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Places of Worship.
csarcn of England.
St. Mary's, St. Mary street; Rev. Canon Spencer Leeson M.A. The Deanery, Chapel road, rector & rural dean All Saints', High street All Souls', Cecil road, Itchen (District Church of St. Mary's, Sholing), Rev. George Turner Waldegrave M.B.E., M.A. The Vicarage, Station road, Sholing, vicar
Christ Church, Payne's road & Waterloo road, Freemantle; Rev. William Arthur Henville Barnes F.R.G.S. The Rectory, 151 Payne's road, Freemantle, rector Christ Church (Portswood Parish Church), or Highfield Church, Highfield lane, Portswood; Rev. Arthur Charles Yodden, (Highfield vicarage, 99 Highfield lane, Highfield, vicar Holy Saviour, Bursledon road, Bitterne; Rev. Joseph H. McKew C.B.E., M.C.,M.A. The Vicarage, 2 Bursledon road, Bitterne, vicar
Holy Trinity, North front, Kingsland Holy Trinity, Weston lane, Woolston; Rev. Denis Arthur Whitlock Brown M.A., L.Th. The Vicarage, Weston lane, vicar
Jesus Chapel, St. Mary Extra, Woolston; Rev. Cuthbert Gambler Ryves Sydney -Turner D.S.O., O.B.E. Pear Tree vicarage, Upper Vicarage road, Woplst'on, vicar, & surrogate
Mission Church for the Deaf & Dumb, Augustine road, North am; Rev. R. G. Young, missioner St. Albans, Burgess road, Bassett; Rev. John F. H. Rees-Jones M.A. St. Alban's vicarage, Burgess road, Bassett, vicar St. Augustine, Northam, North am road; k Rev. Noel C. Moore, 73 Denzil avenue, vicar
St. Barnabas, Lodge road St. Denys, St. Denys road, Portswood; Rev. Charles Streat B.A. St. Denys' vicarage, 16 Abbott's way,-Portswood, vicar .St. James', Bernard street; Rev. Ernest Guy Molyneux M.A., hon. C.F. & surrogate, St. James' vicarage, Bernard street, vicar; .Rev. George Alfred E. Blunt, 39 College street, curate St. James, St. James' road, Shirley; Rev. Alfred Howard Marks M.A., Hon.C.F. The Vicarage, 121 Church street, Shirley, vicar & surrogate; Rev. Raymond John Harries, curate St. Julian, or God's House, Winkle street; Rev Ernest Guy Molyneux M.A., hon. C.F* St. James' vicarage, Bernard street, ' dbapWn, & surrogate St. Luke,' Newtown; Rev., Canon Harold Douglass Csesar M.A. St. Luke's vicarage, 13 The Avenue, vicar; Rev. Willialm Henry John Burt M.A. curate
St: Mark's, Archer's road; Rev. George N". Brummitt B.A. St. Mark's vicarage, 54 Archer's road, vicar
St. Mark's, Church road, Wooflston; Rev. J. W. Briggs L.Th. The Vicarage, - 117 Swift road, vicar St. Mary's, St. Monica road, Sholing; Rev. George Turner Waldegrave M.B.E., M.A. The Vicarage, Station road, Sholing, v-icar
St. Matthew's, St. Mary's road; Rev. Harry Wallbridge L.Th. 15 Ordnance road, vicar
St. Michael's, Bassett avenue, Bassett; Rev. John Robert Shuckburgli Stranack M.C., M.A. The Rectory, Bassett avenue, Bassett, rector
St. Michael's, St. Michael's square; Rev. Kenneth W. H. Felstead M.Sc. St. Michael's vicarage, 53-Bugle street, vicar
St. Nicolas, Stoneham lane, North Stone-ham; Rev. John Robert Shuckburgh Stranack M.C., M.A. The Rectory, Bassett avenue, Bassett, rector; Rev. George Ernest Roberts, assistant-priest St.-Paul's, London road St. Peter's, Commercial road; Rev. Roger Harrison A.K.C. St. Peter's- vicarage, 24 The Polygon, vicar St. Peter's, Romsey road, Maybush; Rev. Colin Joseph Thompson M.A. Park View, Romsey road, Shirley, minister
South Stoneham (St. Mary's), Wessex lane, Swaythling; Rev. Colin Rowland Macbeth M.A.Oxon. The Vicarage, Wessex lane, Swaythling, vicar
The Ascension, Cobden avenue. Bitterne Park; Rev. Robert Ommanney Stephenson M.A. The Vicarage. Cobden avenue, 'Bitterne Park, vicar
Kingsland Baptist Church, South front; Rev. C. Davis, 33 Alma road, minister
Middle road, Sholing.
Millbrook Union Church, Testwood road, Millbrook; Rev. J as. R. Thompson. 58 'Norfolk road, minister
Mission Church & Sunday School, Warren crescent, -Shirley avenue; Rev. Edgar B. Keeble, 192 Regent's Park road, minister
Oak Tree road, Bitterne Park
Polygon, Devonshire road; Rev. W.. H.
Compton, minister Shirley Church, Church street, Shirley ; Rev. Edgar B. Keeble, 192 Regent's Park road, minister
Swaythling Church, Fleming road
Christian Science.
First Church of-Christ Scientist, 119 Alma rd Christian Science Reading Room, 15 London road
Church or Christ (Evangelical Free Church)."
Above Bar street, Rev. Frederick Phillips, 40 Waterloo road, minister .
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