoee him to unroll himself at once. The eeme power of ooatraetloo serves the hedgehog In good stead In protecting him from other penis. If be finde blmftlf mJUug down a precipice'", from the top of a
msnsgsr of the Hampshire Bank, Salisbury, hae been
■A. Hubbard, Kaq., b*aa.
TUETELEPHOEE at Ojmo«NE HuuEK—On Monday, by invitation, Ihe telephone area eahiblled to the Queen by Professor Bell and Colonel Reynoltle. aeeialed by Mr. 0. Wollston. After explaining the meohaniem of hie invention, Professor Bell held telephonic communication with Osborne Cctiaga Her M^eelj conversed ^th Sir Thomas and Lady Biddulph. and later Miss Kate tieldeang eeveralaooge, and remind the epilogue In
As You Like It," both being perfectly audible. Tbe noxt experiments were with Cnwee. with equal success Aller Hie Boyal Mbbneee the Dnhnnf Cnnnsnght had convsjwlinn with Webber, Mi.
W. H Preeoe. of the Pnet-odloe, lahed friwn Sonthamp Lm with Prdeeeor Bell end Cbkcel Reynolde. Bugle playing from the eeme town was delightful, but the mueio of an organ in London was I see aat ia factory, though cheering md laughing in London was distinctly heard Uuinlermpled eonveveailon tonk plane for two hours between Mr Wilmnt and Mr^Preece. In some Mepectelheesperlmenle nt Osborne are Ihe meet salle-factory that have yet been made.
The report of t'io North and South-Western Junction Railway for the past half-year atatne that the rent basing ken duly paid by the leasing oompaniee, a net balanne
of ^4 56 is show f— -i.s-t. « —.. .i----«- »
7 per ceut per a carried forward.
HHIPMMO OAMALTt—The HorroE, e, owned by &h* Liverpool and Steam Navigation Company, and en her voyage from Ihe River Plat* to Antwerp, was lowed into St. Vincent on Wedneeday hy the Lalande, s of the same line, with main shaft broken ; will receive temporary repairs at St Vincent.
1st Hants Enoinkkbs. — Company Orders for tho week ending Janumry ZGUu—Monday, Wednesday, and Ihursday, p>(^uiU'. drill,. at 7 o'clook ^Khfine.riog. drill for emrnents et.8 o clock. Assembly, head, quarters—h. i'tilllp BucHan, CapL-Commandiog
A Disclaim sr.—We are requested to state .hat tbe George Gale, wboee came appeared In our polloe report Isst week, on a charge of stealing a plain, is hot Qenrge Gale, shipwright; of 30, Orchard-lane
LO.G.T,—On Wednsaday evening a lea and enter, tainment in ooenOcSioo with the "St. Jnvenils
Temple look place ip tho Primitive Methodist school-room, SL Mary street. Mr. Wyeth, superintendent of the temple, presided. A cepilal programme sHe mo-rided, consisting nf eo^s, iwc^taiioqf, &o.. tha parU being well enatalned by Misses. Gilfoy, Taylor, MiH-ward, and Edith Gilfoy. Messrs. Wiggins, Millward, Kellaway, Coombe, G. Hallum, Wyeth. and Master G. Wiggins. The chapel choir sang several pieces, the drum and fife band alao taking part. A very pleasant evening wwe epeflt. the proceedings terminating with tbe usual votes of thanks. .. .
2nd Hants Eirtw, No. 4 Compa.vt. —Tbo Com-pany will assemble at Hsad-quarters, on.Monday, Jan. 51, at 7 30p m , for drill. Bejta to be worn ; uniform optional.—T A , StBtTOX, Captain
Tub anniversary sermon of the Church of England Young Men'e Bociely will be preached on Bundmy even, ingjjn St. Matthew s Church, by the Rev. John Bulten,
On Thursdsy, Royal Mail tharos were quoted at
ON^Thursday, P and 0. Shares ditto New, 12.
Ports woo o Won: u Mm Hall.—A venal and instrumental entertaiumeut will take place on Tuesday even-
The.firat meeting this year of the members of the PnriswDod bnwiel, of ,be All Balnle Oonesrvailve Ae-sociation took place at the Belmont Inn !on Tuesday evening. The Pre.Went of the association. W. Furber. Esq.. J. P.. presided, and there was a good attendance of member., including Meesrs. Golds tone, hyte, Morgan. Tiwrier, Kendall, O. T. Pope. C. Thorn, Brodie. P. Bunny, l.lsie. jun., H. G. Whitciiurcb. hon. sec., and W. H. bruwlrlt*. asslstan* e*eretarv.—%e
President.aid that sveningbeing thcflrsttlmethey had met
this year, he begged to *kh lb am " A happy new yew." and trusted tliat they might have health, happinees. and proaperity throughout it. He felt proud—-note &l*n ever lie did in Ins life—at that moment in being a Conservative, when bo saw those on the "tber side acting ai they were doing »t the present time, when England was on her trial, when the Government were placed In a very dangerous po ition, whan they were doing all In thetr power to pros.xre peace and the honour and integrity of this country (applause). When they sHw from the commencement of Ibis unholy, umoalled for. and the most iniquitous war tho wy'L/rer saw, the very fact ihat n krgennd powerful \ won attacking a weaker one. devastating their homes, turning tho w.imeu and children out into the winter to starve and die of cold and hunger, what could they think when all ibis . .a • — of Christianity ? How must
----------------------the KuselaAs
giving them a belter example ? The government of of the Turks might not have Leon quite right, but *hey
I, but tie thought ia tins he had been repro-
d I reeled that an ilamltles for thehiSe!
UEETLKMEW Of twe IIOOBE Of OMMOW*- ' . . ,^,t 1i.<0.bdi'and obhtlxmeb—
*orAL 'SSir

