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"Weston, J., saddler, Millbrook
Weston, J. R., auctioneer and undertaker, 95, East street, and 88, St. Mary
street; private residence, Cranbury place Weston, Miss L. A., 8, Portswood terrace, Bevois hill Weston, Richard, saddler and harness maker, High street, Shirley Weston, William, draper, Park road, Freemantle Weston, William, plasterer, 23, Liverpool street, Bevois town Whale, W., brewer, Cedar cottage, Adelaide road, St. Deny«
Wharton, Joseph, general dealer, 25, Kingsfield road Whatley, Henry, coastguardsman, Netley Wheable, Henry, Sowley's farm, Beaulieu Wheable, Mrs., Taylor's terrace, Millbrook Whealley, Mrs., Elmfield, Hill Wheatly, Nicholas, seaman, 10, Albert street Wheeler, —, bailiff, Godfrey's farm, Beaulieu Wheeler, Charles Albert, seaman, 28, Anglesea terrace Wheeler, Edward, baker, Kent road, St. Denys Wheeler, George, mariner, Madeira cottage, Avenue road Wheeler, John, groom, 45, St. Mary's road Wheeler, Miss, Holly lodge, Hill Wheeler, Thomas, butcher, 30, Kingsfield road Wheeler, William, carpenter, 3, Hiram place, Bevois hill Wheiles, Robert, "Edinburgh Hotel," 1, St. Mary's road Whillier, George, R.N., Elmfield, St. Denys' road, Bevois hill Whitcher, Eli, carpenter, 16, James street Whitcher, Jane, dressmaker, 5, Winchester terrace Whitcher, William, 13, Cliff road, Bevois town Whitchurch, H. G., Gwendoline villp, Spring road, Bevois hill Whitchurch, John, 2, Russell terrace, Bevois hill Whitchurch, John, boot and shoe maker, 137, High street Whitchurch, Miss, 3, Waterloo place Whitchurch, Richard J., Belleville, Shirley road, Shirley White, Absalom, watchmaker, Burgess street, Highiield White, Alfred, French polisher, 42, Orchard lane White, Alfred, plasterer, 4, Northam road White, B., Beaulieu
White, Charles, baker, 5&, Magdalene terrace
White, Charles, builder, 15, Lower Lyon street, Newtown
White, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 3, Jessie terrace, Bridge road
White, Fanny, grocer, 2, Silchester place, Upper Princess street, Northam
White, George, boot and shoe maker, 21, Compton walk
White, George, mariner, 115, Bevois street
White, George Henry, carpenter, 55, Anderson's terrace
White, G. H., clerk S.D. Co., 6, Forest view, Albion place
White, Henry, labourer, 22, Grove street
White, Henry William, shipwright, 4, High street, Northam road
White, J., dealer, Eastfield road, St. Denys
White, James, mariner, 5, Western terrace, Chapel
White, John, broker, 81. St. Mary street
White, John, flyman, 12, Sussex terrace
White, John, fly proprietor, 11, Betts' terrace, Bevois valley
White, John, engraver, Holly cottage, Avenue road
White, John, pawnbroker and auctioneer, 19, Above Bar street
White, John R., Redcliffe house, Upper Moira place
White, Joseph, dealer, 4, Broad lane, High street
White, Josiah, smith, Church street, Hythe
White, Mark, mariner, 1, Albert road
White, Miss, governess, 16, Mount place, Blechynden
White, Mrs., 93, Bedford place
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