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CaineB, "William, painter, 10, Union street
Caithness, Mrs., Commercial road, Totton
Calder, Henry, Orkney cottage, Park road, Portswood
Calder, W. H.,.Dane cottage, St. Denys road, St. Denys
Callaway, —, Fitzroy place, Millbrook road, Freemantle
Callen, James, bootmaker, Obelisk road, Woolston
Callen, Wm., dairyman, Mecca cottage, Yictona road, Woolston
Callen, William, painter, 20, West front
Callender, Richard, Kent villa, Portswood road, Poi'tsioood
Calloway, Albert, stone mason, 54, Bevois street
SKe! Srd!kB^reper ^s'Spany, Brunswick cottage, Brunswick square, Bernard street
CcZZl] tS? ol'anoe^ho^e, Rockstco
i)1 ace '
Camfield, Henry, turner, 13, Strand, East street Camfield, Mrs., lodging-house keeper, 19, Briton street Camilleri, J., steward P. and O. Co., 13, Oriental place Campbell, A., grocer, 10, Portswood terrace, Bevois lull
Campbell, Alex., H.M.C., 2, Queen's terrace. Queen s road, Freemantle •
Campbell, C. W., corn and coal merchant, 26, Onslow road, Newtown
Campbell, George, beer retailer, 41, Winchester street
Campbell, George, " Ship and Anchor," 37, Cossack street
Campbell, James, shipwright, 62, Clifford crescent
Campbell, James R., fly proprietor, 77, St. Mary s road
Campbell, Miss, 8, Rockstone place
Campbell, Miss H., 2, Brunswick place, East park
Campbell, Mrs., 61, St. Andrew's road .
Campbell, P. and P., agency for Perth dye works, 28, Hanover buildings
Campbell, William, 5, Lower Moira place '
Campbell, William, Point Out house, Basset
Campbell, William, steward, 112, Buclian terrace, Brinton s road
Cancellor, Rev. J. H., Hamble Rectory, Hambh
Candy, Charles William, clerk, 29, Paget street
Candy, George, Nelson cottage, Alma road, Avenue
Candy, George, lodging-house keeper, 10, Brunswick place, East park
Candy, Henry, clerk, 4, Lower Trinity road
Candy, Henry, pork butcher, 40, Upper Canal walk
Candy, Henry, paper hanger, 13, Weymouth terrace
Candy, The Misses, dressmakers, 155, High street
Candy, Mrs., 6, Brunswick place, East park
Candy, James, pork butcher, 4, Bedford place
Candy, William, cooper, 13, Brinton's terrace
Cane, Henry W., London wine and spirit stores, 1, Terminus terrace
Canning, —, Roydon cottage, Obelisk road, IVoolsto.n
Canning, John, Brynaf-mor, Weston Grove road, Woolston
Cannon, Mrs., fancy repository, 37, Bedford terrace, Bedford place r
Cantelo, John, artist, 8, John street, Oxford street ')'
Cantelo, W., engineer, 22, Orchard street
Cantell, James, laundryman, Osborne road, Bevois hill-
Cantwell, Anthony, tailor, 11, St. Michael's square
Caplen, Arthur, O.M.O., 59, St. Andrew's road
Caplen, C. W., engraver, Cedar cottage, Padwell road, Bevois town
Caplen, J., carpenter, Portswood road, Portswood
Caplen, William, 44, Fanshawe street, Newtown
Caplen and Co., tea merchants, family grocers, and Italian warehousemen,
46-47, Above Bar street Capill, Mrs., 3, Sea View terrace, St. John's road, Woolston
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