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^Wainwriftht Wm. 90 Northumberland road
Artificial Manure Manufacturers and Merchants.
Dixon & Cardus, Northam mills, and at Redbridge and Newport, Isle of Wight -Toogood Wm. 58 Above bar VEALE Chas. H. S. Springfield, 22 Hill lane
Marked thus * are Certificated. ADAMS & SCANLAN, 32 High st. *Blackman Miss M. A.M. S.K. 2 Bepkford terrace, Manchester st. Cantelo C. & E. Gladstone terrace,
and Rt. Andrew's.road *Cha,rbonnier T. 6 Denzil avenue Clarke W. C. '(illuminating) 108
High street ■ Collins J. 4 Amoy. street DEBENHAM & SMITH, 1 Sussex
place, Above bar Ethejidge F. (landscape) 9 Waterloo place Gibbs Ernest, Stanmore, 89 Mill-
. brook road, Freemantle Girardot Mdlle. 40 Bedford place hangman Andrew Wm. Fenton, 5
Brighton road, Avenue Masters Hy. Dunlace cottage,
Avenue road Page John, 3 Abbotsfield villas, St.
Denys.road Quinton Joseph, 41 Canton street
Artists' Colourmen.
Clarjk Wm. Bargate street Wiseman S. J. 15 Above bar
Auctioneers, Valuers, and Appraisers.
•Marked thus * are Appraisers only. -Austin Richard, St. Michael's st. *Beeston E. J. 123 St. Mary's st. ♦Blundell & Son, 24 Portland st. BURNETT J. J. & SONS, Guildhall chambers, 2 High street Chalk J. jun. The Strand fChurtcn F. (engines) 29 High st. COOPER & PAUL, York cjiam-
*Evans Edmund Walter, 16 Portland street Francis (J. J. (Francis & Quelch) 2
Bridge road FRANCIS & QUELCH, 2 Bridge
road, and at Petersfield Furber & Furber, 22 Above bar HUNT & BANCE, 59 Above bar,
and 23 High street *Hill Wm. Burrough, 2 Albion
place, High street LUMBY Jas. Insurance cham-. bers, 71 High street * Mitchell W. H. 8 Portland street *Mondey Alf. 106 High st. (opposite
the Hartley)
PALMER & 'Co. 10 Prospect place Payne Geo. Holly house, 14 Belle
Moor road, Shirley PERKINS & SONS, the Auction
Mart, 40 Above bar Toole J. G. & Son, 9 St. Michael's square
ROWBOTHAM & Co. 102. High st. Sanger A. 109 St. Mary's road *SEAWELL T. 8. 109 High st. Shone Chas. 5 Oxford street Weston Jas. Ricketts, 18 Cranbury place
White John, 19 Above bar Whittaker Richd. 2 Sussex road
Baby Linen and Ladies' Underclothing Warehouses.
Cash E. 19 Bridge street Foster Miss Jane, 86 St. Mary's id Hutchins L. 50 Above bar Miller John, 177 High street Sawbridge C. & M. 19 Bridge st SMITH, BROOKMAN, & LEWIS, 40 & 41 High street; and 1 & 2 Bridge street Wakefield B. 10 & 11 Bernard et
See also Confectioners. Adams Herbert, Portswood BAKER Wm. 51 East street Barnes Saul, 41 Church st. Shir ey Bath Jas. 31 Wellington rd. Free-r- mantle _ , ,
Brown Harry, 23 St.Mary
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