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Southampton Mental Welfare Association (Occupation Centre), 5 Cranbury terrace, Newtown; Mrs. M. E. B. Threadgold B.A. investigation officer Southampton Model Engineering Society, 160 Above Bar street; J. S. Lindsay, 3 Redhill way, Bassett, treas Southampton Pilots' Office, 18 Queen's
terrace ; I£. J. T. Hutehings, hon. sec Southampton Piscatorial Society; Robert Collins, 52 Shirley Park road, Shirley, hon. sec
Southampton Royal Horticultural Society; L. S. Cullis, 10 Cunard avenue, Shirley, hon. treas
Southampton Sailors' Home (The). Oxford street; William Aston, sec.; Eric R. Thomson, manager Southampton Sports Centre (Corporation), Bassett avenue, Bassett; E. K. Ryder, manager
Southampton Test Conservative Association, 7 College place, London road: E. Vale, agent & secretary. Tel. Nos. 26552/3
Southampton Trades Council, 54 Henstead
road; H. J. Hill, sec Southampton Youth Committee, Civic Centre; W. T. Bennett, youth service . organizer
Southampton Youth Hostel, 461 Winchester
road, Bassett Spencetr Ha:ll, The Avenue Stoneham Go'lf Club Ltd. Bassett Green road ; P. J. Rolt, sec. ; J. E. Watt, professional
Sutherland Bridge Club, 2 Rockstone
place ; Mrs. G. Cohalan, hon. sec Swaythding Bowling Club, Wide 'lane,
Swaythling; Leonard Hind, hon. sec SwaytMing Community Association, West-■ field hall, Wide lane, iSwaythling; N.
Cooke, hon. sec Swaythling Working Men's Club,.Woodmill lane, Swaythling ; M. Donohoe, sec
TALBOT HOUSE SEAFARING BOYS' RESIDENTIAL CLUB, Brunswick square; A. V. Bean, warden. Tel. 22410
Temperance Institute (The), 30 Carlton crescent ; E. M. Jackson, sec • Territorial & Auxiliary Forces Association of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, 30 Carlton place ; The Duke of Wellington, president ; Rowland J. Raggett, sec Thorner's Homes, Henstead .Road, Regent's
Park road & Oakley road, Mill-brook Toe H, Mark V (Guaret Jones Memorial), 574 Winchester road, Bassett; Michael Salisbury, warden
TRANSPORT & GENERAL WORKERS' UNION, 52 Henstead .road ; E. Hyman, regional sec.. Tel. Nos. 23426 & 23427 Union Benefit Society; district office, 11a, Cranbury terrace, Newtown; G. Dawson, ■ sec
Union of Post Office Workers, 54 Henstead . road; W. Greenaway, set!
United Society of Boilermakers, Shipbuilders & Structural Workers (South . Coast District Committee), 11 Canute road; W. C. Willis, district.delegate
University College of Southampton Athletic
Ground, Wessex lane, Swaythling University College of Southampton Boat
Club, Oliver road, SwaytMing University College of Southampton Halls of Residence (for men), Connaught hall, Wessex lane, Swaythling; Rev. Herbert Livesey M.A. warden; South Stoneham house, Wessex lane, Swaythling; R. A. Pelham M.A., Ph.D. warden & (for women) Highfield hall, Omdurman road; Miss E. Lightbody M.A. warden Wa/lton Court Residential Club, 28 & 30
Archer's road Westfield Variety Company, Westfield hall, Wide lane, Swaythling ; L. A. Buckland, hon.sec
Winchester Diocesan Girds' Friendly Hostel, 31 Carlton orescent ; IMrs. E. Denton, ladv supt
Women's Voluntary Services /Headquarters, 35 Winn road ; Mrs. E. Baillie, county borough organizer Woolston Community Centre Tennis Club,
126 Portsmouth road, Woolston Woolston & District Traders Association; A.
Pitches, 2 Church road, Woolston, hon. sec Woolston & Sholing Conservative & Liberal ' Association (men's section); R. G. W. Bristow, 106 Portsmouth road, Woolston, hon.sec
Woolston & Sholing Conservative & Unionist Club, 74 St. Anne's road, Woolston ; R. L. Angell, sec.; J. E. Pymm, steward Woolston Social Club, 32 Victoria rdj Woolston; E. Brown, sec.; Sidney A. Davies, steward Woolston Trades & Labour Club, Leighton road, Itchen; H. T. Searle, sec.; J. B. Christmas, steward. Tel. No. 884391 Workers' Educational Association (Southern District), 1 Cranbury terrace; P., J. Pitman B.A. district sec.; (Southampton branch) Miss K. E. Smith, 4 Upper Bugle street, hon. sec Workmen's Social Club, 43 Chandos street;
Albert Tugby, sec Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (Southern headquarters), 3 Cranbury place, Newtown; Miss K. Hammond, sec Young People's Hall, North East road, Sholing
Youth Hostels Association (England & Wales) (South Coast Regional Group), 66 High street, Shirley; L. A. Rossiter, regional sec
Parks, Recreation Grounds &c.
Civil Service Sports Ground, Stafford road County Borough of Southampton Recreation
Ground, Brickfield road, Portswood Football Ground, The Dell, Milton road King Edward's School Sports Ground, Wilton road, Shirley Millbrook Recreation Ground, Millbrook
road, Millbrook Municipal Golf Course (County Borough of
Southampton), Bassett avenue, Bassett Recreation Grounds, Swift road, Woolston; Manor Farm road, Bitterne Park & West-end road, Bitterns
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