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Tha annual collection* ta mMof themedtwi cHaritiee
— - ( J*. I'M; and »n 1JPA—Uw, ftr.<_____
Sunde)" -the amomt «i>raarta-sja
there*. headed by thetr An* band, M Shirley Charts,
u ET~ tito '","1
Swayoe, fiewmar,. J*onion. Bwt, and' Ahrahmi ~ pmecherAi All sUinto na tba rector, the L_ . _ Bradley; %bn mNmW «Hb torn* prVU U the fact that "*b*t eh arch bad htthortn Iloitf l>*?de4 <*« Bat, mi J Wked. the congregation to maintain
aswv:____________________ ,
Andrew** PmAyterien Church W tba eftamnon. (Mr
l*th chap., 4*h and 6th nna, aad m Uia craning, when the
nj baaai dirtnbatad, *ia wt) amaa^t"th^Traau2
mora than la*l year. Of thie ih u lew than £13 15* m io copper*. tba hfehaet coin >u half-
ra* io copper*. tba
of which tbara wi. _ ___________
i of tba to-n am ipactall/ deewvin, tba
i of collection* bai
half-eorereign. Tba fal
.....reached u*. to
impariaoo with
>i Lake'* Church :

k -OmAauird^ plni ad iu< m tie naanmwendnitaa
* look a aery acuta p.rt iu Weal affaiea. Ml aiur the lcc d nat Iw n> quite unable to do aa. Hie eyeei*bt 1 r* *C mae" a*reUd '**1 lt — f'aqynUy >mpoe-ab.c for hm to read. He had alaa Buffered la bu

itally, that b<* pnpile were gradually wma MMttiaUy eb i*rd ta eril ur tsJun bawptoo, wtie

Mr J J. Myere.anginrrr at» in plaintiff for 10 aril yrata. %
i rxwuained .he ptaiauf a Iwak. a* if 1*74. a ad two Wlwwtag yeera.
la aad beardere at the
and found that <
the average nimbtf of dar pup,I, aa,
aeiteol waa 6S. and that bta iaaeomr fr---------,---- __
well a from adult ni4bt tuition, wae £230 pet ana am. In eroaa-axamlnauoa. ha aald he had aeen the dalr.A-ante" crane at work, aad oamplaloed "f it on two oeoe-eionata th,*r fereaaan There werw na at bar batata Bke that in the ■eighbosrhaod ; ia Ue% the p»r*->n who oanatraated the defeadaau' baaa*. eremed ta hare etodied the masimam aeeoant of daapet (UwjhletJ.— Mr Abraham C Godfrey, eerffen, of Saathaap«aa. who wwa called by the plaintiff »u beard. aa# U* Broadbeai. of L ,ndon. wboa he had adei*ed to aanaait. With Dr. Ba«tior>, or tba National hoepital forthrparaiy-bed and eplleptao. They tbouaht tne. piai,,tiff. «o»-ditloa araee from enncweaiea of the brain, and that thetw ww eame leeioa at «tb«w fcjory at the baaa of taa brain. There era* aame imprveeoeeot la general bealih bat the pdralyeia had got woree ia«te#d af better, wd ft waa probable that there tea* permanent lejory. They icreed in thinking that the plainUC* atata aruae from toe aocldrnt, aad net from any hng aamplaiot which had aflLeted him l»««r twelea ye are ago. or from any other preefous weakaeae ia hia health-—Mr. A- H. Skelton, clerk to the Sonthamntoa Harbour Board, aald tnat ia Jaoaary. M77, he waa inauarted «e write a letter to the defendant* respecting their hotet. He wrote the letter and la the n«ual war, ordered it w be poated —Mr. M'latvre-t The defeadanta aay they nerer raaeired any aneh letTar —Witnem: So reply waa reeeired.—Mr. Jchn Fife, (ulieitor, at Southampton, aiated that be acted for the pUiatiff after the aecctdent, and foand that be »»■ qaita inmpwitated —Mr. Thornm Hope, aupereleor of nland Keeenue, depoaed to hating known tte plaintiff from the year 18sl, aad to hia betne new quite an altered man.—The *er. i. B. Pello miniater. aad father of the plaintiff, gave ai lao tba plaintiff*!

character; a* did tmlnatlng the plal hat there waa oa evidence of

liability of the defendaata. It wa* not deniad that the wareDouaa belonged jf them, bht there waa no proof that the pereona who w«W working tha hoiat at the time af the accident were In their employ, or that the** peraoo* had beam guilty of negligence.—Mr. Bern pa* pointed oat that the acei-" om aome defect ia the aack. to that pre-aceideet did not aria* from tha neglige.

