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~ Tnn Valcox*t Clv*.—The Dnk* of Cormaopht
Pouticax. Twixi hr %p#wu—%&#, 0*r— Wp* decided that it is tcoi—rr to do away with tmlby jury in caaee of attempted aeeandnation for pelMcai motive*, Or acta of rioleneo committed against public'officers In the ixeeuUon of th"eu duly, the proper authorities ara now ******* in drawing up fpocUl law* to meet thi*'object. "w>"
-8ft*.—The' total production ofp!*nk,.e6tt^/.In
the list of silk . producing, -----»*•*****— •-
39^bf%oua per yo*."
**d Belgium- tod'-

t, and taking
through th up partridge and phrtiaaiflH

detected to their
f being punish
pitted the locality, man, an wumni - mom collector," was topped near Wasterliam, and more than 30 partridge egg* were taken away from, him by a gamekeeper.
Pairm or mi Scottish Giant. —Mr. William Campbell, the 8cotti*h giant, died on Sunday at hi* own houv>, the Duke of Wellington, Newcastle-on -Type,, at the age of,26. .Campbell had been *ah biting at the Egyptian mil, and returned to New-castle, intending to stavonlra few day*. Ua ttooi 6 feet 3 inchea, Veighoa 66 atone, measured 90 inches round the shoulder*, 78 round the breast, 47 round the thigh, and 35 round the calf of the leg. He wa* enlv ill ten day*.
Bo** Aoanjxt Ai*» Low or Two Lit**.—Two men, named Steward and Smith, belonging to Bungay, were drowned in the Waveney on Sunday, about halfway between Lowestoft Harbour and Mutford Bridge.
escaped by swimming ashore.
DimvH or tii a Occur** or Aboyll.—The sudden death is announced of the Duchea* of Argyll, which occurred on Satoxday lai ... —
Deck*** waa andd*nly * ....
starnation of her family and frisnds. Medical aid wa* Instantly rooght,.hut from th* 9r*t her aw was pro. ndanrod hopele**. The deceased wa* atatae, of the Duke of Sutherland, the Duohes* of Ldnster, and the Duchess of Westminster. Her Grace was Mistress of'the Kobe* to the Queen from December, 1868, to
Saturday lost, at the Town of liamsgate Tavern, Wappm* Old Stair*, an inque* was KoU bv Mr. Humphreys, roapectin* the death of a man, upkoown and poorly dad, whose body waa found floating in the Thamea, o& Hennitagastalra, Wapph*, by. Dennia M "Carthy. a labonrer, living at 5, &ln*»m-Tdw, 6or*ely. down, at 12 o'clock on the 22nd in*L Deceased was fully dr****j, wAh the *%centkm of # haL Only » white handkerchief was found in hi* pocketa. The leg of deceased was found to be broken. The jury ra, tamed a verdict of Found Drowned.
Killbd bt a Buck.—On Saturday last the ooronec for East Middle*: held an inquiryat th* woakhon**, St. Gcorge's-iu-tho-East, relative to the death of Comdlu* (knty, ***d W year*, a labooroe, oTO, Lower Gun-alley. On Thursday, the 9th insL, deceased was engaged with other men in pulling down a house in John-street* Minoriee, he Doing at the bottom to receive the baakete a* they earn* down. While they were being lowered a brick fell out, and ■truck him on the head, cutting it severely. Ho wa* ind died on the 23rd inst., as Dr. .mm concomkm of th* bmln. cm*, ml on th* Injury. jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.
Tift KcroirraD Contraband or Wa*.—On Bator-day la* the^mbargo laM by tha Custom* authodtie* on the sailing of the barque Enchanter, owing tp the fact that aha wa* about to ahlp 16 toca of blaa&'a cartridge* for Halifax, N.8.,
Lynch dated* fro
eel, which la now lying in the George'* Dock, Liverpool, ia free to go into the river and take the ex-i on board, fhe vessel should have left the

