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southampton times \nd hampshire express—co unit paper.
>*- Mew. Skith mm,I S
i. Railway Station.
J}"""'* W*trn*»— Vr*«rs Cnrw
* mo,I Mo*, newsagents.
Rirrsasa--Mrs." Surivi-toy, t________
Bsoiviiito!*— Mr R. N. Sunn, grocr and ilmper.
Kaxtl'hii:—Mr. F. I
Smith an I S ,x, It illway SUtivn.
wm no ap[4arent fracture or denreeaiom of the akull. Dacease,! had l*en about a mouth in the aervioe.—Mr. Godwin Mid that »u all the evidence ha wm prepared with at present and wm ftboat to aak for ft remand, when the magistrate inter|.oeed, stating that he had heard aufficieut evidence for hi* purpose. and he wm
r. Hallway Station.
*c- - Mr. CuiJDLt.a, n

•;------™'»w •» a (ranger, wm
chirred by I .Jice-cons'able Peuton with beinfc drank and disnnierly in the High street on Friday afternoon ; and further with wilfullv breaking • square of git**, value Is., the property of FredericK Stephenson, landlord of the: Globe Inn. High-street Prisoner plea,led guilty to thon which Mr. Stepbenaon s ud ho would not press the second. It appeared that on defendant Icing refuted to bo served, m he waa drunk, and put out of the home, he deliberately put hia hat through the window. In default of paying a fine of •m. and .tc GL costs, .defendant *u committed to prison for aeven day a, with hard l»l>our.—On Monday, before
»■> •»? M. T. CliW E.q.), .n.l Mr. Alderman Fielder, J**** Fiddler, blacksmith, of Otterbnurne, waa charged by I'olico con>tal>le Motten with being drank , and disorderly in the Southgate-rosui on Saturday ing, and further with reaiating the officer in the «
turn of hia duty and imaging hia coat to the <
-** J5'- F»r tho first """"nco priaoner wm fined 11 and 3s. 6.1. cost*, with the alternative of aeveo day*, and for the aecond offence fined la.. 3i. 6d. damage, additional aoven day*. 1'iisoner and was allowed a week for the piyinentof the former. — .Vary Ann Taylor, ft married woman, living in Lower llrook street. charge.1 by Police-constable Ildph with being drunk and uaing obacene («eorge°a»street on Sunday morning.
WlxcilKsrin -M,
Mills, go, High-street.
Hallway Station.
diac barged with areprimstklLTh:" f areJiyTbekre tho Mayor and Mr. Alderman Fielder, Georyt Huitertry. a young man. was brought up on ft warrant charged wit* neglecting to comply with an order of the court in the iwymmt nf money t., Emily Hinem, of North View, em Pursier - Mr. UaiDor*. | '^count of ber illegitimate child. nf which he wm adjudged the father, and also for the non-payment of the , A*"*" ™ by Mr. Godwin, on behalf of defenlau*, to pay the money into court, on condition that he was not * ad lied with the cnsts'of the preaemt iwcmwlioa. wbid, waa mece,ded, mod defend ant wasi discharged.- Sarah Ann MariJiall, aniinfortu-natf, who hail Wen away from the pity alwut two year*, charged by Police constable Ralph with being
________ _ 'Irankand dim inlcrlym St. George's street on the pre
------I viotia cvrning. warn dismissed with a caution.—Jantr*
p.tble in the High-street on the previous evening. It appeared that the const ible waa called upon to eject ...........prisoner from the Dolphin Inn, when it waa found that
*til" t0 Monday being pension day. »ud the Bench
Wools*.*. ________
And of all tic newsagent*.' 4c. Jn Sm'ithamptoo and the neigh-
'^aiitpslrirc ©stress.
pleftMnt hoar together at the cloee of the Lodge, the party breaking up in time for the 7M train, by which the Southampton brethren returned to their borne*.
Gopo Temnjuu.—It seems the Maaonio Order in f.ymlngton are now to have ft rival in ft Lodge of Good Tempi are. which wm formed ftt ft public mooting held oo Wednesday night at the Literary Institution.- The meeting waa very fully attended, and the ftndienoe listened with gre*t interest to the very capital and stirring addressee delivered on the occasion by Messrs. T. W. Glover and W. W. Wood, of gonthamp ton. and Mr. William Wood, Diatrict Secretary, explaining the principlee PnwKTrtTin!* at wathamrrow Paek.—Sir Harry Paul Barren!. Bart., and I^dy Burr*rd, of Walhamp-tnn Park, have each been preeented by the working men on the estate and their wivee with ft very pleeaing testimonial of their respect. Sir Harry's present wm • handsome-watch, bearing.the Inscription—' Preeented to Sir Harry Paul Burrsrd, Bart, by hia workmen of Ualhampton. January 1, 1878." The preeentation to L*Coomtt Prrrr Sewio.fs.—On Saturday, before the Rev. A. J» Knanton, Mr. Hftmmersley, Mr. Da la Tour, Sir Henry Paul Burrard, and Mr. Dent, Harry lA\nr and John Hayt'r wm aummoned by Archibald B-xin, the I gardener of the Fftirticld estate, for hftring, on the 29th ultimo, injured ft certain fenoe. to the ftinount of 6d. Both defendants pleaded guilty, »nd were fined G I. each (damage) and coat*.—The money was P»'CHRISTCHURCH.
8tBlL D. Wolrr, M P., awd the Voluxtkkrs. Speaking at the annual diatribntion of prises to volun-Uera at Chriatchairh on Tueeday night. Sir Henry Drammond Wolff, M.P., aaid that now more than at any iime since the origin of the yolnntrer force in M58 the country look* d to the volunteers to do their duty in main taming our liberty, freedom, an^'JJmour if calle.1 upon. He did not wish to be ftn alarufl , but it wm impoe-aible to conceal the fact that this country stood at this moment in a very dangerous position. If we really wished to avoid war, the best way wm to be prepared for it for apy display of weakness oh oar part would be taken advantage of by other conntrita.
Coni-krkxcc o* thi eaffteax QcEmo*.—It will be remembered that an important meeting wm held at the Philharmonic Room*. Southampton, on the 2nd of Angust iMt E.lwin Jones, Esq.. J. P., in the chair, when a Committee wm appointed to keep in view the action of the Government u reearda the KM tern Question and to meet m occasion might require for the |>urt>oee of protesting against interference of a warlike nature in that question. Such an occMion it ia believed ?*« n®.w arrived, and it has been accordingly arranged that the Committee shall meet in conference, at the Town Hall, Christchurch, on the 24th instant at two oclock, for which invitations have just been iaaued. The conference will probably be aucoeeded by a public mcetlag in the evening-
i eters Bournemouth. Ol the estimated cost, £3,000, mora than half haa been subscribed. .
Wggg or UwtTEn Prater.rIn accordanee with the Bournemouth during
WIXCHDmm CATIIKniiAL-nse, Kwaay
K.\iidns, Kfhe. nn.I I'lrol—Tuckenmn ii M.w. sermmL_||y*M wy.-
CbrS't is oar ' I' m. Ikfore sermon—Hymn, 341-
' .... J
o In rr«klenee—The Very Kev. Special pro ulur at eveulhg w
i th. mwrr vf i ^tb
non Sjpte. an I»her p * proceedings are fully reported in
\ ui.rvrvifiiivn r.„. Active Skuvice.—On Monday I having to return unsold.
of the ;<7tli Regiment, voluii- f ' Skkviceh.—As is customary in the first
to iiroceed, when witness stopped her, and asked if she hatrcr* for tlicikishR1 . Good llo, #, le(t this
brat,,I draij at the Guik Dramatic. S wicty*
Pi..VK« Mnrifti. wr,.k „r „«dj. f„ bclulf of the Church of Christ are ' "f the Church of England ....... . commencing
beiu» held i

