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Tourhett John, The Cott, The Crescent
Wilkins Capt. Jas. P. Spring bank, The Crescent
Shirley Warren—Commercial.
Alexander James, beer retailer, Coxford
Blake Thomas, bricklayer, Warren
terrace Bone Geo. laundryman B.;ne Mrs. Sarah, laundress, Nim-
rod cottage Cromer John, laundry, Broughton
Laundry, Warren Avenue Denness Henry, agent for Wm. Du ke, Esq. and brick manufacturer's manager, Warren house, W rren avenue Gaved John Hudly, painter and glazier
Head Mrs. E. laundress, Warren terrace
Hillier Fk. beer retailer, Ice House Inn
Holt Miss, schoolmistress, Warren avenue
Judd Wm. farmer, Ivy cottage Kir by Fanny, beer retailer and
shopkeeper, Coxford Masters Tom, brickmaker Bowe Mrs. H. laundress, Essex
cottage Sillence Chas. coal dealer Sillence Wm. carpenter Watton Moses, wood dealer Wren Mrs. Charlotte, laundress
Are hamlets in Beaulieu Parish (which see).
(See St. Mary Extra).
(See under Southampton Names).
(See also Millbrook).
A village in the parish of Mill-brook, 4 miles west from South-
ampton and 5J miles south from Bomsey, having a station at the junction of the Southampton, Weymouth, and Andover lines, in the southern division of the county, South Stoneham Union and jurisdiction. There was formerly a monastery here. Parish clerk—Charles Bush There is a school for the district, erected by the late Miss Doyle. Miss A. Bowen is the mistress. The railway company are making a very large wharf to encourage local coasting trade. The company have spent in three years at this station nearly £100,000. It is a regular depot for all kinds of material used here.
A new bridge will be built over the river for; the new line to Stone Point, being the nearest water passage then to the Isle of Wight where vessels can call, instead of going up to the South-ampton Water. They have at present nearly 30,000 tons of new steel rails, and about 150,000 sleepers. Some of the best machinery is used, includ-cluding Steam cranes, &c.
There is no church, Millbrook
is nearest.
Overseers for Millbrook, and Bed-
bridge—Messrs. Barter & Ings. Churchwardens—J. Fletcher and
Wm. Baker Bailway Station — Wm. Barnes,
station master Assurance Agents—Accident (By.), William Barnes ; Queen Fire & Life, Harry James Foot; Boyal Fire & Life, Geo. Bridges.
Carriers pass daily to Southampton Post Office and Money Order—Sub-postmaster, Harry James Foot. Letters are delivered at 7.0 and 2.0 ; despatched at 10.30 & 7.0. Parcels' post, same as above. Snndays, 7.30 a.m. delivery; 9.0 p.m. despatched.
Population about.800.
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