dock on the 21at, and the result of the delay i* that
od the result of the delay is that d the tide* and there will not be sufficient water for her to get cot in the river until W«lneeday, the 29U», or poesibly later. The Collector of Customs has been notified that the authorities will b* held responsible for the detention of the vessel and that the owner* will claim damage*.
Th* Volcwtxxr* axd Actitb Skktic*.—'The following letter has been addressed to the Lieutenant Colonel of a volunteer corps who had offered to crania* a regimmt for active service" War Office, May 3, 1878.—Sir,—I am directed by the Secretary of Btata foe War to acknowledge tha receipt of your letter, in which you expreae your readinc** to raise, upon a certain general basis, a provisional regiment or volunteer* for active eorrice. In reply I am to inform yoo that there i* no Statute empowering Government to accent the serf bers of volunteer
to acoq* th*#*r^wa of ^nrol^ed'oiem-- -- as auch, for •emce

ra*, condmtln*' of twalv* acres, *itoat# near tha I'oManomth Town Station, leawd frpm fh* War Ijepartmant, waa opened on Saturday la*t by tho )l*r» «* Portamoutb (Mr. Aldonnan W. D. Kin*), who waeaccompanled by memben of the corporation.
dactorAipof Mr. J. Wlnteebottom. perfonnad th# h ational Anthem. There were several thousand people preaanL The park I, named Iha-VktoHaAHt." im mco*mtiem of th* peat btare*t evinced by her '= *he grant of the land ^of tha n*a of tha inhabitants of Portsmouth.
Tub SaarrasecaT Tabk Estatk.—A crowdcd meeting of tho tenants on this estate met in the Halden-*tr*et Boerd *chool on 8*turday last to protest ***in*t a proposed increase in tho rents of the fourth, third, and **cmid d*aa house* from tha third of Jun* n*aL ^haif was occupW by Mr. J. Paoa, **mior, who Riid tho proposed rise of a shilling a week in the rent was unlasUaable, Tha waeon #,wn for thia_*tap by Uie authontiea was that only 1 per cant, jntareet had laWy been declared. That waa not tho fault of the mccapier*, hot tha ^irect*^ own for allowinm them-wive* to ha *wi*U*& fwar, hear). Mr. Wlgaio* moved tho adoption of a memorial conveying the views of tho tenant*, and that a deputation should proaent it to tha director*. Mr.- Darwy aoeooded the motlosi, and in doing #o, saM the tenant* had b*en tha means of improving tho property up to ita present value. The resolution was adopted, and a deputation appointed.
Mormow -Exodus vkom LivameooL.—Over four

