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southampton street directory.
Ogle road, Above Bar to Middle Portland terrace.
Prince of Wales' RoyalTheatre (Joseph Wm.Gordon & J.J. Plowman, lessees &mans) Young Men's Christian Assoc.
H. S. Phillips, genl. sec Southampton Gas Light & Coke Co.
C. Crowther Smith, sec
Old Northam, opposite Mill-
bank street.
Driver & Co. timber merchnts Blewden Saul, wharf manager
(Driver & Co.) (Baltic ho) Appleford James, miller (Steam flour mills)
Onslow road, Newtown, St. Mary's road to Bevois valley.
x Campbell & Co. corn mers
1 Cowdery John G. tea dlr
3 Wilson Mrs
7 & 9 Alford Oliver, grocer
11 Coleman Thomas William,
13 Hewitt George, toy dealer
15 Dean Mrs. Ellen,pork butch
17 Mobbs Mrs
19 Jelley.Mrs. Jane, fruiterer
21 Vertue Ernest S. chemist 23 Spencer Chas. boot maker
25 Coombs Samuel, draper 29 Onslow hotel, John Brown is Lyon st...........
Curtis Henry, coffee rooms
(Palmyra house)
here are Craabury pi. Oran,' bury ter. Jf Bevois valley...
2 Whitehorn John, iiy prop 2 Chapman & Co. coufacbnrs
4 Deal Jas. Win. boot manufi 6 White James, gasfitter
8 Weatherhead Wm. draper 10 Walker Henry, fruiterer
12 Willis Henry, toy dealer
14 SpurrierMrs.Fanny,tbcnst
16 Milsom Henry, baker
18 Young Mrs. Elizabeth,
china dealer
20 Wiggins Mrs
20 Wise Edward Tom, grocer
& provision dealer is Fanshaioe st......
22 & 24 Ireland Jas. linen dra
26 Bathard John, saddler
26 Welch Charles, tea dealer 28 Veale. Thomas James, watch maker. & jeweller
30 Humby Chas.Walkington,
stationer 32 Wheeler Thomas, butcher
34 Nobbs William, grocer
36 Tawse Wm. C. tobacconist 40 Dorchester Arms p.h. Richard Perkins is Lyon st............
St. Luke's Church here are Chamberlayne 2}{-Cranbury aven. Dentil aven. Denzilpi.fyBevois val
Orchard lane, East street to Bernard street.
east side.
2 Voller Miss E. potato mer
3 Ensell Mrs. Mary, beer retl
4 Searle Frederick, ward-
robe dealer
5 Adams Mrs. Mary, ward-
robe dealer
6 Hollis J. & Co. furniture
7 McBride John, boot maker is Cross st..........
8 Tout Edmund W. shopkpr ■ 9 Dowden George, beer retlr
10 BrowningMrs.M. wardrobe
11 Maskell George, hair drssr .....•« .»here is Jl^Torse & ct... ......
12 BritishWorkman Mission
13 MouldMrs. Eliza J. beer ret
14 Grant Edward Edwin, glass
& china dealer
15 Godden William, beer rtlr
16 Axton William James &Co.
17 Collier J >liu Thorn is. h iker
18 Phoenix i:in, Arthur R-joi
19 Harmm Walter, marine
store dealer
20 Nash Wm. I. cab proprtr
20 Nash Mrs. Eliza, prov. dlr is Challis ct........
21 Jacobs Charles, beer retl
22 Walker Edwin
23 Pirn Mrs. Henrietta,marine
store dealer 24&25FreemanWm. firewd. dlr
26 Robertson Henry, beer rtlr
27 Jay Joseph, shopkeeper
28 Barnes Mrs. Jane, tobccnst
29 Gunning Charles, grocer is Chandos st........
30 Mongan Stephen, beer ret
31 Jeffery Wm. hardware dlr
35 Janaway Thomas, beer retl
36 Mills Joseph, boot maker 36A, Lyne James, basket ma is Winchester ter......
37 Hampton George, baker
38 Beckingham Eclwd. printer 40 Perkins Richd. H. brewer are Bernard st. Sf
Bridge rd..............
west side. 42 Warren Alfred, boot maker 43! Way William,beer retailer is College st.........
44 Centre p.h. James Bixley
45 Biles Albert, hair dresser 46, 47 & 48 Munday John 0.
& Co. lead, oil & varnish merchants
49 Mantle Bennett, fishmong
50 Jones Geo. Wm. beer retlr is Union st..........
51 Strange Harry Tom, baker
52 BulpittGeorge H. fishmong 53&54 Earwaker ret
56 Stubbings Robt. boot ma .
57 Coia Gaitano, confectioner
58 SmithWilliam,bird fancier
59 Gannaway Thos. J. tailor
60 Donkin John, boot maker
61 Anderson Joseph, shopkpr is JlLoiDit st..........
62 Oliver Joseph, baker
63 Chesseau Jsph. beer retailr
64 Snook John, greengrocer.
65 Edwards Richd. beer retlr
66 Knight Wm. retailr 68 & 69 Cross George, leather
& grindery merchant & boot maker
71 Bell p.h. Henry Trapp I^cll ?>t.........m
72 Gates Willi,im, beer retlr 7-j Ov^us George, eating ho j\ Foot George, blacksmith
75 Peckham William, baker
76 Adams Mrs. Mary, furni-
ture dealer
78 Letten Jas. S. fishmonger
79 Western Counties & South
WalesTelephoneCo.Lim.; P. Fitzsimons, suptndt.; Henry F. L i wis, general • manager & sec 79&80 Rawe Joseph Evans,
boot & shoe maker is East st.........
Orchard place, Queen's park to Orchard lane.
. west side. 1 Phillips-Charles Allen Jn. &Son,timber-mers.
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