Ull th. 13th. "Th.
igbt till nine.
.V*ht- '"',c usual
daily prayer meeting at twelve is held
. h«'ni»w A FT Ell nook Al»u
'?/ .—• "V „
knglwl Aiewty fnr Working Men
. John, who to ik

ilJier*, by
the lknr!"c. IL*DKkenC%iw
of the Church from its
earliest days.
. H. M. Richards, Yectjr of St
, .........'"Mi? Mwrico
Cd.--Jatnn Jtufrl, of King-in like manner, was fined 5s.
and ,rM. costs.
s held at the To,

the proposition d by Mr. Alderman ^Councillors^ Godfrey,
LYITDHDRST. Pittt Stoiohs. — These
l*o*e,l. hewas inod la,, and co,U.-^r«,ierift Cutler ,.|e*d»d suiltr to » similar charge, at Totton. on the toth December, and waa Unci IDs. and orwt*.
the mad between
HediicUy the 19th ..... ... .H on u>e Lrnilharat and Lywlhunt-raad station, when .
" ' - - -- attached to
L" *" * elimination he diseased. Us

veterinary surgeon, of Reasliau, examined the mars on the Stth"
discharge,!. The owner of the ma
j*wsW the magWrftUa that their aegge^ aha!"k
nile which hw been obeerved ...
the last few years, and which alao prevails ... majority of towns throughout this country, the week commencing on Sunday has been set apart m one for united prayer, and daily meetings have been held for » aWS. Mid day meetings have been conducted »w- ? T ^wembly Rooms, and in addition to
tnis there have been evening services at various places of worship. |
.Fatal Rhplt or aw Aocidest.—The accident
Bon nMcootb. hmd th# mimfnrtnn* to MI nnoo th* gm, and was severely burnt She wM unable to I*
to Cholmafoml Mn. MUdmmy an^v!Tnced^>. Lord^sd,tock* *nd has attained HamMmw,, CoyaLmcM Ho**.-Th# fonndaWou
on Friday, when notwithstanding the unfavourable weather there was a large aaaemblage. The Lord Chancellor spoke of the erection of hospitals and una-tonuma as one of the greatest trihmphs of Christianity, and complimented them on dedicating the present build-
of the greatest benefactors we have ever

