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Price Mrs. 25 East Park terrace Price Eev. Henry, M.A. (Vicar of Christchurch) Vicarage, Northam road
Priddle Mrs. E. Trafalgar villa, 7
Waterloo road, Freemantle Priddle Wm. Stoneham villa, 70
Millbrook road, Freemantle Prior Charles, 28 Weymouth ter.
Western shore Pritchard Thos. Anglesea house,
65 Bedford place Privatt Charles, Denton villa, 54
The Avenue Privett Thos. Poplar cottage, Priory
road, St. Denys Proby Eev. Martin C. M.A. (Curate St. James' Church), Bellevue, 75 High street. Shirley Prophet Wm. Wallace, Stoneham villa, 72 Millbrook road, Freemantle
Prosser Mrs. 2 Orchard place Purkis Mrs. 18 Terminus terrace Purver Mrs. Granville villa, 115
Shirley road, Freemantle Pyne, Major Jno. Byde villa, Park
road, Portswood Quick Ed. Alfred, Grace villa, 187
Millbrook road, Freemantle Quinton Jos. 41 Canton street Bacine Frank William, Brooklyn
villa, 6 Albert road, Hill Bacine Frederick Percy, 5 Belle
Vue terrace Bacine James, Thanet house,
Lodge road, Bevois mount Badcliffe E. B. 3 St. Michael's st. Badmore George, 51 South Front Baich Mrs. West Malvern, The Avenue
Bainier Capt. Peter, Thetis villa,
75 Payne's road, Freemantle Baison Capt. William, Chatsworth House, Spear road, Bevois Town Bamsay Captain York, 11 Cavendish grove, The Avenue Bamsay James Dowley, 4 Evans terrace, Cambridge road, Bevois mount
Bamsay William, Highfield cottage, Highfield
Bamshaw Frederick, 87 Milton
road, Fitzhugh Bandall William Brodrick J.P.
Bonnicott house, Bassett Bandle John, 46 Argyle road Bann Mrs. Elbo cottage, Kent
road, St. Denys Hanson John, Hawthorn cottage,
The Common, Avenue Banwell J. P. 2 The Tower, 7
Cavendish grove, The Avenue Bawlings Daniel, 58 Northbrook rd. Bay Fredk. The Grange, Portswood Bay William John, Pembroke villa,
St. Denys road, Bevois hill Baymond Cuthbert, Glenlyon, 49
Millbrook road, Freemantle Bayner J. F. jun. 1 Holly mount,
Avenue road Baynes 0. B. 18 Upper Belle Vue terrace
Bead Alfred, 51 Bugle street Bead Edward, 42 Bugle street Bead Mrs. Alma road, Spear hall,
Portswood Bebbeck Mrs. 5 Bevois terrace,
Bevois hill Beddington Edwin William, Park
place, 68 Bedford place Bedshaw Mrs. Brittany villa 4
Waterloo road, Freemantle Beed David McConnell, M.D. L.B.C.S. Edin. Hahnemann villa, 18 Brighton road Beed Mrs. 1 Forest view Beed Mrs. 4 Bockstone place Beed Mrs. E. Holly villa, 18 Belle
Moor road, Shirley Beed Wilmer H. 46 Northumberland road Beed Dr .Hahnemann villa, Brighton road
Beeves John Westbury cottage
Lodge road, Bevois mount Beid Mrs. J. D. Osborne cottage,
Osborne road, Bevois hill Benny John, Durham lodge, 254 . Shirley road, Shirley Beyne Miss A. E. Stratford lodge,
Osborne road, Bevois hill Beyne Miss G. 3 Upper Belmont terrace, Portswood rd. Bevois hi.
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