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Albert Edward Lodge, No. 1780—Warrant dated 1878 ■ meets at the Masonic Hall, Albion Place, first Tuesday in the month. Election W.M., December. Installation January. '
St. And) ew s Lodge of Slavic Masons, JSo. 63—Warrant dated 10th June, 1863 ; meets fifth Friday, at Masonic Hall, Albion Place, Southampton, Installation, November 30th.
Southampton Masonic Hall Company, Masonic Hall. Albion Place, Southampton—Capital £4,000 in £1 Shares Chairman, Bro. W. Hickman, P.M., D. Prov. G.m' Deputy-Chairman, Bro. J. B. Weston, P.M., P. Prov. G Beg. Bankers, Messrs. Maddison, Atherley, Hankinson' and Darwin. Solicitor, Bro. W. Hickman, P.M. Sur-
J' Poole. Secretary, Bro. B. Sharpe, P.M., P. Prov. G.S.D.
Southampton Masonic Benevolent Association, Masonic Hall, Albion Place—President, W. Bro. W. Hickman % 130, 394, 1780, D.P.G,M., L.G. Vice-President,' W. Br. T. P. Payne, P.M., 130, 359, 394, L.M. Committee of Management—Chairman. W. Br. T. P. Payne P.M. Vice-Chairman, W. Br. G. Dymott, P.M. Treasurer, W.Br. J. Blount Thomas, P.M., 130, L.M. Hon Secretary, Morris Miles, P.M., 130, L.M. The W. Masters of the "Boyal Gloucester," the " Peace and Harmony," and the " Southampton " Lodges. Auditors PMBq°S' W' A* Jellicoe' P'M- 190, and G. Dymott]
• iU * Ol/A«
Ancient Order of Foresters, South-Western District Offices, 52, Above Bar—There are 116 Courts and 16 700 Members, covering Hants, Sussex, Wilts, Dorset, Surrey, &c. Bankers, Capital and Counties Banking Company' Solicitors, Messrs. Pearce, Paris, and Smith. Trustees" Messrs S. P. Greenway, C. Bush, W. Berry, and J. Brent.' Past District Chief Banger, G. H. Rose. Chief Banger, G. B. S. Pearce (Poole). Sub-Chief Banger C. Brazier. Treasurer, G. Savage, Bridge Boad Southampton. Secretary, A. J. Dyer, 52, Above Bar Southampton. Auditors, Messrs. H. W, Sandford (Gos-portj, and F. Bell (Woolston).
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