I>yett the Mayor, with
ra waa then can Honed, am! act^l\^m. ww their amggeatlom shomld
, rinowood.
banquet provid, ' ' ~ ~ "
--1 Hotel, ftnd the
toMts were duly honoured.
dunng the month ending 21st December, and the fees remitted amounted to £18 3s. 8d.—On the motion of the "*ad***t2*"' •coood,'J ky Mr. Cudlipp, the report The FeoJowo Tramwat Extesxiow.—On Monday afternoon ft apocifti Reeling of the Town Council wm held, under the presidency of the Mayor, to take into eonaideration the propOeed application of the Tramway Company for a proviaional order anthoriaing them to make certain e% tensions of the line, and to paM a ream lotion, if thought eiprdient. approvingtif aucb application.—The Roada and Worlca Committee preeented a report embodying that drawn up by the Borough Snr-veyor. From the latter it would aeem that the extensions thus propoaed consist first of a line branching from Commercial-road, near Charlotte strett. and paM tng through Lake-road to Burkland; aecond. of one from Southaea Common, through Osborne road, to the end of Clarendon mad. The committee reoomtucn,led that the approval of the Council be given to Tramway No. I u[K>n condition that a double line of rail bo laid at the north-west end of Lake-road, for a distance of 120 yanla, and that for snch distance the same b* pav«i on esch side up to the kerb. With reference to the second extension they alao recommended that that be approved, subject to the entire line being paved with wood in lieu of pitchers—Alderman Dore moved the adoption of the
Alderman Kent thought the inhabitants of Sontbnea
to prevent Sunday traffic in the neighborhood of S .Uth-
aaid the nuisance could be a topped if they thought proj>er to put the bye-laws fn force.-After considerable discussion, the resolution wm carried, with the addition of n prow U*t th« Pnwwooal Onler be horemftw submitted f(T the approval of the Council - Mr. Andrewa wm the only member who opposed.
evening of the 2Stl» of December. Mra. " -

that on going into the bar she..
,on the counter with a bottle of
suspicious circumstances o= th. iwvioa.
guilty, and were each sentcneed p, pmaooment with har.| labnnr - '
of Butt, Gloucestershire, and <'
of ftMiEe,! 1^ ^
of doing so.
pSraaJSYssrz't. ■ -
mg-ftle.aml A. H. E touart, E-.a., an madofofftnnnlertmremm»e|^u^*|;.,
years, to an industrial achool. on th-
dwee that the girl IIwd '
"ho"h(ft,ned anrKftrion, \

1 dett ii^r.n i

7th Battery o
s fined £1, including e
Lacal Boabd.—'The monthly meeting of *a held at the Boftnl room on Friday
watch from Lis
I 1° Satunlay. when he was tryiif- w' . • | , :o m luggmgo boat tw I'ori.month. H? / ' this Board ,• but waa committed for trial ♦».....


keep them
g, --------------- - -...... .....J""1

„ lyminoton.

by the Vice Chairmi not entiUed to rem.. -u„0 lom Guardiana capable of dealing with

»ukl have "
A Darsass BaAWL.—jforePteikMn '____» .. _
^ remitting feea WM who thought the Board were
1 Bf
nominations in the town. . '
ho .nmmediLMd found that it warn .nii.r - =
the tendons, and wm drawn off the ground himdl«KWft,juat th* aame, only mot an l.*| , nog booea oo ,u fow f^t It waa mitf on /
mmmzmb? SSPtimsem
.boUjd 'ur*r;'
boracdHnOd no, b. .ork.l, ■ it.;
**f_oventaalIy secured and came,! on U """ - it that at the Ventnor
»kD!'wI"~A of this body was hcMca
"P tho report of the Unan.^ ' Urn. Id. oa tho boroagb fond oocoumt be ordered t' ^ .'
lWor«horo,^rd„R^«^» "°Xe/"X t£S"
bM proved somewhat iliaadian'^ Wee tern Railway Companies are about to coinim^'
promenade haa been formed for tho entire
?• ornamental grounds and winding »*■*. will be a decided, improvement even on the unem • foreshore, which wm here mud and aand. Promtuao' rwh the ahoro by meaoa of tlighta of
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