3 Utah. A good many of
Nottingham, Glasgow, Lancashire, Glamorganshire/
Ccl, and they were accompanied to the steamer by a ■ga number of their sect.
A Locnr Iuwwoka*.—Anolhra; gigantic fortune hai turned up for a naUvo of Limadck. An old woman, named McCarthy,, whose .maiden name waa
in the paper*, and the facte ia pt^fioa of lira.
Friday. Onenchoecaeionethea: the Wsdneedav preriou*. It w ohj*c# of the aBeratlcn I* to k*ep
ef theas snterwl with Xf. tfokele. On the8i*t
Aenday nfter the opening (hero we** *7.#M If. HckeW, cn the eeoond 78.WO, on the thW #6.70% * that on each successive Sunday the admittance* hare been mere numerous. The hot week, from the M to
l*tkto&ke%lat.*M,400f.; thatietomy.enumreaee o* *0,0Mf. a w**k.
Tmn Bain or Mocm Cow* %* m* MMnomut— lUeammunrod that after the latef cow*^aHh.eapcmd on Use Monday* or Thomky*,
the north—** *ad of th.
4 understood that the p cows, which are sup-posed to he more subject to lunr disease thkn oxen, from itereetock and healthy cattle.
ArroiiAwrsTA*.—The Central Asian correspondent of the Goto, state* that affair* are looking very gloomy in Afghanistan. The Emir has issued orders that all arrivals from India are to be strictly watched, and if suspicious, to be turned hac* at the frontier. At the same time he treats with great severity the native Indian merchants who have taken up a residence at Cabul. Most of his troops are massed at Candahar, in expectation of an advance upon Quettah aa aoon a* England is engaged in war in Europe. The army at Herat has been fully raised to a war footing, and is well supplied with tho artillery that Shir All has been manufacturing for aome time past at Cabul.
Tim Fib* at mr Port*.—The loss through the burning of the Sublime Porte has been quite as great as was supposed. The strong chest of the Minister of
found to be consumed. The com contained in It was fused into a shapeless mass. The ruins of the Porte have been examined by the Bultan'* architect, who
estimated oo* of *100y#(Kk The Minister of Jnstice has appointed a Committee to examine the claim* of Umee who declare that tWy have muffdrod through the b*mmg of this strong room.
Panar nr an (honnr*.-A* Oroen.
etahce of the Greenwich DWricf Board of Work*,
Ml Inspector in Uw eerrlfe of tl ehowro* that the defendant «_ —
took h w daughtar.aservant to a family rending in Tollington-road, Islington, and rode with her in an omnibus to London Bridge, and thence In a railway rama*e to Greenwich, from whkb they walked a ditanca of a Quarter nf a mile to the defendant'* kense. Mr. Balgny In&cted a One of 10*.
' Ixmn CuxTux's Dtvoncm.—On Toeeday Ike euR of Clinton t. Clinton and Scott, in which Lord Albert Mham CUntun I* th, petitioner, Lady Clinton the reepondrnt, and Mr Claude Bcott the co rrepondent, camo before the President of the Divorce Court in the Mr. Crispe appeared for the peti-
tioner, and the respondent anil co-repondc wpieaeiUed. A Acree «s* waa pronoc . _ ... _ dunolntiou of (be marnage, on tha ground of Lady

Clinton's infidelity with Sir Claude Scott, a """ " 'elands Park, Weyhridgc Mr. Criepe moved the e
annual report and balanc noo Corporation h mo*
ftdlnwing particulars are gleaned in* of tMalon*.e*tahllahcdc!
e decree abeolute with coet*.
Tnm Onamn Horn aTCanmamT.—TheArA-drarnn of {knWmnr (Dr. P*ny. Bi^iop of Dover), concluded on Monday his annual visitation in tho Chapter House of Canterbury Cathedral The visitation occupied two days. The Chapter House remains one of tke Ineef monument* in England, and ia capable of seating 800 persons. It is very lofty, with a highly pitched roof, once a mass of gold and colouring. The ««»t and west windows contain twenty one lii?ht» each, mwmuted by *op*rb tracery. It waa her* that Qu.*n Elizabeth listened to tho preaching of the early Hi fnrmers. At one time it was proposed to ri-rt-iro this glnrion* pfl* to commemorate the union of th* t wo great Weetem nation* ftheEnglish and French alliance) atarcetoffW.DOO. It wai thought a aultahle mono-
Frmch kdng*tillcaaWmHh the erypt of Canterbury CathmbaL
iox ConromaTion. — The •sheet of the Printer*' Pen-published, from which the ml of the autre—fol . w - ;-Tr-r-tbM*y:r^Tb*luall.
tulion aapporta 124 penafoner#, prorMea aceommoda-tlon for M «male* tn the ahn^oh*** at Wood-*r*e#, and is maintaining nine orphan children. The amount p*td dupu* th* paK year baa been, to penafmwe, £1,.10 ,s. 4d.; allowance to inmate*, £283 11*. 3d.; support of the building, £76 6s. 4d.; maintenance and eduratmn of oxpkansi, *373 l%*.yand al*o AW lu Pfarione undor the " Di**fa ChaHty for.Printero,' makm* a total expended m the charitable object*' of
highly interesting Caxton Exhibition held last summer. 'I"he tepoit announces that applications for relief
*y,ipeaklngon Tue*day evening at the annual
a humbcr of anecdotes illustrative of hi* theme. Sometime*, the dean said, presence of mind was shown by iilence, even from good words; sometimes by action, ind anmalim** by action and word together. Tha *ttar and higher their character was the stronger and momaaOcaooua, and"th*moreMkelyltwaatokaT#an ngreeelcn on those who heard and ea?

