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west from Eling and 6 west from Southampton, in the New Forest parliamentary division of the county of Hampshire, Red-bridge hundred, Southampton county court district and petty sessional division, rural deanery of Lyndhurst and archdeaconry and diocese of Winchester. Christ Church, erected in 1870, is a building of .flint and stone, in the Early English style, consisting of a chancel, nave, north porch and a turret with small spire containing one bell; there are 200 sittings. The register dates from the year 1872. The living is a vicarage. It is in the gift of Peter Vaudrey-Barker-Mill esq. and has been held since 1940 by the Rev. Percival Clement Beeston L.Th. There is a Methodist chapel at Longdown.
TOTTON (With Testwood). Totton is the principal place in the parish of Eling; it has a railway station, and is about 4 miles from Southampton. The village is situated at the extremity of Southampton Water, where the river Test flows into it. Over the salt marsh the inhabitants enjoy a right of common run. for feeding cattle, except from
Hock Monday (the second Monday after Easter day) till the 14th August, when only seven persons are privileged to turn in one horse each to feed over the whole; it is then locked up, usually for about one month, until the grass is cut in allotments by different owners and carried, when it is again thrown open. The Roman Catholic church in Commercial road was erected in 1925. There is a Congregational chapel, built in 1811, seating 250 persons; a Methodist church and a Gospel mission hall, erected in 1901, and almshouses for poor widows. There is a Mission church at Calmore and Recreation club in Rumbridge street.
Testwood is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1938 from the parish of Eling. The church of St. Winfrid is a building of red rustic Fletton brick in modern style. There is seating capacity for 500 persons. The register dates from the year 1938. The living is a vicarage, with residence, in the gift of the vicar of Eling, and has been held since 1952 by the Rev. W. Christopher Edwards _B.Sc of Leeds University. The church hall called Thistle hall is attached.
Post, M.O. & T. Office, 18 Rumbridge street, Totton.—Gerald Fawson, postmaster
Post, M.O. & T. Office, 2 'The Terrace, Lyndhurst road, Ashurst.—Burlton Boyce, sub-postmaster
Post & M.O. Office, Main road. Hounsdown. —Philip Presley, sub-postmaster
Post & T. Office, Calmore road, Totton.— William Allen, sub-postmaster
Testwood Sub-Post & M.O. Office, 192 Salisbury road. Totton.—Reginald C. Thomas, sub-postmaster
Post & M.O. Office, 5/7 Water lane, Totton. —Edward A. L. Reynolds, sub-postmaster
Eling Parish. Council.
Chairman, Maj. L. W. Wright M.B.E., J.P. Yarrow, Buskett's way, Ashurst, near Southampton
Vice-Chairman, W. G. T. Snellgrove, 28 Causeway crescent, Totton
BJundell H. B. T. 5 Hounsdown close, 1 otton
Bunn P. H. 58 Junction road, Totton wale F. G., Enzali, Wood road, Ashurst,
near Southampton Wliver H. J., Calliope, Spicers hill, Totton 5}r?e -k-> Woodside, Rushington lane 1 otton
i V. T. 53 Rushington lane, Totton £ike R. H. 84 Sunset road, Totton Reward Miss, 13 Lydlynch road, .Totton &1I>gleton S. G., Cairnside, Culford avenue, i otton
Snell Mrs. 2 Coblands avenue, Totton
Snellgrove W. G. T. 28 Causeway crescent, Totton
Spencer A. N., J.P. 65 Commercial road, Totton
Stinchcomb J. V. 118 Ewell way, Testwood, Totton
Tutte H. E. 38 Rumbridge street. Totton
Wright Maj. L. W., M.B.E., J.P. Yarrow, Buskett's way, Ashurst, near Southampton
Clerk, Maj. C. Pass, 40 Rumbridge street, Totton
Public Establishments.
Eling Cemetery (New Forest District Council), Eling hill Hampshire Constabulary, 144 Commercial road, Totton; Arthur Steel, inspector; Lyndhurst road, Colbury, Totton; Walter E. Groves, inspector Hampshire County Council Ambulance Station, Poplar farm, Calmore road, Totton
Hampshire County Council Health Centre,
77 Rumbridge street, Totton Hampshire Fire Service, Beaumont road,
Totton %
Ministry of Labour & National Service ' (Food Section); local office, 1 South parade, Salisbury road, Totton; R. T. Nicholls, manager New Forest Rural District Council (rates sub-offices), 40 Rumbridge street & 9 Water lane, Totton; A. C. Baker, collector Youth Employment Bureau (Hampshire Education Committee), Ringwood Road School, Ringwood road, Totton

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