The defendaata »er
that which wa* danaeroua over a public highway, aad it waa their duly to take tpeeial care to prereat danger. —Mr M'Inue then addreaaed the jury for the defence,
and totnlla* out that befor d to recoeer, he mutt e*ta lie from the negligence
mplainrd af.—
t af the plaintiff At thW ed —On Monday George of Mr. Olire, who tent the aw. aaid a* the plaintiff
i*ted up from the * tree I. they were *houted at ta '• itaad back." bui ther walked on. The aack fell, but it did not *trike either the plaint.ff or ~ Ha did not believe that the oat* either plaintiff, but if any of it did it waa aaly a i. and eoald hare dome no hurt. In troaa-by Mr, Sergt. Parry, witaeaa laid h* »u

'and of Mr. Gane waa fal* • a faliehood —Jamea Sae d he nlao witnaued what
red. The plilntirf . i aaca lell The tack did not tcuch the plaintiff; nothing fall on him except a few oaia. —Mr. Henry Smith, profeaaer af aurgery at Klng"*£ollege, aad turgeon ttKlng'a College Ho*pita 1 Hated that he »u preeent when the plaintiff wa examined at the houie of Dr. Broadbent about a montl ago, beiag accompanied by Dr. Wablin, Dr. Ba«tioa and Mr. Kriekaen. He noticed that the plaintiff ha< para'.rii* of the left aid* af the face, and the mu**le* o the r»light arla« either from Injury or diaeaa.

The boxee tooludad the folio*
id—Mr. Bardh...

«henh laa-M,. Thaakfml Jo,

= !!?
Jii) ::; ii

y ww eatmhlaahw faa U» pi
far, Mng iWr :,baty aad taatr propaety from a apaq of lapalauom to,own at - grand motharty.- Thara wt_ a *actr» of tSa earanrintty wtoae wuAvwl w„

puhlicane mera aleo depneod of tha righ\ of aotaetalmig* I hale moat intimate tnand* add rWalhna. wba, if food
ml tha Good Templar* aa to the
I* ara««M jn« asiaMaoa tha pen
orgaaiaatioo to which ihau a*a,n-tatirB a&mwd-an amalgamation *o poharfal ae to be aNa ta *waaa
tale ta ranmJ the Act mm amaodad at 1974.aW hU
tba ac*Mfy diaplayed by tba taetola] r the aotantry. thara cm* ba aa ahni^ t in tha vigilaaca raqairad to wateh their afforMy
Httla conviviality a j groat pain to theae baey-bodiaa. They did < ooold Uet year to pee veal thw ondaa hilanlj, bat ixacutiva *uoce*ded in thwarting their andaavoora.
I time pail the trade la vnnowe parte of tha
at the con tag, em ranched our pohile offlcar, their member* a a mmmeoed for eelliag prejuJica of tba purehaear. Theaa
TH» RLECTTO* Op THB SCHOOL ?dR ST- **BrS SXTllA. aartaa oy raa OHt-aca c*TD,D.T«.


'ruga Act - Jii net apply to radnotion of a'er. Theee proeeeutloae ooet tba aaaactawoa j amoeat of time and tebowr, aad a odoeldae-t of money .Tha hearty eappoei of the - bole-however, placed theae ta a poaiuoa to uaw and* W"ui, not be affactad by tba aoet. 1* i by the balance iheet thai occarton* 11; alight d baan incuerad by eondtng a dapotnti-n ve ra-
coarteey by tha National Defeo wall appreciate the exertion* of, beta their quota of labour to the clneion the report etated that it '

l in having each aa exaellaal report, i gratifying thai tba la we effecting real tha preeent time ware aat mora

of the brain, If It muat have been on the fall of a chimney pot on tha heac palieaman'e tranchron (laughter). If it accident likelihoad af recovery waa far greater than If it were the reaultof diaeaa*.—Mr. Lewie, one.,of the defeadanta. aaid the warehouee waa cona'.rueted in 1801, and he had occupied it aver elaea. He hi received any complaint* reipectiqg hit boUta,
letter frem the Southamptoa Harbo ~
falling of the aaek complained of

jronnd. lie i bad fallen u;

e plaintiff the
Iroaa-examlned 5 emu aald it wa n the footway, i r* eff by the hoiei
lurton coaaulting mechanical engineer at i. aaid that he had examined the defendant'* considered It well adapted for the aurpoee it . red —Mr. Alfred Haddon, an* of the Soath-ampton Harbour Board, having given evideace, Jam** Flocktnn, 15 ear* af age. itated that he went ta the ' sol la april, 1872, and remained there twa i»e. There were about 30 echo lata there The plaintiff wat nat ia a good atata of wa* often very excitable, and be cam-plained 'hat hi* lefl^lung w*e aomplctely gane.—Mr. I Eriekeen, toneolting turgeou at Univeitily Hoapital, eenfirmad the teatimony given by or Smith.—After aome farther evideace Mr. ;. Q C , addreaaed the jury, cantending that the
•traogth. dalWai
-Seutbaapton—^Chipper-------— ».«
>r—Pewall aad Pea. Cbeaa ata.
" Sa.

