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A drinking fountain (of stone) is here for the sole use of the parish
Carrier — Henry Alexander, to
Southampton Post Office, money order, savings' bank, and parcels' post. Sub-postmaster—T. Ware. Letters arrive from Southampton through Eedbridge, and are delivered at 8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.; despatched at 8.30 a.m. and 9.30 p.m. week days only
Population, 1881, 948.
Barr Rev. Ninian H. B.A. Vicar of Chilworth and Baddesley, The Elms, Eedbridge lane Barton Charles C. Upton lodge Bourne Miss Eliza Briant Mrs. J. Warren house,
Bedbridge lane Godfrey Wm. Eose hill Griffiths Colonel E. St. John,
Upton house Gulliver; William Hayden, Manor farm
Hare Mrs. E. D. Manor house Harman Major Ramsay, Nutville Harris Mrs. L. Brownhill Hawtrey Eev. Henry Courtenay,
M.A. The Bectory, Nursling Moss Benjamin, Eose cottage,
Brownhill Staff Ed. Quartermaster E.M. S.P.
Company Taylor John, Grove place Taylor William, Western house Warry Henry, Eose bank
Aish Frederick, farm bailf, Nursling farm Alexander Henry, carrier. Nutville cottages
Attwood William, blacksmith, Upton
Bingham Abraham, market gardener, Brownhill Brewer James, carter, Weston
cottages Carrack Aaron, The Horns Inn
Clark Cornelius, Four Horse Shoes,
and blacksmith Gover George, market gardener,
Eedbridge lane Gover Joseph, farmer and market
gardener, Foxe's farm Griffin George, Balmornl Arms Hart Thomas, carter James Henry, poulterer James Mrs. M. A. schoolmistress,
Nursling Schools Jeffrey John, dairyman Kimber William, county police
constable Lockyear, Wm. S. farmer, Manor farm
Lucas William, gardener Mainer Benjamin, schoolmaster,
Nursling Schools Melmoth George B. blacksmith Oliver Joseph, gardener Parker Henry, solicitor, Eose hill
cottage, Brownhill Pearce George, cattle dealer, Eedbridge lane Powell Thomas, grocer Pritchard James, market gardener
and farmer, Horn's hill farm Roe Jesse, dairyman, Bargain farm Eose Miss L. laundress Sillence Charles, gardener, Bed-
bridge lane Slade Alexander, baker and City
Arms, Eedbridge lane Smith James, gamekeeper, grove
place lodge Soper Edwin, baker and grocer Stevens Miss E. dressmaker Stride Henry, miller, Nursling mill Taylor John, farmer, grove place Trowbridge William, blacksmith,
Eedbridge lane Wadham George, woodman, Nutville cottage Ware Samuel, carpenter, Upton Ware Thomas, builder and postmaster, post office Warne George, miller, Mill lane Weeks William, market gardener,
Eedbridge lane White Williamm, farmer, Spencer's farm
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