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fry John Nowes, Esq., of Lee, in this parish, who left his farm of nearly 208 acres, upon trust, the annual rental to be applied in apprenticing, clothing and schooling 40 poor boys This charity is now much increased, and consists of nearly 220 acres, let at £365 yearly, nearly £5,600 three per cent. Consols, and £400 in Exchequer Bills. Chas. John Tylee, Esq., is the receiver and solicitor. (The above Charity is now lost to the town, no boys being apprenticed, the matter being with the Charity Commissioners.) Bartlett's Charity, consisting of six almshouses in Middle Bridge Street, for six single women, born in Eomsey, and who have never received parochial relief. They are endowed by £6,828 14s. three per cent Consols, and each occupant receives a yearly stipend oi £32 10s., the remainder going towards repairs, insurance, and expenses. There is also St. John St. Barbe s Charity, in 1728 ; John Kent's Charity, in 1692; and many others.
The rising generation are well looked after in Bomsey, the schools being of an excellent character, reflecting great credit on their managers. The Boys National School, situated in Station Eoad, erected in 1872 by the feight Hon. Lord Mount Temple, at a cost of £1,600,, is well built and convenient, having a good residence for the schoolmaster attached. The school in connection with Nowes's Charity is incorporated with this school, also a rent-charge of £80 yearly in connection with bt. iterbe s Charity, under which ten pupils are taught free, is attached
to this school. , j wno
The Girlb National School, near the churchyard was
erected in 1851, costing £1,300, the site, costing £400, being given by the late Vicar, the Hon. and Eev. ^The British Schools for Boys and Girls, in Winchester Boad, erected in 1846, at a cost of £900, andfurtherim-proved and enlarged in 1855, costing an additional £200. All these schools are well attended, and the to ton given embraces a good sound English education.
are also Sunday Schools in connection with the CoDgre
Methodists, Primitive Methodists, and a Salvation Army temple.
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