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ONSLOW RD. (Newtown), St.
Mary's road to Cranbury place. 1 Campbell & Co. corn and coal
merchants, Onslow place 3 Wilson Mrs. Charlotte 5 Tomlinson Clement, clerk 7 & 9 Alford Oliver, grocer 11 Tyrell, Mrs. Onslow road, toy
and fancy warehouse 13 Hewitt G. H. toy dealer and tobacconist
13 Hewitt Mrs. dressmaker
15 Dean Mrs. E. H. pork butcher
17 Kirk Mrs.
19 South Hants Vegetable Stores
—M. Crego, manageress 21 Newtown Pharmacy and Drug Store—E. S. Vertue, manager
23 Spencer C. Newtown Boot Store
25 Coombs Samuel, draper
27 Curtis Hy. refreshment rooms
29 Brown John, Onslow Hotel
here is Lyon street. k Macgowan J as. Palmyrna house Gamlen Wm. Newtown house
here is Or anbury place. St. Luke's Church here is Lower Lyon street. 40 38 & 36 Warren Mrs. Jessie, Dorchester Arms and wine and spirit merchant 34 King Norman, grocer 32 Bathard John, saddler
30 Viney D. G. bookseller
30 Newtown Post Office ; D. G. Viney, receiver
28 Veale Thos. Jas. watchmaker
26 Casey John, French polisher
and furniture dealer
24 & 22 Ireland James, draper,
Scotch house
here is Fanshawe street.
20 Wise Ed. Tom, grocer
20 Purkess Geo. assurance agent 20 Wiggins Mrs. Fanny
18 Young E. china, glass, and hard-
ware dealer 18 Short C. schoolmistress
16 Milsom Hy. baker and confec
14 Lycett G. H. tobacconist
14 St. Luke's Reading Room
12 Willis Wm. toy and fancy warehouse
10 Walker H. fruiterer & poulterer 8 Weatherhead W. A. draper 6 White Jas. ironmonger and gasfitter
4 Clark Mark, boot & shoe maker 2 Stone R. fly proprietor and general shop
see Providence street.
ORCHARD LANE, Last street to Bernard street.
Jones Edwin, shop assistants department
2 Voiler Geo. fruit & potato mer-
3 Norman John, Bird in Hand
4 Bennett Mrs. E. wardrobe dealer
5 Adams Mrs. M. A. furniture
6 Harman John Samuel, rag and
metal merchant here is The Bookery.
7 McBride John, general shop
8 Tout Ed. general shop
9 Rickman lit. Golden Fleece
10 Browning Mrs.
11 Trinne L hairdresser
12 British Workmens mission hall,
Mrs. Swdtton, manageress
13 Pope Mrs. Great Western Tavern
15 Godden Wm. George and Henry
16 Rollins John, general shop
16 Gain J. jun. carpenter
17 Collier John Thos. baker and
18 Watson Geo. brewer, Phcenix
19 Harman & Son, marine stores
20 Nash W. J., grorer and Govern-
ment mail contractor here is C hall is court.
21 Biles John, Amo Tavern
22 Walker Edwin R. painter
23 Pim John, rag and metal mer-
24 & 25 Fielder W. & T. general
shop and coal dealers
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