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CHA 427
Cavell Arth. 147 Yale drive, Bitterne Park
Sell Montgomery rd. Bitterne
rsvell Geo. 46 Princes st. Northam
┬ž"'! kSb Northam
Ca^eney Herbt. J. 84 Cobden ores. Bitterne
r^enev Ed. 28 Broadlands rd. Portswood raverhill Wltr. J. 12 Wavell rd. Bitterne Tavey Roland H. 30 Padwell rd navev Wm. Frank, 19 Wilton av Cavill Alfd. 7 Englefield rd. Bitterne Manor /will Geo. Edwd. 8 Mulberry walk, Shirley Cavill Maurice V. 78 Ivy rd. St. Denys Cavill Miss W. 3 Waterloo ter _
Cavill Mrs. 187 Wilton rd. Shirley Cavil! Regnld. 1 Violet pi. Belvidere rd Caw Mrs. 22 Barry rd. Bitterne Cawdrey Jack, 19 Montague av. Sholing Cawes ffm. A. 1 St. Mark's ter Cawley Mrs. 15 Addis sq. Portswood rd Caws Alfd. Thos. C. 13 Deacon cres.Bitterne Caws Arth. H. L. 2 St. Winifred's rd. Shirley
Caws Bertie Wm. 21 St. Mark's rd
Caws Chas. Albt. Edwd. 34 Walnut av.
Swaythling Caws Eric. 18 Landseer rd. Sholing Caws Fredk. 112 Rowrihams rd. Maybush Caws Jas. Alfd. 108 Brinton's rd Caws Jn. E. 9 Bindon rd. Shirley Caws Jn. M. 7 Woolley ho. Craven walk Caws Mrs. 34 Bridge rd. Itchen Caws Mrs. 61 Osborne rd. Portswood Caws Mrs. 18 Randolph st. Freemantle Cawsey Alan, 2 Wilton rd. Shirley Cawte Arth. 2 Newbury rd. Shirley Cawte Chas. Fred, 20 Church rd. Woolston Cawte Chas. Hy. 158 Winchester rd. Shirley Cawte Fredk. 34 Thornhill rd. Bassett Cawte Hubert, 8 Maddison st Cawte Jn. A. 1 Midanbury la. Bitterne Park Cawte Mrs. K. E. 141a, St. James' rd. Shirley Cawte Wm. Ernest,25 Grove rd. Freemantle Cawthorne Alfd. Ernest, 17 Cromwell rd Cazzulani Ersilio, 5 Redlands drive, Bitterne Ceelev Wm. E. 24 Morris rd Chadbone Mrs. 7 Avon rd. Bitterne Park Chad-wick J. 15 Bassett av. Bassett Chadwick Mrs. A. 19 Cobbett rd. Bitterne Park
Chadwick Norman, 3 Furzedown rd. High-field
Chafe Geo. 24 Queen's walk Chafe Harold Arth. 5 Barnfield rd. Woolston Chafe Mrs. 43 Raymond rd Chafe Thos. W. H. 29 Magnolia rd. Bitterne Chafen Wltr. B. 112 St. Catherine's rd. Bitterne Park Chaffin Edwin, 62 Steuart rd. Bitterne Manor
Chaffin Frank E. 10 Robert Cecil av. Swaythling ^hainey Arth. 13 Queen's walk Dhamey Chas. Rd. Hy. 47 William st. Northam
Unainey Frank, 45 Irving rd. Shirley
Chainey Frank, 3 Primrose rd. Bassett Chainey Frank E. 27 Caxton av. Bitterne Chainey Hy. 79 Commercial st. Bitterne Chainey Jas. 9 Wycliffe rd. Bitterne _ Chainey Wm. Regnld. 'Guernsey cott. Quayside rd. Bitterne Manor Chalcraft Geo. Wm. 29 Philhmore rd.
ChalaraftSidney H. 24 College rd. Woolston Chaldecott R. 108 Manor Farm rd. Bitterne
Park ' ,
Chalk Albt. S. 13 Deeping close, Woolston Chalk Alfd. 83 Laburnum rd. Bassett Chalk Archbld. Edwd. 5 Eynham close,
Bitterne , , t
Chalk Arth. H. 220 Middle rd. Sholing Chalk Arth. Hy. 160 Bishop's rd. Itchen Chalk Cecil, 457 Bitterne rd. Bitterne Chalk Chas. Geo. Arth. 108 Avenue rd Chalk Cyril, 23 Bath Chalk Harold, 19 Crosswell close, Sholing Chalk Harry, 29 Orpen rd. Sholing Chalk Harry W. 215 Victoria rd. Woolston Chalk Herbt. 169 Manor Farm rd. Bitterne Park
Chalk Jas. 15 River View rd. Bitterne Park Chalk Jn. Chas. 21 River View rd. Bitterne Pfl.r1c
Chalk Jn. Wm. 53 Mansbridge rd.
Swaythling , ...
Chalk Jsph. 36 Worcester pi. Sholing Chalk Kenneth J. 280 Portswood rd Chalk Leslie, 14 North East rd. Sholing Chalk Mrs. 1a, Cambridge rd Chalk Mrs. 25 Cobbett rd. Bitterne Park Chalk Mrs. 29 Portal rd. Sholing Chalk Mrs. 151 University rd. Highfield Chalk Mrs. 133 Winchester rd. Shirley Chalk Mrs. E. 134 Honeysuckle rd. Bassett Chalk Mrs. E. A. 60 Prince of Wales av.
Millbrook , ... .
Chalk Mrs. M. E. 115 Winchester rd. Shirley Chalk Mrs. S. J. 24 Bath rd. Bitterne Chalk Norman, 30 Dale rd. Shirley Chalk Rt. 12 Brading way, Swaythling Chalk Ronald, 25 Romsey rd. Maybush Chalk Sidney, 101 Cleveland rd. Bitterne Park
Chalk Sidney, 19 Purcell rd. Sholing Chalk Stanley,260 Broadlands rd.Portswood Chalk Stanley, 38 Northcote rd Chalk Thos. 41 Trent rd. Bitterne Park Chalk Thos. Jas.24 Brownlow gdns.Bitterne Chalk Thos. Jn. 156 Dimond rd. Bitterne
Chalk Victor, 30 Maytree rd. Bitterne Chalk Wltr. 28 Peach rd. Maybush Chalk Wltr. H. 169 St. Mary's rd Chalk Wm. Jn. 52 St. Catherine's rd. Bitterne Park
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