nrryWj on business, as , architect and sur-
____ at Barj SL Edmunds, surrendered to taka hi*
trial for publishing certain false and defamatory libel* cenosming Sir H. Hunt, the consulting engineer-to the Board of Works, and Sir. J. Kelk, the architect of the new Foreign Office. Mr. Poland and Mrt Strtlght conducted the prosecution on kehalf of the Tkeaaufyi From the opening statement oi Mr. Poland it appeared that the prisoner wa* formerly employed as clerk to Sir/otot Kelk, the dmlneht architect, and the alleged libel* were In relation to the contract obtained by that gentleman in 1859 for the erection of the Foreign Office. Bir H. Hunt, at that time Mr. Hunt, was the consulting engineer to the Board of Work*. Originally it waa intended that the Foreign Office ahould be erected aaoording to; a Gothic design by Sir Gilbert foot*, but tkb oimian w** not cAAfad out, and Mr. talk subsequently obtained a contract for the erection Wlba bnOdln*. The defendant appeared in &a drat Instance to hav* applied to the Ki*ht Eon. Gerard Noel, the Fka* CommWoner of Work*, for the appointment, and, finding he could not obtain one, he
Kelk, at the time of. ha obtaining the
thearaellonof *ka Foroign Ofk*tn XM----
for obtaining him the contract. Sir H. Hu_. . _ cross-examined, and he detailed the circumstances connected with th* bmtracta for the «*ctfon of lb* n*w Fk*l*n Ome*, and aaM thai tha tender of Bir John Kclk was sent in under the ordinary regulations, and it was the,lowest tender, and was accepted. He denied in the moat positive and conclusive that there was any foundation for the charges
ny way tended Ho . ^ given In chief. The fouud the defendant Guilty, and Mr. Poland informed the Court that he had been previously convicted at Ipswich of libel, and sentenced to imprisonment. The Recorder sentenced him to 12 months' hard

At the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council On Tueeday jadgment was given in tho case of Levi -Sir H. A yam and others from the Supreme Court Austraba, in which an important question was raised as to the liability of trustee* under deeds for the benefit of creditors for the "calls" or shares alieady made, and also for future call*. The appellant, Frederick Levi, who was in partnership in the city Of London and also at Adelaide, as Philip Levi and Gj., .merchants, with other persons, had 1,125 shares in the New Zealand Banking Company, which wai ordered to bo wound up by the Court of Chancery, and on which upwards of £6,000 was new due. Tni question was whether the trustee* of Philip Levi and Co., by the deed made by the partners under the Insolvent Act, were liable for the "calls" out of thi joint or oepamt* e*tal* of Philip L*vi and Co., a whether Frederick Levi was liable. The suit had bee: commenced to decide the question, and th* Sapsem* Court allowed a demurrer for want of equity on the part of Froderio Levi, and b*nc* thi* *ppeal to eel " the point, wkkh was oenei^Aed of great Im porta; with regaid to trustor* under deed* for th* benefit of creditor*—whether, although the shares had been in-chdad in tb*a**l*nm*nt,and although they had no? accented them, whether they were liable for the "caila." Br Bamaa Peacock proceeded to deliver the judgmeat of th**r hrd*hip*, and reviewed thi whole subject of the liability of t had failed to show

ie UabOlty of trnsteea and asmgnee*.
the decision of the Court below that tbeSll of complaint of Frederic Levi was demurrable, and that he was not entitled to equitable relief, as the trustee* had not accepted the shares, and therefore were not liable, aa the trustees stood in the same character as assignees In bankruptcy and Ineolvanoy. Th* ontar of the Supreme Court would be affirmed, and the present appeal would be dismissed with costs.

