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D'Ansei/s Charity—Consisting of £3,600 3 per Cent. Consuls, derived from the bequeath of Charles V Ansey, in 1779, for providing ten annuities of £10 each for _
poor people of the same description as those receiving Taunton's Annuities, the yearly surplus is distributed
™Mc2S-La%i%Fi&eld in 1769. £1,300
upon trust to the Corporation, to apply the yearly proceeds ^£10) for the poor of God's House Hospital, 5s. each to the Mayor and Bector of St. Mary for their trouble, and the remainder in clothing among the poor ol
the six parishes of Southampton. . A
Mill's Charity—Bequeathed by Nathaniel Mill m lbdb to the Corporation, in distributing to the poor m the six parishes of Southampton and St. Mary Extra, and to the Vicar, Churchwarden, Schoolmaster, &c., sums amounting to £88 2s. 6d. yearly. . .
Sadleir Charity — Left by Bichard Vernon Sadleir m 1810 to the Corporation, £350, 20s. distributed yearly to three poor men and four poor women—about Easter, IBs. 4d. each to four other men and three women. 6s. 8d. each to the eight almshouse people in God's House; 20s. annually for a sermon to be preached on " Cruelty to Animals," and other small amounts.
Sir Thomas White's Loans—Consisting of £104 alternately every twenty-four years, from Sir T. White s Charity, Southampton. Beceived its first payment in 1563.
Smith Charity—Left by Henry Smith in the seventeenth century for charity purposes, consisting of about £30 a-year, distributed among the poor in money or bread, about Christmas, by the churchwardens in the six parishes, . Steptoe's Charity—Left by John Steptoe in 1667, consisting of one-third of the rents from all his lands, in trust to the Corporation of Southampton, to be distributed among the poor of the borough, the other two-thirds to be given yearly in sums of £10 to young beginners in the town, for ten years free of interest.
Taunton's Charity (Alderman Bichard Taunton), of Southampton—Consisting of £5,659 14s. 4d. in Consols, has been transferred to the official Trustees of Charities Funds, connected with the Charity Commissioners, London.—See also Taunton's School.
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