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Tosh-Robb Mrs, 19 Oak road, Woolston Trim Alfred Edwin, 32 Gordon avenue,
Udall*'Alfred E. 32 Kinkier road. Bitterne Yickers K. H., M.A. 161 Burgess road Waller George Albert, 7 Albion place . • Watkina Mrs. 10 Rose road Whitehead Sidney Edward, 2 Oak Mount av Woolley F., Burnmoor. West End
Petty Sessions aire held at The Law Courts, Civic centre, daily at 11 a.m
Justices of t&e Peace for the County.
Lymington & New Forest Division. •Crosthwaite-Eyre Mrs. Warrens, Bramshaw,
Lyndhurst . ,
Du'plessis Gerald Louis Jules, ISewtown
cottage,. South Baddesley, Lymington Francis Brig.-Gen. .Sidney Goodall D.S.O.
Kingsdown, Sway •
*Hor(lock Percival J. IngQenook, Pairk close,
Brockenhurst Keeping Frederick, Bucklands, Milford-on-
Lamb Stanley Victor Turner, Hiawatha.
Milford road, Pennington, Lymington ^Nicholson Miss D. M.jCreek cottage, Wood-
side, 'Lymington Poltenev Miss B; E. Keppel lodge,Lyndh^rst Young David Wilberforce, Seaman s lodge,
Minstead, Lyndhurst The Mayor of Lymington for the time being
is ex-officio a magistrate . '
Marked thus*is chairman of Petty Sessions. Clerk to the Justices, Hugh Stone; office, , Monmouth house, St. . Thomas street, Lymington ,
Betty Sessions are held at Parish hall. Forest gardens, Lyndhurst, the second Wednesday in each month, at 11 a;m. & at the Town Hall, High, street, Lymington every alternate, thursday at 11 a.m _ Juvenile & Domestic Couirts as & • when
required • ' ,,
The following places are included, in the Lymington & New Foirest ■division: Boldre, East Boldre. Bramshaw. Brockenhurst, Denny Lodge, Minstead, Rhine-field & Sway
Totton & Millbrook Division. .. Aldridge Hon. Mrs. Eric M.B.E.' Minstead
lodge, Lyndhurst Conner Mrs. 14 Spicers hill, Totton . ' Coombs Mrs. St. Briac, Romsey road, May-
Elms^ George, The Narrells,' New road, Blackfield. Fawley t
Moore Arthur G. Rawalpindi, Calmore road,
Totton ~ ,
Page James Sidney, 10 Railway cottages,
, Redbridge ..
Payne Mrs. 41 Salisbury rfiad, Totton Starnies F rederick R. Anerley, Cadnam *Truckell George H. Jalna, Salisbury road, Totton'
The chairman f or the time being of the New Forest Rmrzul District Council is ex-officio
Marked^thus * is chairman of Petty Sessions.
Olerk to the Justices, A. O. Bog-gust, 59 Commercial iroad, Totton.
Petty Sessions are held at St. Mary s Hall, Junction road, Totton, on the second & fourth tuesday in each month at 11 a.m The following places are included in the Totton and Millbrook divisions:—Ashurst, Barfcley, Cad nam (part), Totton, Bling, Copythorne, Colbuiry, Hounsdown, Aemey Mairsh, Milllbrook, Maybush & Redbridge
Hythe Division.
Armstrong Lady Oxleys, Beaulieu ■« ' *CaveFrederick William, High ways, Fawley Crossley Hon. Mrs. Dark Water, Blackfield Goodall Mrs. Belmont, Fawley Montagu Hon. Ewen E. S., O.B.E., Iv.L/.
Warren Beach, Beaulieu Noble E. G. Copthorne house, Fawley -O'Hagan Lord, Little Salterns, Beaulieu Warton Maj. Robert Baker D.S.O. Hilltop
house, Beaulieu Marked thus * usually acts as chairman of Petty Sessions.
Clerk to the Justices, Walter K. Pearce, 6 St. Michael's street, Southampton .
Petty Sessions are held at the Police Station, iHythe, on the first friday in the month at
The following places are Included in Hythe division:—Fawley, Hythe, Beaulieu, Dibden, Exbury, Lepe & Marchwood
County Borough, of Southampton
• ' Council.
The meetings of the Council are held on the „third Wednesday in each month at 2.30
Mayor, Councillor Frank Dibben, 31 Winn
Recorder, Joshua David Casswell K.C Aldermen.
Austin Josiah, 71 Bursledon road Bascomb George Bennett, 19
avenue, Sholing _
BigneirGeorge, 26 Alma road Blanchard Percival Walter M.B.E.,
Ripstone gardens ^
Brown. Frederick Robson J P. ' 70 ^orth-
Burrwv Edwin, 105 Upper Shirley avenue Edmunds Ralph Eric. Wangfield Lodge
. farm, Curdridge, Botley . .
Goulden Alfred Edmund J.P. 68 Bellemoor
King Mrs. B.A. 37 Manor Farm road '
Leach Mrs. 2 Archer's road Lewis Thomas M.P., J.P. 8 Brighton road Lewis William, 117 St. Mary street . Matthews James Henry John J.P. 1 Gran-
bury terrace O'Eiggins Mrs. 37 Warren avenue . ■ Sakoschansky Bphraim," 74' Bishop s road,
SaSoschansky Mrs. 74 Bishop's'road, Itcheii Smith Frederick Stewart J.P. 86 Janson Margam
J.P. 40
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