before you. , --------------...
offenfet ......- ' procedure relating to Indictable
(Continued from pagt 3).
Perklua. Keqra.'
they, as Englishmeti, shudder u. , The Turks had been called cruel, and w
found in all countries .
Turk bad been painted wretched war ho waa not so cruel sented. They saw that in the c-untry to which the Russians had penetrated the Cbriatian and the Mehoai-uicdan familice living together in perfect peace and h.npluaee. and eurroonded by evidences of great oom-foru. But what did they find now ? They saw peaceable families turned out of their homes, their villages burnt, and they were forced out Into tbe hills to die. And what did they bear now ? What had become of the

ing next, when Mr. Fraaer and several other well-known amateurs will render their nervicea, with .Mr. AndrSwe aa pianist. The chair will be taken by Mr. Junlor-bailifl Warren.
Southampton Dock .CoMPA«T.-fThe neifhalf-yearly ordinary general meeting of proprietors will be held at the Company's offices, Louden, on Wednesday, the 6th o'Jfshniary.
Tie first annual tea and entertainment In connection with the 8t Lawrence s Church of England Temperance Society will take place on Tuesday evening next, at the Long Rooms.
eist-strbbt baptist Chapbi__The annual congregational lea meeting in connection witb the above n — — Thursday evening, and was ex Tl" ------- subsequently
of worship _______________
»«llMl, ..II utniaL Tb. mt.ll.,«-----------
*"**" " by the Rev. J. U. Patterson, and addresses

