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Dyer, Alfred J., publisher Hants
Independent, 52, Above Bar Glitch and Cox, 150, High street Hort, William, 29, Bernard street King, Robert B.. publisher Hants
Advertiser, 28, High street Paul and Son, 77, High street Perrin, Isaac, 7, Vincent's walk Phillips, G., Oriental place Handle, A., 139 and 140, High st Rayner, Mrs.. 21, Bridge street Roberts, E., 180, High street Rose, H., 164, High street Spencer, Arthur, 52, South front Symes, Henry, 1, Belvidere road,
Crabniton, and Northam .
Tucker, Son, and Beach, 79, High street
Warren, Henry, 20, Above Bar street Weston, Henry, 95, East street
Bland, Chas. (dancing), 8, Orchard st Cooper, Miss Elise (music, singing,
and elocution), 11, Bugle street De Conflans, Baron (French and music), 1, Lower Bellevue terrace De Conflans, Baroness (French) 1,
Lower Bellevue terrace Denis, Mademoiselle (French), 7, Hamilton terrace, Commercial road Denis, Leonfine Mademoiselle (French), 7, Hamilton terrace, Commercial road Du Domaine H. (French), Holly
Lodge, Avenue Fletcher, Charles (music), 13, Portland street Girardot, Mademoiselle (drawing and
French), 40, Bedford terrace Guibert, J. (French), 8, Cliff road, Avenue
Harvey, A. (music and singing),
Handel house, Anglesea place Hollmann, Madame (music), 3,
Beckford terrace, Manchester st Lucas, Ed. (music), 74, Marland place NiEDERMAN, JOSEPH (MODERN LANGUAGES), 76, MARLAND PLACE
Pike, H. M. (music), 35, East Park terrace
Ridgway, J. (music and dancing), 1,
Above Bar Rowland, Alexander (music and singing), 43, Trinidad house, Bellevue road
Scott, Hill, Mrs. (music), Rose cottage, Laura place
Sharpe, Robert (music), Henstead
house, Polygon road .. •
Shepperd, Henry J. (music), 8, Gladstone terrace, Northam road Syle, Miss (dancing), 1, Albion terrace, High street Targett, Frederick, (music), Victoria
rooms, Portland terrace,.
Wurm, John E. (German and music). 12, Portland street
Provision Merchants.
See Grocers."
Rope Makers.
Gordon, Bros., 83, High street, and
Cross house s
Lawrence, C., 80, High'street Warr, William, 2, Upper Canal walk
Sack and Rick-cloth Makers.
Lawrence, C., 80, High street Westlake, R., Cross house
Saddlers and Harness Makers.
Bathard, John, 10, Onslow road,
Newtown Evans, George, 30, Above Bar street Green, Mrs., 102, East street Hallum, Alfred, 124, St. Mary street Leach, C. W., Upper Back-of-walls Lucas, Thomas, 1, Marsh lane Page, Thomas W., 5, Bridge road Rogers, J. J., 3, Strand, East street
Sail Makers.
Beaton, James C., 43, Bugle street Gordon, Bros., 83, High street Lawrence, C., 80, High street -Moth, Jonas, 12, Bugle street Scovell, J. H., 7, Upper Queens ter Stockham, T., West quay
Saw and Pile Maker.
Cheetham, R., 125, St. Mary street
Sawing Mills.
Driver, Jennings, and Capper, Three Field lane, and Northam
Scale Maker.
Wren, Wm, Upper-back, of-the-Wall*
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