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St. Mary's Liberal Registration and Ratepayers'' Association, Established 1864—President, James MacLachlan, Esq. Hon. Secretary, Pliilip R. Domoney, 129, St. Mary's Road. Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, and a Committee of 14, chosen annually from the members. Objects—To advocate necessary reforms in the Constitution, to advance, by every legitimate means, the cause of Liberalism, to attend to the proper registration of voters, select suitable candidates to place before the Burgesses for election to the Town Council and Board of Guardians, to nominate Overseers, &c., and specially to watch over the proceedings of, and expenditure of the money collected from the Ratepayers by the Local Authorities.
Southampton Town and County Bank, High Street_
Messrs. Maddison, Atherley, Hankinson, and Darwin. (Partners—R. C. Hankinson, W, E. Darwin, and R. S. Hankinson, Esqrs.) London Bankers—Messrs. Barnetts, Hoares and Co., 62, Lombard Street, E.C.; and Robarts, Lubbock and Co., Lombard Street.
Capital and Counties Bank, Limited, 20 and 21, High Street—Manager, George Dominy, Esq., J.P. London Bankers, Head Office, Threadneedle Street, London.
National Provincial Bank of England, Limited, 129, High Street—Manager, J. G. Robinson, Esq. London Bankers, National Provincial Bank of England, Limited, Bishopsgate Street, London.
Wilts and Dorset Bank, Limited, 36, High Street. Manager, D. Hogarth, Esq. London Bankers, London and Westminster Bank, Lothbury, London.
Savings Bank, West Marlands—Treasurer, R. C. Hankinson, Esq. Actuary, C. Macqueen, Esq.
Post Office Savings Bank—-See Post Office Information. _ Southampton Penny Savings Bank, Town Hall. President, G. E. Sloper, Esq. Hon. Sec,, W. C. Westlake, Esq. Clerk, Samuel Clarke. Bankers, Capital and Counties Bank.
Northam Penny Savings Bank (Christchurcli). Held in the Parish Room.
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