expenditure, although unusual llabllltlae had been In-

and ceremony.
oomee well reoommeoded, and will no doubt
, I Bulgarian ^tfccitiw ? Qiear. hear). They beard a pnity n.i.e their vo*e about them, but r.othin„ was said to the Russians wrt., while the Turk w«» seeking to obtain an armitilce and peace, was still marching ou. witb j»n evident derermlnation to crush and annihilatetheTurkaltogetber (cheers). They sawfromthe papers day after day that the Turks could not expect such good terms as they cpuld a fortnight since. Let tbem look at the speeches of Mr. Bright and Mr Chamberlain, and would those present say that it was not a proper thing for England to take up a poelllon in tblenmMerf They did no* w.n: wer, and Ood forbid that it should come. .He believed the Government had the' confldence of. the country, and had no w,sh to plunge it lot% war. There were things they did not as
He thought it a great pity that the Govemmsqt should be cmbarramed In tbe way a certain section—and he was happy to say they were but a small and extreme part of the Liberal party—had tried to embarraas them. Ruisla was a great country; she waa spreading over half the world, and tho/ could not, tell when they would be contented, or what would be the result. Unfortunately the proceedings, ol Russia , would Appear to effect KngUnd more than any other niUon. ' TbJy knew the eelOshnsss
nl.cency while they had to act alone. England might have to speak but and protect her Interests alone, and it •he did he was quite sure they would find that throughout England the national patriotism would spring up, there would be the old and true ring bf the rneul, and 1( they .went to war—and bp trusted they might not—it would be In * righteous cause for the cause of liberty, and be believed the,country would rally round the Government and give them thsir confidence snd suppdrt in doing their best to uphold the interests and honour of England (loud cheers).
f Several new members were elected, after which Mr. H. p. Whitchurch (the hon. sec.) read a letter from Lieutenant-Colonel George Arbuthnot. late M.P. for Hereford, encloeipg a short pamphlet containing suggestions for the better organisation and consolidation of the Conservative party. Mr. Whitchurch .aid the pampble-bad been submitted to the committee, who had discussed it, and had requested him to forwaid thsir views to the gallamt oOcev. On the motion of Mr. GoWstone, ~as>'adopted. Ike action of the committee
The proeent condition of tbe roads In tbe district was discuseed, and severe eoroplainta were made by several
Mr. Lisle proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding, which was seconded by Mr. O. T. Pope, sud carried with acclamation, and the meeting ter-
aboui tb# town, wae ebarpsd i _____
---^lygWe eveolag. mud
Uouad the prisoner
■" ' -rr*«

n from taking eomrlalna,
said lie saw Hie c
case waa dUmlited.
waa sent to hard labour (or seven days.
t evening —Being his
NORTH OERXIAX LLOYD ST2AU SHIP COM PA 55. ,J~k* 0D£ j-iaotaln 0. Lsl.k sailed from SooUk
it *nalka«,tfW ----
her we, to Bremen.
TI. -Ill .,11
_ , . .Brnsil and giver flats lins.
j«»«on bad vitrro. fnr Baiavla. Ae
Bak^aTSZw K CaSLb[% ,^h hA
cSilS'. »mi»T. Souti.
11'" *"1 T" OUv°-
i ^Satunlny, fcr Wsterford. Belfast, Glasgow,
The VTUPA—Capl. C ... ___
left Southampton on Saturday for Cork.
. southampton shipping g^e^eaaw Jehaans. for BImhaore, left Beethampte* wr
The House of Common* aeeembled before two o'clock, •JV'S* ullrn wards summoned to tbe bar of the House of Lords to bear the Queens Speech read. At the
•nsnjd. The debate wae adjourned.
orderly In Unite Aral offence be waa dlsrhsrged.
KLirADETH AT IIEK Old THicBa.-Klleabeth Ho »naut an old customer, waa again charged with being drunk ant
feodant, whoee appear.ncc waa ao much Improved since laat before tho Bench that the macUtrates ex pre teed their
mm,.,— b., ----------------place, and
i uuuer too circumeianeee tic
-------- — . ——I the valua of tho 4am»o« it,
Instalments of half-
defendant was drunkT— Defendant!*aa sent w"jaUUfor; fo^r
i)RtJ!.E and hobabimo a WiNDOw—William Newman wae next charged with being drunk and wilfully breaking* pane of glass, at the Spa Tavern, valued atlsSd, the pro-
— *. i glees, and on asking him to pay for
W.dnieday ... 1 23 \ «| after the second tide.
: ho struck him o

complainant locked tho door. Prisoner______
mm """
fere. 'Hfe;, """■ "•
SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. rasiaauLAH and orikstal dtcam itatigatiox
OOMPA3Y. ' ,
Patients admitted doting tho week. 53; ditto, discharged, a Xamber of Pro»id»nt Members on the Books, 7 59
__ Willi A* Prince, Resident Dispenser. eocmAMPTOX "aAiLow noMK.
Number of beds occupied for the week ending January
Henry William, th------.
Baker, aged 7 w**ke and 4 days.
taTSakeieUbenerf—'"famm Bfje * CK, Hommoyathiw
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