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in the county of hampshire and the isle of wight.
For Alphabetical List of Names of Residents, see preceding List.
The title of
: Esquire" should be understood to follow each Name in the List t# which no inconsistent addition is affixed.
Osborne. East Cowes, Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen.
Abbey House, Netley, Southampton, Miss Rashleigli
Abbotrute, Obelisk road, Woolston, Capt. Thompson
Abbott's Wood, Romsey, "Win. Everett, j.p.
Abshott House, Hook, Frank Bradshaw, j. p.
Adbury Lodge, Kingsclere, "William Fox
Afton House, Freshwater, Mrs. Cotton
Alcyone Villa, "West Cowes, Capt. Hendy
Althorp House, Ryde, Lady Roper
Alver Bank, Gosport, Sir «T. E. Commerell, Capt. r. n.
Anchorgate House, Portsea, Capt. W. T. Harvey
Anchorgate Lodge, Portsea, Capt. A. G. Alexander
Anglesea House, Palmerston road, Southsea, Lieut. Douglas Jones, r.a.
Anglesey Lodge, Gosport, Mrs. Gibson
Anglesea Villa, Outram road, Southsea, J. J. Aclieson, r.n.
Annesley House, Queen's crescent, Southsea, Mrs. M. Inglis
Appley Towers, Ryde, Rt. Honble. Sir W. and Lady Hutt
Archdale Villa, Soutligea, Capt. R. Cleveland, r.n.
Archer Villa, Southsea, R. H. Cowan
Argo Villa, Whitchurch, Mrs. Damant
Argyle Villa, Clarendon road, Southsea, Miss Cheeseman
Ariosta Villa, Ventnor, Major Gray
Arnewood, Southsea, General Edward T. Lloyd
Arundel House, Clarence parade, Southsea, Lady Stonliouse
Ashburton Villas, Ashburton road, Southsea, Capt. Charles Starke, r.n.
Ashcliffe, Bonchurcli, Mrs. Sewell
Aslidown House, Fawley, Edward Kennedy
Ashe Park, Ash, Whitchurch, Lieut.-Col. Robert Portal, j. p.
Aslifield, Romsey, Mrs. Meacher
Ashford, House, Petersfield, Mrs. W. H. Hawker
Ashley Arnewood, Milton, Lymington, Honble. Auberon Herbert
Ashley Clinton, Milton, Lymington, Honble. Mrs. Clinton
*«* Care has been taken to insert only bona fide Gentry, &c., in this list, avoiding those who are engaged in trade; should any inaccuracies, however, have crept in, the Editor will feel grateful for reliable information in order to prevent their repetition.
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