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'filacer Freak. Chas.10 Florence. rd.Woolston niaoer Ronald Arth. 21/22 Palmerston rd Dominy Arth. A. 45 St. Mary st .
Rlderfield Mrs. Mary M. 137 Bevois st Fldridge, Pope & Co. Ltd. 1 Bishopstoke rd. Eastleigh & London ho. Twyford rd. Eastleigh
Field Geo. 28 Cracknore rd. Freemantle Ford Wltr. 33 Chapel rd Forder Thos. B. High st. West End Fovarque Leonard F. 26 Trinity rd Freeman Leonard Jas. The Merry Oak, Spring rd. Bitterne
Furnell Harold, 16 Bevois Valley rd Garman Thos. Victor, 92 Pound st. Bitterne Geer Rt. Chas. 5 New rd
Gilfoy B. 74 St. Mary st
Gizzie Win. 40 York st. Northam
Grice Christphr. 1 Hewitt's rd. Freemantle Hayward Jack R. 8 West st Horner Mrs. F. S. 114 Bernard st Hosey Chas. Hy.88 Alma rd
Tel. 88334
Irvin Geo. W. 71 Wolseley rd. Freemantle Jackson Albt. H. 35 & 37 Anglesea rd. Shirley
Jefferis Geo. Herbt. 1 Mill st. Eastleigh Joslin Eric Martin, 25 Victor st. Shirley Kebby Wm. (off), 13 Oakmount rd. Chandler's Ford , Keith Bros, (off), 40 Commercial rd | Kelly Jsph. A. 56 St. Mary st Laird Allan, 42 Bevois Valley rd Leahy Geo. A. 59 St. Mary's rd Levy Geo. 182 Northamrd Lewis Geo. Hy. Mervin, 33 Albany rd.
Freemantle Lewsey F. 9 South front Mabbett Cecil A. 24 Hill st McGarry Eras. Jas. (off), lo Lodge rd McVickers Mrs. M. 7 Union st Maguire Patrick, 131 Derby rd Mansfield Sidney Jas. 108 Shirley rd May Regnld; 1 Woodley rd. Woolston Meek Wm. O. 23 Marlborough rd. Shirley . Metcalf Thos. W. 26 South front, Kingsland Morrissey Mrs. Axmetta E. 12 Adelaide rd. St. Denys
Mott Arth. W. 71 East st Murray Michl. C. 108 Portswood rd Neal Albt. 67 Firgrove rd. Freemantle Nicholson Frank L. 16 Clifton ter Nixon Alfd. Jas. 25 & 26 The Strand Norman Albt. Edwd. 6 Russell st Oakly J. W. 26 Orchard la .
O'Donoghue Mrs. Nellie, 69 Above Bar st Orman Arth. Rd. 32 Shayer rd. Shirley
P & Te^cSndlers
Ford 2608 Patey Arth. Regnld. 67 St. Mary's rd Pearcy Ernest, 18 English rd. Millbrook Peckham Geo. 10 & 11 Palmerston rd
Rogers Hy. 63 Cannon st. Shirley Poole Kenneth F. 4 Princes st. Northam Rabbetts Leonard C. 32 Amoy st Rake Willis H. 87 Church st. Shirley Randell Wm. Geo. 36 Bedford pi Read Geo. Jas. 38 Earl's rd Russett Thos. 55 Bevois st _
Shephard Wm. 107 & 109 White's rd. Bitterne. Telephone 88132'
Sillence Mrs. Eliz. 2 Middle st
Smith Mrs. Maud E. 2 Woodley rd. Woolston
Sparks Mrs. A. 173 Millbrook rd. Free-
Stevens Ronald H. 16 Victoria rd. Netley Abbey
Stiles Stanley, 43J Orchard la Stone Stanley G. 78 St. Mary st Strudley W. G. High st. West End Thomas Mrs. Ada E. 1 .St. George's st. & 5
St. George's pi . „
Thresher F. E. 24 Princes st. Northam Tucker Jack (off), 23 Millbank st. Northam Tyler Chas. Alfd. 20 Manor rd. Itchen Verney Mrs. Rose E. 18 Almatade rd. Bitterne
Wake1 Arth H. 7 Spa rd ' Walley Harold P. (off). 17 . Testwood rd Millbrook Wabb Norman Geo. 39 East Park ter Wheeler Alfd. Ernest (off) (& confectioner tobacconist, & sundries), 15 Sir George s rd. Freemantle Wildin Rd. (off), 29 Twyford av. Shirley Williams Mrs. Eliz. Ann, 17 Lodge rd Wilton Herbt. M. (off), 48 Brinton's rd Wort Jn. Hy. 17 James st \
Wragg Sydney, 65 Orchard la Young Alfd. 46 Clifford st
See Cycle Manufacturers & Dealers.
Southampton Poster Services Limited. Manchester st. & Outdoor dept. Central Station'rd
end, Shirley rd. Telephone 718031
Carr & Co. Ltd. Channel rd. Docks Crawford T^m. & Sons Ltd. 5 garage, 36b
Osborne rd. Portswood Meredith & Drew Ltd. Beatrice rd. Free-mantle. Telephone 72260
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