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Southampton OFFICIAL DiRECTdEY—-1920.
Southampton Piscatorial Society, 26 High street; F. Bishop, hon. sec
Southampton, Portsmouth & South Hants Commercial Travellers' Association (South ampton division) ; head quarters, The Star Hotel, 26 & 27 High street; W. Tickle president; Gr. F. W. Hussey, treas. Charles French, hon. sec Southampton Public Library & Art Gallery, London road, opened to the public, January 15th, 1889, by the Mayor & Cor-poration ; librarian & sec. Albert H. Davis ; deputy librarian, Charles F. Davis ; Shirley Branch, Shirley road, P. Meredith, librarian in charge ; Portswood branch, -Portswood road, 0. R. Gladdiss, librarian in charge
Southampton Rambling Club, W. Winde-
bank, 62 Lodge road, hon. sec Southampton Royal Horticultural Society, undef the distinguished patronage of the principal nobility of the county, President, The Rt. Hon. Lord Swaythling ; chairman of the council, Professor E. S. Lyttel; hon. sec. & collector, M. W. Beer, Epeauie, Bassett; hon. consulting .sec
Southampton (Trustee) Savings Bank, now amalgamated with The London Savings Bank, 30 Portland street, open from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. daily, except saturdays, & 7 to 8 p.m. on saturdays & mono ays ; treas. E. H. Ash worth (Lloyds Bank Limited); sec. W. C. Westlake ; actuary, S. Mcllveen r.c.i.s.; assistant actuary, F. T. Borman ; auditors, H. A. H. Swayne & E. Gr. Burnett, chartered accountants
Southampton Skating Rink Ltd. Shirley
road, Freemantle Southampton & South Hants Liberal & Social Club, 4 High street; chairman, Frederick Trim, esq.; hon. sec. S. Cairns ; hon. treasurer, W. V. Cotton; steward, James Pitfield Southampton Temperance Institute, 30
Carlton crescent ; W. Williams, hon. sec Southampton Working Men's LabourClub & Institute, 113 St. Mary's road; Herbert Holdaway, sec. 18 St. Andrew's road Southampton Women's Liberal Association,
161 High street Standard Cinema, 79 & 80 East street; E. H.
Turner, acting manager Stoneham Golf Co. Ltd. ; reg. office, 172 . High street; William Henry Abbott, sec Troian Club, 1 Cumberland place; W. G Westlake, hon. treas.; Frank Bull, steward Tunbridge Wells Equitable Friendly Society, Lilac cottage, Cracknore road, Free-mantle : James Maskell, local sec
& 27 University College of Southampton, High
street; for particulars, see page 35 Watts' Memorial Hall, Vincent's walk West .Quay Regatta Club (established 1866), Club house, 33 High street; commodore, Tankerville Chamberiayne esq.; vice-commodore, Lieut.-Col. Sir G. A. E. Hussey esq. ^rear-commodore, F. Southard esq.; hon. treasurer, Charles J. Beaton esq. ; secretary, Willis Bailey; & a committee of 9 members Workman's Social Club, 43 Chandos street;
sec. David Adams Workmen's Institute & Refreshment Rooms Co. Lim. 26 Canal walk; manager,J. Wolfe ; sec. Edgar M. Burnett a.c.a., f.g.i.s. 2
High street „ . .
Young Men's Christian Association, Southampton Branch, Ogle road, Above Bar, president, The Rt. Hon. Lord Radstock; W. Dale f.h.g.s. chairman of committee ; O. L. Whitmee, district sec.; E. S. H. James, assistant sec .
Young Women's Christian Association, Home & Institute, 22 & 24 Portland ter.; hon. treas. Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Burnett, sec. Miss E. M. Smith
Building1 Societies County of HantsLand & BuildingSocietyLim.; sec. Edgar M. Burnett a.c.a., 2
High street .
County of Southampton Provident Permanent Building Society ; W. W. Paul, pres.; sec. Edward Wliittaker f.s.a.a. 3 Portland st Portswood & St. Denys 1016th Starr-Bowkett Building Society, 7 & 9 Portswood road, W. Gr. Goater, secretary . _
Southampton & SouthHantsBuilding Socie y , sec. Edgar M. Burnett a.o.a., r.c.i.s. 2
So^ampton Starr-Bowkett Building Socle-
ties, held at Polytechnic Rooms, Hanover
Sff-33PoVeSc SSI—r 3TO Hanover buildings
offices, 45 Above Bar street
established 1835 ; every Saturday mornmg
(several editions), in time for the early mails ; publishing offices, 45 Above Baf street
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