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Engineers. The staff employed at the Office consists of clerks, draughtsmen, engravers, photographers, calculators, printers and mechanics, in all (including both Royal Engineers and civilians), about 900 persons. The total force employed on the surveys of Great Britain and Ireland (inclusive or four companies of Royal Engineers) amounts to about 3,000 persons. The Ordnance Surveys, published by Government, are on the scales of 25 inches, 6 inches and one inch to a mile, with plans of large towns on the scale of 5 feet or 10 feet to a mile.
The Southampton Savings Bank was established in 1816: the business was carried on for several years at the Guildhall ; afterwards removed to a house in Portland street; and finally the present building in West Marlands was erected and opened in January, 1861.
The Theatre, now used as a Music Hall, situated in French street, has a spacious interior; there is also a Music Hall, Above Bar. The Prince of Wales Royal Theatre, Above Bar, was opened in June, 1883, and is capable of holding about 1,400 persons. The Royal Victoria Assembly Rooms, situated at the bottom of Portland terrace, are elegantly fitted up.
The Royal Southampton Yacht Club, situated on the west side of Above Bar street at the junction of Ogle road and Manchester street, is a spacious three storeyed building of dark red brick, with terra cotta dressings in the Domestic Gothic style, from the designs of Mr. W. H. Mitchell, architect, of Southampton : the interior comprises dining room, library, reading, chess, card and billiard rooms, stewards' room, larder, cellars and the usual offices, and is intended for the use of 1,000 members.
ling: Mrs. Osborn, widow of Dr. John Osborn, endowed a cot in perpetuity at this Infirmary, in memory of her husband, at a cost of £600. The yearly average of inpatients is about 1,000 and of out-patients, 2,620; the income, arising from investments, subscriptions and donations, is about ,£4,000 a year.
The Hants Female Orphan Asylum, Park road, was originated 1837, at a cost of ^1,600 ; a wing was added in 1887 at a cost of about £2,000 : it is maintained for the education, board and lodging of 100 poor orphan girls from 7 to 16 years of age, and is supported by subscriptions.
The Dispensary, New road, with which is incorporated the Provident Medical Institution and Humane Society, was established in 1823, and the Provident branch added in 1877: the annual number of patients under treatment is about 8,000, with 800 dental cases ; and there are about 6,590 provident members.
The Royal Southern Yacht Club, situated in the High street, was established in 1844, and there are many yachts belonging to the members of the club : the regattas take place in August, when several prizes are sailed for.
H.M.S. " Trincomalee " lies off the Town pier, in Southampton Water, and is used as a training ship for the Royal Naval Reserve : Commander, Frederick Edwards.
The Royal South Hants Infirmary, situated in Fanshawe street, and erected in 1838, is an extensive structure in the Italian style and contains over 100 beds : attached to the building is a beautiful chapel in the Perpendicular style, erected in 1858 by Dr. Oke, with part of the money entrusted to him for charitable purposes by the late Miss Dow-
St. Mary's Cottage Hospital, for the treatment of ulcerated legs, founded by Mrs. Helen Black in 1887, is situated in Derby road.
The market day is Friday for cattle and corn; there is a pleasure fair on Trinity Monday.
The Common fields, situated in the heart of the town and containing upwards of 65 acres, have been planted and laid out as parks and pleasure grounds: a monument to Richard Andrews, five times mayor of Southampton, stands in the park; and another erected by voluntary contributions in memory of Dr. Isaac Watts, born in Southampton 17th July, 1674, and died in 1748, was inaugurated 17th July, 1861 : a statue of the statesman, Viscount Palmerston k.g., g.c.b. who was a burgess of Southampton, was erected by public subscription in 1869.
Southampton common, with its splendid avenue of trees, extends from the Avenue to the Northern municipal boundary, a distance of about a mile, and is half a mile broad, from Highfield on the east to Shirley on the west; the London road passes through the common.
An open space, formerly called Porter's Meadow, has been laid out as a garden, and is now called the Queen's park, in which a memorial to Maj.-Gen. Chas. Gordon, killed at Khartoum, in the Soudan, Jan. 26th, 1885, has been erected, and was unveiled October 15th, 1885. This town was the general's residence when in England, and his sisters still reside here.
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