Flv* men, named Thomaa Smith, Henry Oarka, Oliver Eaatbury, George Matthewa, and Benhen Claik*. have been lodged In Worceeter County Gaol on a charge of attempting to murder Polsca-Serjeant Drurr, of Blochley, in that county, under the follow-ing circumstances:—Drury, on Saturday went round to the various public-houses i town of Blochloy shortly before closing timi, wmmM the tippler* there of the doeing hour—ten o'clock. At that boor a la**e number of men (between 160 and 100) amcmWed towtbar In the atreeta, and with much shoaling and nose* proceeded to the police-stution, and partially pulling down a stone wall, demolished 3rst tho window* of tho station, and then "broke in, and seizing Drury, who was there, dragged him out into the street, and knocking him down, jumped upon and kicked him, and would, no doubt, nave kilkd him hot for the opportune inte^oaltlou of two or three of the respectable inhabitants of the town, who reecued him, and conveyed him to a plaee of safety, no is in a precarious condition. The four men named above were apprehended and taken before lNABBOW ESCAPE OF SEVEN CHILDBEN.
Bevsm hoy* bad a narrow; eacane from drowinr a* Famworth, near Bolton, on Sunday evening. Aey had attended the pariah churoh eehool In the after-noon, and afterward* went for a walk. About aix o|clock they were returning home alm^ Damley Clougb, when they were overtaken by a storm. They ran for aheltar into a culvert, partly open and partly cover**, which conducts a portion of the aewagewater of lam worth into tho reservoir* of the Famworth I a per Mills. Two man shouted to them to come out, but they misunderstood and went further into the culvert. A few minutes afterwards a heavy volumo of water nuked Ihrongk the culvert, carrylmg the lad* o* th* feet, and waahiun than a cunaideaable dia-fance. Gu* boy, named Jacob MlDee, eight yearn of **% hnded over twelve fall*, aome 18 Inchea or 21 inches in depth, and afterwards washed iato a brook which served aa the inlet to the reservoirs. Ho was rescued In an insensible • condition, and
V r°*' 1 *h*°
AxoTiixa Cotton Stbikb m Glasgow.—A Glasgow correspondent saysIn addition to the thousand liandu vho some days ago atrnck against the ten per cent. iWuctkn in the eottpn mIDa of Bobertaon and Co^ Glasgow, ah hiWrad In »nb*hv;dapuriment ol the same factory have wane out against tha reduo-Uon.thalr notice* having oxpfmd. The aaaeter* have from the firat held out no hope of a concession. This hi* engendered a hostile feeling, and complicated
A Yua'i fuiLWAT Accidb.vt*. — A summary of idents and casualties ha to just been reported
ing; the yeat.lBjI......
35 pereona, and injury to 822. Of thoaa kiDed, 11 wore passenger*. 22 servants of companies, and 2 other persona; and of the injured; 664 were paseengtsrs, 154 -rvanta of oompmnies, aad 4 other person*.
Loss or a MailStbAvxr.—Thi Dbtcbmail steamer
Oriental steamer Khedive. The Vorwaarta is aahor*
by the Moderlaod-Steamship - Company. Her gross measurement ia 5,715.tona. ...The Khedive had on board the maiU deapaWied from London oUthe 18th
^DZStMra^BXB^D^nWwicko tis held an
AWred, aged twelv« _
when got ont of the wat , icalp wound. Two othe^a, nai
ed William Meadows
IjAgWuHh and John, Burton, aged nine yeara, had k*"™" narrow cacapem. They were carried a considerable distance, and but fer the exertions of the two men mentioned they would, as would also tho rest of the Ws, have been drowned. They were quite un-Mnaninoa whan taken out of the culvert. The other three lads escaped with a drenching.
The continued firing at the Government range of the modem heavy gone ia at length beginning to tell on the Ud houae and pthn building property In tW vicinity of WoqXwkh and Plnmatcmd. . Bar Majeaty"a Government repudiate all claims for compensation; but it is thought probable that they will make an ex-caption in. tko ea?e of th* ancrnnt tow*r *f SL Kicholaa Church, l'lumatead, where a long array of distinguished warrior* associated with Woolwich garrison, Including several Waterloo heroer, are interred. Bnm after tk* Introduction of thdM-lon
Th« t...
to salve the steamer Voorwart*. which was run ashore korth of Panang, after contact with the *teamo"Khe-di .e, and her cargo for 3T* p*'r Th, Vmrwurtl naiUUT

