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HUNT & BANCE, auctioneers, valuers, house & estate and insurance agents, stock, share, and mortgage brokers, accountants & auditors, 59 Above bar & 23 High street; also of the Southampton and Beaulieu Auction Marts
(See Advt. on second page.) Hunt A. T. & Co. wine & spirit and ale and stout merchants, Waterloo pi. (near the Ordnance office) Hunt Fred, detective sergeant of
police, 11 Gloucester square Hunt Geo. Portmanteau, trunk and bag manufacturer, 35 Above bar Hunt G. H. Eagle Hotel, 132 &134 Millbrook road, Freemantle
HUNT Henry J. wholesale stationer, letterpress printer and sundries warehouseman, 123 St. Mary's street
All kinds of printing executed on the premises Hunt John, cab proprietor, 167
Millbrook road, Freemantle Hunt John A. superintendent registrar; office, 23 High street Hunt Miss, fancy stationer & tract depot, 9 Hamilton terrace, Commercial road Huntley Albert, Customs officer, 9
Chapel road Huntly Hy. relieving officer, No. 3
District, 37 Clifford street Huntley John, Customs officer, 7
Chapel road Hurst William, boot maker, 36
Anderson's terrace, Chapel Hussey Humphrey, plumber & decorator, 4 Pound Tree lane Hussey Mrs. hair dresser and
tobacconist, 60 French street Hussey N. hair dresser & perfumer,
8 High street Hutchens Chas. lath render and firt wood merchant, 2 & 3 St. Mary's road Hutchins, Edw. butcher & general shop, 60 French street
Hutchins L. baby linen & ladies' outfitting establishment, 50Above bar
Hutton Jas. commercial traveller,
2 Northumberland road Hyde Garrett, beer retailer & general
shop, 18 Briton street Hyde Wm. Thos. general shop, 1
Elm street, Chapel Hyland Hollis, assurance agent, 2£
Betts terrace, Bevois Town Hyles Mrs. Royal York Hotel and Music Hall, 52 Above bar
Hyman Wm. gas fitter, 21 Bugle terrace, Bugle street
Imber Alf. Grenfell, agent for London & Lancashire, Norwich and London, Accident, & Prudential Assurance Co.'s 63 Milton rd. Fitzhugh Inder Geo. builder, 58 High st. Shirley
Inder Mrs. general shop, 48 Church
st. Shirley Inder Robt. builder, 48 Church st. Shirley
Inder Thos. market gardener, Hope cottg. 2 Winchester rd. Shirley
Inglefield Geo. bootmaker, 154 Shirley rd. Freemantle
Ingram John, hairdresser & tobacconist, 4 Chichester ter. Northam road
Ingram Wm. beer retailer, 11
Princes st. Northam Ings Fredk. grocer, 85 St. Mary street
Ings Jas. general shop, 4 Church st. Shirley
Ings Wm. grocer & baker, 39 Station rd. Shirley
Ings Wm. ticket collector, L. and
S.W.R. 13 Cliff rd. Freemantle Inland Revenue Office, 57 High st. collector, A. Knocker; supervisor, Isaac Eardley Couch Ireland G. W. family grocer, tea dealer, & provision merchant, 18 Midland Portland terrace. Agent for the Analytical Tea & Coffee Company
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