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southampton street directory.
Avenue road—continued. 92 Dodman Edward 94 Bristowe Septimus John 98 Tuffin Jehu, carpenter 100 Lowe Albert 102 Price William 104 Ed mead Miss 106 Scutt Robert 108 Gear William no Leevers John Ernest c.E 112 Moore Mrs 114 Miller Henry, bootmaker 116 Browning Charles 118 Shepherd David 120 Warren George 122 Simmonds ThomasEdwd.
paperhanger 124 Emery Joseph 126 Looker Geo. shoe maker 128 Naylor James Alfred 130 Lisle Geo. Edwd. grocer is Spear road.......
132 The Star inn, John H Clark
134 Bundey Henry, builder 136 Olliff Thomas 138 Edney William 140 Hartwell John Henry 142 Raws in Francis is Portswood road......
Back-of-Tke-Walls, Bridge street to Winkle street.
east side.
Perry Josiah, cooper Cook William, boot maker 12 Grant George Jas. mariner 24 Watkins Setphen, labourer Bovill J. & Co. foreign timber merchants Bovill Joseph, vice-consul for Norway, Sweden & Denmark& insurance agt
west side. are Winkle street
Gloucester passage.......
Smith Mrs.Mary, beer retailer Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Co.'s Stores are Gloucester court,
Barling court fy St. George's
court................. ............
5 Clarke Thomas, hawker 2 West George, hawker 1 Major Edward, labourer Strange Joseph 8. shoeing smith
[For remainder of this street see Upper Back-ci. .ne-Walls.]
Balmoral terrace.
See Port swood road.
Baltic wharf.
See Marine parade.
Banister's park, Hill.
EllabyChristopherGeorge b.a.
school (Banister's court) Day Arthur Jas. (Northlands) Hampshire County Cricket-Ground & Club (Russel Bcncruft, hon. sec)
Banister's road, from Archer's road to The Avenue.
east side.
Wall Letter Box Rose Mrs. (Reddingwo:)d) Lacy Miss (Oakdene)
Lacy Major - Gen. William
(The Lodge)
Swinton Col.Archibald Robert John (Dunraven) is Brighton road......
Shaw Hy. Hiram (Froebel ho) Shaw MissMary Ellen, kindergarten (Froebel house)
west side.
Elliott Frank H. (Ha/.elhyrst) is Winchester road____
Lee Mrs. (Glenside)
Bar gate street, Above Bar to Western shore.
2 Clark Wm. carver & gilder
3 Sal thill William, milliner
4 Roberts Fk. ticket writer
6 Engine House of South
ampton Fire Department
7 Johnson Isaiah Thos. supt.
of Fire Brigade
8 Oake & Sons, plumbers ix Barfoot John Thomas
12 Stacy Henry, beer retailer
13 Hatton Mrs. Eliza, shpkpr is Tower place.......
17 Peak Thomas, gilder
22 Old Tower P.H.Mrs.Emma
Paull is Western shore......
Messenger William, carpenter & joiner Steed Frederick, carpenter Lickfold John, corn mer
23 Aston Mrs. Maria Ann,
registry office for servnts
24 Harris Mrs. Jane, dress &
mantle maker
25 Starkey Robert Docwra,
working jeweller 25 Starkey Miss, teacher of the pianoforte
27 Ebison Henry, hair dresser Borough Police Station (Thomas Breary, head constable)
The Guildhall is Above Bar........
Barley Mow.
See Portswood road.
Barling court, 17 Lower Back-of-The-Walls.
Barry court, from Cross st.
1 Berry Mrs
2 Moore Mrs
3 Prust Mrs
4 May lor Mrs
Bassett road, Portswood, from Church lane.
Cutton Adolphus Geo. Finch
(The Finches)
Gibbs Captain Edward (Sta-dacona)
Bath street, Bevois town, Cliff road to Mordaunt road.
east side. 1 Downton Charles 3 Harris William, bricklayer 5 Witt Charles Frederick,
H.M. customs 7 Haskell S. boot maker 9 Sleeman John Nicholson 11 Hayter Mrs 21 Pitt George is Middle street......
47 Bowsher Mrs 49 Hellier Mrs
51 White Henry Wm. Joseph 53 Hornsey Alfred, ship
steward 55 Fig-gins George 69 McDonald William
west side.
26 Butt William, labourer 28 Emery Henry 30 Pack Charles 32 Vincent Henry 34 Cutts Alfred
Bedford place, Cumberland
place to Carlton road. Oswald Thomas Ridley (New-
place house) is Waterloo terrace.... 1 Pratt Nugent 0. beer ret 2-Copperthwaite John, shoe maker
3 Cummins James, fishmong
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