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Outfitters and Tailors
(*TaiIors only.)
Ashdown, Wm., 3J, Bridge street Baker & Co., 35, 36, and 53, East st Bannister, Jonas, 18, Bernard street Baseley, J. B., 165, 166, and 167,
High street *Batten, George, W., 7, Above Bar st *Beeston, John, 123, St. Mary street Bell, John, 4, Canute road c Brock, James and Co., 142, High st *Buckle, G., 3, Blackberry terrace,
Bevois valley Cocks, James, 135, High street Cocks, Mrs. , 37, High street *Crabtree, C. , 8, Padwell road Davies, G., 154 and 173, High street Davis, M. T., 141, High street *Diddams, Richard, 16, South front *Dowling, F., Carlton place *Elderton, W., 38, Manchester street Ellis, John T., 79 and 80, French st Emanuel, Michael, 124 and 125, East street
Emanuel and Son, 145, High street t Gamlen Brothers, 35, Bernard street *Gannaway, Thos., 59, Orchard lane *Gayton, Samuel, 9, Park view Haysom, M. G., 83, East street *Haysom, W., 85, St. Mary's road . Hendy, F. A., 10, East street Humby, Mrs., 78, 79, and 80, East st Ivimey, George F.. 104, St. Mary st *Kitto, William, 59. Bugle street *Lainson, Henry, 60, St. Andrew's road
*Lampard, J., 21, Brunswick square Levy, Nathan, 21, Bridge street *Long, D., Lower Lyon street Martin, Henry, 29, Hanover buildings *Mercer, W., Dorset street Miller and Son, 2,4, & 6, Canute road *Mitchell, George, 25, Strand, East st Mitchell and Burtenshaw, 60, Oxford street
Molland, Miss, 44, St. Mary street 'r lorgan, John, 9, West front Morgan, Michael, 60, Anderson's terr *Newnham, George T., 16, Chichester
terrace, Northam road *Newnham, G. W., 73, St. Mary's rd *Newton, R., 51, St. Mary's road *Purse, John, 28, St. Mary street Richmond, J. W., 114, High street *Ring, Joseph, 25, Above Bar street *Scott, Robert, 181^, High street *Sewell, John, 16, West st, High st Sykes, Moses, 18, Above Bar street Tepper, G. M. & Son, 60, High street
Tarpin, H., 138, High street '
Tyson, Thomas, 31, St. Mary street *Vear, John, 29, St. Andrew's road *Vear, John, 98, St. Mary street Wallis, John, 1, Canute road , *Wild, George W., 37, Manchester street
* Williams, J., 2, Hanover buildings
Oyster Merchants
(See Fishmongers.) '
Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers.
Acfield, Thomas J, 8, Nelson place,
Four posts Hill Biggs, Robert, 2 & 3, Northam street Brazier, Danl., 23, Upper Canal walk Buchan, H. J. and Son, 159, High
street °
Cail, George Henry, 10, Hanover
buildings Comport, Charles, Bevois valley Conway, H, 1, Closebum terrace,
Middle street, Bevois town Doggrell, Albert, 27, South front Do^fdall, Granville, Alma house, 40,
Bellevue road Dowdall, John, 22, Bedford place Gough, Charles, 3 & 4, Windsor ter Greenwood, P. A., 36, French street Hale, Henry, 13, St. Mark's road Holloway, T., 116, St. Mary street Hucker, Charles J., 22, Strand, East street
Hucker, Edward, 8, Castle gardens,
Castle lane Hussey, Henry, 4, Pound tree lane Kennell, George, 5, Chapel road Kennell, George, Bevois valley Martin, Alexander G., 23, Orchard place
Mott, John B., 16, St. Mary's road Oliver, William, 1, New road Pearce, Henry J,, 1, Dorset street, Bellevue
Penny, George, 101, St. Mary road Powell, Louis, 22, Oxford street Prescott, Henry, 4, Waterloo terrace
Bedford piece Romain, Henry, 14, Canton street,
Bedford place Staples, Charles, 24, Orchard place Udall, John J., 36, Carlton place Vauglian, Chas. A., 10, Waterloo pi Winzer, R., 24, St. Mark's road
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