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Hon. Secretary:
Mb. EDWAED BANCE, J.P., 59, Above Bab, Southampton.
HeacL Master:
Mb. E. W. LEES, F.B.G.S.; of London University ; 1st Prizeman and Exhibitioner, Owen's College (Victoria University), Manchester ; Certificated Science and Art Master ; with a
Staff of Assistant Masters.
design.—The Southampton Boys'.- College and High School is established to provide a thoroughly sound and liberal Education for Boys, at moderate charges.
PEEjIIShJ3.—The Premises at Nos. 1 & 2, Uppsr Moira Place are furnished with all modern appliances, are fitted with every convenience for Scholastic Work, and include an excellent Gymnasium and a superior Chemical and Natural Science Laboratory.
ABBANGEMENT.—The College work is so arranged as to form gradua-course from the most elementary subjects to those required for the Examinal-tions of the College of Preceptors, the Science arid Art Depart ment, the Cambridge Local, London University Matriculation, Civil Service, or any other Examination of the Class.
MUSIC—(Piano, Harmonium, or Organ)—conducted by Mr. E. Sharps, Profesior of Music, Southampton. A Singing Class is also conducted by Mr. Sharpe.
Drawing—(Figure, Landscape, and Painting)—conducted by Mr.Charbon-nier, Head-master of the School of Art, Philharmonic hall, Southampton.
Conversational French and German.—Conducted M. Lechavetois, B.A., and Holzt, of Heidelberg University.
Practical Chemistry.—Each Student in this department has his place in the Laboratory, where he practically works the experiments in the . * general portion of Chemistry and in Chemical Analysis (qualitative).
Drill, &c.—Conducted by Sergt.-Major Norris, E.A.
Swimming.—Sea bathing is arranged during the summer months.
SCHOLARSHIPS— There are two Scholarships, equal in value to £15 each, awarded annually, to the two boys in the College who have done the best work during the preceding year.
FEES.—The Fees are inclusive of all School Books, Stationery, and other charges, excepting those specially mentioned in the prospectus. The terms for the teaching of the Harmonium, Organ, and Swimming can be obtained on application.
N.B.—Special Class for Boys under 8 years of age.
BOARDERS.—Tha Head-master has accommodation in his house for Boarders. Terms on application.
E. BANCE, Hon. Sec.
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