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Hill Timothy, commercial traveller, IB York place, Northam road
HILL WM, BURROUGH, architect, surveyor and valuer, house, land, and estate agent, surveyor to Queen's College, Oxford, corresponding surveyor to Liberation Building Society, surveyor to Fidelity Lodge of Oddfellows, agent for and member of Council of House and Land Investment Trust, also agent for London & Lancashire Insurance Co, and Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation; offices, 2 Albion place, High street; p.R, Tarvet house, Carlton
(See Advt. at end of Book.)
Hill Wm. & Co. ship owners and coal merchants, 8 Gloucester sq.
HILLIAR S- G. (late of the "Royal Hotel" ("Good-ridge's Hotel," 31 & 32 Queen's terrace (See Advt.)
Hillier Mrs. greengrocer & general
shop, 65 St. Mary's road Hillier Mrs. Hy. preparatory school, Marlborough terr. 102 Derby rd. Hillier Thos. dyer & cleaner, 65 St.
Mary's road Hills Arthur, hair dresser, Berlin wool & fancy repository, 175 High street Hills Mrs. " The Mother," Home of the Good Shepherd, 13 Lower Portland terrace Hine Bros, brewers and wine and spirit merchants, 80 Marland pi. Hinton Thos. builder, 8 Middle
street, Bevois town Hinves Neville, builders' manager,
81 Northumberland road Hinves Sam. bootmaker, 2 Upper Portland terrace
Hirst Wm. Thos. general shop, 12
Cliff road, Bevois town Hite W. landscape gardener, Olive
villa, Avenue road Hoare Geo. Temperance Hotel, 2
Oxford street Hoar Mrs. S. A. preparatory school, Winifred lodge, Park rd. Hobley Simon Halford, L.R.C.P. Lon. L.S.A. L.R.C.P.L.M. physician & surgeon, 50 Bellevuerd. Hobbs David Olive, shipping agent, Lynton via, 9 Rose rd, Bevois mt Hobbs Geo. Brewery Bar, 4 J East st, Hobbs John C. ship's steward,' Whatcombe cottage, Cliff road, Bevois town Hobbs Samuel R. beer retailer, 15
St. Andrew's road Hodder James Light, general shop,
37 Queen's road, Freemantle Hodge Geo. beer retailer, 16 Lower
Princes street, Northam Hodges Daniel, furniture dealer,
25 St. Mary street Hodges Geo. pork butcher & greengrocer, 24 High street, Shirley Hodgson A. M. land & estate agent and valuer, & office of the Cham-berlayne Estate, 4 Albion place Hodgson Fredk. general dealer and wardrobe depot, 64 & 65 Upper Canal walk Hodgson Miss A. apartments, 17 Blechynden terrace, Blechynden Hoffman Geo. Crown Dock Hotel,
7 & 8 Oriental place,Canute rd Hogarth D. manager to the Wilts and Dorset Bank (Limited), 36 High street Holdaway Chas. general shop, 3
Lower Canal walk Holdaway Jas. agent for Sutton's
Parcels, 36 St. Andrew's road Holdaway Stephen, Duke's Head and cab proprietor, 1 Duke st
corn and coal merchants, hay
and straw dealers, 51 High
street, Shirley, & at Baltic
Wharf, Southampton
(See Advt.)
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