ti Weod* oW]—W e I
bass Uo ®,|
p.nn yjym'
- t^ -ilk-abont other* are
yon may not aee them.
LxAaoDio .—-Accomplishments and ornamental learn -" "" "P"" »' ««W.
out Lw rn^U wEat baa been
membmnce; U enfold* and dlqdaya the hidden tree-
It waa-first paid to Pope Constantine by the Kmpwror Juatimau on km entry into Cenelantinofk. Wkeutho
toe. a* i* (crtinrally helirved.« .
Cxmmua NaTcnai Panoaxxo,.—Manitoba Lake,
region, derives ita name from a small island from which in the stillness of night, issues * "mysterious th# (Hlbwuya approe* or land upon this island, supposing it to be the home of the Manitoba—the " Speaking God.'' The cause fbla emlona aound la the beating of *&# wavea on the shingle, or Dirge pebbles lining the shores. Along the northern coast of the island there is a long low cliff of fine-grained, rtmpset limestone which under tho stroke of the hammer di lkAKke steeL The waves beating on tha ihorp at O * the dig danae the fallen fragments to rub against each other, and to giro out a Bound resembling the chime* of distant church-, bells. Thi* phenomenon occur* when the gale* blow from the north, and then, as the winds •nWde.-Tow waibng sounds, like whispering voices, are heard In the air. Traveller* assert that the effect «>6ry lmpreeaive, and they have been awakmAd af night under the impression that they were listening to church.bells.
flABr'e Iwrtrwcr.—No man who has not tried It undarrtauda botr rastfal If fa to play wfth the baby. In the cavitation of our time one of the commonest wumta ia something to begnOe tk* time of one aet of men, * whOa away the caroa of another aet, from cares of business or politics, or whatever the ordinary werkaaayba. To Una numerona class, Indnding botk "T "Play wifh the baby. Not tha baby in arms, Vut the young animal man when it has arrived at the age which in ita life
noiay and ron*h, that they make impertinent remarka, and leave door* open, or bang them. Just ao; bnt thia la exactly *&y ao much pleaaur* ia to be got ont of them if we try to riae to a eomprekensien of their natnro and feeliuga. It la not their fault If they are dimgro*able to na, but our own fault, and mlaforton*. tooj if we are doll to all the beauty and loveliness of their charming tricka and folllea. Some nnbappy
beinga never knowraaldWdheod, and they loaea great
W mnaequsbc*. ki&omitmrrrr-One of the elephant* ww"yw#u,p W a ciroua waa troubled with* aor* throat, **«A hi* trainer, a kind man, mdertook to cure. ^ ith hia own hands ho concocted various infallible remedies, which he afterwards forced down "Ned'a" throat. With the docility for which elephants are noted, Ned took the remedies one after the other, and grew worae and wnrae. He Uossured up all thee* injari** in kia memory, how*v*r. On* day hi* keeper admlniaterod a new Hnd of pud fo blm. The elephant waited patiently until no had dnlahed. and then bent down hi* head and twined his trunk about th* body of th* lmin*r. When he had taken a *nod hold, he lifted him from the ground, and held him in the air for some time, as if debating what he should do next. Then he hurled him violently across tha atabl*. A canvaa *cre*n bad b*en put op a day or two before on one ride of the atable to protect the eleghanta from a drahght. Th* tralaar f*H against Una partition, and in doing ao eqpaped aerioua Injury. It was a nanow eecape. Thia epieode confirms the il belief that elephants, although they :

