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Winsor—Allsop, ' Dolphin,' tues. & thurs.
2 p.m. (via Calmore) ' Woodlands—Reeves,' Dolphin, ' fri. noon
Water Conveyances.
Docks & Inland "Waterways Executive.
Dock house, Canute road, Docks; docks & marine manager, R. P. Biddle, C.B.E., J .P.; assistant docks manager, W. F. Griffiths; docks engineer, J. H. Jellett O.B:E., M.I.C.E.; docks mechanical & electrical engineer, E. S. Ely M.I.E.E.; dockmaster, Capt. P. A. Morgan O.B.E., R D.; outdoor superintendent, P. W. ' Thatcher M.B.E.; docks accountant, G. A. Ashwell
British Railways (Southern Region) (Marine Dept.).
Southampton Office, Dock house, Canute road,_ Docks; docks & marine manager, R. P. Biddle C.B.E., J.P.; assistant marine manager, S. H. Isaac; superintendent marine engineer, J. P. Campbell M.I. Mar.E.; district marine manager, C. A. Pritchard: marine assistant, Capt. G. F. Jeffries. Steamers run between Southampton, _the Channel Islands, Havre, St. Malo & Cherbourg
British & Irish Steam Packet Co. Limited _ (Coast Lines Ltd. Agents).
Southampton Office, Seaway house, Town quay. The Company's steamers sail regularly from the Town quay, South-ampton for Dublin via London, as per sailing, bills
City of Cork Steam Packet Co. Limited (Coast Lines Ltd. Agents).
Southampton Office, Seaway house, Town quay. The Company's steamers sail from Southampton for Cork as per sailing bills, via London (ca;rgo only), & from Cork for -t iymoutn, Southampton & London
Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co.
Southampton Office, 32 Oxford street, feteamers sail regularly to Coast Lines Limited.
Southampton Office, Seaway house, Town Quay. Regular sailing to & from Liverpool & East & West coast ports
Cunard !Steam-:Shtp (Co. [Ltd.
Southampton Office, Maritime chambers, Canute road. Passenger, cargo & mail service to & from United States & Canada
United States Lines. Southampton Office, Canute chambers • Canute _ road; general agents, Messrs' Benjamin Ackerley & Son. Mail & pas-senger service to & from United States
Nederland Line-Royal Dutch Mail. Southampton Office, Havelock chambers Queen s terrace; agents, Messrs. Keller! Bryant & Co. Passenger, mail & cargo service from Amsterdam & Southampton to Indonesia via Port Said, Suez, Colombo & Singapore
Royal Rotterdam Lloyd. Southampton Office, Canute chambers Canute road; agents, Messrs. Escombe! McGrath & Oo. Ltd. also agents to the P. & O. S. N. Co. The Company's mail steamers run from Southampton Royal' Mail Lines Limited.
Local Office, R. M. house. Terminus terrace; .EL B. Wood, commercial representative; stores, Empress road & Test road, Docks
Southampton, Isle op Wight ^m£es' JWcstern Esplanade, Southampton. The Company's steamers ply between Southampton & Cowes frequently every day with extensions to Ryde. & other bouth Coast resorts, June to September
Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co. Limited. Southampton Office, Canute road. Regular mail & passenger service to South & East Africa
Towing Department.
Offices, Western esplanade, Southampton; tug supt. H. Brundritt
The General Estates >Co. Ltd.
Pier Office, Hythe, Southampton
The General Estates Co. Ltd; own and run the ferry-boats which ply between Hythe and Town Quay, Southampton, daily
Southampton Corporation Transport Floating Bridges.
Floating Bridge road ; P. J. Baker M.Inst.T. transport & general manager & engineer, 226 Portswood road
The Hants & Dorset Motor Services Ltd. run a frequent service to & from Southampton & Bournemouth
Motor coaches run from Grosvenor square, Southampton to London sundays & weekdays
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