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southampton official directory—1920.
out-door department.
Surveyors, W. A. Keay & P. M. Johnson
Waterguard Superintendent, A. W. Scarlett
Chief Preventive Officer, G. Gilbert
The hours of business at the Custom House long room are from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. In the landing & "warehousing departments the hours are from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. & during winter from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m
Note.—Grants of probate or letters of administration where the gross value of the estate does not exceed ^"500 can be obtained through any of the offices of the collectors of customs & excise
Customs & Excise & Old Age Pension Office, Union Bank chambers,40 & 41 High street; hours, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m
Surveyor, A. C. Rasmussen
Officers, D. Curlett, J. R.-Po6ock,;C. D.Hall, & W. Y. Beattie. Attendance given daily (except sundays & bank holidays), from 10 to 11 a.m. to answer inquiries & receive traders' entries
Note.—The Officers of Customs & Excise are also appointed to deal with exemption claims & questions under the National Health Insurance Act
Fire Brigades.
Borough Brigade.— Comprises 1 superintendent (Edward Hayward), 4 deputy superintendents & 52 (12 permanent & 40 auxiliary) firemen, with the following appliances: 1 steam fire engine, 1 motor chemical engine, 2 motor pumps & escapes combined, 1 motor escape, 5 hand fire escapes, 3 hose carts & 2motor ambulances, the stations for which are as follows: 1 steamer, motor chemical engine, 2 motor pumps & escapes combined, 2 hand escapes & 2 motor ambulances at the chief station, St. Mary's road (Telephone Nos. 35 & 36) ; 1 escape & 1 hose cart at the Police station, Portswood ; 1 motor escape & 1 hose cart at Shirley (Telephone '964) ; 1 hose cart & escape at Bitterne Park station (foot of Cobden bridge). Telephone 1279 •
In case of fire, information should be given to the superintendent, St. Mary's rd. (Telephone Nos. 35 & 36) ; Shirley (Telephone No. 964); Portswood Police Station; Bitterne (Telephone 1279), 2s. being paid to the first person giving a bond fide call of fire
In addition to the above, the London & South Western Railway Company have at the Terminus 1 manual & at the Docks 1 steam float, 1 motor pump, 4 manual engines, 2 hose reels, x hose cart, 6 permanent firemen & 12 auxiliary firemen, under Resident Superintendent G. Smith
Fish Market, French street Health Department, Southampton County Borough Municipal offices, High street
Inland Revenue ; office, 59 High street Inspectors of Taxes for Southampton Town, Southampton County & New Forest Divisions, No. 1 district, S. W. Manley, surveyor; J. A.Chapman,assistant surveyor ; No. 2 district, H. Axtell, first clerk; T. H. Butcher, surveyor; Southampton A district, H. J. Wood, first clerk; J. V. Pickman, surveyor Collectors, Arthur Dunington & Hugh' Williamson
Inland Revenue Valuation Department, it Portland street
Lloyd's Register' of Shipping; offices, 20 Canute road; Robert Elliott, senr. principal surveyor, A. Phillips, J. Marshall & A. Boyle, surveyors
Mortuary, Town qqay
Office of H.M. Inspectors of Factories, 32 Above Bar st. ; A. F. J. Dunolly, district inspector ; L. D. Hooper, inspector ; T. C. . Hayward & N. Brown,inspectors' assistants
Office for Verifying & Stamping Weights & Measures & Gas Meters ; A. L. P. Holda-way, chief inspector ; E. J. Smith, inspector ; Municipal offices, Market lane
Ordnance Survey Department (Southampton); director-general, Col. Sir C. F. Close k.c.b., c.b., c.m.g., f.r.s.; executive officer, Lieut.-Col. G. F. A. Whitlock c.b.e., r.e. ; publication branch, Lieut.-Col. W. J. Johnston c.b.e., r.e. ; Control branch. Major A.C.Robinson o.b.b., r.e. ; . engraving and small scale branch, Major' & Brevet Lieut.-Col. H. St. J. L. Winter-botham- c.m.g., d.s.o., r.e . ; levelling branch, Major A. J. Wolff d.s.o., e.e. ; map branch, Capt. J. G. Withycombe 7 trigonometrical, topographical and training branch, Major & Brevet Lieut.-Col.H. St. -J. L. Winterbotham c.m.g., Dls.o., r.e. ; stores & buildings branch, Major & Brevet Lieut.-Col. H. St. J. L. Win terbothaVri c.m.g., D.s.o., r;e. ; quartermaster
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