nimX, particularly i true affection foi
A notable little bird often met with in aurope is called the tnmetona. It ha* **m*d this amgnlar nauw by the manner In which it piocuiea ita food, which ia by turning over with ita strong, curved beak, tha rtcnea on the amashoro, In order toobtainth* insects under them. Walking along the seashore on the Scotch coast one day, an eminent naturalist once aaw two of thee* little blrda trying hard to turn over a cod fish, but aa it was six times as largo as them-advm th*y found their taak rather difficult. BUH
thesr pnakmg the fish would not turn over, ao they ran ronnd to the i*her aide of It, and began to arrapo away the aand to undmmine him, ao that ha might tnm ov* more easily; and then with freah energy they eat to work, but atlH the heavy HA would not move. They triad again and again without success. Presently another tuxnstono camo to their assistance. 7^7" ***" ropeatad
trials and failures they at last succeeded in rolling the fish over. Yon may imagine* how moch they enjoyed the rich feed of insects which they found whir* th* fish had lain. Their 4n*r*y and peree-veranee might be copied "by many idlers of the human
T.—At Stokesley, in

ringing Ahe whd* of the lltth Pmlm. Thia f*at, added to the fact that he is descended from a long lin* of gravadiggem, has gaiu*d for him th* respect of his fellow-townsmen, one of whom tells this story. It*e*ma that mbwt alaty year* ago th* parson of that parish thought it hi* duty to attend marriage-feasta, and the parish clerk at the same time thought it his duty to assist at christening taa-partiea. it ao fell out that these two functionaries quarrelled, and the paraou, acmmng lo do an unchnatian act. one da; commanded the derk'a prieenc* only at an hour when he,knew that certain tea eake* and mnffina would k dark aaw the move, and deter-je. Having got tho choir and hand on hm aide, on a oartain Sunday morning, wher th* paroon had *ortened hi* *ennon In ord*r to «mi with Darby and Joan just married, Instead of giving out part one of the !l*th Paalm, the clerk gave out, "Letuaalngtothenraiaeand*lmy of Godlhe 119th Psalm—all on't." The parson, with his haul on the pulpit cushion, fer aome time did not notice whmt waa *oin* on, and by the time that h* did th* mnsiaan* were fairly at work, and, in spito of all bo could Bay or do, were not to be denied. Sometime* only on* voir* and on* Inatrumcnt could b* be*rd, but atlB tho air was never lost. The fiddlers wore out their bows and rtrin**, th* fiute-player blew out hi* front teeth, the clarionet never rocovarad l*a tone, and th* ringem all aufferod more or lem, b#t th^y kept it up to the
9? out c* the bottom
of tha haakat into a hole m Uie pound, regain* the trap-door after herself; and while the joggler stamped abeat in a fury, there wis method In hie madneaa,"
there could not be a tran-doyr available. To manage
■WAI.TKE 8. IBEL4.NX), General Furnishing Ironmonger,
j ' n°?T PAID- 11 eonUtns illuitration* of hi*
unrivalled (tock, with LI8T of PBICE8. and plan, of
PKRpgOt SDgSflfUtB for X 8ILVBE, Introduced more than eighteen year* go bj WALTER 6. 1RKLAND, when plated by th* patent proces* of Messrs. Elkington and Co., Is beyond a com-pariton the very best article next to Sterling Silver that can be employed as inch, either usefully or ornamentally, a* by no ipo**ible test can it be distin-guufted from real silver. '
0 » 0 0 8 0| (
:::::: 0 « 0 0 3 6 0 # 0 0 1 * @ 0 S 6 0 4 «| (
10 U 0 9 J fill at Hie same pries;
ea and Coflee Services. 30s, £ 3s W. l*a *d, S,
Electro Silver Pi*li Carver* (in case), 9s 6d to 45s per
gtactro gUver Biscuit Bexe^ 1& W. 31s. 30s lo A10^ Electro Silver Toast & &1. 7s W. 10s*d to
as p=
UsctromverOw*tJng«.%ls.30*,35st*45sL W**tro miv*r Candlestkks. 6s0d.Tsdd. 10s*ltnl2sgd. Bsctro Silver Bound Kalters. 15s, Ms. 90s, 40s to Ms.
Beejre miver Oval Trays (richly chased), f* 10a to """"""
BacUo^miver Dish Oevem, for w* of four. fS 10s te
"pEB YOry high prices cSargcJ for Kitclr. that aro most umple la thslr oenatrocUea, amd ^
fee roaaUng. which roatwsa th* groat obf*eilea gsasra:,
open Er,
NO. 3—ext Oven and B
it Iron Smoke Plat
The increased and Ineressing use of Gas in > beusee has mdaced WALTBlt S. IBBtAND ta, from the various manufacturers all that Is ne* choice in Brackets, Pendants, and Chandelier*'.
(bs graaeta _ _ _ _l*Wwi: GaePeadan's _ _ k&lleK
Oas Chandelier*, hydraulic. 2. 3. 4,
and 5-liKht, for Dining and Drawing
Olsm Oaa Chsndoliers, with Electro- 1"' ^ '° ^ Bapmtaoeed Oaadtters. Copper Smllh*. Bellhanger
» Ivory Handles ... 15s Od i ditto _ ... I& &1
' ^ f ^ i Fine Ivory Baddies... 30s Od
uld i or he may step' into the middle of jei«n hold it up, bnt ho cannot allow the basket . examined.: iin the &*Msh form of tho trick two

