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16 Clift Chas. Herbert, corn mer-
chant's traveller here is Iilechynden street.
14 Maffey J. E. cook 15 Langfonl Chas. grocer
1(5 Smith Tlios. carver and gilder
17 Penny Chas. fancy repository
18 Buck Joseph, baker
19 Frampton Mrs. E. newsagent
20 Lanham Mrs. E. fruiterer
here is Mount place.
21 Cox Win, Blandford, Grown and
Cox & Son, corn and coal depot
here is Four Posts kill.. Barlow Andrew, brewer and wine merchant, Victoria Brewery Bishop Jas. St. Peter's villa St. Peter's Schools St. Peter's Church Elcombo Josiah, exotic nursery
Town), see Peterborough road.
C0MPT0N WALK,-St. A ndrexo's road to St. Mary's road. Glasspool Win. Hy. Hope villa
1 Slight John, painter
2 Hamblyn Win. tailor
3 Smith Fredk. But and Hall
4 Lowthev Jas. engineer
5 Brand Hy. seaman
(5 Roberts Edmund, printer (i Butler Francis
7 Chilcott Alf. foreman rope
8 Ediss Mrs. H.
9 Noble Thos. tailor
10 liamlell Ed. labourer
11 Lawrence J. labourer 1'2 Chandler Daniel, tailor
13 Prewett Geo. carpenter
14 Mason Hy. gardener
15 Colborn Hy. engine driver 10 Bradshaw J. W. butcher
17 Holland Sidney, publican
18 Mabb Mrs. S.
19 Tall Mrs. A.
Foot's Cottages.
1 Itolph Mrs. E. S.
2 Trumper Mrs. E.
3 Smith Mrs.
20 Voller Bichd. Compton Arms
Warner's Cottages.
1 Tubbs Mrs.,
2 Backett Edwin, seaman
3 Pink Thos. labourer
21 Amreth Geo. seaman
here is St. Mary's road.
22 Sibley Mrs. E.
23 Painter Win. labourer
24 Graham Win. letter carrier 2-iJWood Chas. tailor
25 Beaman George
26 Breaker Fred, letter carrier
27 Freeman Geo. carpet planner
28 Burbidge Mrs. S. laundress
29 Tanner F. J. stonemason
30 Holt Herbert, oil merchant
31 ltanddl Ed. G.P.O. stamper
32 Heath Wm. boiler maker
33 Mills It. W. labourer
34 Youle H. It. land surveyor
35 Parker Thos. mariner 30 Osman John, labourer
37 Brown Mrs. J.
38 Trickett Solomon, bootmaker
COOKSEY'S LANE,Iilechynden to West Marlands. Slieppard Ed. Alessandro house
COOK STREET, St. Mary's street to lloundwcll place.
1 Clifford J. S.
2 Toms Hy. hawker White Jas. potato store
3 Emery Joshua, carman
4 Watts Wm. barrowman
5 Thornhill Wm. seaman G Bessant Jas. carter
7 Coombes Win. warehouseman
8 Stacey Geo.labourer
9 Sainsbury Geo.labourer
10 Moody Chas. labourer
11 Willett Hy. bootmaker
12 Voller Geo. labourer
13 Fanstone Geo. painter
14 Jenkins Alf. hawker
15 Broomfield Arthur
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