Liceneed Victaalle
b*y could, would wipe them o9 tha f*oe of tha anrth. The Licenead Victualler"* bad mvanted their capital in hie kind of bueinaee and ha wa* n a that there wwhot" a member belonging to the trade who did not wlfh to carry it oo In an boaowrabU and fair manner, an* ta abide by the iawa af the realm lad been effected ai
I *)) Liceoaed Victualler* mpton only 90 belonged I

He mentioned thai cnt c that thers were In South ) the Aaeociation, and h

thought thie wi
up ta letting toe.r oeuaee, amg compel belong to the Aeeociation. In eonclnaion he thought that the meeting at tha Gail the Licenced Victual leva a great amount concluded by meeiag the adoption of th,
wna eeoondad by Mr Hylea dad carried election of officer* for tha eneuiag year waa ibea proceeded with. On the motion of Mr. Hylee, eecooded by
Ury, it being mentioned that Mi ** ' '
been elected a;---------"
Mr. Guy wa* ■


sss-feSirarhSr " "
tarn and Mr Ofcwald.____
betvaao hha and the Bar. J. 0«r»w« Have, while
Di^iaa, Baanmaa. aad OawaW d,d ne, do
s= fas.....
large member bad aaeembLd.
raeh ta ta bear the reaalt. J. Robuie ta be ea feilowe :
E&c : _3I^
The majority of the panel who w-*ed war hvaor of the Charth candid.Wa. a. -.11 be---
wmwuunu )
■*a,ra aciLriix
aa4 t% awak. p»et W«e. * "
__*«. 11 CCADI LL^rL05 00 5. •
4 BE admitted kj tboommdm to be worth

,heart, and Mr. B -lanJ Bell dtd ao far bta*. Thaata vera voted *c Mr. Bbhana far hia ability and impartiality
Several of the Cbwrth member, of the sew board awd hvemda adjwwvwad to the raeideewa of Mr B. Bell,
•atier T Koof. nwd | knowlad«*g the aomplimZTtdluZd thw'k*hJ"hZd
Beecham's Magic Cough Pills.
anetor. T. Beeelannn. M. Helen a. Laawaklre, ta
boi«* 1* 1|4 an4 ?a *U ewofe. leal peet free IW li atU
latent Medlatae Dealer* la tha
Tor fematee ai all ape theee MM are txvalaaMe. ne a lew 4eaaa at ihea mm "#all gnwe bamoara. opea ail aaeirae-
for j ^-"A janaty. -C. Baynar, Printer aad Stationer. 21, Bridge Street, Southampton.


"Eirrt™ - ~
------.luded.hat Mr KldrMge,
at he maid we toll by-aad bye. though ep
icult Dige*B*a of Food. Oppraeeutn and Civ f the Heart. Pawa ia the dtomeeai and Adee "f'°f UVf*C"' Pr^1"*' *' th* Mouth, Meakaea-

• ami Lag. Dificul
to the proper tone and itraagth. Theee cod*
taiaed by the una of
. Sumway*. Parker. Irigir*, f Mr Pomefoy
r. Leigh contended that t
eluded tha proceeding*.
%finrfteiwr fit\s%.
Xlgk Street, eppeeiw the A adit
abemra there, and
ighbourbooda. Tha
apied the chair, and introduced —The nana! * porta I
tioo with St. Mary'* College______
-- "■» Monday at 12 SO tba victor* ta tba mile trial moitered in their colour* and racing toilet taa on w mead. The courn conaieted of four Up* of a f of a mile each, and tha race turned out a
good itart. and tbi______ ______
him..and kept the lead till within ICO yard* when Bitchie, by a apleodid effort, came lat the tape won by nearly a ft "
by Mr. F. Bow, 6u „ Mr. Q. P. Jacob. * run in a trifle nndar Ave rataalea and tk! wrong mtaftSrA/Z&SlnCTZL'" bI
and Bifla Brigade a

jar—- B£;?
properly^duteet the food^the whole ajitem i* iirengthcned The following Taeuwonaai* will ehew the efficacy ef
it af eerural Doctor*, bat all failed to give me relief.
C.*5S2 z; -■1 ^SfftKtri25SSa'
of rpuita. which renderw^ m«l«^.p.>,l. nf -rf,n» tf|
'zs&TuTisr"' ro*
» in $ ihort time, eren when ^
meet effectual Remedy ft
Rheaawtic paaa ia ifca.rma, ehaWdem., hand a. feek lege. Ac. - Thoaeaadi tried It. aad been rafimd
Thie m not a new preoarataen, buthaa bean kaaa eut and Suawl for M ywra. The feOawtag I
CHABUtt TAWtCK. , November ltokT lt7A

mDO""* Ijtniw* Tiuctuu ia #ata by ail Chemial, r no I in tack any Chemial can procure It from hia and it ia worth trying, aa it

SocTHAiirTe* Mr. H Huatv St. Marya-atfeet. LaPBMM. Mr 0. W. Brown, 214, Lake-road; Hit. J.
an* wood, Cawmenaai-»oad ; Mr W. Hay lea, 31, Araadl* atreet.
S«U> i* Borrut, la IJd. 3a 3d. and** «d «aC«.

MIZTUBB for CHILDBM* baa baaa aead with the greateet euccaw, for the ample reaeoa that it ■a the wfeet and moat effectual medjona that can poamhly .
T^e onwiion. of eouree, wUI ba wkad, what ia Sctwi BaowVi Mixtcm aaadaof T Wa anaww that It la NO-peead of rarioa* gmna. ay rape, bad balaamio. iMidtaa well known to ba awfal ta SSS!SSb»
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