I In diUo.wiihsteel f«
Bkick-handled Km
m*od o* od
23* 0d 10a W
. 90* 0J ge 0d 10a *f
. S7a Od A 6d Ue Od
— We Od COe 0d «e 0J
Pen, Pocket, gportm.n's Knives, Raia
jmHNijKab, bl'UVEd, FiHE-IRONS,
wee. E3 10a lo f 10 10a nicu reouert. Is 9d to £t 10s
,I Pew!en.f3iaetaE710s. Flr*.|roas,2
JU WALTER B. 1BELAND tavit*. mspa^lon *f
Petroleum Oil Table L*mp#. 2s 6d tu 25s. Patent Duplex Lamp*. 12s 6d to £3 lu*.
Queen s ltaading tamp*. 12sOd lo 25s.
Hand Lamp*, 1* to 4*6d.
pjiiiiOLliUM OIL, VKUY BtST f.)r
. Xh*,2"}!at DuI,I,x- BBkar, Petroleum, and Paraffin Lamps, li 6d par r*llo*
>f flvs. Ditto Queen'

Hip Bathe. 20e. 33s. 30s.M*.
Child's Bath*, 7s 6J. 9*. vu 6J to 15s.
Tmle* War* In gr*at vartaty. from lOMd ta 45e ssl of
TEA CRNS «nj KETTLES, of Londi-.
Fami!i#» /urni»hing are solicited to Inspect his eitc
|ras*BoutaJMk^d,Sd. 10a Sd. l&SJ.telg*.
I«at keeens, Ih 0d to ^3 8*.
IsUI Tea Pou. 3* Od to 12s 6d.
aat Safes. 1» 6d. Ms. Us Sd. Ms ta 3Ts *L
---------- - ^]o*#d.ia0d,tof: -
XX. The deserved popularity of these Stores If
g^^*^%OTO% and ether PRIZE KITCIXE3E%\
Opea Biro Bang**, wnmgkl bare. O 10a to Z5 10* 25^°tt*g" g"' "lth 0T#0' **"'"• aD<1 brM* ,UP' '■ Cottage Bang**, with oven only, from 17* Cd.
Stoves. per iach.
pHIHNET PIECKS of »I1 dScri] i»
C"T •s'A,Li'
Lawn Mosrevs, 22s M to SJ 10s.
Galvanised Wire Veiling. 2ft wide. 2d per yard.
. .0 B S H B A L ruillllivl 'Tt'm'OMU
K * "• """"" BTO,ET' '• » * '• L°WER CA:!AL
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